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Compatibility Sagittarius and Sagittarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Sagittarius and Sagittarius — the compatibility of men and women

Sagittarius — are representatives of the fire element. In one tandem, partners easily get along.

In the pair there is brightness and adventurism. Both partners emit irrepressible energy and constantly strive for new challenges.

But due to the similarity of the characters, Sagittarius and Sagittarius can repel each other. If relations Streltsov develop safely and they are sympathetic to each other, then lovers can provide effective support to each other. The peculiarity of Sagittarius characters is natural egoism.

Representatives of this zodiac sign can only care for those who truly appreciate them. At the same time, satellites enjoy great relationships.

Disrupting the safe atmosphere in a tandem may have a hot temper and some aggressiveness of partners.

Compatibility Sagittarius and Sagittarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

In such a pair, the partners feel relaxed, because they understand each other at once. Woman Sagittarius is rectilinear and does not know how to flatter and hypocrite.

This quality of character can be appreciated by a sincere man.

Compatibility of male Sagittarius and female Sagittarius in a love relationship is not high. But this is only because lovers often get bored with each other and the love between them does not have time to strengthen to the desired level.

Compatibility Sagittarius and Sagittarius in love focuses on the fact that there is a peaceful atmosphere in love tandems.

Quarrels between partners are unlikely, only intellectual disputes can arise, but they never harm the union, but only strengthen it. The love relationship of the two Streltsov is filled with romance.

People are never bored together.

In each other’s society, representatives of these zodiac signs feel relaxed and natural. Natural satellites are straightforward.

But when they are together, they do not need to control their actions and words.

There are practically no problems in a love union. Sagittarius and Sagittarius guarantee the freedom and independence of each other and do not conceal resentment, expressing at once about all sore.

It is easy for them to be together, as they do not focus on problems and never dramatize the current life situation.

At the initial stage of the relationship, representatives of this zodiac sign face the task of holding together. Partners are so similar that they can repel at a subconscious level.

But if the difficult time of lapping can be overcome, then a strong family tandem can turn out that no negative external factors can destroy.

The love union of Sagittarius and Sagittarius is always filled with positive and optimism. The couple has many common friends. Lovers strive for self-improvement, use every opportunity to go on an interesting journey.

Over time, a strong emotional connection develops that allows them to understand each other without words.

In the love relationship of two Sagittarius there are always surprises and adventures. This is due to the active lifestyle of people, which brings many surprises.

Lovers can not live according to strictly defined plans, so interesting events constantly occur in their lives.

Compatibility of male Sagittarius and female Sagittarius in bed is average. Much in sexual relationships depends on the circumstances.

But in most cases, partners are able to fill the intimate sphere with romance and get unforgettable positive emotions from sex.

Compatibility Sagittarius and Sagittarius in bed can be high when the partners begin to reveal their full natural sexual potential. In this case, they tend to experiment.

Two passionate Sagittarius knows no boundaries in bed. Partners are ready to embody any sexual fantasies and this allows them to get maximum sexual pleasure.

Representatives of the signs of the zodiac Sagittarius value diversity in bed, so sex for them never turns into a routine. Both partners seek to get maximum pleasure in the intimate sphere.

For them, there are no prohibitions, any rules and regulations.

It is noteworthy that the representatives of these signs of the zodiac always care about the romantic atmosphere. They often use certain erotic enhancers, such as mirrors or candles.

Sometimes partners come up with role-playing games.

For the surrounding union, Sagittarius and Sagittarius are very strange. After all, partners can simultaneously have connections on the side and calmly refers to this. This is a reflection of the fact that even if people are well together, they are still on the lookout for the best partner.

But, most often, it happens that after the lovers come back to each other again and continue the relationship.

Compatibility Sagittarius and Sagittarius in marriage is low. The partners are so similar in their natural character that they simply do not dare to marry.

The low compatibility of the male Sagittarius and the female Sagittarius in marriage indicates that the satellites feel good together, until they have to deal with domestic concerns.

In the family tandem, there are new obligations with which representatives of this zodiac sign are not able to cope. This is from the first moments of family life complicates the relationship.

Spouses are not inclined to change, they continue to lead a freedom-loving lifestyle and spend a lot of time with friends.

The financial sphere of the spouses is not stable. But even if they do not have enough money, they tend to travel a lot around the region and go on excursions. Homebody spouses just can not be called.

This leads to the fact that they do not pay attention to family housing at all. Usually, even in a prosperous family, repairs are not done for decades.

The connecting factor is the sexual sphere, where complete well-being reigns. Spouses understand that they are fully liberated and you can only enjoy sex with each other.

Marriages between Sagittarius can be strong and long. But sometimes it happens that spouses get tired of each other.

That is why they want to find diversity on the side. Mutual betrayals lead to divorce.

But a break in relations always takes place by mutual agreement, without quarrels and scandals.

It is noteworthy that very often, representatives of the Sagittarius zodiac sign, having rested from each other, may again decide to converge. If this does not happen, then the spouses remain friends and maintain a warm relationship for life.

Representatives of the sign of the zodiac Sagittarius by nature endowed with qualities that are necessary for strong friendship. As a rule, friendly tandems are stable and persist for a long time.

At the same time, even people who were previously married retain friendly relations.

Friends always support each other and quickly forget the grievances caused by chance. The habit of being close to a similar person lasts for many years.

Friends enjoy participating in various social events. They are open to each other, gladly share their plans and listen to the advice of one.

If necessary, they can be connected to the implementation of specific projects.

Successful can be called the cooperation of friends in the business field. But at the same time it is necessary that they participate in the solution of a certain task on equal rights. Otherwise, there may be rivalry that will interfere with successful work.

In this regard, it is not very good when one representative of the zodiac sign Sagittarius is subordinate to another.

Any undertaking of friends is based on enthusiasm, they practice a creative approach to solving any problem, the routine is not for them.

Compatibility Sagittarius and Sagittarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

It is hardly possible to say that it will be difficult for a Sagittarius woman to win a man of his zodiac sign. Having met, the satellites are attracted to each other, and the decision to be together comes by itself.

But you still need to know how to keep a chosen one near you.

Definitely it can be said that a male Sagittarius will like sociable and self-improving women with no pronounced complexes. Chosen like a friend who loves to travel.

In addition, the male Sagittarius will definitely pay attention to the intellect of the chosen one. It is important to him that she was versatile and could easily keep up conversations on any topics.

Attracting factors are the optimism of a woman born under the sign of Sagittarius. It never dramatizes the life situation and easily overcomes obstacles to the goal.

To fall in love with a man you must show that you respect his love of freedom, and you will never restrict his freedom. You should not be very intrusive to ask about his past life and ask about future plans.

Chosen to strive to live in the present day and only with such a vital approach can you feel confident.

Woman Sagittarius at the meeting, of course, will pay attention to a man like himself. But this does not mean that she wants to continue a serious relationship.

To do this, she must understand that the man who is next to her will be able to organize her interesting life.

It is important to remember that you should never put pressure on a woman born under the sign of the zodiac Sagittarius. She is freedom-loving and used all the vital decisions to make independently.

In addition, the girl will never stand next to a jealous man who requires accountability, with whom she spent time. The slightest attempt on its independence will lead to a rupture of relations.

It is very important to demonstrate that you are an active lifestyle. Become an attractive factor can love to travel.

At the same time she likes adventures of any kind, which will allow to explore the world more deeply. For example, you can invite her to walk to interesting places, but also she will enjoy the usual excursion to a museum or an exhibition.

In addition, it is important to show that you can easily maintain conversations on any topic. For the chosen one, it is important that a person with a high level of intelligence be with her.

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