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Compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Scorpio and Aquarius — the compatibility of men and women

The union of Scorpio and Aquarius does not promise to be prosperous, despite the good compatibility of natural characters. In the harmonization of the tandem in this case plays a huge role maturity partners. Satellites are often hampered by the natural love of freedom.

But at the same time uniting factors is the desire for self-improvement and knowledge of everything new. If we manage to build harmonious relationships, then the conservatism of Scorpio will be successfully combined with the innovation of Aquarius.

Partners will quickly learn to complement and support each other, which will contribute to success.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

The union of representatives of these zodiac signs is complicated. To others, even sometimes it seems that it is simply impossible.

Moreover, the environment usually sympathizes with the partner, as she believes that she has to live under strong pressure from the man. On the other hand, relatives and friends of a partner claim that an irresponsible companion is next to him.

And, nevertheless, it often happens that Scorpio and Aquarius manage to find a common language.

The compatibility of Scorpio men and Aquarius women in love relationships is average. This indicates that lovers quite often create prosperous love unions, despite the different natural characters.

If a Scorpio man showed interest in a woman Aquarius, then this, in most cases, means that he is truly in love. But also love unions between representatives of these signs of the zodiac are created for selfish purposes by the partner.

The second option is fraught with danger for an open representative of the beautiful half of humanity, born under the sign of Aquarius. This is due to the fact that she will sincerely believe her partner, because by virtue of natural cunning, he will not betray anything.

It remains to hope and believe that in the soul of Scorpio over time, wake up sincere feelings.

The love relationships of this couple will develop safely only against the background of great love. A man always takes a leading position, but at the same time he is responsible and fully takes care of his beloved.

But some threat to the tandem carries the love of your partner. It is important that the partner accepts such a character trait and does not limit the freedom of his beloved, but simply understands that she will always be faithful to him.

The compatibility of Scorpio men and Aquarius women in bed is quite high, but, unfortunately, not always unequivocal. Much depends on various external circumstances.

Good compatibility in the intimate sphere is provided by the following:

  • The absence of any complexes with the young lady of Aquarius. The partner does not seek to adhere to traditions in sexual relations. She prefers to experiment in bed.
  • A man of Scorpio likes women without complexes who seek to get maximum pleasure from sex and to give pleasure to a partner.

But despite this, the man seeks to subordinate his partner in bed to his will. This is a big mistake, as Aquarius cannot be subordinated to an independent girl, and this approach will only worsen sexual relations.

And besides, it should be understood that the partner, if something does not have to like, can break off the relationship without regret.

Despite the high compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius in marriage, partners can create strong alliances if they love each other. The tandem will always hold on to the attitude of the spouse to the family.

A man seeks to preserve family relationships under any circumstances.

Realizing that the spouse cannot stand at the stove endlessly and maintain order in the house, he will not force her to do it. The husband is not obsessed with everyday life and seeks to solve all domestic issues diplomatically, avoiding differences and maintaining a calm atmosphere in the house.

A more serious problem in the family tandem may be the desire of a woman to spend a lot of time outside the home in friendly companies. A spouse, by his nature, is not able to accompany her all the time, as he gets tired of constant communication with other people.

The husband is a homebody, although he cannot be called uncommunicative. But he prefers to rotate in other circles.

The main thing for him is to learn to trust his wife and accept her freedom-loving nature.

For family life to be harmonious it is important for the spouses to have common hobbies and affairs. Together they can successfully advance towards their goals.

At the same time, their lives will be filled with new emotions and impressions.

Friendship is quite possible between a friend Aquarius and a man Scorpio. But friendly tandems are not formed often.

This is due to the fact that in the course of life these two rarely intersect. But, even having met, they often do not notice each other due to different characters.

Since they fail to get close, there is absolutely no time to get to know each other better.

Usually in a friendly tandem, a woman is completely open, but a friend will never be able to trust her friend, because she considers her frivolous. When meeting, friends can chat nicely on various topics, but no more.

Sometimes a more serious man begins to annoy the ease of a friend, so he just disappears for a while from her field of vision.

Due to the different approach to work on the basis of friendship, a strong business tandem can never arise. Scorpio and Aquarius, working on one task, will defend their own opinions.

And it’s hardly possible for friends to reach an agreement.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Only thanks to the rationality of a woman to Scorpio in such a tandem are successful relations possible. At the same time she will have to convince that the partner is the leader.

Otherwise it will not be possible to build a harmonious relationship.

The compatibility of the Aquarian man and the Scorpio woman in a love relationship is not very good. Union can only be created if the representative of the zodiac sign Scorpio is kindled with deep and sincere feelings for the chosen one. Moreover, she will be able to arrange everything in such a way that the partner will think that it was he who had long sought it.

In any case, the relationship will not be easy.

At the initial stage, partners are expected to have constant disagreements and misunderstandings, and as a fact of this, Aquarius and Scorpio in love are not very compatible. Lovers are emotional in nature, so they are not used to hold back.

Mutual claims significantly harm relationships.

A man in love tandem is romantic and freedom-loving. He sees, above all, in the beloved woman of a friend, but not his wife. He does not tune in to marriage and does not seek to raise children.

Such romanticism is a little annoying to a loved one. After all, she always considers a nearby man as a potential companion in life.

And when she realizes that her partner is far from thinking about living together, disappointment may come to her soul.

The elect does not aspire to family life and parenting. In any relationship, including in love, friendship is important to him.

Even in the girl Scorpio, the guy seeks to see a friend who knows how to listen and understand. Aquarius and Scorpio are romantics, they live today and now, all the time soaring in the clouds and making impracticable plans.

The compatibility of Aquarius and Scorpio in bed is generally high. But this figure is only for older people.

Compatibility is much worse for young couples. The fact is that, despite the temperament, lovers have different desires.

Because of this, the bed is sometimes turned into a battlefield and it is clear that this cannot improve relations.

Each of the partners will insist on their own, not listening to the wishes of the other, and this is in a healthy sexual relationship is unacceptable. Sometimes trouble in the intimate sphere can cause separation.

In adulthood, as a rule, this does not happen. Sex between partners often becomes a revelation.

Both partners are completely relaxed and give each other. It is in bed that they reach the highest spiritual intimacy.

In this case, harmony in the sexual sphere will become a factor that keeps lovers together.

The compatibility of the Aquarian man and the Scorpion woman in marriage is very low. People, meeting on the path of life, rarely create families.

They understand how different they are. According to astrologers, a couple can form if partners seek to form spiritually. In order for the union not to break up, the spouses need from the first days of their life together to strive to find compromises in all matters.

It would be nice to immediately agree on which issues each of the spouses will be responsible for.

Against the background of sincere love, we can say that the woman Scorpio sacrifices herself, realizing that the spouse is a talented person. She strives to become a model hostess, but, unfortunately, she does not always succeed.

But in the process of this, she gains a useful life experience.

Changes in this family tandem and man. It becomes more organized, which contributes to success. If the relationship develops well, then the woman eventually becomes a real support for her spouse.

He appreciates this, so strive to listen to the opinions and advice of the companion.

There is a very high probability that partners will succeed in building strong friendships. Having met, the chosen one immediately becomes interested in each other.

A woman is attracted by the friendliness of a man.

When friendly tandems are created, this completely excludes the emergence of love in the background of friendship. Therefore, the «second half», do not worry.

Very often there is friendship with families.

Amid friendships, good business relationships can arise. But this happens only if the girlfriend is older than the man.

In this case, the friend will listen to sensible advice. But if friends are of the same age, then rather there will be not a partnership, but rivalry between them.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Scorpio woman will be hard to win the heart of Aquarius. This is due to the fact that a reasonable, balanced beauty is not among those who may be interested in him.

Therefore, to attract his attention to yourself will not be easy. First you need to learn more about your chosen one. It is important to understand what he is interested in.

In addition, you need to get acquainted with the astrological characteristics of the elect.

Considering that the man of Aquarius is interested in everything unusual and original. The girl Scorpio needs to demonstrate its character traits associated with observation and the ability to accurately analyze the events in order to make the right decision. By her nature, she is used to getting to the bottom of things — and this may interest the elect.

Of course, in order to interest a man, you should try to communicate with him as often as possible.

Initially, you need to strive to establish friendship with a man. Indeed, in his life friendships play a huge role.

And, as you know, you can check friendship, not only in trouble, but also in some kind of common cause. When conquering the heart of Aquarius, in no case should we give him a reason to suspect that you are encroaching on his freedom.

A man of Aquarius rarely has a desire to win the heart of the young Scorpio. She is not very interested in his natural character traits. But if such a desire arises, it is necessary:

  • Surround your darling with attention, invite her to various interesting social events, give expensive gifts and beautiful bouquets of flowers.
  • You can not cause a feeling of jealousy in women. She always considers a man who is next to her in terms of a potential life partner, therefore suspicions of infidelity can be a repulsive factor.

It is important to be as honest with your chosen one as you meet, but this is absolutely easy for the elect of Aquarius, because openness is his natural feature. It is necessary to talk with the young lady about her own life success, this will allow her to make sure that there is a strong and confident person next to her.

You should not show your beauty your financial stability, because for her personal qualities are more important. She will also appreciate the nobility of Aquarius.

This will cause her respect, and, as you know, harmonious relationships are impossible without it.

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