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Compatibility of women and men-Dev in love, sex and marriage

Compatibility of women and men-dev in love, family, friendship and business relationships

Two representatives of the Virgo constellation understand each other perfectly in everything. They have the same aspirations, feelings and thoughts, so they only need to meet their views, as they no longer need extra words.

This couple has rather dry and cold relations, but the man and the woman here do not feel discomfort, they do not need emotions that distract from important matters.

Both partners are not romantic, they are accustomed to living in reality, and their sentiments are annoying. The union of the two Virgos is characterized by serious conversations and joint analysis of errors.

They are not interested to dream together, but for the sake of mutual criticism, they are happy to meet and shine with the mind to each other.

General characteristics of the signs:

Dates of birthAugust 22 — September 23
A rockJasper
Day of the weekWednesday

Typical Virgos do not like hustle and bustle, their life is strictly laid out on the shelves, so strangers in their environment are rarely. A representative of the earth element avoids companies and crowded events, but this is due not only to his desire for solitude. Virgos do not like people, and they consider most of the people around them silly and dumb.

In the first place everywhere and in everything with this sign is the mind. Women and men of this constellation do not differ in reverie, in all their behavior rationality and practicality are manifested.

Relatives love these people for decency and dedication. If in the circle of Virgo someone has won a place for himself, he can be sure that he has acquired a true friend, helper and ally. Even a love relationship representatives of this constellation build on the basis of friendship, desire and other feelings for them are always secondary, so it is unlikely that you can get close to this sign, just falling in love with him.

Finding an approach to Virgo is not so easy, but few people are eager to connect their lives with this man.

Virgos are notorious pedants and perfectionists. They scrupulously study any business, try to achieve perfection in everything, and demand the same from those around them. These qualities negatively affect their relationships with people.

It is very difficult to live in the same room with the Virgin, it is the person who, in the process of cleaning, will get all the things out of the closet to wipe the corners inside.

The appearance of the earth sign is no less neat, Virgo always looks neat and elegant. These representatives of the zodiac love to make a good impression.

They do not skimp on expensive accessories, acquire only high-quality and classic things, because they will live in their wardrobe for many years.

Virgos are practical and prudent, but sometimes it borders on greed. It is unlikely that a typical representative of the sign will spend an extra penny. Any question regarding money, Virgo looks very carefully and never misses its benefits.

The materialism of this sign is expressed in everything, it is hardly possible to meet a representative of the earth element who works in low-paid work for the sake of an idea. For Virgo, the assessment of her activities in financial terms is important, and her commendations, certificates and general respect are of little concern to her.

Compatibility of women and men-Dev in love, sex and marriage

Representatives of the earth element are very cautious and prudent, they never get involved in questionable deals. Any step Virgo thinks ahead. You can go on reconnaissance with them, they are all on the shoulder, as they are prepared and always armed with many options for possible outcomes.

In their life, everything is clearly planned out, Virgo does not change direction, if the choice has already been made.

This sign is characterized by realism, men and women-Virgos are aware of their capabilities and do not seek to fulfill desires that do not fit into their budget.

If this person has an urgent need to buy something, but there is no money, then he will sell unnecessary things rather than go into debt. But the household of Virgo never worry about tomorrow, in finance you can safely rely on this sign, you live with it steadily and confidently.

Astrologers say that the representatives of the earth element are very insightful. They can not be manipulated, and deceive the Virgin is not under force even the most cunning and insidious man. This sign smells a lie a mile away, and in its environment it does not tolerate deceitful and quirky.

Do not deceive the representative of this constellation, Virgo not only see through all the plans, but also try to wrap them against the opponent.

Compatibility of women and men-Dev in love, sex and marriage

The main drawback, and sometimes the misfortune of the Virgin, is the excessive straightforwardness and inability to hold back their opinions. By nature, Virgos are not in conflict, but they are often at the center of a scandal because of their statements.

In groups they are not liked, and sometimes they are afraid, because they always tell the truth in person, without thinking about the effect produced. Even if a representative of this constellation knows that he will offend a person with his phrase, he will not restrain anyway.

The thirst for justice and equality in the blood of Virgins, often they become the instigators of strikes at work, lead various movements against the authorities and oppressors. However, they take only for the organization of the process, shifting responsibility to others. This happens by itself, because they know how to impose their opinions, because they are excellent speakers and agitators.

Only in any situation they give a report only for themselves. Father for son or brother for brother — this is not about them.

Virgin maidens and notorious egoists, and they consider such qualities in themselves to be merits.

Despite their own widespread criticism, constellation representatives get very annoyed when someone tries to criticize them. They gladly enter into verbal bouts, of which most often come out victorious.

However, in communicating with a worthy opponent, they are excessively addicted and can slander too much, which they later often regret.

Compatibility of women and men-Dev in love, sex and marriage

From early childhood, Virgo is distinguished by hard work and constancy. When other children play the whole crowd, a boy born under this constellation:

  • adds puzzles;
  • collects the designer;
  • helps adults.

This is a bright workaholic who is able to give up entertainment at all. For him, the favorite thing is a hobby and a way to earn money. If he gets boring and tedious work, then the man-Virgo will certainly find interest in it and will be engaged in it with enthusiasm.

Thanks to this skill, the man of this zodiac sign reaches incredible heights in matters that others throw at the beginning of the path.

The same approach this gentleman applies in love. If he likes a woman, then he can persistently seek her for years. He is not peculiar to romance, so he shows his feelings without words.

But in a difficult moment he is always there. You can rely on him, therefore, as a future husband, the fair sex is readily considered.

However, for meetings and joint entertainment, he is a bad companion. It’s boring with him.

Man-Virgo rarely shows emotions, in any conversation his speech sounds monotonous and tiring. And if a dispute arises, it is better to immediately abandon the discussion, because this guy has a lot of arguments for all his positions, which he will deftly apply, catching his opponent in the gaps in knowledge.

This man likes flexible ladies. His chosen one must agree with him in everything, otherwise the relationship will turn into a battlefield.

If a woman dreams of a beautiful and passionate romance, then with the Virgin she will be extremely disappointed. This man is cold and unapproachable, it is difficult to bring him to sentiment.

He builds love relationships as well as business relationships. The first date with him is like an interview.

If the candidate successfully passes the selection, the Virgo makes oral demands and describes her further responsibilities. However, the rights of the beloved are out of the question here.

With this man is unlikely to build an equal relationship, in his love unions reigns patriarchy.

If the lady accepts the conditions, then the Virgo with full seriousness is included in the establishment of contacts. He is genuinely interested in her hobbies, asks to tell in detail about his life. But do not disclose his soul, counting on retaliatory steps.

Virgo is quite secretive, and since he judges people by himself, she fears excessive frankness.

The virgin girl is sweet and charming, but her look betrays the mind and calculating. She seems to peer inside a man, so it seems to others that this woman sees through them.

This is partly true, Virgo is insightful and has a good intuition. She builds strategies from a young age that allow her to marry successfully.

The Virgo girl is smart beyond her age; her doll games run out quite early. She directs all her strength to study, so the boys begin to meet later than the rest.

This girl is unlikely to fall in love with a peer, she is attracted by mature, accomplished men. Her cavalry is primarily interested in his financial position and status.

Among these ladies, marriages of convenience are not uncommon, and for the sake of a successful party, Virgo carefully monitors her reputation. She can hardly be met in the company of drunken buddies, she has a negative attitude towards alcohol and other bad habits. The man of her dreams:

  • sporty and fit;
  • purposeful;
  • strong and domineering;
  • smart.

The Virgo woman will never associate her life with a foolish and wasteful gentleman. She is not attracted to the external data of a man, she falls in love with a chosen one, only if she is interested in him, and you can interest this lady in a conversation on a serious topic.

It is unlikely that she will laugh at the vulgar and vulgar jokes, low humor is unpleasant to her. In her beloved, she appreciates intelligence and practicality, if on the first date the guy does not show these qualities, then there will be no second meeting.

She is very tough to break any ties, if something does not suit her. For this reason, Virgo rarely maintains friendly relations with anyone.

This girl constantly lectures and criticizes her friends, and if they do not follow her advice or try to argue, the Virgo stops communicating with them.

If Virgo does not marry in her youth, then by the age of 35–40 she concludes that she received an excellent chance of a happy life without marriage. She closely watches the families of her friends and focuses on all the flaws that accompany marriage.

Since strong feelings and violent passion are unfamiliar to her, Virgo does not manage to understand in any way what keeps other women in unhappy marital relationships.

Life in solitude is pleasant and comfortable for her, she rarely sets up novels, but if this happens, she tries to get material gain from each connection. This lady is quite capable of seducing the head for the sake of promotion, she also ideally plays the role of a mistress with a married man who does not stint on gifts and financial support.

The more money Virgo extracts from the relationship, the more she appreciates the chosen one, so you can safely say that this woman is easy to buy.

Harmony and mutual understanding reign in the union of two Virgos. These partners are ideally suited to each other emotionally. Both strive for peace and stability, so they get along well together.

They initially set strict rules by which they live on. None of the couple even admits that it is possible to break the agreement.

In a love relationship, Virgos rarely show bright feelings, a man and a woman behave very restrained. Often in a marriage they name each other by name and patronymic, even if it sounds comical, they both know that with such treatment it is more difficult to quarrel and release insulting remarks.

They have everything laid out on the shelves, these partners paint plans for the future in detail, often in written form. It is from this pair that one can find the real family code, which they made up before formalizing the relationship.

Marriage contracts are very attractive to them, because everyone is determined to take advantage of this union.

Dev conflicts are extremely rare, these partners do not like to sort things out, but if their interests collide, then the battle can not be avoided. Everyone is accustomed to defend their positions to the end; they have convincing arguments to support their opinions.

It is difficult for them to come to a compromise if the points of view are radically divergent.

Astrologers recommend the Virgo woman to get rid of feminist views, if she wants to live all her life with a man of this sign. The guy will never give her the place of the head, so do not waste time and nerves.

It is the lady here who should show her wisdom and weakness, otherwise the chosen one will begin to look for a more agreeable partner.

Advantages and disadvantages:

A responsibilityStraightness
Common goalsCold
Mutual respectStubbornness
Mutual supportLack of sensuality
Long termCriticality

Astrology indicates that a pair of two Devs have good chances for the future. The horoscope of compatibility of these partners does not have one hundred percent indicators in any field of activity, but the overall picture of their relationship looks pretty bright.

These partners know what they want, in the relationship they are not guided by feelings, but by reason. Both are concerned about tomorrow, so today they are making every effort to achieve well-being.

In their couple there is no struggle for leadership, it may seem from the side that they adhere to equality, but the woman knows that the last word here will always be left to the man.

Virgos are very respectful of each other, so even in their criticism they adhere to tactful statements. After a long conversation with each other, these partners realize that the truth is born in their peaceful conversations, and both are developing intellectually.

Men and women-Virgos are curious and erudite, so they always have something to talk about among themselves, but their discussions quickly end, because they do not find grounds for disputes supporting dialogue.

Devs are attracted to calm and reliable people, and in each other they find a reflection of themselves. Even without strong feelings, emotions and passion, the man and woman of this constellation are invisibly attracted.

Boy-Virgo immediately selects the chosen one from the crowd. Seeing a quiet and inconspicuous girl, he genuinely interested. If the meeting takes place at a noisy party, then the man wonders why the nice and elegant lady is not having fun with everyone.

When, in response, he learns that she does not like such a pastime, he immediately offers the chosen one to take a walk.

After the first meeting, these partners understand that the next meeting is inevitable. They value a lot of common interests and views on life, so they don’t even think to refuse to continue communication.

Initially, their relationship is more like a friendship, but over time, the Maidens fall in love with each other.

Their feelings are unlikely to serve as the basis of a literary novel, the relationship in this couple immediately becomes stable, as if the boy and the girl had already lived together for 20 years. They avoid secular society, preferring to spend time in seclusion.

The dates of the two Virgos take place in nature or at home. They are not welcome to go to the cinema and restaurants, considering it a waste of money, and the mutual desire to save does not cause them to be rejected.

It is with this lady that the man is pleased that there is no need to explain her stinginess, because the Virgo woman considers this a virtue.

These partners are fully consistent with each other’s ideas about the ideal person, so very soon they come to the decision about the need to start a family. However, if during the period of their meetings, someone more temperamental appears on the horizon of one of them, then this may serve as a reason for parting.

There is boredom in their relationship, so an emotional admirer or fan will surely attract attention, and in contrast with the Virgin, this person will seem more attractive.

In most cases, the marriage of this couple turns out to be extremely successful. Spouses are united by the desire to arrange home comfort, both are very fond of spending evenings at home. Husband and wife spend all their free time together, here neither spouse has a desire to go on a visit to friends alone.

This family couple is a single unit, so they are all together.

It is this union that astrologers call the most attractive for both Virgos, because only here the domestic aspect of life does not irritate the spouses. Both are madly in love with order and cleanliness, while maintaining them together.

The husband-virgin will never throw socks by the bed, and the wife will not leave dirty dishes in the sink for the night. It seems to them that everything should always lie in their places, any deviation from this rule causes them discomfort.

Rare disagreements in this couple also happen, because a man tries to shift most of his household duties onto his wife’s shoulders. If a woman does not work, then she perfectly performs the role of a housewife, but when both work equally, the wife makes claims to her husband about the division of the household part of the affairs.

They solve the problem rather quickly, because they communicate diplomatically, trying to avoid reproaches and pressure.

In financial terms, Dev has full harmony. This is a rare case when representatives of this constellation can fully trust each other. In this marriage, both spouses aim at putting together capital, so they do not allow themselves unnecessary expenses even in trifles.

These partners know all about the nearest promotions and sales, so the purchases are made according to a predetermined plan.

Dangerous crises in the relationship of Virgos happen only because of adultery. Betrayals in their union are rare, but if one spouse is addicted to someone, then it is necessary to carefully conceal it from the other.

Representatives of this constellation do not forgive infidelity, therefore marriage will invariably fall apart if the unpleasant side of the marriage is revealed. But more often than not, this happens, and the Virgos live together happily ever after.

Intimate relationships do not matter much for men and women-dev. Sex in this pair takes place mechanically, by the instincts, both partners cannot relax, because they constantly think about something and do not know how to switch.

The Virgo woman in bed behaves very constrained, and the partner does not know how to create a romantic atmosphere in which the lady could relax. The coldness of both prevents them from getting closer and reaching the highest point of pleasure. But astrologers note that over time in this pair everything is getting better, only saturation and sensuality come to their bed after several years of living together.

If partners try to have sex before marriage, they often become frustrated with each other and end the relationship.

The compatibility of women and men-Dev in friendship is very high. Despite the fact that both do not believe in a strong and eternal friendship, in their friendly tandem they reveal soul affinity.

Their mutual understanding arises immediately and forever, so they tenaciously grasp the opportunity to get closer and communicate more often.

In difficult situations, they readily come to the aid of each other, mutual support for them is extremely important, so both highly appreciate their friendship. They can discuss everything in the world, while both are confident that further couples of their conversations will not go away. Man and woman-Virgos respect each other.

Each gives the other good advice, and the second does not dismiss them, because they do not take rationality and practicality.

Even if these buddies give birth to individual families, they are unlikely to stop communicating. Astrologers note that the Virgo spouses should not be jealous of this union, they will never cheat on their elects with each other, because the joint bed for both representatives of this constellation is equally unattractive.

The labor union of two Virgos will not bring significant results to the employer. Despite their hard work, these men and women act according to a strictly defined plan, so the result of the work depends only on the talent of the manager who appoints them to carry out a joint project.

They get along well with each other, but their tandem does not produce grand ideas. Representatives of this zodiac sign are excellent:

Virgos show themselves to be good performers only where there is no need to express themselves creatively. If the sphere of their activity is connected with the search for new ideas, then the combination of two representatives of this constellation will create fertile ground for the failure of any business.

One will criticize the ideas of the other, but in the end they will inform the management that they cannot work together.

The joint business of this couple also does not add up, although they show themselves to be excellent organizers, but the process does not go further. These representatives of the constellations cannot manage and develop, they always need a third one who will direct them on the right path and will suggest what and how to do next.

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