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Compatibility of men and women-Lviv in friendship, love relationships and bed

Compatibility of men and women-Lviv in love, friendship and work

Lions are people with a wide heart and a noble heart. They are theatrical, creative individuals who crave recognition and worship, and not all zodiac signs are able to appreciate their magnificence. But the man and the woman of this sign understand each other well and their compatibility has high chances for a happy future together.

In the first place they have not romantic experiences, but soul affinity, empathy and support. The only problem is rivalry.

The struggle of their ambitions can cause separation, but they will remember their relationship for life.

Lions are bright, honest and sociable. A representative of this sign is easy to win if you constantly praise him and admire him.

But if you do it disingenuously, he will notice and be offended. Being an honest man, he does not like liars and tries not to communicate with cunning people. Leo does not tolerate ridicule that hurts his pride.

Such a psychological blow, he suffers harder than physical pain.

Lions want to feel like the center of the universe and strive to please everyone around them. These are egoists who rate a partner by the degree of admiration for them.

Some want adoration towards themselves, others choose a partner who deserves admiration.

Brief description of the sign Leo:

  • proud;
  • generous;
  • open;
  • amenable to flattery;
  • generous;
  • jealous.

People of this sign are not alone. They need love and family. They love to surround themselves with fans, they always have several applicants, among whom they choose a person to be like themselves:

  1. 1. Bright, but to remain in the shadow of the greatness of his partner.
  2. 2. Good to be comforted and supported.
  3. 3. Bold, for protection and support.
  4. 4. Noble to be proud of his actions.
  5. 5. Generous, for pleasure and receiving gifts.

And who, if not another Leo, best of all corresponds to this description.

Representatives of this zodiac sign will not meet with a greedy, petty, and always dissatisfied man. They are afraid of poverty and do not even want to hear about it, and always find the opportunity to live on a grand scale.

Compatibility of men and women-Lviv in friendship, love relationships and bed

In love, the Lion boy is a gallant gentleman who does not spare money for gifts, and the Lioness girl is a royal lady who favorably gives her love or allows a man to show what he can do for her. They are excited about the bright and beautiful partner of their mark, which they can boast of.

In a love relationship, they are very romantic, sincere and passionate. Men perceive their beloved as a queen, and women like their admirer to treat them with adoration and indulge in every possible way.

The similarity of love preferences holds together a couple and generates mutual interest.

They are interested in going into society together, showing themselves and their partner to other people. And of course, they are admired, but they amuse their vanity.

If you give preference to someone alone, the second is hard going through and tries to switch attention to itself. They are jealous of people towards each other, and not vice versa.

Their love under the influence of these experiences weakens significantly and they think about a more unattractive and inconspicuous partner.

Compatibility of men and women-Lviv in friendship, love relationships and bed

Intimate relationships for Lviv is a beautifully designed action. They like lace underwear, beautiful decor and delight. Men in bed behave assertively, but affectionately.

They are attentive and want to impress a good lover. In sex, laid out in full and waiting for the recognition of their intimate talents.

Female Lionesses do not need frequent physical proximity. They have sex, because they understand that it is necessary for their partner.

Women can do without sex for a long time, staying in a good mood. Partners can be together, as the Lions well understand the person of their mark and their sexual compatibility finds agreement and mutual pleasure.

Compatibility of men and women-Lviv in friendship, love relationships and bed

Lions are family people prone to stable alliance with a regular partner. In family relationships, care and attention.

Husbands are more economic than their wives, and are happy to raise children. But the wife should be borne in mind that her husband’s pride will be hurt if you give him less attention than children. The Lion Woman must be wise and show that she correctly distributes love between the household.

She needs to thank her husband Leo more often for her help, praise and give compliments.

In marriage, Lioness wives love to brag about husband, home and children. For them, it is important that everything be on the highest level and cause admiration.

They are happy to change the interior of the apartment, buy new furniture, curtains and dishes. They have everything in the kitchen that they can buy, even if they use expensive household appliances only once.

They expect admiration and recognition of their merits from the spouse of their sign. They want the spouse to help with the housework, and will be happy if he takes most of the homework on himself.

Compatibility of men and women-Lviv in friendship is quite high. If they feel equal rights between them, it’s easy to make friends.

But if they will fight for the title "the best, beautiful and intelligent", they will have constant competition on all issues.

The combination of common interests and goals makes their friendship stronger: they unite in a cohesive team and achieve great results. In a friendly tandem for a single goal, they do not quarrel and do not compete.

If Lviv does not bind anything, then a rare encounter goes without hot disputes. Everyone wants to prove their case.

If other people enter into an argument between them, the Lions begin to get even more excited in the pursuit of superiority over the interlocutor.

Lions do not know how to apologize, and friendship, like any other relationship, is difficult without compromise and forgiveness. If Leo wants to keep his faithful companion, he will have to learn to step over his pride.

And in order not to do this, Leo prefers to be friends with less bright and strong people, representatives of other zodiac signs.

Lions are good friends and business partners with both their own and any other zodiac sign. But in the work they love to lead and want everyone to listen to their advice. They feel good in the business sphere, if it is somehow connected with creativity.

Lions avoid routine work in which they cannot realize their creative potential. Working with the person of their mark, they improve the result twice.

Representatives of this sign want to occupy leadership positions. When they reject their candidacy or proposed projects, their pride is dealt a heavy blow. Especially if they chose another Leo.

They crave fame and recognition. Their business partners need to listen to the opinion of Leo, trust him more if they want to do business with him.

People of this zodiac sign love to boast of their merits.

Those who do not seek fame and recognition choose such professions:

  • pediatrician;
  • head of the artistic circle;
  • music teacher;
  • kindergartener;
  • children’s trainer.

Many go to work as directors, actors, costumers, make-up artists, to at least somehow realize their creative potential.

Not having a mean character, the Lions never say bad things behind their backs and do not spread rumors about their rivals. Whether one person is of the same sign with them or any other — the personal horoscope does not matter.

Having failed to get what they want, they are nobly offended and are looking for a new job, where they will be more respected.

Compatibility of a man and a woman-Lviv has several drawbacks, over which it is necessary to work to save the union and give it chances for the future:

MinusesRelationship study
RivalryFor the sake of harmony, you should not look at your partner as if you were an opponent. Do not envy more popularity, better appearance and merit.
Fight for leadershipEveryone wants to be in charge and do not want to give in to his beloved. If the Lions want to preserve the relationship, they need to learn to give in without feeling infringed upon pride. This is a personal problem that other zodiac signs do not feel, but for Lviv and Lionesses, this means that you have to break through
Lack of attentionThey want to fully capture the attention of a loved one and get angry when he pays them little attention. Men suffer more women because they are jealous of children. A lioness cannot be shown that children are more important to her, and not every mother is capable of it. But female wisdom always comes to her aid, finding the right solution.
JealousyLions are proprietors and this applies to everything that they consider theirs. You can not take their things without permission and stare at a partner. They are offended for a long time and they must be sincerely convinced that they are the best and most loved ones.

Such positive moments in the relationship help to improve the overall atmosphere and smooth out possible conflicts:

Always good moodPeople of this sign are optimistic and funny. They are not subject to the blues and always in good spirits. If one gets sad — the other will easily cheer him up
They are never boredTogether they always have something to do and talk about.
They see each other soul mateA couple has the same values, and love is the most important of them. This makes their relationship long-lasting, as well as the fact that they are well aware of each other’s needs.

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