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Compatibility of Pisces and Cancer: the horoscope of relationships of men, women in love, family life

Cancer and Pisces are subject to the same element, so they have almost perfect compatibility. They are in many ways similar: they have a similar temperament, character and behavior, views on life. In relationships, people understand each other perfectly and even predict mutual desires, so that idyll and harmony reign between them.

Quarrels and scandals almost never happen in their family, and the union is built on trust and the ability to empathize.

Both signs according to the horoscope are quite vulnerable and dreamy people, therefore by joint efforts they create their own small world in which they feel comfortable and happy. Even if a Pisces representative is too deep into the imaginary world of illusions, Cancer helps him return to reality by offering to make dreams come true.

Woman Pisces is very tender and sensitive in kind. A man-Cancer is usually restrained and maloemotional in society, but next to such a partner, he easily opens up, finds common themes with her, shares his experiences with her.

She knows how to listen and support, so that Cancer intuitively reaches for her. She is also able to share her inner peace with a man, which will allow him to look at the world more positively.

Being on the same wavelength, Cancer and Pisces, even in a noisy friendly company, try to be closer to each other. But more often they spend time alone.

They do not like to part for a long time, and meeting after separation brings them great joy.

Compatibility of Pisces and Cancer: the horoscope of relationships of men, women in love, family life

Relations in such a union are filled with romance: these are enthusiastic declarations of love, beautiful actions, and frequent visits. Both signs are somewhat sentimental and sensual.

They will often give each other gifts, thanks to similar characters, always guessing what the partner wants.

Often "candy bouquet" the period is delayed, and the couple is in no hurry to get married. But the reason for that is not the fear of responsibility, but the ability to appreciate premarital relations.

At this time, there is an accumulation of pleasant romantic memories, emotions and sensations, which later become a kind of “base” for creating a family.

Male Cancer is the unspoken leader in relationships, because his character is complex, but firm. The fish are flexible and plastic, they lack the inner core, and they are happy to rely on their companion in everything.

Compatibility of Pisces and Cancer: the horoscope of relationships of men, women in love, family life

Both the Pisces woman, and especially the Cancer man, passionately dream of a family. In life, they need a quiet and peaceful corner of peace and comfort, where they can feel protected and enjoy peace. Therefore, both of them do their best to make them comfortable in family relationships.

Since Cancer is more solid, relationships are built according to the classical scheme, in which the husband is a breadwinner and takes care of finances, and the wife supports the home and, thanks to her reverie, inspires the man to feats.

Cancer, usually changeable and prone to free relationships, next to Pisces does not even think about betrayals. He becomes an exemplary family man and helps his wife in the household, because she needs help and advice even in household matters.

If the couple converge at a more mature age, the chances for a harmonious marriage increase. Representatives of these signs with age get rid of infantilism, gaining life experience, becoming wise and understanding.

Compatibility of Pisces and Cancer: the horoscope of relationships of men, women in love, family life

The sexual desires of Cancer and Pisces are based on a solid emotional and sensual foundation. They are sensitive to each other, they know how to predict what their partner wants.

From how well they understand each other, depends largely on their sex life.

Being creative natures prone to fantasy, in bed they tend to something unusual, but more often they prefer gentle and sensual sex. In the bedroom of the spouses there is no permanent initiator: they are on an equal footing and fully disclosed.

It is interesting for a Raku man and a Pisces woman to spend time together: they have many common topics of conversation that seem unlikely to run out, they understand each other and support in any situation. Trust plays a very important role for them, so they are not afraid to share the most important secrets and experiences.

The downside of such a friendship is that a strong companionship can go into the love plane: for a girl, Cancer will seem ideal, and the man will feel sympathy for her, because she knows how to listen to him and empathize with him.

The business union of these two signs is quite effective. They perceive any task to heart and approach work as something personal, interfering with emotions. They are very responsibly doing what is assigned to them, and are afraid to let their partner down.

They like creative activities in which they can show their talents. But they also try to approach the routine work creatively, inventing something new and bringing in fresh ideas.

The emotionality of signs becomes a problem in working relationships: if they did not initially like a colleague, they will hardly be able to work with him and sympathize with him in the future. But this rarely happens: most often Cancer and Pisces find a common language due to similar interests.

In the working relationship, as in the personal life, the Cancer man takes the leading position, and the Pisces representative becomes an excellent performer. If the boss is a woman Pisces, the man may feel light discomfort, so it is important for her to immediately establish relations with him.

These are soft, non-aggressive, receptive and calm personalities, thanks to which they quickly converge. The representative of the sign Cancer has a more firm character, which is combined in her with truly maternal care and tenderness.

With her care and caress she surrounds the Pisces man.

The compatibility of these signs is close to perfect in all areas. Both of them are not very talkative, but words do not need words in their relationships: the main role in them is played by emotions and feelings.

This union is always built on great and sincere love. The guy and the girl spend a lot of time together, go on dates, in restaurants and movies, wanting to fully enjoy pre-marital relations.

Each of them is not shy about being with himself, being himself, revealing his other vulnerable soul to the other.

With another partner, the Cancer woman might feel weaker, but with the representative of the Pisces sign she tries to be stronger, thereby achieving greater success in life. Thus, it is not only the man who benefits, but also herself. Her partner, who is prone to dreaming, sees in her a reliable friend who is able to calm down after the harsh clashes with reality.

It is thanks to such a girl that the Pisces man develops the best features in himself: fantasy, kindness, mercy — and very often becomes a bright and extraordinary person.

A couple can create a strong family. Crayfish are practical, versed in domestic issues and are able to distribute finances, which the Pisces are prone to unreasonable spending.

Therefore, it is the woman in such a pair who should manage the overall budget.

Despite the similarity in the world, in the family life of the spouses there may be problems. The Pisces man is not an exemplary husband, he does not like to take responsibility and make important decisions, and his wife is not strong in this either.

She often relies on her heart and not on her mind, which is why her decisions in crisis situations can be wrong.

Representatives of the element of Water are very fond of children, they see their continuation in them and give them all their strength and time. Therefore, children in such a family are surrounded by the love of both parents and do not need anything.

Man-Pisces and Cancer-women are almost perfectly compatible in intimate relationships because they have similar sexual temperaments. This helps them to easily guess the needs of the partner.

They are not opposed to experimenting and making new things, although without this they simply cannot bore each other.

The only disadvantage is that at the beginning of a relationship, mutual passivity can prevent partners from taking the initiative. Each of them does not dare to take the first step for a long time: both signs are waiting for the elect to show their desires — only then will they be able to fully reveal themselves and show all their passion.

The friendship between the representatives of these signs of the zodiac can last for many years and even the whole life. They may not be able to give each other any practical help, but they will be able to listen, understand and support.

In the Cancer woman, maternal instincts are highly developed, so her kind of care is often directed at her friends, and this is exactly what the vulnerable Pisces want.

In dialogues, comrades avoid pressure, sarcasm and unnecessary criticism, so that they communicate easily and freely. Sometimes there are minor conflicts between them, but only at the household level, and all offenses are soon forgotten.

Collectively, colleagues can achieve a lot. They always understand each other perfectly.

The greatest success awaits them in the creative field, which will be interesting for both of them. But other professional areas with due patience are also available to them.

Cancers are hardworking and most often become leaders in this tandem. Such a woman is able to gently direct the activities of Pisces in the right direction, to return a fellow dreamer to reality, to push him if he does not have the strength to finish the job he has begun.

She herself, too, will be inspired by his ideas and will actively work.

If the boss is a man-Pisces, the business may not develop so successfully: such a person does not always know where to start and what decision to make. But here too a woman can understand him and help him, and sometimes, thanks to her charisma, even dictates her own conditions.

The advantages of the Cancer and Pisces unions include:

  • understanding;
  • common interests, similar values ​​and views on life;
  • creative approach to everything, including love relationships;
  • mutual trust;
  • unforgivingness, which allows you to quickly forget about conflicts;
  • lack of adultery in marriage.

But there are also disadvantages that must be dealt with and which pose a threat to the development of relations:

  1. one. Insults. Representatives of the Water element are quite sensitive and able to memorize and save grievances just as water accumulates information. Each of them is aware of the vulnerability of the other, but can offend through carelessness — for example, rudely responding because of fatigue after a hard day.
  2. 2 Jealousy on the part of Cancer. He is jealous not so much towards the opposite sex, as to the Pisces hobbies. It is important for him that the partner give him enough attention. And Pisces is often too deep in creativity or their dreams.
  3. 3 Infantilism of both signs. Both Cancers and Pisces enjoy being protected and protected, and in fact they need stronger partners than they are. Therefore, when the charm of the first love passes, they may be somewhat disappointed that none of them take on more responsibility.

To avoid conflicts and preserve love in their alliance, partners must first learn to discuss their problems. A simple conversation will bring them closer to mutual understanding.

Pisces is recommended to initiate Rakov in their fantasies, so that they can share them.

If Cancer is offended by something, it will be better if he himself speaks about this insult, and then Pisces can dispel it with warm words, empathy and tenderness. The Pisces themselves are not vindictive: thanks to their boundless kindness, they easily forgive everything to their beloved person and even on occasion can take the blame on themselves — if only the conflict has been settled.

Due to numerous problems, offenses and conflicts, both Cancer and Pisces can withdraw into themselves for a long time. If this happens with both partners, sometimes you just need to wait for one of them to be the first to contact.

However, parting often happens for this very reason.

Cancer and Pisces love to live alone, and in society they do not appear too often — only when they lack bright impressions. They have acquaintances, but very few close friends, whom they truly trust.

However, a couple should not forget about the importance of friends in their lives: if in a difficult situation partners cannot find the right solution, it is close people who can help them.

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