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Compatibility of men and women — Pigs in love, marriage horoscope

Compatibility of men and women born in the year of the Pig, in love, marriage, work, friendship

Pigs — straight, frank, honest, loyal and courageous people, ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of loved ones. They are active, love to work and travel. Creating a union, they seek to find an appropriate partner for themselves.

If a man of the Year of the Pig is not convinced of the virtues of a life partner, then he will remain lonely. A man and a woman born in the Year of the Pig usually begin to meet out of curiosity, and as time passes they discover that they cannot live a day without each other.

The boar is a symbol of success, nobility, courage, friendliness and sociability in the Chinese horoscope. Pigs are responsive to others and can adequately repay for their attention.

In their youth, these people endowed with infinite energy and sincerity, especially easily reach agreement with any sign of the eastern zodiacal circle.

Born in the year of the Pig love to give gifts, but may suffer from their excessive gullibility, which is their main drawback. If they get burned, they begin to hide their feelings deeply.

Return their trust is impossible. In addition, these people will never be allowed to humiliate themselves and can fight back.

In achieving success, they may be hampered by lack of motivation. But among the boars there are many successful people and celebrities: talented astrologers, soothsayers, writers, directors, painters.

The main qualities of women and men born in the year of Pig:

  • honesty;
  • demanding;
  • good faith;
  • diplomacy;
  • gallantry;
  • attention to details;
  • charm, immediacy.

Pig Mark Elements and Characteristics:

  • Fire boar: energy, passion, risk appetite; fickleness, enthusiasm, recklessness and fearlessness; the courage and breadth of the soul.
  • Earthen Boar: spiritual kindness, sensitivity, dedication; will power, reliability, organizational talent; ability to manage money; social activity. There is a tendency to drink alcohol.
  • Metal Boar: purposefulness, sense of humor, pride, gullibility; foresight; the ability to relax, the presence of great creative power.
  • Water Boar: cheerfulness, faith in miracles, gullibility, developed intuition, amorousness, diplomacy; the breadth of interests; hard work
  • Wooden boar: friendliness, ability to convince; activity, optimism, ability to manage people; condescension and promiscuity in connections.

Compatibility of men and women - Pigs in love, marriage horoscope

A man is a pioneer and individualist, strong-willed, reckless, windy, free and gallant. He chooses the best of the best companion of life, given its internal and external beauty.

Male Pig has a sense of humor and stubbornness, naive and straightforward, loves to read, easily learns foreign languages, moderately inclined to gambling. He will provide his relatives with everything they need, he does not avoid labor.

Woman Pig — educated, sensual, tender, romantic, diplomatic, informed in many matters. He knows how to carry on a conversation, leaves the conflict situations in time, skillfully manages relations, and is in harmony with the partner of his mark.

She skillfully smooths the sharp corners of misunderstanding, without voicing her opinion. But she is overly gullible, because of what others deceive her.

In business, she is able to achieve leadership positions, enjoying both the work process and profit.

Compatibility of men and women - Pigs in love, marriage horoscope

With the ability to make compromises a couple has a high chance of being happy. Both do not like change, therefore, deciding to enter into a formal relationship, remain inseparable forever.

In love between partners, mutual understanding and harmony reign. They have a calm and comfortable relationship, they get along peacefully under one roof and take care of each other, equally enjoying themselves.

Despite their compatibility in love, couples’ relations can be darkened by their stubbornness in defending their interests and views. If one partner does not appreciate the other, can not stop in their whims and will indulge the desire to like the fans, all this can lead to the separation of lovers.

Compatibility of men and women - Pigs in love, marriage horoscope

Compatibility Pigs in a marriage is based on their ability to show attention, be reverent towards each other. And only the tendency to passion, inherent in their nature, can push them to rash actions. Treason is often the cause of the separation of the couple.

But in the presence of feelings, none of the spouses will need love out of wedlock.

Pigs prefer active recreation, but in marriage spend free hours in the walls of their home. They respect family traditions and in the same spirit raise their children, with whom they develop trust relationships.

Children strengthen the family, all the members of which spend leisure time together playing games.

Woman Pig is an excellent mother and mistress, she cooks deliciously, keeps the house in exemplary purity. A man actively helps her in creating home comfort.

He is interested in maintaining a decent standard of living for the family.

Pigs — passionate lovers, their compatibility in the intimate sphere is close to the ideal and higher than the other signs. They know each other’s preferences, love to make love in unusual places and in different poses.

The man is ready for experiments, and the relationship will be stronger if the woman is able to respond to him with the corresponding desire.

Eroticism takes their dominant position. Both have a need for good sex.

But they should avoid putting pressure on their spouse. The pair will not change with a sufficient degree of freedom and no complaints.

In partnership, Pigs help each other reach heights in all walks of life. Joint victories bring them closer. They can meet in childhood, having seen each other’s soul mate, after which their relationship will be strong for many years.

Female friendship is more durable compared to the friendship of men and women.

However, friendships can develop in a negative way due to the egocentric inclinations of the Pigs, as a result of which everyone will put their own advantage in the first place. But they are not capable of betrayal.

Pigs are faithful to the call of the heart and do not lend to other people’s advice in terms of relationships.

People born in the year of Kaban are not afraid of physical and mental labor, and therefore are able to achieve outstanding results in their careers. A working tandem must adhere to the principle of equal rights in order to successfully interact.

The sphere of painting or literary creativity will provide them with unprecedented success. Thanks to endurance, patience, imagination and the flight of fancy, Pigs will try to implement all the planned projects.

Any hard work they can do, the tendency to improve the details makes them unsurpassed employees.

These people do not tolerate falsehood and are very responsible in fulfilling their obligations. They justify the expectations of the authorities and deserve high remuneration for their work.

Astrologers are convinced that people born in the year of the Boar are made to make each other happy. Their compatibility will increase if they do not strive for power.

The wife is able to inspire her husband to move up the career ladder, and he will support her with home help.

Of the dangers for the couple should be allocated an immense desire of the girl to please others and the boy’s indifference to her. Another disadvantage is the desire of the partner to carry everything into the house, where a mass of unnecessary things accumulate.

Junk is not conducive to healthy energy.

Husband is recommended to stop controlling every step of the spouse, you should allow her to spend time with friends, to be in a festive inspirational atmosphere. This will affect the welfare of the family.

Pigs are honest and fair, so they expect to meet the same people on their way. But with some signs of the eastern zodiac, they will not be able to experience the highest harmony, if you do not take into account possible inconsistencies.

Features of the unions on the Chinese calendar:

Eastern YearUnion description
RatClose to perfect compatibility
BullIn the pair there is no difficulty. Both are willing to work on themselves for harmony.
TigerMutual understanding is possible if Tiger will reckon with a partner
Rabbit (Cat)The pig is ready for a secondary role in the relationship, and the Cat will not abuse its diplomacy. The most harmonious compatibility among the available
The DragonThe dragon will become Pig’s best friend. Relations are tense
SnakeCompatibility is observed in the presence of general hobbies. Union is hard, Boar is enslaved by Snake
HorseThere may be conflicts due to rivalry. Pig’s life plan violated
GoatA closed, peaceful and harmonious union. One of the best compatibility in all manifestations.
A monkeyGradual creation and confidence building
CockUnsuccessful union due to different views on life
DogGood compatibility. Relationship contains trust, peace, balance
PigSuccessful compatibility in all manifestations. Marriage is strong and durable. The desire for novelty can shake the established habits of a couple

People born in the year of the Pig have the following character traits taking into account the signs of the zodiac:

  • Aries: endurance, optimism, immediacy.
  • Taurus: kindness, patience, calm.
  • Twins: curiosity, high sociability.
  • Crayfish: insight, isolation, changeable mood.
  • A lion: friendliness, ambition, leadership.
  • Virgo: sociability, optimism, hospitality.
  • Libra: attentiveness to relatives, subtle understanding of the hidden in the soul.
  • Scorpio: vigor, attractiveness, sociability.
  • Sagittarius: sociability, preference to be in the center of attention.
  • TOozerog: ambition, generosity, unselfishness.
  • Aquarius: calm, poise, generosity.
  • Fish: insight, willingness to help.
  • Cancer and Fish: romance and economic partners give them every chance to create a separate cozy world.
  • Aquarius and Libra: successful relationship. The couple miraculously combines the courtesy of Libra and the love of Aquarius for experiments. One partner is encouraged to take the initiative.
  • Gemini and Aries: passion and intellectual activity, business acumen and unpredictability are combined in family and work unions.
  • Sagittarius and Leo: flashes of disagreement are replaced by sensual reconciliation, both value freedom and give the partner everything needed for pleasure.

Difficult Pigs Associations:

  • Taurus and Scorpio: a passionate beginning due to the difference of views and temperaments is rapidly fading away.
  • Capricorn and Virgo: difficulties if you want to dominate the partnership. Lack of passion will affect their relationship.

Those born in the year of the Pig have a good compatibility in most variants. Drawing attention to the individual characteristics and advice of astrologers, this couple will be able to count on a long and happy relationship.

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