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Compatibility of Virgo and Virgo: in love, in marriage, in sex

The lovers born under the sign of the zodiac Virgo are ruled by Mercury, which guarantees them high intellectual abilities. But, despite the fact that it causes subconscious sympathy, there is not very good compatibility between them. This prevents people from creating harmonious tandems, since relationships develop very difficult.

But if the union will be based on a clear calculation, then difficulties can always be avoided. This is due to the fact that representatives of this sign are always preferred to be guided by reason, and not by feelings. Therefore, in tandems they diligently assign roles and do not aspire to leadership.

Partners do not like to make trouble and vigorously sort things out, therefore, all differences will be solved by finding compromises.

Compatibility of Virgo and Virgo: in love, in marriage, in sex

It attracts Virgo and Virgo the similarity of natural characters. They do not need to strain to understand each other.

A special feature of tandems is always the seriousness of the relationship. Partners do not accept casual relationships and all vital decisions are taken carefully.

For the representatives of this zodiac sign, a quiet relationship with a balanced and reliable person is very important. This is the basis for the compatibility of the man of the Virgin and the woman of the Virgin in a love relationship. Satellites often choose each other, but the similarity of natural characters threatens the onset of boredom in love tandems.

In alliances there will be no strong feelings that give partners the right amount of energy to enjoy the pleasure of love. Creating a love union, lovers choose not a passionate affair, but the relationship of two like-minded people.

Representatives of the Virgo zodiac sign prefer to spend their free time in solitude, they avoid noisy companies and hectic pastime. The couple loves to spend time in nature. A girl feels more comfortable in a love tandem.

It is important to her that the similarity of characters allows you to feel confident, since you should not expect any surprises from your partner. The partner is attracted by an intelligent satellite with rational thinking.

For his part, a man may get bored, and this will lead to the fact that he will start looking for adventure. This can trigger a break.

But if people are united by a common cause, then it will become a connecting factor contributing to the development of harmonious relations.

Compatibility Virgo and Virgo in love can awaken a strong deep feeling. In this case, their relationship can not be threatened by any external factors. But while partners are not in a hurry to enter into marriage.

This is due to the fact that lovers understand that practicality is still the basis of relationships. Only this causes them not to react to each other’s shortcomings, which they certainly notice.

Compatibility of the man of the Virgin and the woman of the Virgin in the bed below the average. But sex does not occupy the main place in the life of the representatives of this zodiac sign.

Therefore, sexual misunderstanding in general is not a threat for a tandem. Lovers elect, born under the sign of Virgo, are rarely.

Spouses are distinguished by conservative views on sexual relationships. They don’t like experimenting in bed. This fact does not explain the high compatibility of Virgo and Virgo in bed.

Very rarely, due to the sex of the partner, splashes of sexual activity occur. And if at the moment he does not find a response from his partner, he may well change.

But if this offense remains secret, then the relationship persists.

Coldness in bed does not irritate partners, since sex for them is simply an inevitable component of love, which should not be given much attention. It is customary for them to evaluate the behavior of the partner in the intimate sphere from the point of view of the mind.

It is noteworthy that sexual relationships become more harmonious when addictive occurs. After that, a couple of Virgo and Virgo can relax and feel the taste of sex. A woman opens up in bed, her natural isolation disappears.

From the partner there is an interest in experiments. But to offer any innovations to the partner should be very careful not to frighten her.

In the sexual sphere, there is also a sense of responsibility between partners. Everyone understands that you need to deliver a partner in bed maximum pleasure. Therefore, they are trying to discuss the problems that arise in the intimate sphere in order to avoid misunderstanding in the future.

Thus, intelligence allows people to improve their sex lives.

Family tandem is created by representatives of this zodiac sign only after the satellites understand that they will be able to provide a safe atmosphere in it. Compatibility between a man of Virgo and a woman of Virgo in a marriage is based on logic and accurate calculation, therefore it is not distinguished by a high percentage. Lovers of this sign of the zodiac, do not soar in the clouds, do not indulge in vain dreams.

They are practitioners, therefore they are engaged in the construction of a family tandem.

Spouses find a common approach to all domestic issues, therefore in family life there is rarely any disagreement. Strengthens the family common business and practical attitude is akin to romance.

Spouses value existing relationships very much, so they cherish love. Compatibility Virgo and Virgo in marriage guarantees the longevity of an established family.

Spouses love their home, so they prefer to spend their free time at home. They are easy to perform household duties, in which there is no clear separation.

Each spouse can do any business. All issues are resolved diplomatically.

In a family union, an atmosphere of absolute trust prevails. Especially easily and simply they manage to find understanding in the financial sphere.

None of the spouses is afraid that the money will be spent for other purposes. All large purchases are negotiated in advance. In addition, the spouses must save money.

Therefore, they are not afraid of difficult times.

On the part of the couple looks very well. But this does not mean that there are no conflicts in the family. Just married protect the current tandem, and never take out the dirty linen in public.

For them it is considered indecent to discuss the situation in the family with any of the outsiders.

Compatibility in friendship between a woman and a man Virgo is quite high. Virgo and Virgo are attracted to the subconscious level. They are linked by common interests and hobbies, they differ in the same worldview.

Friends are never bored together. They find common topics for conversations, listen attentively to each other, give one very useful advice to one another.

Over time, the satellites become attached to each other very strongly, becoming reliable and loyal friends. Friendly relations completely exclude the possibility of love. For friends, intellectual compatibility and psychological support become much more important.

That is why the second half should not have feelings of jealousy, since adultery is completely excluded. In friendly tandems, the companions of Virgo and Virgo are like brother and sister.

Each partner is ready to help a friend in a difficult moment. They provide friendly support in any difficult life situation.

From the side of such a union causes the envy of others.

Friendship rests on the practical attitude of people to life. Friends know what they want to get from each other.

They never consider advice to one another as meaningless pressure or obsession, but always listen carefully to them. Mutual exchange of views for them is a natural process. That is why friendship contributes to the development of strong business relationships.

And the partners do not advertise their success, but, nevertheless, often reach the top, because they have great performance.

Compatibility of Virgo and Virgo: in love, in marriage, in sex

A woman born under the sign of the zodiac Virgo rarely has a desire to win the heart of a representative of her own sign. Chosen ones are attracted to each other on a subconscious level, they easily begin to communicate as soon as their life paths intersect.

But it may happen that an intelligent and intelligent satellite will touch the beauty’s heart and as a result, the question will arise how to conquer his heart. It should be remembered that any playfulness will interfere with relationships.

It is necessary to forget about traditional female tricks. Absolutely indifferent elect will remain to fashionable outfits and exquisite makeup.

In order to attract the attention you need to demonstrate your own intelligence. To do this, as often as possible to discuss something. The satellite must understand that your worldview is akin to it.

It is noteworthy that it is not difficult to make this a representative of the Virgo zodiac sign, because all that is needed is to demonstrate your natural features.

Count on the fact that quickly arise a love relationship is not worth it. A man is able to decide on the continuation of the relationship only after careful deliberation.

And, above all, he assesses the future connection from a practical point of view.

A rational and practical man, Virgo, will immediately draw attention to the representative of her zodiac sign. She will be interested in his ability to assess the world around him is not biased.

The beauty really perceives all events and never indulges in senseless dreams.

In order to attract the attention of the chosen one and interest her, you should convince her of their own reliability. This quality of character for her is central to the possibility of continuing the relationship.

For a woman, Virgo is very important appearance of a man who is trying to care for her. She will not tolerate next to a scruffy man who is absolutely not watching his appearance.

In this case, the young lady just thinks he is lazy.

In no case during the bouquets and candy period can not be obsessive. This is not like darling.

All that is needed is to strive to be close together more often. In this case, conversations can be on any topic, but they should be unconstrained. In no case can not cause jealousy of his chosen one.

A woman will consider such behavior simply frivolous, which means that the hope of continuing the relationship will disappear.

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