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Compatibility of men and women of Aries born in the year of the Snake: a horoscope, a characteristic

Characteristic and horoscopic compatibility Aries-Snakes

Born under the sign of Aries in the year of the Snake are strong personalities, with changeable temperament: external calmness is sharply replaced by violent emotionality. Such people possess wisdom and magnetic charm. Together with assertiveness and practicality, such individuals confidently move along the path of life and achieve their goals.

They are fortunate in almost all walks of life, but because of impulsiveness and incontinence they sometimes have difficulties in their personal lives.

The combination of the zodiac sign Aries and the Year of the Snake gives people born in this period unique and ambiguous traits. The wisdom and energy characteristic of Snakes complements the character of already strong Aries with even greater firmness and militancy.

Aries-Snakes always stand out from the crowd by good manners and attractive appearance. Possessing excellent taste, they perfectly understand fashion trends and constantly try to match them. Unlike other Aries, Snakes are less selfish and more kindhearted.

Both men and women of this sign can simultaneously be practitioners and dreamy philosophers.

Under the auspices of Aries and the Snake are those who were born from March 21 to April 20 in the following years: 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013.

Aries-Snakes are endowed with many virtues and talents, among which are:

  • mind;
  • purposefulness;
  • rationalism;
  • prudence;
  • enterprise;
  • developed intelligence;
  • sharpness.

Aries-Snakes direct their irrepressible energy in the right direction and always achieve their goals. At the same time, they are not in a hurry to make serious decisions, for a long time everyone thinks and weighs every step.

Therefore, miscalculations are rare. Usually such people become successful financiers, but because of their prudence they don’t waste money.

Aries-Snakes are highly dependent on life comfort and convenience. In their home is always cozy and beautiful.

Snakes have a similar approach to rest: they give preference to presentable overseas resorts with a high level of service. But these are not idle life vegeters, in work they manifest themselves as tireless workaholics. In the professional sphere, they are able to succeed in any direction: science, politics, art, etc.

In love, Aries-Snakes of both sexes are gullible, but demanding. Fully surrender to their feelings and in return need care, respect and attention. They want to be leaders in relationships and do not tolerate insubordination.

Despite their practicality, personal relationships do not seek gain.

Disadvantages in the character of Aries-Snakes:

  • excessive emotionality, which must be learned to control and restrain;
  • propensity to "soaring in the clouds";
  • indecision.

Compatibility of men and women of Aries born in the year of the Snake: a horoscope, a characteristic

Women Aries Snakes are incredibly beautiful and sexy, but endowed with explosive and unbridled temperament. They are sociable, pleasant and interesting in communication.

In any situation and society they feel light and relaxed. Honesty, honesty and soulfulness are inherent in such women. They are not afraid to speak the whole truth in the face of the opponent, even if it can harm them.

Such stubbornness sometimes hampers them in achieving their desired goals.

Bright and unpredictable Aries women are always at the crossroads of good and evil.

Girls born under the sign of Aries, independent, with their own stereotypes and views on life. Not inclined to be led by others. In all their undertakings, they behave consistently and carefully, carefully thinking through each step.

Accentuate all their energy and potential for the task, without fear of difficulties. Know their value.

Features of the nature of female snakes:

  • snake cunning;
  • ingenuity;
  • perseverance;
  • deceit.

These are inborn manipulators, which are able to convince anyone with ease in the correctness of their own point of view. At the same time, they use reasoned facts, along with charm.

The main weakness of the female of this sign is that excessive emotionality and impulsivity are inherent in young girls. This prevents them from making close friends and discourages relationships with their parents.

But with age, they learn to control their emotions. Also a minus is the inability to stop in advance in advancement to what was intended.

Such women are ready to disregard generally accepted social norms and not to reckon with the feelings of other people.

Compatibility of men and women of Aries born in the year of the Snake: a horoscope, a characteristic

Aries women are very initiative in relation to the partner, ready to take the reins in their own hands. Usually, a response from the object of desire is achieved.

Outwardly calm and lovely, but inside these women a volcano of passion is in full swing. When approaching, they strike men with audacity, sharpness and assertiveness.

Therefore, at the outset of the conquest, they need to be careful not to scare off the potential elect immediately.

The family of Snake women is created late, when they are able to curb their own sharpness and stubbornness on their own. The less pressure they put on the passion, the happier the relationship will become.

Strong-spirited and self-sufficient men are ideal as spouses for Aries women. In marriage, Aries-Snakes manifest themselves as caring wives who care for children and husband.

They also cope well with household duties.

Compatibility of men and women of Aries born in the year of the Snake: a horoscope, a characteristic

Women Aries-Snakes are hardworking and diligent, constantly striving to improve. Therefore, in the work often try something new to get the best and fast results.

They objectively evaluate their own strengths and capabilities, correctly distribute them and intelligently use them.

Aries-Snakes have a mathematical mindset, easily cope with complex tasks and numbers. The most suitable professions: financier, manager, advertiser, writer, translator, antiquarian, accountant.

Whatever happens in the lives of such women, they will never be in need. Aries-Snakes are extremely reasonable and practical in their spending, despite the material wealth.

Men born under the combination of Aries and Snakes are endowed with assertiveness and activity, along with determination and determination. But Aries’s violent temperament is held and controlled by serpentine wisdom.

Such a person will carefully consider everything before doing something to extract the maximum benefit. Any situation he is able to turn in his direction, thanks to the artistry and ingenuity.

To the goal tries to go the shortest way.

The weakness of Aries men is their increased rationality, which causes them to lose a lot of time thinking about decision making. Therefore, they can get lost in reality and miss a good chance.

Even having decided on actions, constantly doubt their fidelity.

Men and guys Snakes-Aries in a rapprochement with the opposite sex in no hurry, act consistently. They tend to look at and choose for a long time, but having precisely defined themselves, they proceed to active actions on conquest. Officially enter into a relationship only when they thoroughly study their chosen one.

Girls who have chosen such an orchestra will have to wait long for the offer of a hand and heart.

In marriage, men of this mark occupy leadership positions, but with them calmly and reliably. They will never allow a spouse to take over the leading role and control themselves. Responsible approach to family responsibilities.

Due to their desire for peace and peace, they are trying in every possible way to avoid any conflicts. If everything is going badly, not in accordance with their requirements, then they often become isolated, but they don’t want to change anything.

Aries-Snakes are distinguished by a rare observation and insight. They are able to attract anyone to their side, since they have manipulative abilities.

Therefore, they are accompanied by success both in a friendly circle and in professional activities.

Aries men love dynamics, always striving for self-improvement. When choosing a particular type of activity, they try to understand it as much as possible.

Preference is given to professions from the field of exact disciplines with a technical bias or medicine. But by virtue of their perseverance can overpower any direction.

Usually, Aries tend to idealize a partner, so their aspirations are aimed at finding a flawless second half. However, the invented image does not always coincide with the real one.

Compatibility of Aries-Serpent in love with other signs of the zodiac:

The calendarMaximumAverageLow
WestRabbit (Cat), Dragon, Goat, Rooster, MonkeyRat, Bull, Horse, SnakePig, Tiger, Dog
OrientalCapricorn, Scorpio, Sagittarius, AriesLibra, Aquarius, Leo, Fish, GeminiCancer, Virgo, Sagittarius

Compatibility of Aries-Serpents in marriage with representatives of other zodiacal elements, developed by astrologers:

SignMarriage compatibility
AriesSuch alliances happen, but not often. Because of the similarity of character traits often arise conflicts
TaurusThe strongest marriage, as the calmness of Taurus pacifies the violent temper of Aries. Periodic friction is inevitable, but together they will overcome any obstacles
TwinsLove and sympathy arise immediately, but a long-lasting union is impossible. This is due to the inconstancy and dual positions of Gemini.
CrayfishMarriage is very problematic, despite the strong sexual desire. Problems arise because of the divergence of life priorities and goals
a lionTandem can be successful under the condition of mutual love and complete subordination of Leo
VirgoMarriage is unlikely due to the coldness and prudence of the Virgin
LibraRelations develop well, if Aries do not begin to suppress, and Libra — constantly reconcile all
ScorpioRelationships develop happily, subject to equality and independence. Scorpio is required to show innate cunning and gentleness, Aries to be softer and more tender
SagittariusThe marriage promises to be successful and long, as the love between both partners flashes instantly
CapricornA successful marriage is unlikely, which is explained by the opposite of two personalities.
AquariusThe prognosis of such a union is favorable if Aries will not suppress the bright personality of Aquarius.
FishMarriage is undesirable because soft Pisces will not get along with explosive Aries
SignFriend Compatibility
AriesSuch friendship is not always possible, since both signs are fiery and strive for leadership. May temporarily make peace with each other in case of urgent need
TaurusUnlikely, due to the slowness and stinginess Taurus
TwinsIt can be quite successful and interesting for both parties.
CrayfishBased on mutual benefit and similar interests
a lionFriendship is possible if one of the parties manages to curb their pride. Then there are strong and long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect.
VirgoIt happens, but does not last long because of the difference in nature and priorities. Virgos love stability, and Aries love movement and change.
LibraImpossible due to indecision Libra
ScorpioLikely until Scorpio starts dragging the lead over
SagittariusIt happens strong and not boring, due to the uniformity of characters
CapricornLikely, but at a more mature age, when both parties can appreciate each other’s qualities
AquariusRather yes than no. The only thing that doesn’t like Aries is the desire of Aquarius to surround themselves with many friends and friends.
FishFriendship is possible, but with a common interest in something. In reality, they are completely different people who find it difficult to reach an understanding

Compatibility horoscope in the professional field:

SignProfessional relationship
AriesPrudent and fruitful cooperation will not work, because everyone wants to be a leader
TaurusCooperation of active Aries and hardworking Taurus gives good results.
TwinsIdeal duet where Gemini put forward ideas, and Aries implement them in the most correct way.
CrayfishQuite aptly folded if Aries rules
a lionSuch a team will cope with any project, if there is mutual motivation
VirgoThe perfect combination for a successful business partnership.
LibraThe Labor Union promises considerable success, subject to mutual respect and patience.
ScorpioCollaboration is possible, but Scorpio’s sarcasm and Aries’s explosive nature can slow down the process.
SagittariusProductive tandem, as both signs love to compete and achieve goals
CapricornCooperation is guaranteed to be successful and productive if Aries does not begin to customize Capricorn
AquariusThe union of such people always leads to a job well done, but only if there is a general interest.
FishRelationships are also successful, as long as there is a common motivation and dynamics.

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