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Compatibility of women and men — Snakes in love, marriage and bed

Compatibility Snakes: the relationship of men and women by year of birth

Born in the year of the Snake are purposeful and cunning. In any circumstances, these people achieve their goals. They adapt perfectly to their surroundings and never lose heart.

On the way to victory, Serpents skillfully bypass rivals and become leaders, forgetting about moral principles.

Representatives of this sign are capable of much. In any field of activity, the union of two Serpents always comes to success.

Compatibility of these people often reaches 100%. In such a tandem, the partners understand each other from a half-word and act on the same wavelength, but sometimes they should also listen to the opinions of others, otherwise they risk losing friends and loved ones.

Snakes — educated and sophisticated personality. They make a favorable impression on others, but the representatives of this sign carefully hide the true nature.

The external gloss and elegance of the Snake confuse people, it is unlikely anyone would guess that a cynical and cold-blooded person is hiding behind a pious mask. Those born this year are unprincipled and assertive, if they conceived something, it is impossible to convince them.

This sign is characterized by:

Thanks to these qualities, Snakes easily circle their competitors around the finger. Self-digestion and self-blame are not peculiar to them, they are always confident in the correctness of their own actions. They do not care about the feelings of others, therefore Snakes often make enemies for themselves.

The representative of this sign is able to lead a loved one from his best friend, while he is in complete confidence that he is making the right move.

Those born this year are rarely attached to someone, they are typical loners who feel comfortable in isolation. Despite the fact that Snakes are quite sociable and friendly in communication, they quickly get tired of people.

They need rest in peace and solitude, it is in such an environment that the representative of this sign finds composure.

These are true philosophers and thinkers, their intellect and erudition are well developed, therefore they are able to support a conversation on any topic. It is interesting to communicate with them, thanks to a wonderful sense of humor. Snake brings a touch of lightness and fun to the discussion.

However, the acuteness of this sign has only one goal — to attract attention to itself. This person is important that people admire his mind, wit and appearance.

He will not waste his time in a society in which he is not valued.

Those born in this year have a well-developed intuition, they often act on a whim, and in the end they are convinced that it is not in vain that they trust their inner instinct. If the Snake is mistaken, it will necessarily draw the right conclusions from the lesson received, and henceforth it will not allow any previous mistakes.

She possesses a logical and analytical mindset, therefore she acquires very early the wisdom that others attain only by mature age or old age.

Snake does not appreciate strong, time-tested communication. She believes that there are no irreplaceable people.

By the failures and partings of the Snake is philosophical, it is unlikely to become upset and worried if something went wrong. However, this man is quite touchy and vindictive, he does not know how to forgive the evil caused to him.

Compatibility of women and men - Snakes in love, marriage and bed

The guy of this year of birth is distinguished by charming charm. The Snake-Man knows affection, he can win the heart of any woman.

Representatives of the opposite sex are attracted to his courtesy, but they are very mistaken if they think that this gentleman is capable of strong feelings.

In the depths of his soul, a man of this sign dreams of great love, but his criteria for choosing a chosen one are excessively high. He fails to find his only one that would meet all his requirements, and he cannot love a woman with flaws with all her soul.

He will never marry a girl that he does not respect, so his chosen one is definitely superior to others and stands out in the crowd.

Most often, this guy is getting married, not because he is madly in love, but because of some kind of calculation. Due to this attitude, marriages with snakes are strong and durable.

Compatibility of women and men - Snakes in love, marriage and bed

The Snake girl is a real temptress. She has a unique charm that attracts gentlemen to her. This woman carefully monitors her appearance, you can hardly find Snake at home in a crumpled robe and with disheveled hair.

The lady of this sign is prone to narcissism, so it always looks impeccable.

She has many friends and friends who constantly turn to her for advice and help. This woman is able to support a person in a difficult moment, but if someone tries to use her kindness for personal gain, she strikes him out of her life. Many underestimate the strong-willed character of the Snake, mistakenly mistaking its responsiveness for sympathy.

However, the location of this lady to earn is not so easy.

She behaves coldly with men, Snake is not exchanged for petty intrigues, because she truly believes that her only one is walking somewhere.

She is waiting for a prince on a white horse, whom she dreams of falling in love without memory and living with him all her life. Often she manages to meet such a person, but sometimes it takes a lot of time to find him. However, she does not have patience, so she is not in a hurry to get married.

By choosing a spouse Snake seriously, her choice is only really strong, courageous and held in the life of a man.

In family life, this lady manifests herself as an excellent housewife, wife and mother. The snake is rarely mistaken with the choice, so the marriage usually enters once and for all. The only thing that can destroy her family is her spouse treason.

The woman of this sign never forgives infidelity and betrayal.

Compatibility of women and men - Snakes in love, marriage and bed

People born in the Year of the Snake have their own characteristics, depending on the astrological signs of the zodiac. Managing constellations often reinforce the negative character traits of these people.

In some cases, however, the zodiacal sign endows the Serpent with positive qualities.

Features of the character and behavior of the Serpent in accordance with the constellation affecting:

Zodiac signCharacteristic Snakes
Aries (21. 03 — 19. 04)This is a masterful and stubborn person. The cunning of Snakes and the assertiveness of Aries is a burning combination. You should not come to grips with this representative of the zodiac, he comes out the winner from any situation. This Snake easily wins the heart of the chosen one and becomes his reliable and faithful partner.
Taurus (20. 04 — 20. 05)A hardworking and balanced Taurus gives the Snake endurance. This man cannot be outraged. Next to him, the partner will feel confident in the future. Taurus is practical and intelligent, he never commits rash actions
Gemini (21. 05 — 21. 06)The snake-Gemini is restless and inconstant. You can not predict that she will throw out the next moment. You need to be on your guard with her, otherwise you can get into an unpleasant situation. One can hardly count on a serious and strong relationship with this person, he is extremely changeable and does not differ by devotion
Cancer (22. 06 — 22. 07)The constellation of Cancer gives the Snake softness and appeasability. This representative of the zodiac is a good family man and a loyal friend. You can deal with him, but you should not expect an initiative from him, he is more a performer than a leader, therefore he chooses strong and powerful people as partners
Leo (23. 07 — 22. 08)In this combination, the vanity of two characters is doubled. Leo seeks to win the admiration of others, if he is underestimated, he ruthlessly expels people from the inner circle. However, they can easily be controlled with flattery and compliments. Only a sincere worshiper can win his heart.
Virgo (23. 08 — 22. 09)The practicality and pedantry of the Virgin, along with the prudence of the Snake, distinguish a greedy and cynical person. This representative of the zodiac is looking for its own benefit in everything; therefore, it often marries by calculation
Scales (23. 09 — 23. 10)The ambiguity and changeability of Libra is weakened under the pressure of the self-confident Snake. This person is more resolute than the typical representative of the wavering sign. The influence of the constellation gives the ward softness and pliability. The scales give the Snake the sociability, therefore it is always open to communication.
Scorpio (24. 10 — 22. 11)About revenge and jealousy of the Serpent-Scorpion legends. It is difficult to meet a more insidious and insightful person. In this combination, the representative of the zodiac is an extremely dangerous person. Do not offend and deceive him, otherwise the retaliation will be very painful
Sagittarius (23. 11 — 21. 12)Fun and lightheadedness of Sagittarius does not fit in with the thoroughness and seriousness of the Snake. In this combination of characters, a person is capable of insane acts, the responsibility for which he will always be able to pass on to other people. Sagittarius is not peculiar to loyalty, he constantly turns novels behind his partner’s back, therefore only a patient and forgiving elect will suit him for family life
Capricorn (22. 12 — 19. 01)The pessimistic loner-Capricorn in combination with the Snake is a rather gloomy and despotic personality. It is difficult to build a relationship with him, as he is too closed and cold with his relatives. But if someone manages to break the ice in the heart of that person, Capricorn becomes the perfect partner for family life.
Aquarius (20. 01 — 18. 02)The windiness and dreaminess of Aquarius gives Snake ease. With this representative of the constellation can not get bored, but on a strong and durable relationship with him can hardly be expected. Aquarius is extremely inconstant and changeable, at any moment it can disappear from the life of a partner in an unknown direction.
Fish (19. 02 — 20. 03)Fishes easily adapt to any conditions, the typical representative of the Year of the Snake is endowed with the same ability. Such a person instantly finds ways out of even the most difficult situations, he is resourceful and insightful, but Pisces’ tendency toward idealization of those around them prevents him from choosing worthy partners for himself.

On a horoscope, the compatibility of men and women of the Serpent is very high. The most successful and happily develop the relationship of partners, if they were born in one year.

In this case, the sign is ruled by one element, therefore full understanding reigns in the union. If the difference in the age of a man and a girl is 12, 24, 36 or 48 years, then they will have disagreements.

Couples where Fire controls one, and Water controls another, they find a common language worse than in a union of representatives of the elements of the Earth and the Tree. The subservient elements of Metal get along well with those born in years governed by Fire and Earth, and the water element is perfectly combined with the years of Tree and Earth.

Periods of Snake rule and control elements:

Beginning of periodEnd of periodElement
13. 02. 192902. 02. 1930Land
01. 02. 194121. 01. 1942Metal
19. 02. 195307. 02. 1954Water
05. 02. 196525. 01. 1966Tree
24. 01. 197711. 02. 1978the fire
10. 02. 198929. 01. 1990Land
19. 02. 200107. 02. 2002Metal
06. 02. 201325. 01. 2014Water

Even the apparent incompatibility of the elements is not able to bring big problems in the relationship of the two Serpents. This union is characterized by petty quarrels due to jealousy, but most often the partners manage to achieve maximum confidence.

People of this year of birth seem to be made for each other. They have the same dreams and goals, they move in a single rhythm and think in the same direction.

Each Snake finds an ideal partner in this tandem.

Characteristics of the relationship of women and men-snakes:

Kind of relationshipCharacteristic
LoveThe guy and the girl of this sign immediately notice each other in the crowd. Both like to dress beautifully and stylishly, and the appearance of people like them attracts them instantly. They understand that judging someone by their clothes is stupid, because when they are in close contact with elegant and bright people, they are often disappointed, but at the same time they feel that their attraction is something more than external charm. In a love relationship, the Snake-Man does not beat around the bush, he actively begins to care for the chosen one. Their romance develops very rapidly, after several meetings both understand that fate did not bring them together in vain. Their dates are filled with romance and sensuality. In any conversation, they are surprised to understand that every word finds a positive response in the soul of a partner. It is this union that leads the Serpent to true love. Here, lovers have no doubt that feelings are mutual and sincere, but fear comes to replace euphoria. Everyone is afraid of losing the other, so there is unreasonable jealousy, because of which partners often quarrel. Both are trying to act as discreetly as possible with representatives of the opposite sex, so as not to provoke a scandal. Often this leads to the fact that a man and a woman-Snake simply cease to get out into the light. Despite limited communication, these partners feel quite comfortable together. They do not need noisy companies, so privacy does not bother them. Very soon they realize that they cannot live without each other and come to the decision to create a family.
MarriageIn the matrimonial life of the Serpent, everything is going well. There is no struggle for the place of the chief, since the woman of this sign is rather conservative, she recognizes masculine strength and primacy. The husband in this marriage becomes the earner and protector, and the wife is the guardian of the family hearth. The Snake Woman will never leave work for the role of a housewife, since financial independence is important to her. In this alliance, partners rarely create a single budget, the selfishness of each does not allow them to put their own earned money in a single cash desk, but they do not stint on joint needs. Separate budgets. Snakes are needed not only to feel financial freedom, these partners love to surprise each other with expensive gifts. Both sincerely believe that love should be expressed not only in good relations, but also in material investments. In this marriage, the wife gladly saves money for a car for her spouse, and he often presents her with expensive jewelry and wardrobe items. The marriage union of this couple is built not only on love, Snakes are sincerely friends with each other, they have no forbidden topics for communication and secrets from each other. Throughout their lives, they maintain a trusting relationship and do not allow outsiders to invade their family. If someone hints to his wife that the Snake-Husband was seen in the company of women, then she would bluntly ask him about it directly. Cheating in this marriage happens very rarely, spouse infidelity — this is the only reason that could lead this couple to divorce
SexIn bed, a woman and a man-Snake make up the perfect couple. They are equally passionate and temperaments, so in sex both achieve maximum enjoyment. Intimate life with them is not a taboo subject for conversation, these partners openly discuss sexual relationships. If something does not suit one, then he directly declares it. Snakes are trying to diversify their sex, so they constantly seek out new poses and arrange romantic dates for each other. For these partners, the aesthetic side of sex is extremely important, so both take care of keeping fit to look attractive in bed.
friendshipThe Snake boy and girl are capable of making good friends. For each other, they become a reliable support and support. In this alliance, partners are incapable of treachery, since their friendship is built on mutual respect. However, the sincerity of their friendship is rather doubtful. A woman and a man of this sign do not need friends of the opposite sex, therefore, they most often begin and continue communication in order to further transition to closer relations. Often the friendship of this couple ends in a tumultuous romance and the creation of a family. If they communicate in pairs, when each Snake has a regular partner, then their elects should limit their contacts, otherwise sooner or later a spark of love will flare up between the girl and the Snake guy
JobThe work activities of these partners develops successfully. Two Snakes are able to achieve success in any business. They act systematically and harmoniously, everyone takes a very responsible approach to work, therefore there are no reproaches for inactivity and negligence. Despite the excellent compatibility in the work, the result of their cooperation may disappoint the leader if a novel is started between a man and a woman. Snakes often find each other at work, but in the candy-bouquet period they should not be trusted important projects, because at this time they are completely turned off from real life

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