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Compatibility Taurus and Gemini: in love, in marriage, in sex

By their nature Taurus and Gemini are very different people. But it is precisely the dissimilarity that mutually attracts them and, literally after the first meeting, the partners feel this.

The struggle of opposites can be called a tandem of representatives of these signs of the zodiac. This is due to the inconstancy and changeability of Gemini. Purposeful Taurus all the time will try to remake a partner, and even failing this will try again and again to influence him.

Often holds together representatives of these signs of the zodiac good sexual compatibility.

Compatibility Taurus and Gemini: in love, in marriage, in sex

The Taurus guy and the Gemini girl very rarely manage to build harmonious relationships. The only exceptions are the love sphere, in which partners are attracted to each other on a subconscious level.

But in any case, in tandem there will always be disagreements related to the inconstancy of the girl and the stability of the man.

The high compatibility of Taurus men and Gemini women in love relationships is primarily due to the fact that it is very easy for representatives of these zodiac signs to communicate with each other. The man appreciates the diplomacy of the young lady.

He is also quite satisfied with the fact that he does not meet with her stubbornness, which is inherent in him.

By its natural nature, the Gemini girl is changeable, so she always easily agrees with the opinion of her partner. In addition, the partner always strives for self-improvement, as a result, communication with her makes the life of the Taurus satellite more fulfilling and informative.

Lovers always find topics for conversation and, discussing the problems that have arisen in life, they must find ways to solve them.

Love relationships in a pair of Taurus and Gemini develop successfully due to the flexibility of the natural character of the partner. She can easily change her own opinion, so a stubborn and intractable man Taurus feels quite comfortable with her.

Break the idyll in such a tandem can conservatism partner. Male Taurus will try to make the chosen one more practical. But he needs to understand that such a trait is not peculiar to his beloved woman, so nothing good will come of it.

Very often against the background of such attempts to change the character of a woman, a partner simply destroys the relationship.

Compatibility of Taurus men and Gemini women in bed is not very high. This is due to the different approach of these signs to sex.

The partner prefers to enjoy the diversity, and the satellite is satisfied with the monotony and he does not like to experiment in intimate life at all.

In addition, disagreements occur on the grounds that the girl loves fast sex, and the guy in this tandem pays great attention to sensuality. On the other hand, representatives of these zodiac signs unite what they do not consider sex to be a very important occupation in their life.

Because of this, partners for a long time can refuse sexual relations, and this will not have a negative impact on their union.

Chosen Taurus is a very sensual and gentle lover, but the Twins do not need it. It can be called cold.

Monotonous sex, filled with caresses, does not interest her. As a result, she rarely reciprocates her partner. This is very hurt partner and leads to the fact that his ardor gradually fades away.

On the basis of sexual differences guy Taurus and companion Gemini break up. But even after the partner breaks off the relationship, his frustration will be so strong that he will soon not be able to start a new relationship with another woman.

Although the compatibility of Taurus and Gemini in marriage is not high, in family life, the representatives of these zodiac signs will not be bored. Spouses seek to improve themselves, and therefore will find many interesting topics.

The Gemini wife always has many useful ideas, but sometimes she does not have enough patience to translate them. On the other hand, in such a union, the spouse Taurus gladly picks them up and implements them.

This allows him to become a successful person and improve the well-being of his family.

Such interaction between spouses helps to save the family. On the basis of mutual benefit, partners can try and build harmonious relationships.

Often, family relationships in such a tandem are based on a common successful business.

Compatibility in friendship between a man Taurus and a woman Gemini is quite high. Optimally, if a boy and a girl begin to make friends as early as childhood. In this case, they maintain friendships for life.

The strong friendship of representatives of these signs of the zodiac causes the envy of others, therefore, ill-wishers often seek to slander them before the second half in order to bring discord to families.

A man in such a friendly tandem always takes care of his girlfriend, because he knows that she can get into trouble because of her unpredictable nature. Taurus man is attracted by his girlfriend’s irrepressible fantasy, and he enjoys spending her free time with her.

She is always optimistic and always finds a way out of any problematic situations.

Such a friendship last for years or a lifetime. Quarrels between friends happen, but they never lead to a rupture of friendships.

The Gemini woman is annoyed by her friend’s stubbornness; she believes that the stubbornness prevents him from becoming a successful man. On the other hand, the Taurus man does not accept the frivolity of a girlfriend and believes that it significantly reduces her authority in society.

In any case, friends are very attached to each other and strive to save one from life’s troubles.

Compatibility Taurus and Gemini: in love, in marriage, in sex

The union of the Twins guy with the Taurus girl is very controversial. Relationships of representatives of these zodiac signs are always transparent to others.

Therefore, they are all discussed. And this is due to the fact that the partners themselves attract their close people to solving emerging problems. The Gemini guy is always in search, he often changes his life focus, while the young Taurus appreciates stability and monotony of life.

It is on this basis that differences always arise in such a tandem.

The compatibility of the Gemini men and Taurus women in love in such a union entirely depends on the depth and sincerity of their feelings, because the natural characters of the satellites are completely different. The partner has a superficial and changeable temper.

In the opinion of a balanced and deep woman, Taurus is a great disadvantage, which she can only accept if she loves her lover very much.

The compatibility of Gemini and Taurus is often based on a possible mutually beneficial basis. For a partner it is very important that, despite the inconstancy and frivolity of a partner, he can financially provide it.

The Gemini man has excellent entrepreneurial skills. He is very flexible and deftly turns the case, finding a way out of the most hopeless situation.

Together the couple is in power to organize a successful family business.

Compatibility Gemini and Taurus in bed is very low. Although at first mutual attraction is possible, more associated with the desire to understand each other.

Low compatibility of partners is due to the fact that the monotonous and slow-moving partner is very boring for a passionate darling Taurus, who seeks to get the most out of unforgettable sensations and emotions from sex.

The assertiveness of a Taurus woman in bed and her desire to experiment every time will offend a Gemini man, and there is a high probability that he will completely close and will simply do his marital duty in an intimate life while remaining completely unsatisfied.

Such differences in sexual life can lead to the fact that a woman will seek sensual pleasures on the side. If a man is convinced of a change, the couple will part.

The compatibility of male Gemini and female Taurus in marriage is good, they very often create successful, harmony-filled, family unions. Spouses always find topics for discussion, so together they are never bored.

In addition, their home is always open to friends. Spouse Taurus is able to create coziness and comfort, and this is very convenient for Gemini. If the spouses survive the period of formation, they will never part.

The character of a spouse, under the influence of a woman, will become softer, his behavior less chaotic.

In order for harmony to reign in the Gemini and Taurus family, partners need to make sure that they are united by a common cause. In this case, they will be able to quickly adapt to each other.

In addition, when working together, they will be able to assess the merits of one and the same, which will help to increase confidence.

If the husband of Gemini loves his soul mate sincerely, then he will make every effort to pacify his character. He will change his behavior and will strive to learn how to plan his actions.

Ideal family relationships will develop in the event that the spouses leave personal space for each other and will not interfere in it.

A calm and balanced woman always maintains order in the family. She takes upon herself all the cares of maintaining a family farm, and this very much appreciates the spouse, because he simply does not have enough patience to deal with everyday problems.

The low compatibility of the guy Gemini and Taurus girls in friendship suggests that friendships rarely develop successfully. This is due to the fact that they find it difficult to come together due to different natural temperaments and characters.

A woman prefers smooth, quiet relations in friendship, and a man always fills friendship with emotions and unpredictable changes. A friend Taurus always needs a friend who could be a reliable support and, if necessary, give her good advice and also supported her in difficult life situations.

The Twins guy from her point of view is too unreliable, because he lives absolutely without any plans and can change his decisions spontaneously, without adjusting to anyone’s interests.

But the elect Gemini does not see any value in friendly relations with the young Taurus. Such a friend is very predictable for him, and therefore not interesting.

The representatives of zodiac signs Taurus and Gemini can be friends, if they are connected by a long working relationship. The chosen one Taurus always disciplines a friend, and a man over time begins to appreciate it. On the other hand, he teaches her ease of communication, which contributes to her professional growth.

But in this case there can be no love relationship between the partners, so their halves may not worry about possible betrayal.

Compatibility Taurus and Gemini: in love, in marriage, in sex

Taurus woman is not difficult to win the heart of your favorite twin. But the thing is that such a desire does not arise often for her, which is connected with her natural caution. But if she decides that the chosen one fits her, and she agrees to associate her fate with him, then all that needs to be done is to demonstrate her feminine principle, namely:

  • Softness.
  • Equilibrium.
  • The desire to find a compromise.
  • The ability to create comfort.
  • Condescension.
  • A responsibility.
  • Practicality.
  • Hard work

Such qualities will surely attract the attention of the Gemini satellite, because it intuitively reaches for real women, when communicating with whom there is a feeling of spiritual warmth. The romanticism of the chosen one and her seduction like a magnet attracts him.

It is not necessary in communication with the chosen one to strive to shine with his own erudition. Of course, you need to be able to maintain the conversation proposed by the partner, but no more.

Otherwise, the man will feel the rivalry and this will repel him.

Even if you are not satisfied with the qualities of the character chosen, you can not try to re-educate him. He must be loved only as he is.

He will carry his impracticality and carelessness through his whole life, so you have to get used to it.

Also, do not try to re-educate a Gemini man, do not become a “mommy” for him. Yes, he quite often seems careless and impractical, but you need to become a romantic and seductive woman for him, otherwise he may quickly lose interest.

The Taurus girl is self-sufficient, therefore she wants to see a decent person next to her who would meet all her demands. She appreciates these qualities:

  • Stability.
  • Fidelity.
  • High intelligence.
  • The desire to cultivate.
  • The ability to make money.

That is, a Gemini man can attract the attention of a Taurus woman only with the last three points. That they need to demonstrate the chosen one.

At the first meeting you need to behave with a woman Taurus very carefully. It is important to follow all your actions and actions, so as not to push her away. For the chosen Gemini, a simple compliment to the chosen one will be enough to interest her.

Retaining some mysteriousness, one can arouse interest in oneself in her soul. She is sure to take a closer look.

It should be remembered that the young lady Taurus will never start a relationship with sex, so it’s useless to flirt with her. She is able to appreciate only deep human qualities.

She will like a strong man who will be able to become a real support for her in life. For her, material wealth in the present tense is not so important, but she must make sure that her elect has grand plans for the future.

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