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Compatibility of men and women of Aquarius with other signs of the zodiac in love, marriage

Aquarius: character, recommendations in relationships, compatibility with other signs of the zodiac

Aquarius — smart, interesting, charismatic, versatile and outstanding personality, subject to the water element and are in the eternal search for themselves. Such women and men are very self-sufficient, thoughtful, often spend time alone with themselves and their thoughts.

It is not always easy to cohabit with this zodiac sign, but everyone can find an approach to Aquarius. Some tips and recommendations based on the character traits of the water symbol will help.

Aquarius is extremely selective and freedom-loving. They do not tolerate pressure, they always have their own point of view, they do not always make compromises.

Representatives of this zodiacal symbol are always in search of their ideal chosen one or chosen one. They need not just a girl nearby, but a real muse, able to inspire and captivate the creative Aquarius.

Not just a man, but a support behind which you can feel calm.

If for some reason the second half does not suit Aquarius, then he ends up communicating with her. This does not mean that a young man or girl is not serious about romantic relationships and love.

On the contrary, they believe that people don’t have to waste time if they don’t initially arrange each other.

A person born under a watermark is very responsible towards his family, spouse, children. He or she is always caring, good-natured, warm, loving.

Aquarians spend much time in thought, go about their business, but they are always involved in the affairs of the family, never forgetting their promises and obligations.

As for the intimate life, representatives of the sign Aquarius do not pay too much attention to this.

Most often, sex and love for Aquarius are different, unrelated concepts. A person can love someone before losing a pulse, without feeling physical attraction towards the relationship, or meet only for intimate relationships without emotional attachment.

Compatibility of men and women of Aquarius with other signs of the zodiac in love, marriage

Aquarius is attracted by wise, patient, thinking people. It is important that a potential partner or partner watch for himself — not only for looks, but also for manners, speech, gestures.

When communicating with Aquarius in trying to make him fall in love with himself, the following qualities will be needed:

  • Patience. Girls and boys born under a water symbol are freakish, have their weirdness, sometimes seem capricious, stubborn. Next to them should be the one who closes his eyes to these little character flaws.
  • Calm Aquarians try to act rationally, to think logically. In their second half, they want to see prudence, calm, restraint.
  • Honesty. These people do not accept lies, deception, reservations.

The most important qualities in marriage and family relationships for Aquarius are wisdom and loyalty. Representatives themselves and representatives of this zodiacal symbol are not inclined to change.

Betrayal from the side is also not forgiven. A girl or a man of the water element wants to see with him such a person who could give them wise advice, always make a competent decision.

It is advisable to first make friends with Aquarius, and after to show sympathy, signs of attention. It is also important that the communication was not by correspondence, but live.

The main rule when talking with a man or a woman of the water element is that a person should behave in the most natural way, not build from himself what he is not.

Compatibility of men and women of Aquarius with other signs of the zodiac in love, marriage

Not all people will be able to create a strong family with a closed Aquarius. But to find a common language, make friends, inspire confidence can absolute any sign of the zodiac.

The reason for this is sociability, openness of the water symbol.

According to the eastern horoscope the most suitable animals for Aquarius are the following animals:

Eastern calendar animalYearDescription and characteristics
Goat1967, 1979, 1991, 2003These people have a rich imagination, atypical thinking, charisma, as well as a soft and sweet temper.
Dog1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006Dogs are compliant, patient, energetic, active and loving, that family Aquarius appreciates
Rat1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008Rats are cunning, dodgy, but talented and erudite. Aquarius is very interested in such a person.
Horse1966, 1978, 1990, 2002Horses have an inexhaustible supply of vitality. It is in them that a representative of the watermark will be able to see his muse.

Compatibility with other animals on the eastern calendar is less successful.

You must also take into account the predisposition and compatibility of Aquarius with other signs of the zodiac.

Compatibility of men and women of Aquarius with other signs of the zodiac in love, marriage

Aries have a bright personality, a rich imagination and a strong, strong-willed character. Sometimes they are capricious and stubborn, as well as Aquarius. The fire and water symbol can exist either in absolute harmony or in complete chaos.

It all depends on how quickly partners learn to put up with the shortcomings of each other and accept dignity.

Together, such partners will always be interesting and fun. Conflicts may arise in a pair due to the selfishness of both parties, so it is necessary to learn how to discuss problems directly, openly, and make compromises.

People can first make friends with each other, and only then transform their relationships into family relationships — most often this is how it happens.

Taurus is a warm, family people who always show love and care for their loved ones. In life, representatives of the earth symbol strive for stability.

They are very simple, do not build themselves from those who are not, always speak the truth, and this attracts Aquarius.

The naturalness and openness of Taurus captivates and attracts representatives of the water symbol. If a woman or a man starts to pretend to be cunning, then the partner quickly gets it.

They are full of scandals, conflicts, misunderstandings, quarrels, swearing. People have very different thinking, views on the world, opinions.

But this is unlikely to destroy their strong marriage.

The twins and Aquarius are very similar, which helps them to find a common language, quickly come to a compromise in case of a scandal.

Representatives of the watermark appreciate the fact that a woman or boyfriend will not control them, blame or blame for something. Partners think the same way, they will be able to understand and accept each other. Together, the girl and the man will be very comfortable, they are unlikely to quarrel over trifles.

Both air and water symbols do not swear, do not insult each other, do not shout. Their quarrels are rarely emotional — usually spouses disperse in different corners, come to their senses, and then again find a common language and understanding.

Cancer will quickly attract Aquarius with its wisdom, erudition, unconventional view of the world, rich in fantasy.

But even if the relationship of partners will develop very rapidly — it will not help them to maintain a strong union for many years. In this marriage, it is important to find a common language, which is extremely difficult.

Aquarius and Cancer — personalities are very different, sometimes opposite to each other in nature and way of thinking. They can not find understanding, come to the general idea.

For this reason there will be a lot of conflicts, quarrels, abuse, shed tears.

Roman Leo and Aquarius will develop very rapidly. But whether they can live together in marriage is difficult to predict.

Aquarius and Leo are very different, almost opposed personalities. Together, they will be extremely difficult, difficult, but the union can be quite happy and successful if the partners learn to treat each other’s weaknesses with understanding.

The advantages of such a marriage include the fact that people will be able to cooperate, work together, run their business, if they correctly distribute work duties.

Virgos are mysterious in their simplicity, and this is very intriguing to Aquarius. They are modest, quiet, homely. Virgo is capable of becoming a real muse for a representative of the water symbol.

He or she sees in the second half of the inner core, reliability, support, protection, moral assistance in all endeavors. This is the same union, when the spouses are opposite, but very close and perfectly complement each other.

The simple and mundane Virgin takes care of her beloved, but he often takes it for granted. For this reason, there may be misunderstandings and offenses.

Libra will conquer Aquarius with its kindness, optimism, erudition, a good sense of humor, a sharp mind.

At the right moment, the air symbol is able to demonstrate its gentleness, calmness, pliability, support to the waterman. It will bribe a man or a woman, make you perceive the other half a little differently. But Libra is not always so patient, wise and restrained as we would like the water sign of the Zodiac — and therefore they often have quarrels and abuse over trifles.

Often, marriage and family for these people begins with a strong friendship.

Scorpions are very clever, calculating and sometimes selfish. To call their trust is extremely difficult.

But caring Aquarius can do it. Scorpio will respond with sympathy for sympathy, and the couple will quickly develop a strong relationship. Their union is not similar to others — husband and wife are very different, but this does not prevent them from loving each other.

Spouses know how to accept these relationships as they are.

Together, Scorpio and Aquarius forget about their search for ideals. They are quite comfortable with each other.

In marriage, there may be difficulties based on misunderstanding, but people are able to settle them with frank conversations and the search for compromise solutions.

These zodiac signs are simply made for each other. The man and the girl perfectly understand the needs of their second half without words.

People have a lot of common interests, goals, plans. In sex and in their compatibility is very high. Together they will be comfortable, the couple just can not leave for a minute.

Both Sagittarius and Aquarius are very fond of new acquaintances, people, they are sociable, friendly. But having met each other, they will completely forget about it, trying to spend the maximum amount of time with their beloved wife or spouse.

Capricorn and Aquarius — an infrequent combination of two opposite in character people.

Aquarius — very fond of communication, dating, meetings, people, freedom and riotous life. He or she likes to sometimes appear at home — but only to appear, and not to live.

Capricorn, on the other hand, is usually inclined to spend time with his family and household, he is not accustomed to and does not like having fun in big companies of friends.

In marriage, Capricorn cares most about raising children, domestic comfort, material wealth. Emotionally, both prefer to remain silent about their feelings, but they quarrel extremely emotionally.

These two signs of the zodiac are very different, so they will not last long together if they do not learn to directly and openly discuss their problems. Aquarius considers Capricorn dry, insensible, callous, and Capricorn Aquarius — infantile, naive, frivolous.

This is an unusual pair of two original, intelligent, self-sufficient, purposeful zodiacal symbols.

Relations in such a difficult union can be called partner and friendly, rather than romantic. Laughter, talk, debate about the most non-trivial things always reign in their house.

Husband and wife always have something to do. Aquarius and Aquarius understand each other perfectly.

Partners are very loving, but indifferent to sex. There is no jealousy in their family, everything is built on absolute trust.

Marriage can exist for a very long time, if both have common spiritual attitudes and interests.

Aquarius and Pisces — a difficult alliance. Together they are interesting and fun.

But with regard to family life — it is difficult to give an unambiguous forecast.

It can be assumed that the relationship of two people will be very cold. This is not about great friendship and understanding — too different partners in this pair. But the advantages of such a marriage, too, have — a man and a woman have a common understanding of work, career, business, parenting, sex life.

If neither Aquarius nor Pisces wants romance and love, then they will have a strong family.

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