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Compatibility of women and male dragons in love relationships, sex, marriage, friendship and work

Compatibility of women and men Dragons in love, marriage, sex, friendship and work

A woman and a male dragon are able to create a strong union, but it is not easy for them to achieve harmony. Both partners have leadership qualities, which leads to frequent conflicts.

Everyone in this pair defends their own importance and tries to control others.

Dragons can work together smoothly and make good friends. But in order for their marriage to be happy, they need to devote more time to each other and learn to make concessions.

Born in the year of the Dragon people are able to achieve their goals and use their talents for material enrichment. Everything that they undertake, they do qualitatively.

They cannot be blamed for negligence or laziness, they are true workaholics who devote most of their lives to their favorite work.

Distinctive features of this sign:

The dragon never commits foul deeds, he tries to treat people as he would like to be treated. The nobility and honesty of this person is worthy of respect.

The surrounding characterizes Dragons as trusted and loyal friends. You can always rely on the representative of this sign, he does not throw words to the wind, therefore he always keeps his promises.

The dragon hates two-faced and hypocritical people, he openly condemns these qualities in acquaintances and restricts communication with them. Those born in this year are difficult to deceive, they are distinguished by insight and have good intuition.

It is unlikely that a representative of this sign will get involved in a dubious adventure with a bad outcome, because he foresees the outcome of any case in advance. It’s good to do business with him because he will always flourish thanks to the right decisions of the Dragon.

The straightness of this person helps him in many ways, but often leads to conflicts in communication. Often, the Dragon lacks tact and delicacy, he does not think that not everyone is able to perceive the honesty of his statements adequately. A representative of this sign should learn the art of diplomacy.

The innate gift of persuasion combined with the ability to select the right words can lead any Dragon to the heights of success and fame.

The apparent flaws of the Dragon:

  • impulsiveness;
  • irritability;
  • intransigence.

This person is too impetuous, he makes decisions with lightning speed and starts to act when he should think out a strategy. It is difficult to somehow convince.

Even if he is wrong, he stubbornly defends his position.

Knock the Dragon out of the intended path can only trick. It is necessary to smoothly lead him to the idea that the idea of ​​a change of opinion belongs to him.

He does not tolerate, when someone contradicts him openly, he is annoyed by morals and attempts to control him. Direct confrontation with this sign will only lead to conflict.

Love relationships with Dragons very rarely turn into triangles. Those born this year are monogamous, with a chosen one they behave decently and remain faithful.

A representative of this sign will never forgive a partner’s betrayal, but he can choose people as companions of life, therefore he rarely encounters betrayals. However, it is not necessary to limit the freedom and independence of the Dragon, otherwise it will fundamentally change, proving to itself and others that it can not be kept within.

Compatibility of women and male dragons in love relationships, sex, marriage, friendship and work

The guy of this sign always attracts attention, he is extremely charismatic and extravagant. This is a self-confident and strong-willed man who leaves others with no doubts about his strength and authority.

The dragon is quite ambitious, he does not set himself insignificant goals, he is attracted only by ambitious projects. This guy can handle any business, but he is quite conservative, therefore, he often refuses innovative ideas.

Thanks to these qualities, the Dragon never gives up. If he has conceived something, he will definitely bring the matter to the end.

This man perceives defeats philosophically, he is able to lose, he does it with dignity and draws useful conclusions from any situation. His life usually develops well, as the Dragon never loses heart and is optimistic about the future.

Failures are not able to break it, they only harden the character of this guy.

In personal relations, he is rather despotic, his chosen one feels confident with him, but she is under the constant control of the Dragon. A man of this sign is very serious about love, putting forward strict requirements to his partner. If a lady seeks independence and freedom, the Dragon says goodbye to her.

Patriarchy reigns in his family, so a woman who wants to attract this guy should get ready for submission.

Compatibility of women and male dragons in love relationships, sex, marriage, friendship and work

The dragon girl is charming and cheerful, crowds of admirers always circle around her, and because of this the lady often acquires an inflated self-esteem. However, this does not spoil the character of a woman, she remains sweet and friendly, only the choice of the chosen one fits more thoroughly.

As a partner, this girl chooses an intelligent and wealthy man who can be relied on in any situation. She intuitively finds serious and promising cavaliers, often much older than herself.

Her loved ones, because this girl is good-natured and responsive. She is often asked for help or advice, and she is trying to give everyone possible support. Despite some selfishness, the Dragon Woman is able to give and share.

Often this lady is engaged in charity and volunteering, she likes to help people and get thanks for it. So she consoles her ego.

But you can hardly blame her for this, because the virtue of the Dragon comes from a pure heart.

The representative of this sign is ambitious and imperious, she is not attracted by the role of the housewife, she seeks to realize her talents in all spheres available to her. She is attracted by a beautiful and vibrant life filled with exciting events. The Dragon Woman is rarely caught at home, she is always busy with something:

  • organizes events;
  • builds a career;
  • travels

This is a very active and energetic lady, if circumstances force her to sit still, she becomes grumpy and irritable.

Compatibility of women and male dragons in love relationships, sex, marriage, friendship and work

The characteristics of people born in the year of the Dragon depend on the signs of the zodiac. Constellations give a person both positive and negative qualities.

Features of the character and behavior of Dragons in accordance with the governing constellation:

Zodiac sign and date of birthCharacteristic sign
Aries (21. 03 — 19. 04)The quick temper and stubbornness of Aries in combination with the Dragon give a dangerous mixture. You shouldn’t argue and argue with this person, otherwise you can get burned very badly. The fire element of Aries gives a person passion and fervor, the relationship with such a Dragon is always full of turbulent emotions
Taurus (20. 04 — 20. 05)This is a notorious careerist and workaholic. Taurus-Dragon is a great family man, but his partners do not have enough attention in their relations with him, because this person always disappears at work. However, it is hardly possible to find a more reliable chosen one to create a strong and durable marriage.
Gemini (21. 05 — 21. 06)The airiness of the Twin and the Dragon fantasy create a frivolous dreamer. This person is capable of great accomplishments, but more often than not he does not reach any significant peaks, as his interests are constantly changing. The representative of this constellation grabs a lot of things at once, but only a part of them brings to the end. He is not distinguished by the loyalty inherent in the Dragons. The twins love to flirt, and also do not miss the opportunity to set small intrigues. However, their relations with the elects are often superficial, such a person does not like to take responsibility, so with any pressure from a partner instantly disappears from his field of vision
Cancer (22. 06 — 22. 07)The constellation of Cancer has a beneficial effect on the character of the Dragon. He is a peace-loving and calm person who always and in everything strives for harmony. Cancer is a very family sign. Home, children and the chosen one for him are the most important values ​​in life. For the sake of his loved ones, this person will do anything, with him you can build a strong and friendly family.
Leo (23. 07 — 22. 08)This combination of characters reflects badly on the character of a typical Dragon. Leo is extremely proud and always seeks power. This is a true tyrant and despot, who can appease only with true admiration and praise of his merits. His chosen one will always suffer from lack of attention, since the Dragon-Leo does not know how to give, he is used only to receive and take
Virgo (23. 08 — 22. 09)The Virgo Constellation endows the Dragon with practicality, prudence and prudence. There is no place for dreams, Virgo looks at everything through the prism of reality. This is a rather cynical person who does not believe in easy victories, he is only trying to achieve with hard work. Getting along with him is quite difficult, as he makes excessive demands on the partner, and if he does something wrong, Virgo subjects the chosen one to merciless criticism
Scales (23. 09 — 23. 10)The decisiveness of the Dragon fades under the influence of the constellation Libra. He thinks about each step for a long time before starting to move forward. Such a person is hard to break through in life, but if he achieves something, then he will never give up his victory to anyone. In love, he strives for a calm and stable relationship, he is not attracted to emotional and unbalanced personalities.
Scorpio (24. 10 — 22. 11)Fire-breathing Dragon-Scorpio is passionate and jealous. This is one of the most "explosive" signs of the zodiac. He does not know how to control his outbursts of anger, so you should always be on your guard with him, and it’s better not to approach him at all unless absolutely necessary. Only a very patient partner can build a serious relationship with this person. Few people are able to withstand the complex nature of such a Scorpion, because he always manages to find a reason for scandal.
Sagittarius (23. 11 — 21. 12)The restlessness of Sagittarius, coupled with the energy of the Dragon, gives an extremely agitated and impermanent person. He is often keen on many activities at the same time, but in the end loses interest in most of the cases and throws them. You shouldn’t rely on him too much, he has “seven Fridays of the week”, but his charm can only be envied. No matter how often he lets others down, people still pull him
Capricorn (22. 12 — 19. 01)The gloominess and pessimism of a typical Capricorn in this combination overlap with the cheerfulness of the Dragon. Year of birth gives Capricorn softness and looseness. He is very picky about people, and if someone does not reach his bar, Capricorn makes every effort to help a loved one to improve. However, he expects others to appreciate his participation, but if this does not happen, then he harbors a grudge. This is an open and thorough person with whom it is easy to build relationships. But with him you should always remember that he does not know how to forgive.
Aquarius (20. 01 — 18. 02)Dragon-Aquarius is a rebel, he always puts forward revolutionary ideas and rapidly clutches at their realization. The frivolity of Aquarius often pushes him to rash actions. The life of such a person is filled with ups and downs. Unlike the typical Dragon, he cannot analyze his own mistakes, therefore he constantly repeats them. Life together with Aquarius will not be stable, but you will not get bored with it.
Fish (19. 02 — 20. 03)Dreamers Pisces often live in some unreal world. They see everything through rose-colored glasses, and they do not pay attention to the cruel realities of the world. However, Pisces born in the year of the Dragon sometimes can descend to the earth and make their dreams come true. They are very creative, gifted personalities, and they choose people like themselves as partners in order to be in the clouds with them.

The control constellations have an important role in the relations of the two Dragons, but despite the zodiacal signs these partners are able to get along in any combination. The most well-formed unions:

  • two cancers;
  • Virgo and Libra;
  • Taurus and Capricornus.

The Dragons born under the constellations get along badly:

  • Leo and Gemini;
  • Aries and Capricorn;
  • Sagittarius and Scorpio.

The compatibility of women and men of Dragons is more dependent on their mutual desire to build relationships. Two Dragons may well make an ideal pair, but first a woman needs to recognize the leadership of her chosen one, otherwise nothing good will come of this union.

With a good scenario, the compatibility of these partners achieves the following indicators.

Kind of relationshipCompatibility Indicator

If a woman defends her independence and tries to seize power, then compatibility is out of the question. In such a union, there will be a clear reluctance to make concessions, the partners will constantly make trouble and quarrel, and in the end will disperse in different directions.

About achieving high levels of compatibility can be said, if both Dragons begin to work on themselves immediately after they meet. Here everyone needs to temper his egoism and learn to listen to another.

Only in this case, the relationship in this pair will become harmonious and indestructible.

Characteristics of the relationship of women and male dragons.

Kind of relationshipCharacteristic
LoveSince both Dragons are crazy workaholics, most often their love relationships are tied to work. The office romance of this couple is extremely successful, because here the beloved are united not only by the same outlook on life, but also by the common cause. Often, two Dragons find each other even during the period of study, in these unions quite often the first love flows into a happy marriage. The bright girl does not leave the guy indifferent, he immediately draws attention to her in the team. Persistent advances of the gentleman quickly find a response in the soul of the ladies. The novel of this couple is developing very rapidly and rapidly. There are a lot of early marriages among the Dragons, because the partners do not hold back their passion. However, the early birth of a child does not negatively affect the studies and development of the boy and the girl, both are purposefully educated, finding time for themselves and family concerns. A woman and a man-Dragons are attracted to each other like a magnet, they are very comfortable and comfortable together. If a lady does not show a desire for leadership in a couple, there are no reasons for quarrels and disagreements
MarriageIn family life, the Dragons immediately prioritize, set the rules and stick to them for the rest of their lives. At first, everyone tries to completely capture the personal space of another, but very soon they get tired of each other, therefore they find for themselves hobbies and hobbies that they do separately. This allows them to rest from a series of cases, as well as to maintain mutual passion. In domestic terms, the spouses do not quarrel, they do not focus on cleanliness and order in the house. Everyone does something on a whim: if the food runs out in the fridge, one goes to the store, and the other does the dishes, the other day they switch places. In this marriage, one feels the ease of perceiving immediate concerns, since spouses do not set themselves the goal of creating an ideal order in the house. The financial side is stable here. Husband and wife alike strive to achieve material well-being. Both are great at making money, but sometimes they give in to impulsive impulses and spend fabulous sums on something unnecessary. However, they do it in a coordinated manner, therefore they do not reproach each other afterwards with wastefulness
SexIn bed, a woman and a male dragon are perfect for each other. In sex, both behave as freely as possible, they lack complexes, so everyone invents something, comes up with new poses and gets back any idea. In the intimate life of the Dragons do not show their egoism. They try to give each other maximum pleasure. Often, these partners inflame their passion with petty quarrels, which invariably end in violent reconciliation in bed.
friendshipFriendship between a girl and a boyfriend of this sign is possible, but more often it is only the first step towards making love relationships. If both already have regular companions of life, then they try not to support friendly relations with partners of the opposite sex, because men and women do not believe in friendship.
JobLabor Tandem Dragons can bring success to any event. These partners are able to achieve a good result in joint activities, but only if they do not compete. The confrontation of colleagues of this year of birth will inevitably lead to the failure of the project. When they act harmoniously, they succeed. Both are extremely responsible, stick to the plans, but try to add something new to each business. They can work well together in creative areas, but the joint business of Dragons will be successful.

Also on the climate in the union have a strong influence of the elements that control the periods of birth of partners.

It is easier for two representatives of one year of birth to find a common language than people of the same sign, but born with a difference of 12, 24, 36 or 48 years. The compatibility horoscope for years is based on the influence of the elements that control the period of the birth of a person into the world.

The most successful are the unions in which one element is controlled by the elements of water, and the other by wood. A good pair are metal and earthen Dragons.

Fire and the Earth get along well, but Water with Fire or Metal is incompatible.

The control elements and periods of the reign of the Dragon.

Beginning of periodEnd of periodElement
16. 02. 190403. 02. 1905the fire
03. 02. 191622. 01. 1917Land
23. 01. 192809. 02. 1929Metal
08. 02. 194026. 01. 1941Water
27. 01. 195213. 02. 1953Tree
13. 02. 196401. 02. 1965the fire
31. 01. 197617. 02. 1977Land
17. 02. 198805. 02. 1989Metal
05. 02. 200023. 01. 2001Water
23. 01. 201209. 02. 2013Tree

In any case, two representatives of the same year of birth have excellent chances for a happy union.

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