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Compatibility of Scorpio and Scorpio: in love, in marriage, in sex

Scorpio and Scorpio — the compatibility of men and women

The union of representatives of the zodiac sign Scorpio is always filled with contradictions. People find it difficult to get along together and find a common language in friendship.

This tandem may be the exception rather than the rule. But at the same time, the feature of the pair is that the satellites resemblance of natural characters, like a magnet, attracts each other.

For such alliances, repeated meetings are often characteristic after stormy partings. Often, the uncertainty of relationships is delayed for years, which makes it difficult to build a prosperous life.

To be in love together you need to constantly make efforts and work on yourself.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Scorpio: in love, in marriage, in sex

Scorpio man and Scorpio woman — compatibility

A successful and harmonious union of Scorpio and Scorpio is a rarity. The probability of compatibility increases, if people do not resemble each other, because the representatives of this zodiac sign are very different. They reflect the education of parents and living conditions.

For example, one of them can be a harsh and tough person, and the other — a soft, understanding and responsive. But, despite such a difference, both partners always have a strong inner core, which helps to withstand difficult life situations.

The compatibility of Scorpio men and Scorpio women in love relationships is very low due to the fact that representatives of this zodiac sign rarely get along with each other. But, at the very first acquaintance, the satellites begin to attract each other. It is noteworthy that, even with love relationships, partners do not seek to advertise them.

Very often, even close friends do not realize that there is a love affair between partners.

The low compatibility of Scorpio and Scorpio in love is due to the fact that, despite the common interests of the partners, there are common flaws that hinder the construction of successful relations. The main problem in the relationship is that lovers do not want to give each other even in small things.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are very sociable people. But this fact often causes jealousy, which is the main reason for parting.

In alliances, quarrels often take longer than normal communication. Such a lifestyle depletes the nervous system.

And if the satellites of Scorpio and Scorpio do not break up on time, then endless conflicts can even lead to health problems.

But after parting, in most cases, the former partners have a feeling of dissatisfaction, caused not by the fullness of life. If there is no new connection, then it is likely that the representatives of this zodiac sign decide to converge again.

And again all over again. For such a couple, the danger is that their life turns into a vicious circle.

Partners can not live without each other, but being together, they experience enormous difficulties associated with the rejection of each other due to internal similarity.

The compatibility of Scorpio men and Scorpio women in bed is also low, despite the natural passion of partners. This fact is explained by the fact that the partners are very sincere in nature, therefore, if there are disagreements, they also transfer problems to the sexual sphere.

But, despite the fact that the compatibility of Scorpio and Scorpio in bed is reduced for this reason, in moments of good relationships, sex between partners is always at the highest level. It can be figuratively said that nights during the period of harmonization of relations are filled with unforgettable passion and positive emotions. Representatives of this zodiac sign are always ready to go for any experiments in bed.

Both partners are unrestrained lovers seeking to deliver maximum enjoyment to each other.

Breaking the harmony in sexual life can lead to leadership in bed, which can manifest itself in both men and women. In addition, a man should always remember that the chosen one belonging to this zodiac sign is capable of passion only when there are sincere feelings to the chosen one in her soul.

In addition, due to the peculiarities of female nature, the partner easily feels any falsehood.

The girl should understand that it will not be possible to manage the chosen one in the intimate sphere, therefore, she should agree to equal relations. In addition, the originality of the sexual temperament of a partner allows both to rise to unforgettable heights of sensual pleasures, and to go down to ordinary instincts. This approach to male sex needs to be understood and accepted.

The sex life of a man born under the sign of Scorpio, will be considered safe only if it will be attended by the game and diversity.

Compatibility of Scorpio men and Scorpio women in marriage is low due to the fact that, despite the fact that families are often created, couples often divorce. In order to save the marriage spouses need to make a lot of effort, but, unfortunately, the partners are often not able to.

It is necessary to learn:

  • Be compliant when dealing with everyday issues, listen to each other’s opinions and strive to find compromises.
  • Show diplomacy, thus struggling with natural authority.
  • In the case of offenses, do not close up in your own world, but try to immediately clarify all differences.

When entering into marriage, representatives must understand that the family union will not be easy. Only sincere and deep feelings can save it. Therefore, they should be protected with all their might.

If love disappears, then together representatives of the zodiac sign Scorpio will never remain.

Compatibility Scorpio and Scorpio in marriage is bad, the first difficulties always begin with the distribution of household duties. The thing is that the spouse strives to move up the career ladder, but at the same time his companion does not see himself as a housewife. Domestic conflicts are inevitable, but the main thing is how people are ready to solve them.

If the spouses manage to come to an agreement, then this will allow us to hope that the family will develop successfully.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Scorpio: in love, in marriage, in sex

In the financial sphere, as a rule, there is no disagreement. Representatives of this zodiac sign prefer to spend money wisely. They strive for any practical acquisition of pre-discuss with each other.

In addition, spouses are united in their desire for hoarding, which allows them to feel confident in life.

Given the unusual nature of the nature of the representatives of the sign of the zodiac Scorpio, it often happens that spouses continue to live together after the divorce. It is also possible that having departed, the partners will remain lovers or continue to support each other, especially in cases where they have common children.

High compatibility in friendship suggests that Scorpio and Scorpio can build friendly tandems, but according to statistics, this is possible in most cases when friends belong to different generations or are relatives.

If people are not tied up by the above-mentioned factors, then the natural suspicion of people hinders sincere friendship. It prevents the construction of friendly tandems and with other representatives of the signs of the zodiac.

In any case, the friendship of Scorpio and Scorpio is more like a brotherhood, which obliges to support each other in difficult life periods. But in such tandems it is not customary to share inmost thoughts and open the soul.

Despite the fact that representatives of the sign of the zodiac Scorpio, are good workers, prosperous business relations between them are impossible. And these partners, working in one team, will only create problems not only for each other, but also for their colleagues.

This will be associated with the struggle for leadership positions. And for representatives of this zodiac sign, all means are good.

That is why, working together, people can become real enemies.

Given that representatives of the zodiac sign Scorpio are attracted to each other on a subconscious level, it will be absolutely easy for a woman to win a man. This is due to the similarity of natural characters. A girl becomes attractive in the eyes of a man due to the presence of such qualities:

  • Seductiveness not only looks, but also the whole behavior.
  • Passion and ability to respond to any experiments in bed.
  • Strong character and ability to withstand difficult life situations.
  • Self-confidence that allows you to quickly make the right decisions.
  • Deep emotionality combined with sharpness of mind.

All the listed qualities should be shown to the chosen one as much as possible during meetings.

In order not to alienate the chosen one, one should not demonstrate his desire to lead in tandem. Quite the contrary, he should be convinced that he will be the main one in the relationship. During meetings, you should strictly control your words and deeds.

You can attract a chosen one by your intellectual abilities and desire to improve yourself. Meeting with a man Scorpio, in any case should not give him a reason for jealousy.

After all, this feeling will immediately lead to a breakdown of the relations that have not gotten stronger.

Despite the fact that men born under the sign of the zodiac Scorpio never experience problems with a lack of female attention, women of Scorpio always attract him. And to win the beauty you like is absolutely not difficult.

During the candy-bouquet period, you should give your darling expensive gifts, fill them with compliments and invite them to various social events in their free time. And you should know that she loves surprises. In no case should not try to cause a feeling of jealousy in her soul.

Relationships will instantly be broken, as she can only be with the person who belongs only to her.

It is very important to always be sincere with your darling, as she has a natural ability to feel any falsehood. In her eyes, a man should look like a strong and confident person, but for a representative of the sign of the zodiac Scorpio it is absolutely not difficult.

You need to monitor your appearance. The chosen one does not tolerate laxity in behavior and carelessness.

It is very important to remember that a conversation with a Scorpio woman should always be conducted on an equal footing, you should never try to patronize her.

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