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Compatibility of women and men-horses in love, marriage and bed

Compatibility of women and men Horses in a relationship

The man and woman, born in the year of the Horses according to the eastern horoscope, have a similar character, therefore they easily find a common language. Both partners pursue common goals, equally love an active lifestyle, do not tolerate the routine and long stay in a confined space.

This couple is important to consider that they love freedom, so they need to periodically relax from each other in order to save the family. In professional activities, this sign is a generator of ideas, so business partners of this sign can work well and develop original projects.

Man-Horse is a free nature with a vulnerable soul. Inherent in him:

Such a person may be overly open to outsiders who may offend him. For representatives of this sign is important self-care. Such men like to dress beautifully, go to the gym to be fit.

They know the right approach to girls, they know how to communicate and get to know each other and most often fall in love first.

Men born under the sign of the Horse love to live an active life: travel a lot, change jobs, go to the cinema, clubs, to various parties, etc. They are artistic people, so they can not only attend various theatrical performances, but also participate in them. They love to make fun of their friends and are the soul of the company.

Representatives of such a sign of the zodiac as the Horse choose professions related to creative activity, so they may well be involved in freelancing, acting, directing, photography, etc. Such people work hard on a strict schedule, as they do not tolerate the routine.

Male Horses value family traditions and often try on their father’s manner of behavior. For a man, it is important that his spouse be humble and calm, as he does not tolerate dominance and leadership on the part of the woman.

Compatibility of women and men-horses in love, marriage and bed

Women-Horses have an attractive appearance, always watching their appearance and body. They do not allow themselves to go out without makeup, styling on the head and manicure.

They do not wear old tracksuits, even if they take out the garbage.

There is always something to talk about with them. Woman-Horse loves to argue with the interlocutor and will not calm down until he convinces him that he is right.

She easily expresses her own opinion, even if she knows that her opponent does not like it.

In family life, a companion-horse can be selfish and demand from a man more than he is able to give her. However, when she truly falls in love, she is capable of the most radical changes for the sake of her beloved, including leaving work or stopping to communicate with friends.

She is distinguished by a high degree of gullibility and dedication towards her chosen one. If a loved one offends and disappoints such a woman, then she may hate all men and it will be difficult for her to build a new relationship.

A man and a woman belonging to the sign of the Horse are united by their negative qualities, among which are excessive stubbornness and egocentricity. Despite this, such people are always ready to help.

Compatibility of women and men-horses in love, marriage and bed

Relationships of women and men-horses as colleagues are harmonious and promising. Male Horse is the leader who always goes to success.

Woman Horse is a workaholic who always performs all tasks in a timely manner. Together they get a good tandem in which they can quickly come up with original ideas or various innovations for existing projects.

The only thing that can interfere with the joint fruitful work of a woman and a man of the Horse sign is a strict daily routine and a clear distribution of responsibilities. The guy should in no case infringe upon the girl at work and question her professionalism. The best way out in this case is to create a free timetable, which they will jointly agree upon.

They also need to always support each other’s undertakings.

Compatibility of women and men-horses in love, marriage and bed

This sign has a high degree of compatibility in friendship. Men and women Horses are distinguished by great spiritual kindness, devotion, the ability to keep others’ secrets. They will always come to the rescue in any situation, show compassion, caring towards each other.

This sign lets not everybody into its circle of friends, because it knows the price of real friendship.

Romantic feelings can often arise between friends, but this may not last long — friendship in this case will definitely outweigh.

Horses have a very amorous nature; they quickly have a sensual attraction to each other, but it can also quickly disappear. This sign is not afraid of new relations and even strives for them, because they very strongly stimulate it for various achievements.

After the candy-flower period of romantic relationships passes, each of the lovers begins to see many flaws in their partner, on the basis of which conflicts arise. This period is a turning point: in order to preserve the relationship, you must make a lot of effort.

Male Horses in love relationships are committed to narcissism. In this case, the affairs and concerns of women do not worry them: they are not in love with their partner, but with their own feelings towards him. According to this, girls often harbor a grudge against their chosen ones, which sooner or later leads to separation.

For this reason, in conflict situations it is necessary to restrain yourself as much as possible, so as not to tell each other bad and offensive things.

It is necessary to show the wisdom in time, which is inherent in the woman-horse. A man needs to pay more attention to his beloved and ensure the material well-being of the family.

The horses are very well compatible in bed, as both partners are always filled with passion and desire. Partners do not like monotony, they bored with the usual classical positions and affection.

Such people are always in search of new sensations and are always ready to go for experiments. They definitely will not be bored with each other.

In such a couple it is important that the relationship was not only passion, but also spiritual affection. Otherwise, the relationship quickly fiasco.

When the union between a man and a woman of the Horse sign has turned into a marriage, this means that the test of feelings for each other has already passed, and they are ripe for a long relationship. It is hard for such people to say goodbye to freedom and formalize their attitude with a stamp in their passport.

But if the marriage between them is still concluded, it means that the partners are completely confident in each other. After the birth of a child, family relationships will significantly grow stronger, because the partners will be ready for anything for his sake, including self-sacrifice.

In family life, people of the Eastern Horoscope sign feel comfortable. An important condition for them is the existence of personal space: this will be the key to strong and long-term relationships in love.

Often quarrels in a couple arise from the routine existence and lack of entertainment, so it is important for them to constantly receive new impressions of life. For this reason, it is worth more often to go out together for walks, parties, cinema to get new emotions, etc. For a larger association of partners, you need to find a common hobby.

In this case, do not forget about the need for each partner from time to time to be alone with them.

Compatibility of horses as a pair is possible only if the woman gives the partner a leadership position in the relationship.

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