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Compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Natural character traits of the signs of the zodiac Virgo and Aquarius are very different. But at the same time, despite the low compatibility of morals, they can create successful tandems. This contributes to the peace-loving partners.

They are able to respect each other, trying to ignore the flaws. A feature of the unions is that there are absolutely no conflict situations. If people fail to find a common language and understanding, then they simply diverge in different directions.

In this case, no offense remains.

Compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

The peculiarity of tandems is that they arise against the background of fleeting interest. After a certain time, love comes to the understanding that they do not fit together.

That is why relationships are always not easy. Save the union is possible only if the Virgin and Aquarius will need each other from a practical point of view.

Very often, the sacrifice is manifested by the elect, because he feels responsibility for his companion. A woman is notable for ease of character, so it’s much easier to relate to unfulfilled relationships.

Compatibility between the men of Virgo and women of Aquarius in love relationships is very low. As a result, tandems are very rarely created.

But if people have a deep feeling in their souls, the relations from the outside seem calm and measured.

Partners are absolutely not conflicting. There is no abuse and quarrels in love tandems.

In addition, the elects born under these zodiac signs are rather secretive. Despite openness and sociability, even the woman of Aquarius does not like to share personal problems.

The unifying factor is that the partners do not want to spend time clarifying the relationship. The partner quickly is capable to fill the formed emptiness with new acquaintances.

A man is more conservative, so he endures disagreements hard, but he tries not to show his mind.

Even if the relationship does not add up, the satellites may stay together for some time until they make a final decision about the break. This, as a rule, is caused by the fact that the elect of Virgo is a conservative; he will strive to improve relations to the last. And quite often it happens that a beauty, against the backdrop of love, begins to behave more restrained.

This allows you to save a love tandem, which is still unlikely to be prosperous.

Compatibility of the man of the Virgin and the Woman of Aquarius in bed is quite complicated. Most problems arise because a woman prefers a certain lightness in sex.

She likes to talk, comment on the action and discuss if necessary desires. Closed and discreet man does not perceive such intimate pleasures.

He looks cold, and this behavior is offensive for the chosen one.

The partner very much appreciates tenderness, a prelude, always with pleasure responds to the proposal to experiment. For his part, the lover of traditional sex.

It is difficult for partners to achieve harmony in the intimate sphere.

The compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius in marriage, which is recorded in free love, is slightly above average. This suggests that, by formalizing the official relations, representatives of these zodiac signs are trying to preserve them.

Difficulties between spouses arise almost from the first minutes of life together. The house is very important for the man, he will strive to do everything possible to create a prosperous atmosphere in the family. But such a desire is not supported by his companion.

Home for her does not mean much in life. She tends to spend a lot of time at work and in companies of friends.

Usually, everything in the family is such that the spouse has to perform most of the household duties. This becomes the cause of the differences that the spouses are trying to resolve peacefully.

If this fails to be done, then the husband and wife each remain in their own opinion, moving away from each other.

To divorce can cause pressure on the wife from the husband. In no case can not control her actions.

The wife of Aquarius is distinguished by natural love of freedom and will not tolerate any restrictions.

Problems arise in the financial sector due to different attitudes towards the distribution of the family budget. Wives tend to frivolity in financial matters, while the man seeks to manage money wisely and plan in advance all expenses.

A strong friendship between the boy Virgo and the girl Aquarius is rare. It is the exception rather than the rule.

This is due to the fact that people differ in opposing characters and different worldviews.

Responsible and punctual man can hardly find a common language with an unusual and original beauty, whose behavior is impossible to predict. But sometimes friendship arises in situations where a man is older. In this case, he patronizes his girlfriend.

On the other hand, sociable and curious beauty charges him with positive energy.

Friendly tandems can take place if the friends of Virgo and Aquarius do not require too much from each other. And it is very important that a friend feel free, because she does not like any obligations. Also, a friend should not criticize her actions and behavior in general.

Such friendship is mainly based on interesting conversations, from which each person can draw something useful for himself.

Compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

A man Aquarius and a woman Virgo often have an interest in each other immediately after dating. But it will take a little time to understand that they differ in different natural characters, and it is very difficult for them to find a common language in almost all spheres of life.

A couple who aspire to maintain relationships, you need to tune in to what will need to find permanent compromises.

Compatibility between Aquarius men and Virgo women in love relationships is relatively good. It will significantly worsen when the lovers decide to legitimize the relationship, burdening themselves with any obligations.

The low compatibility of Aquarius and Virgo in love is associated with different attitudes of partners to the world around them. Girl Virgo is practical and neat in everything. In her actions she is guided solely by common sense.

Such features may seem to an extravagant man only at the initial stage of relationship development. Faced with the heightened demands of the chosen one, his attitude towards her can change dramatically.

The desire of the partner to control the actions of the beloved will strengthen the contradiction in the love union.

For her part, the partner will very quickly begin to notice the unreliability of her companion. This character trait is very difficult for her to accept. It is because of the large differences in natural characters that people need to live together as long as possible, only after that make a decision about marriage.

Unfortunately, according to statistics, very often love tandems between representatives of these zodiac signs fall apart.

The compatibility of Aquarius and Virgo in bed is quite high, but there may be many problems in the intimate sphere depending on various circumstances.

The Aquarius guy never puts sex on the main place in life, but despite this, he manifests himself in bed as a bright and experienced lover. But at the same time, in order to unleash the partner from nature, it will take a lot of effort.

Loss of interest in the darling often happens very quickly. He does not want to spend power and find sensual intimacy on the side.

That is why sex is never paired as a connecting factor.

But it should be noted that it is very rare that a partner quickly responds to the attempts of a man seeking to awaken femininity in her. In such cases, sex will be filled with positive emotions and bright colors.

The only thing that will not suit a man in the intimate sphere is the lack of novelty. The partner prefers traditional sex, and will never succumb to persuasion to experiment.

The compatibility of the Aquarian man and the Virgin woman is very low in marriage. This suggests that family relationships are far from perfect.

In tandem there are always quarrels and conflicts. Moreover, the partners do not restrain their grievances, and soon after the marriage, it is a daily matter to clarify the relationship, on the basis of the presented claims.

Practical spouse, against the background of complete misunderstanding in the family, becomes irritable and grumpy. In her eyes, the chosen one looks absolutely irresponsible, you cannot rely on him in anything, and you can’t trust him, because he will surely let you down.

In the family tandem of Aquarius and Virgo there are very few points of contact. That is why they prefer to spend their free time separately. Husband and wife have no mutual friends.

In addition, the spouse tends to spend more time outside the home, while the spouse is a homebody, and spends a lot of energy to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Very often such marriages end in divorce, although the woman will strive with all her might to keep the family together. Some chance of building prosperous tandems can be if the marriage is concluded by people of mature age.

The friendship between the representatives of this zodiac sign is a very rare phenomenon. This is due to the fact that their life paths practically do not overlap.

Circumstances are such that people simply do not have the opportunity to communicate.

But even if the representatives of these zodiac signs work in the same team, they are not interesting to each other. Convergence never occurs due to large differences in nature.

Aquarius has an open character, they are ready to help in a difficult moment, but they absolutely do not know how to keep secrets. Although at the same time, they themselves do not share their innermost thoughts.

This behavior negates the possibility of creating a friendly tandem with a closed, but at the same time reliable Deva woman. Sometimes, there may be friendly relations between people that do not commit to anything.

But in this case, we can conclude that a friendly tandem is created on the basis of any benefit.

Compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

The girl Virgo may like a beautiful and extravagant man. Although in life there are not many chances for such different people to cross in the same company. In order to enjoy Aquarius, you must strive to become like him.

But due to the difference in nature, it’s not easy to do.

First, you need to abandon the home pastime, and tends to often be near the chosen one. Be sure to consider your image. You can not look tasteless, because the chosen esthete.

He will appreciate if the chosen one uses cosmetics wisely and dresses stylishly.

You should not focus on your practicality, you just need to unobtrusively make your elect understand that you have enough strength to organize life without his participation. It is necessary to surprise the chosen one with his natural ability for analytical thinking.

This will allow him to understand that next to him is an extraordinary beauty, whose advice and life experience may be useful to him. To strengthen interest, you should try to easily maintain conversations on any topic.

This will be evidence of erudition and intelligence. Such traits can be a connecting factor.

To win the heart of the young lady of the Virgin, a man of Aquarius will have to change his behavior. It is very difficult.

That is why, the representative of the sign of the zodiac Aquarius such a desire occurs rarely.

To attract the attention of a balanced and earthly woman born under the sign of the zodiac Virgo, a man will have to give up everything unusual and original that is present in his character. He must show how he can rationally relate to everything happening in the world around him.

Practicality is the main feature that Virgo will appreciate. During the candy-bouquet period, you should, as often as possible, communicate with your chosen one. In this case, you need to demonstrate casually awareness in all domestic issues.

An attractive factor for the chosen one will be the desire to work hard. After all, even rest for her is a time when it is possible to comprehend important problems.

You should not invite the chosen one to various social events or in the company of friends. Such a pastime will not please a woman, because she loves a calm atmosphere and prefers to spend a lot of time in solitude with a loved one.

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