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Compatibility of men and women of Libra in friendship, love and bed

Compatibility of men and women of Libra in love, intimate, friendly and business relationships

The guy and the girl-Libra can get along well with each other. They are pleased to be in each other’s company.

The similarity of the characters of these partners at first gives them a feeling of complete understanding and relatedness of souls. Many of their actions are able to understand only the representatives of this constellation, only this understanding often leads this couple to frequent conflicts.

Libra cannot fool each other, everyone clearly sees the motives of the partner from the first steps. If in some question their opinions do not coincide, they begin to sort things out before the reason for the quarrel comes out.

General characteristics of Scales:

Dates of birthSeptember 24 — October 23
A rockOpal
Day of the weekTuesday

The patronage of Venus gives Libra refinement. These are aesthetically developed natures who love the natural beauty of art.

They have an ideal sense of taste, so they are often consulted on design and style. However, these representatives of the constellation spend little time on their own appearance.

They are beautiful in spiritual terms, and the external gloss is considered unnecessary.

The eternal fluctuations inherent in this sign of the zodiac often bring turmoil and unreasonable experiences into their lives. Scales feel relaxed only with the closest people, and the need to communicate with strangers causes them to panic. Representatives of this constellation clearly understand that the first impression is often fundamental in further relations, and they notice their own frivolous appearance only at the last moment before an important meeting.

This brings Libra out of balance, so when they meet, they produce a not very favorable impression.

To understand the true nature of this person, you need to talk with him several times.

Those born under the constellation Libra always allow others to feel relaxed in their society, but they themselves can not relax for a long time. They are very deeply absorbed by the moral standards that are laid in their parents.

Strict upbringing does not allow Libra to go quickly for a rapprochement, since, because of their inherent credulity, they are taught from childhood that they need to maintain a distance in communication.

For the representatives of this constellation is very important movement. If Libra is not covered by an interest in any activity, they become lazy and apathetic. They rarely take a great interest in sports, but they love intellectual competitions in which they have no equal.

These are clever and erudite personalities. In communication Libra always finds convincing arguments, they easily defend their own point of view, making it soft and delicate.

They are also excellent diplomats, willing to listen to an opponent and compromise.

These are bright pacifists, they prefer to solve all questions peacefully. Libra does not like to enter into confrontation, but if they are forced to defend themselves, they will rather agree with the opinion of the enemy than start a war.

Representatives of this constellation is very easy to convince, especially if you put clear pressure on them. Scales are pliable and compliant, they calmly adapt to the surrounding circumstances, therefore they rarely fall into depressive states.

The air element gives these people changeability and inconstancy. This sign is characterized by eternal fluctuations, therefore, it is better for them to choose stable and thorough people as their companions.

However, Libra to the same as they are. Representatives of the constellation instantly find a common language with the signs of the air element, so their personal life often looks extremely stupid and balancing on the verge of collapse.

The habitual state of this sign is the search for balance. These people can never make an unequivocal decision, thousands of different options are forever swarming in their heads, each of which is attractive to them from one side or another.

Having chosen one thing, Libra does not stop analyzing other possibilities. Even their daily purchases look messy.

The representative of the air element is able to stand for a long time at the rack in the supermarket, alternately adding products to the basket, and then returning them back to the shelf.

Compatibility of men and women of Libra in friendship, love and bed

Because of his own indecisiveness, Libra is difficult to build relationships with people. For others, they are often irritated by their fickleness.

But if the representative of this sign is determined in something, he will do everything thoroughly. This is a very responsible and reliable person, he always keeps his promises, so he tries not to scatter his words.

A distinctive feature of Libra from other signs of the air element are:

  • affection;
  • justice;
  • suspiciousness.

They are sure that they do not depend on the assessment of those around them, but always listen very carefully to criticism, and then try to correct mistakes. This is most clearly seen in relations with relatives, who openly use the fact that they have an influence on Libra.

This is exactly the sign of the zodiac, which can be sent anywhere, putting in his field of view the right books, leaving in a prominent place the journals, opened on the page with a hinting article.

Compatibility of men and women of Libra in friendship, love and bed

Libra — the real optimists, even in the most depressing situation, they hope for the best. It is pleasant to communicate with them, because they charge others with their positive attitude.

They often go for advice, because they are born psychologists. Scales are very objective in their assessments, so they are always able to suggest the right path.

Towards its own goals, this sign moves along a straight road. Before taking a step, Scales takes a long time to consider further actions, select the most effective methods and carefully analyze possible problems. However, they are not capable of achieving something alone, they always need comrades.

With someone in the union, Libra shows its best sides: they are reliable friends and comrades who will never deceive and will do their utmost not to let down their partner.

These are very creative people, representatives of the air element are endowed with a multitude of talents. If they manage to find themselves in some area where their imagination and sense of style allow them to create masterpieces, then Libra will surely achieve success.

Compatibility of men and women of Libra in friendship, love and bed

Congenital optimism has the opposite side, because Libra’s expectations are not always justified, and in case of failure, this sign is very painful experiencing defeat. Often they miss important moments and chances, if something does not work out, a representative of this constellation is lost, panics and rushes from one extreme to another.

When the oscillations stop, it is already too late to do something.

Astrologers note that despite the obvious sincerity and openness in communication, Libra is extremely superficial. They rarely make serious and lasting relationships. They have many friends, but sometimes they cannot find a true friend.

Although they are more attentive to love relationships, they are inconsistent here too. It always seems to them that the best awaits them ahead, so they live in hope, not in the present moment.

In dealing with Libra you need to be very careful about criticism. This sign hears any comments, but one can hardly guess its true perception of reproaches.

They are vulnerable, touchy and even hot-tempered, but all these feelings Libra experience within themselves, rarely showing external reactions.

In Libra men, everything in life develops spontaneously. If an impulse arises, they take a step and move, when nothing happens, this guy is lying on the couch and is not even trying to somehow activate or motivate himself.

A representative of this sign is constantly needed "magic kick"to start doing something. If the Libra man does not touch, he does not offer anything, then he himself is unlikely to achieve anything.

This guy loves women’s attention, he likes to flirt with every girl on his way. If the lady does not show a reciprocal interest, then he is unlikely to seek her location. Libra philosophically looks at relationships, if someone does not reach for them, they leave such people alone.

This man will never be imposed.

He is very benevolent, but if his friendliness is faced with a cold reception, the guy becomes gloomy and upset. This representative of the constellation is quite self-critical, so it is always looking for the cause of someone else’s coldness in itself.

He is often fenced off from people just because he is afraid of being rejected. But with those who positively communicate with him, this man is responsive and attentive, even if the person does not cause him special sympathy.

This behavior often leads Libra to unnecessary connections.

A man of this sign is able to marry only because he is afraid of offending a girl with whom he meets for a long time.

He can work all his life in one place for low pay, if he is praised and assured that he is irreplaceable. From the side he may seem weak-willed, but it is not.

This representative of the constellation is able to adapt to any circumstances, but when he has to choose between the unknown and something familiar, he always chooses the latter.

In love, he will hit the lady with his romance, his chosen one will be studded with compliments and flowers. The Libra man loves talking about love very much, but even he himself does not always understand the feelings about which he speaks beautifully.

Astrologers say that most often the praises of this guy — an empty sound. The point is not that a man lies, he sincerely believes in what he says, but he is able to simultaneously hum the same words with another lady.

In the world of this gentleman, quite often there are several women at the same time, of whom he can not choose the only one.

A lady in love with him should make her own decisions and make a proposal to create a family, otherwise she would have to wait a long time for the Libra man to make her choice.

Dame Libra is more stable than the man of this constellation. She has a logical mindset and behaves very rationally.

From a young age, this girl spends a lot of time learning, she is quite erudite and inquisitive, therefore she is able to support any conversation. It is interesting to communicate with her, she can not only talk beautifully, but also listen to the interlocutor.

Representatives of the opposite sex love to chat with her also because the lady-Libra supports their high self-esteem: she does not criticize her partner, and her strengths are subtly noting and praising.

In relations with men, the girl is rather unintelligible, because of her pliability she often comes into contact with those who persistently show interest in her, although she herself does not feel much sympathy for them. This lady is able to get along with any chosen one, but most often she gets despotic fans who use her ductility.

Woman-Libra believes that love can be grown from any relationship. She is able to love a person if he is kind and attentive to her, but in this case the elect must always prove to her that her choice was not made in vain. With any failures in the personal life of the lady of this constellation shows its propensity for impermanence.

She often lives in two families, receiving from each relationship what she lacks in others. The attachments of this lady are superficial, in fact she loves not people, but their attitude towards her.

The girl of this sign is not distinguished by independence, for her men are attracted by their authority and power, with which she herself is deprived. Self-doubt is constantly pushing the lady into someone’s arms, she thinks that loneliness is a vice.

Since childhood, this woman is confident that someone should take care of and support her, so she doesn’t even try to show independence, only behind a man’s back she feels calm and confident.

For the chosen one the girl of this constellation becomes the way he wants to see her. Astrology clearly describes this lady as the most flexible of all the representatives of the zodiac.

She adapts to any relationship, quickly becomes attached to people, but very rarely thinks that all her feelings towards others are created artificially by her.

Pros and cons of the relationship between Libra:

Spiritual developmentIndecision
Ease of communicationIrresponsibility
The trustJealousy
True loveFinancial turmoil
Common interestsLack of professional growth
InspirationEscape from reality

For partners of this constellation joint business or love relationship can be a real test of strength. The girl and the boy-Libra understand each other perfectly, they are pleased to be together, but the very first difficulties reveal all the weak points of this tandem.

The peculiarities of such a union lie in the fact that both partners are extremely indecisive, so any small problem they have is able to grow to a large scale. A man and a woman naively believe that the other will show firmness and take some step, but this does not happen.

Astrologers recommend that these couples immediately determine the decision-maker, as well as set deadlines for issuing verdicts. Here, even the coin-flip method is suitable, which allows to obtain an unambiguous result, because two representatives of the Libra constellation can delay the definition moment indefinitely.

Partners also tend to blame each other for all failures. They do not state their reproaches in the face, but both are well aware that one wants to tell the other.

In this case, their tactful silence gives rise to both unnecessary conjectures that can lead partners to hidden confrontation.

For a Libra pair, the coincidence of interests and goals is very important.

Most often they agree on a common hobby, but if priorities change over time, then both should strive to search for joint business, otherwise one will get bored and look to the side. Usually, the representatives of this constellation have something to talk about among themselves, they appreciate the mental abilities of each other and are always ready to talk.

However, intimate talk alone is not enough for them to achieve harmony in relationships.

The stumbling block in this pair is the financial side of life. A man and a woman-Libra do not know how to save money, they often have to buy expensive purchases on credit. Often this leads to debt overdue for them.

Both are worried that they will not be able to repay all their debts in a timely manner, but none of them makes any attempts to look for additional earnings. In such situations, Libra prefer to show extreme savings, but it does not forget to blame each other for tranzhirstve.

The household sphere of life is not ideal either. Both are rather lazy, they constantly have to push each other to perform household duties.

In this regard, astrologers recommend that they immediately determine who is responsible for a particular business, and subsequently not to change the arrangements made in the pair.

Faiths loyal and devoted to one elect are extremely rare, in most cases the representatives of this constellation periodically change each other. They have double standards: the fact that they forgive themselves, Libra cannot forgive their partner, so very often these alliances break up due to fleeting intrigues.

Compatibility of men and women of Libra is achieved thanks to their excellent ability to find compromises. They not only do not like, and often do not even know how to quarrel.

Both are very tactful in statements, therefore, even in scandalous situations, they rarely become personal. They do not tolerate insults, but also try to insult others.

A favorable combination of Libra does not always have a positive effect on partners. They should not fully immerse themselves in their secluded world, as very soon they will get bored alone. If the relationship becomes bland, partners need to spend their leisure time apart from time to time.

This will allow Libra to warm up the passionate fire of their love.

The activity inherent in these representatives of the constellation is very often lost in their union. This is due to the fact that in life someone pushes them, agitates or inspires some actions, and when they are alone, they quickly relax and often fall into apathy.

Astrologers note that the compatibility horoscope of this union is most positive if the partners are united by a child, the care of which becomes an excellent motivation for them.

Kind of relationshipCharacteristic
LoveScales are addicted to each other from the first meeting. They can chat freely around the clock, forgetting everything in the world. At first, it seems to them that perfect mutual understanding, common interests and the same world views are a gift of fate. The Libra girl immediately notes the responsiveness and delicacy of the chosen one; this is how she imagined the ideal life partner. The guy is captivated by her tenderness and charm. While between them the fire of passion burns, the lovers try not to be separated for a minute. They do not need noisy companies, most of the time this couple spends together. These are quite aesthetic personalities, so Libra’s meetings are rather intense: they attend theaters, exhibitions and museums, go to musical concerts. It is unlikely that this couple can be met at a disco in a nightclub, if they have nowhere to go, they will have a great evening at home watching a good movie or visiting relatives. However, the serene meetings they quickly get bored, both in their dreams paint pictures of a happy future, where they live as a close-knit family, so the partners very soon come to the decision to marry. It is a mutual desire, the Libra does not do the generally accepted proposal of the hand and heart; everything happens by itself.
MarriageIn the early months, the Libra matrimony looks perfect. Husband and wife enjoy each other’s company, show their best sides, but when the honey period ends, both realize that it’s impossible to soar in dreams forever. The woman believes that the spouse should become the leader in the couple, only he feels confused by the responsibility that has been placed on him. On any issue, the husband consults with his wife, and she turns out to be just as unsuitable for independent living as he is. Astrologers note that this is the only union in which not only there is no struggle for power, but there is also a clear desire on both sides to put the crown on the head of the other. They can find a compromise only with the help of clear agreements on the responsibilities of each, if they fail to do this, the marriage breaks up before reaching the third anniversary. They can be greatly supported by relatives who will be involved in solving their difficulties, but in any case, Libra needs to learn how to live independently.
SexIn the intimate life of these partners, everything is going well. Scales do not pay attention to some inconsistency of their rhythms, the man and woman in this pair are very patient, so they gradually achieve complete harmony in bed. By temperament, they are perfect for each other, sex for them is not a means to meet animal needs, but a way to express their love for each other. However, if a couple of betrayals occur, then a deceived partner is unlikely to agree to an intimate intimacy. In youth, due to infidelity, the Libra unions break up, and if they have a long period of happy marriage behind them, then they cannot part, in this case, their future life together is based on friendly affection that excludes bodily contacts
friendshipFriendly unions of a boy and a Libra girl are quite common. Representatives of this constellation understand each other perfectly, therefore they are able to make a very strong pair of friends. They feel the kinship of souls, so they very quickly become liberated in this union. Between themselves, Libra shares secret secrets and experiences, discuss pressing problems, but do not expect any help. This tandem exists perfectly at the expense of pleasant communication, you can count on support here only in moral terms.
JobIn the workforce, Scales are sweet and friendly, they rarely come together in a working environment. If you entrust an important project to this couple, then you should not expect tremendous results. Scales can prove themselves well only in a creative tandem, but to realize their talents they need a strict leader who will constantly keep the entire work process under control, otherwise the dreamy representatives of the air element will move away from the intended plan.

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