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Compatibility Taurus and Cancer: in love, in marriage, in sex

Union Taurus and Cancer, in most cases, prosperous. Representatives of these signs of the zodiac love the home environment, get along well with each other and have the same life values. They are able to find compromises on various issues in various spheres of life.

At the first, even the most superficial communication partners at a subconscious level understand that they met a like-minded person. In such a tandem, a balanced Taurus is capable of smoothing the variability of the character of Cancer, but not always.

That is why such alliances can be both durable and fleeting.

Compatibility Taurus and Cancer: in love, in marriage, in sex

The well-being of the union of a man of Taurus and a woman of Cancer is based on similar life principles and temperaments of partners. Cancer girl is by nature a homebody, she loves the house and seeks to create comfort in it.

The main characteristic of the Taurus male is stability, so he can fully appreciate the woman’s efforts to create comfort in their relationship. Such a union is based on complete mutual understanding and trust.

Compatibility men Taurus and women Cancer in a love relationship is at a high level. The attraction arises almost immediately after the first meeting.

But love relationships do not begin immediately, they may be preceded by a long period of friendship.

But over time, the partners will realize that they are able to build harmonious relationships and a strong love feeling will flare up between them. Against this background, the young lady will become a real inspiration for her chosen one.

Thanks to her love and support, the Taurus man will be able to overcome all obstacles and in the shortest time to achieve the goals.

Violate the love idyll can natural variability partner. She is naturally unstable in nature and tends to dramatize the events around her. It is difficult for the “earthly” man to understand, and on this basis conflicts can occur and offenses arise.

Therefore, a partner needs to learn to calmly perceive the natural emotional crises of his chosen one — this will guarantee the well-being of the union.

The high compatibility of Taurus men and Cancer women in bed leads to the fact that during sex the partners feel great and never disappoint their halves. Intimate life in representatives of these zodiac signs is ideal. Both partners seek to get maximum pleasure from sex.

Taurus and Cancer like to experiment in bed to experience new sensations.

It is noteworthy that both partners are very restrained people and can be fully revealed only in private with each other. Therefore, others do not even realize what passions and emotions are filled with their intimate life.

The leader in bed in such a tandem is always a man, and a soft and feminine girl gladly accepts his caresses and reciprocates him.

Very rarely in the sexual life misunderstanding can occur, which can not greatly harm. This is due to the fact that the man Taurus in intimate life to fully satisfy enough sensual sensations, and the woman Raku also important words during intimacy.

But usually the partner quickly understands this and goes to meet the partner, which enhances their spiritual intimacy.

In most cases, the compatibility of Taurus and Cancer in marriage allows you to build a harmonious union in which peace and complete understanding prevail. But at the same time, from time to time in the family relations there can be deadlocks associated with differences in the character of the spouses. But, as a rule, during a short time period, the partners manage to understand each other, peace and tranquility in the family is restored.

Both partners cherish their family nest, they appreciate comfort and love to improve their own home.

Good family relations are provided by the following factors:

  • The ability to find a common language in the most difficult situations.
  • The desire to cultivate and develop together.
  • The desire to support in difficult situations.
  • Common interests in various spheres of life.

Conflicts in such a tandem are rare and are related mainly to the fact that Taurus man is more down to earth and it is difficult for him to understand the woman of Cancer with her subtle inner peace of the soul. Therefore, many events in the real world partner takes ordinary, while they painfully hurt the spouse.

Friendship between a man Taurus and a woman Cancer are rare. This is due to the fact that in most cases they quickly develop into love.

But, if people belong to different generations or for some other reason a spark of love has not slipped between them, then they will become true friends.

Friendship with Taurus is more necessary for the unknowing and always doubting girl Raku. A friend will help her become more confident and give, if necessary, the necessary advice.

For men, such friendships are more likely a simple pleasure to communicate with a nice, pleasant companion.

It is noteworthy that the friendship between the representatives of these zodiac signs lasts for many years. And the friends Taurus and Cancer never share personal information.

In this regard, such friendly relations can be compared with a business partnership.

Compatibility Taurus and Cancer: in love, in marriage, in sex

Taurus woman for the man of Cancer is the perfect partner. The interests of the representatives of these signs of the zodiac are combined in almost all spheres of life. But there are, as a rule, they only by the will of fate.

Almost always partners whose characters are very similar, pass by each other along the path of life. Each of them has its own goals to which they aspire, not noticing anyone around.

The guy Cancer love takes the main position in his life. If he falls in love, he will care so beautifully that the chosen one Taurus simply cannot resist him.

But love relationships will develop slowly, the representatives of these signs of the zodiac will look closely to each other in order to decide how great are their chances to create a harmonious union.

The compatibility of the man of Cancer and the woman Taurus in love is slightly above the average. This is due to the following:

  • Partners are inherently very secretive, and they are in no hurry to open up to other people.
  • Chosen Cancer is very jealous, and sometimes he does not restrain himself, suspecting his chosen one of dishonesty.
  • Taurus girl claims her personal space, which she fills with classes at her own discretion, without consulting with a partner.

If the elects truly love each other, they will try to overcome all disagreements and build a successful harmonious union, and the low compatibility of Cancer and Taurus in love will not be an obstacle for them.

Compatibility of Cancer and Taurus in bed is very good. Taurus girl is very sensual, she is fully revealed in intimate life and has no complexes.

Cancer guy can enjoy sex only with spiritual intimacy with a companion.

These people start a sex life only after they realize that they truly love each other. That is why in the intimate sphere they have everything going well.

Partners gradually study their chosen ones and seek to deliver maximum pleasure to one alone.

It is noteworthy that lovers Cancer and Taurus never demonstrate their feelings in public. Therefore, many people think that they simply tolerate each other out of any mercenary motives.

In fact, this is not the case; their relationship in bed is filled with passion, subtle eroticism and romance. And it harmonizes their life together even more.

If after a beautiful candy-bouquet period the lovers realize that they are suitable for each other, then they decide to start a family. Such unions, as a rule, never fall apart, and this is evidenced by the high percentage of compatibility between the male Cancer and the female Taurus in marriage.

From the side of such a family looks very prosperous. Partners love their home very much and create comfort and coziness in it.

They are hospitable hosts and are happy to receive guests. For many, such a relationship looks like a marriage of convenience.

And it sometimes is. After all, even if there is no mutual understanding between the partners, they will all the same stay together and work out rules by which they can continue to live happily and comfortably together.

The Cancer guy and the Taurus girl are happy to receive guests in their own home, but at the same time they don’t want to spend time participating in noisy public events. Unites partners is also the same attitude to the material side of life.

For these people, material well-being in the family is very important, so they are able to spend money wisely. The main family values ​​for the couple are to build a good home, create comfort in it and raise children in a prosperous atmosphere.

If for any reason there is no love relationship between the man Cancer and the woman Taurus, then they become true friends.

Despite the natural secrecy, the Cancer guy needs to have a reliable friend with whom he can share his thoughts. And the tactful woman Taurus is best suited for this role. She is always ready to support and protect her vulnerable and emotional friend.

On the other hand, the Chosen One, who perceives all life events on an intuitive level, will always give good advice to his girlfriend and never betray her.

Such a friendly tandem persists for life. He is strong and indestructible; no external factors can destroy the friendship of the Cancer guy and the Taurus girl. Friends spend a lot of time together, because they always have an unlimited number of topics for discussion.

This can cause jealousy in their second half. To avoid this, you need to make friends with families.

The friendly relations between the representatives of these signs of the zodiac are significantly strengthened if they are linked by a common work. For both of them, diligence is a characteristic feature, therefore, supporting each other, they can achieve very good results.

Compatibility Taurus and Cancer: in love, in marriage, in sex

Male Cancer is a true connoisseur of female beauty, so the charming beauty Taurus will surely attract his attention. But in order to maintain the relationship she will have to make an effort. It will be necessary to focus the attention of the chosen one on such natural features:

  • Purposefulness.
  • The ability to manage a household.

In addition, it is very important to show your natural talents to your chosen one. It is important to find interesting topics for conversations and common hobbies.

It is necessary to give the chosen one some practical advice in those areas in which you are well versed.

You should also know that at the subconscious level, the guy Cancer always compares his darling with his mother, who worships. Therefore, to finally conquer the heart of a man of Cancer, it is necessary to find a common language with his parent.

This is for a balanced, sociable and sensible woman. Taurus will be uncomplicated.

In order to push the chosen one to marriage, you need to make him jealous a little. He must understand that if he does not decide on a further relationship, he will lose you.

Chosen Cancer — the owner, he does not want to give up the girl she liked and will decide to associate his fate with her.

To fall in love with a woman Taurus man Raku quickly fail. Yes, however, it is not necessary for a man belonging to this zodiac sign.

This is due to the fact that the guy loves to take very nice care of his chosen one. He constantly presents her with flowers and presents inexpensive, but very high-quality gifts.

And it suits his darling very much, because Taurus women are very difficult to get along with people. They reveal their natural qualities, unique for family life, slowly and do not like unpredictability in actions.

First you need to establish good friendships. Sincere friendship will allow partners to learn to trust each other.

A man must ensure that his chosen one is constantly thinking about him. It is necessary to show all the seriousness of their intentions with their actions.

If your darling suspects you of insincerity, then the relationship will not continue.

In order to conquer the young lady Taurus should:

  • Show wisdom.
  • Demonstrate all your life experiences.
  • Show your confidence.
  • Convince the chosen one that you are firmly on his feet.

The man Raku should remember that in order to keep the woman of Taurus near him, it is necessary to exclude excessive emotionality from the relationship. This can scare her and the period of courtship will be delayed.

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