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Compatibility Taurus and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Union Taurus and Aquarius is always very difficult. People belonging to these signs of the zodiac differ in different characters, so it is very difficult for them to build harmonious relationships. Taurus is distinguished by perseverance and hard work, and for Aquarius self-confidence is a characteristic feature.

Such different life approaches can not arouse the interest of partners to each other. Active and active Aquarius is always bored next to the slow and sensible Taurus.

But at the same time there is an important unifying factor — it is internal kindness, which gives rise to the desire to help all who need it.

Compatibility Taurus and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

In tandem, the Taurus guy and the girl Aquarius often have difficulty due to differences in their thinking, attitude to home, work, and the whole environment. Representatives of these signs of the zodiac is difficult to find a common language.

But if partners sincerely love and respect one alone, they will be able to overcome all the life obstacles.

The compatibility of Taurus men and women Aquarius in love relationships is not high. There is very little in common in their natural characters, so it is difficult for them to build a successful love union.

But sometimes it happens that a calm and balanced male Taurus falls in love with a completely different elect.

The girl Aquarius attracts him with its unpredictability and originality. In this case, a man may well count on reciprocity.

After all, this is exactly the case when opposites attract. Lady Aquarius in such a love tandem will treat his chosen one as an alien, gradually studying it.

Over time, against the background of sincere love, respect and affection, the characters of the partners are modified. The young lady under the influence of her chosen one becomes more earthly: practical and reasonable.

She is unlikely to become more realistic to perceive the events of the world.

With such a partner, a man will always be interesting, because his chosen one is interested in many things and seeks to know everything in the world. She is a treasure trove of useful information that a guy can successfully use to translate her ideas into reality.

The girl sometimes does not like the monotony of love relationships, but with this she will accept, if her chosen one will take care of her.

Compatibility indicators men Taurus and women Aquarius in the bed is not very high. This is due to the desire of the companion to originality and experiments in intimate proximity.

She likes non-standard sex. The partner is more conservative and prefers monotony in the intima.

Any changes and experiments in sex complex it and do not allow to fully reveal.

On the other hand, the girl, with such cautious behavior of the satellite, also closes, as she is afraid of being misunderstood. As a result, she is continually holding back, so as not to look dissolved in the eyes of the chosen one.

This all brings sexual discomfort. The Taurus man loves sensual relationships in bed, so he concludes that his partner is cold with him because he is indifferent to her. That is, there is a vicious circle that is often beyond the power of partners, due to the peculiarities of their natural mores.

Big problems arise when a man shows perseverance and tries to subjugate his partner.

A married couple of Taurus men and Aquarius young ladies can only be sustainable if the partners respect each other and do not claim personal freedom alone. To be together, spouses must immediately realize that they are completely different in their natural characters.

Therefore, only a careful attitude and a desire to understand each other will allow them to preserve family relationships and increase the compatibility of Taurus and Aquarius in marriage.

Even after living together for many years, the spouses maintain a certain distance between them. Even strangers are always struck by their mutual emphasized politeness.

In life together, partners Taurus and Aquarius are in no hurry to share their secrets, but prefer to communicate on abstract topics. Each of them has personal time and freedom of action. And it suits them both.

Chosen people are very sociable people, so they quickly find a common language with people from their environment. By close people, such a married couple is perceived very well, and no one even realizes how big internal problems arise in such a union.

For both spouses, material well-being is important, so they gradually improve their family financial well-being. But a certain estrangement, in spite of everything, lasts for life.

But if fate throws them serious tests, they begin to understand how dear to each other. At such moments, the distance between the husband and wife disappears completely.

After overcoming obstacles, relief comes, and partners relax, while family relationships are filled with warmth.

Despite the low compatibility in friendship, the young lady Aquarius and the boy Taurus can make friends if they have common interests. It will be working or domestic issues.

On friendly terms, such partners value consistency and reliability. Equal relations are always maintained between friends.

In this case, love feelings are absolutely excluded, as representatives of these zodiac signs in the love sphere are of little interest to each other.

Friendship is a threat to various financial issues, so it’s better for friends not to overlap in this area. On the basis of friendships, a strong business union may arise.

But this is possible only if the partners have one goal.

Compatibility Taurus and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

The union of a man of Aquarius and a woman of Taurus is always very problematic. A common language in all areas of life representatives of these signs of the zodiac is difficult to find.

But sometimes a pronounced opposite leads to the fact that a completely inexplicable attraction arises between the satellites.

These signs of the zodiac in real life repel, but in no way attract. This is evidenced by the very low compatibility of the man Aquarius and the Taurus woman in love relationships.

Their natural mores simply do not allow them to build strong and reliable love relationships.

The Taurus woman cannot accept the fantasy flights of a man, and for his part he is very bored with her. An exception may be the case when, against the background of being in love, a man demonstrates the chosen one the practical application of his ideas.

Moreover, it is necessary to confirm the mandatory receipt of material income.

When partners are close, they are often addicted to a sweet conversation. They are both sociable and easy to find topics for conversation.

This can brighten up the relationship, fill everyday life with positive and enhance the compatibility of Aquarius and Taurus in love.

In such a love union, an earthly woman Taurus can gradually influence a partner, forcing him to be interested in practical problems. But still, the calm and measured life that the partner prefers is unlikely to come.

On the other hand, Taurus man teaches his chosen one to think outside the box and solve problems that arise in an original way. To preserve the union, the partner must abandon his conservative perception of life.

Compatibility Taurus and Aquarius in bed is very low. Firstly, for a partner, sex is not the main thing in life. Secondly, Aquarius men like to use non-standard and unusual ways of satisfaction in bed.

The partner, who is very sensual by nature, prefers traditional sex.

Very often there are problems in intimate life due to infidelity partner. The fact is that, by nature, the elect of Aquarius is not constant and is able to change partners very often.

Taurus cannot forgive this woman, because trust is her main concern in any relationship. Therefore, she first stops the intimate life with a partner, and a little later, people part.

Marriages between a man Aquarius and a woman Taurus are very rare. This is evidenced by the low compatibility of Aquarius and Taurus in marriage.

Such alliances usually consist of a burst of fleeting love, after which partners are very repentant of decisions made spontaneously.

It is especially difficult for a Taurus woman in such a tandem. For her family life is very restless.

The actions of the husband of Aquarius will constantly disturb her. His inconstancy of character and the fact that he feels uncomfortable in the family, leads to the fact that he constantly finds entertainment on the side.

In addition, the spouse will very often bring friends and girlfriends to the house, without consulting with his spouse. Despite the fact that the Taurus woman is hospitable and sociable, this behavior of her husband will strain her very much.

Over time, all the unthinkable ideas of Aquarius’s husband will begin to annoy her. The thing is that she dreams of a relaxed lifestyle, and any castles in the air that her husband builds in her imagination remain for her only soap bubbles.

Relatively well can develop family relationships only if the partners provide complete freedom to each other. Such a peaceful coexistence of two opposites is possible, but it happens very rarely.

Friendship between the guy Aquarius and the girl Taurus does not occur often, although compatibility in the friendly sphere among the representatives of these zodiac signs is much higher than in other spheres of life.

In a friendly tandem there are few common interests. Partners do not always understand each other, but despite this, continue to maintain communication. Moreover, Aquarius behaves unpredictably in friendship, and sometimes simply unceremoniously.

For example, he may just descend in the middle of the night to his girlfriend, if he had a need to consult her.

It seems to a friend of Aquarius that he is doing everything right when he puts friendship at the head of his whole life. And he demands the same from a friend.

But this can not be done, because for the girl Taurus own family and own interests will always be higher. If a friend puts pressure on her, the friendship will end very quickly.

But with good luck circumstances, friendly relations between the representatives of these signs of the zodiac can be maintained for a long time. Also between them there will be heated debates on various occasions.

In addition, the friendship between the elects of Aquarius and Taurus is simply impossible if the partners are tied by a common work.

Compatibility Taurus and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

In order to win the man of Aquarius to the woman Taurus there is no need to wear a mask or play a certain role. Interest or will arise or not.

In the first case, her chosen one will like everything in her natural character, and he will want to start a relationship. And in the second case, when the interest in the lady of Aquarius does not wake up immediately, then any action on her part will be just a waste of time.

Taurus girl should demonstrate their thrift and hard work. These are the features that are not inherent in the character of the man of Aquarius. In addition, attractive to the chosen one will be:

  • The ability to spend money wisely.
  • Calm and prudence in the most unpredictable life situations.
  • Constancy of mood, which is not subject to any external influences.
  • Stability habits.

In order not to scare away Aquarius should not focus on its natural sexual sensuality. This is due to the fact that intimate life is not for the chosen one of great importance.

And, of course, he does not want to see a woman who dreams of sensual and full-fledged sex, in the first place.

The Taurus girl always chooses her partner for herself. To him she makes very high demands and by her natural qualities windy and not constant suitor Aquarius can rarely interest her.

But, as is well known, inexplicable things happen very often in life, so he has chances to win the heart of a beautiful woman.

But for this, he must first of all hide his natural character traits, such as:

  • The inconstancy that leads to the fact that he often changes partners.
  • A frivolity that does not allow him to get involved in one thing.
  • Cunning, which allows him to be a successful man.
  • Variability, which leads to the fact that he often changes his mind.
  • The disorganization that provokes the emergence of chaos in life.
  • Impracticality that makes him soar in the clouds.
  • Eccentricity that scares people away from him.

But on the other hand the guy can attract the attention of the young Taurus girls with his sociable and sociable character. He is always in the spotlight and has many friends. He is independent and, despite his lightness, is able to provide and help close people.

Friendly partner can also be an attractive quality.

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