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Compatibility of men and women-goats in love, marriage by horoscope

Compatibility in love and marriage of people born in the year of the Goat

The goat is represented by the eighth element of a twelve-year animal cycle. People born this year have such positive traits as sincerity, generosity, modesty and peacefulness. However, there are negative qualities — a tendency to whims, irresponsibility and indecision.

Such people often look like indestructible and strong personalities, but behind this mask lies a very vulnerable soul.

In the years of the Goat (Sheep) people are born, endowed with ease and artistry. They are very sociable, have many friends. They love to visit exhibitions and other cultural events, they appreciate art.

The Goats themselves are in most cases people of a creative mindset. They are easy going, inquisitive and good-natured.

The disadvantage of this sign is indecision, absent-mindedness, and sometimes non-binding. Goats are rarely leaders, often in pairs are driven.

Therefore, they need a strong, confident partner both in marriage and in business.

For people born in the year of the Goat, it is not self-knowledge that is important, but self-expression. Sometimes being the center of attention is the goal the Goat (Sheep) is aiming for. She is fascinated by a bohemian life, a relationship without commitment.

If the Goat fails to get his way, she can become capricious. But not for long.

Soon it will be carried away by new ideas.

With all the carelessness and ease the sign of the Goat is a home symbol. They appreciate and love homeliness and peace in the intervals between social events, and with age they become more attached to the family hearth.

Family life and Koz’s careers depend on their environment and their influence on their personality.

Compatibility of men and women-goats in love, marriage by horoscope

Men who were born under the sign of the Goat have a light cheerful character. They are always the soul of the company, they are easily addicted and do not mind having an affair. Minus in character — inability to keep secrets.

The man himself will tell his darling about treason when he gets into an affair. Easy playful character will allow him to make it so that he will look in this situation affected.

The Goat Man does not like to make serious decisions and be responsible for the consequences of his actions. Each independent step is accompanied by endless doubts and indecision. Treason for such men is unacceptable, because for them it is too difficult.

Most of all he is afraid to make a wrong move.

Compatibility of men and women-goats in love, marriage by horoscope

The woman who gave birth in the year of the Goat (Sheep) is capricious and changeable.. The mood in the house often depends on her mood.

Despite this, she can always create a mood, support. She knows how to truly love and protect her dear people.

The Goat Woman is a caring wife and loving mother.

From the first days of meeting with such a woman, feelings get a romantic coloring. The goat is playful and artistic, which enthralls her admirer. Her wit and love of travel seriously captivate a man.

Such relationships leave pleasant memories for a long time, even if the union does not continue.

Compatibility of men and women-goats in love, marriage by horoscope

To build harmonious relationships in any sphere, Kose needs an environment because she unsure of herself. If you have to make an important decision, then the representatives of this sign is very difficult to do.

After the decision is made, they are still tormented by doubts.

Many acquaintances and friends are the audience for the timid and home representative of the sign. A goat can communicate a lot, talk and sometimes listen, but always remains unsure of the correctness of his actions.

If a confident friend or partner appears in the life of such a person, then Koz fully relies on his opinion and is ready to follow the leader.

A refined and vulnerable man born in the year of the Sheep will suit a strong and confident girl. He has good taste and is very gallant.

Strong girls such a man is not always interesting. But if a beautiful girl with a diverse outlook will meet on the way of a Goat man, their relationship can become a truly romantic fairy tale.

In love, such a gentleman is very gentle and affectionate. He can not boast of the number of victories in the intimate terms, but in bed such a man is inventive.

A companion should be careful in comments. He perceives criticism in his extremely painful.

The girl born in the year of the Goat is an excellent keeper of the family hearth. In bed, she is very inventive and attentive to all the little things: from lighting the room to the color of bed linen.

She will be able to reveal her rich erotic potential only if she fully trusts her partner.

A timid and shy woman, the Goat is looking for a partner who can protect her from the cruel world. The path to her heart is through romantic tokens: compliments, gifts, flowers.

The woman is very shy that causes strong emotion in men.

Compatibility of the sign with people born in different years according to the Chinese horoscope:

Partner GoatsCompatibilityNature of relationship
RatDoubtfulThe rat will not be able to provide the peace that Kose needs. Material benefits are important for the Rat, it requires constant admiration from the partner, which cannot be obtained from the representative of this sign. A happy union of these signs is an exception to the rules, which is extremely rare.
BullDoubtfulBoth signs are rather closed, it is difficult for them to start a romantic relationship. If passion arises between the Bull and the Goat, their relationship can seldom develop into a union. The likelihood of such a turn of events is very small. Life together will be smooth, without bursts and bright events, but reliable and calm
TigerGoodAn active Tiger can understand the attitude of the Sheep with understanding. They can learn a lot from each other. Marriage is likely to be long and happy, but the intimate side will not be central to the relationship
Rabbit (Cat)PerfectBoth signs — couch potatoes. They can sometimes succumb to passion, but still sex will not be the basis for a relationship. They have a lot in common. Both appreciate the comfort of home and do everything to create it. The joint life of the Rabbit and the Goat is peace and comfort to the full.
The DragonGoodThe dragon is the leader around whom chaos constantly arises. But he is able to lead and control the Goat, and she will have to put up with it and not try "drag the blanket over myself". A goat can bring persistence into chaos, so relationships have the right to a long and happy existence.
SnakeGoodIt is a harmonious and happy union, in which there is no clear leader. Both signs need a source of inspiration, their life together is mutual work. The main thing in this relationship is love. If Snake and Goat want to be together, both partners will try to keep the union.
HorsePerfectThis union is good in love and friendship. The horse will become the leader who will lead the companion. Relationships will develop so harmoniously that quarrels will not be able to darken them. The goat is attracted by the enthusiasm and vitality of the partner, and the Horse appreciates thoughtfulness and peace in the quiet gentle Goat.
GoatPerfectThey are able to understand each other perfectly. On the part of their relationship may seem contradictory, but this union will be happy and reliable. The result of a marriage between representatives of the same sign will be a calm family, happy children and well-being.
A monkeyDoubtfulIt is unlikely that they will be able to be together. Even if a pair of Goat-Monkey will create a family, then life together will be short. Negative side of relationships: Monkey loves to manipulate and cleverly knows how to lie. Goat sooner or later catch a partner in a lie that would threaten the existence of such a union
CockGoodThe rooster will be able to change the calm Sheep, to convey to her the spirit of adventurism. He does not like this himself. Both signs are homemade. Thanks to the capabilities of the Rooster, the family will not know material problems.
DogDoubtfulThe dog is too restless for a quiet Sheep. They are not able to yield to each other and reach understanding. Attempting to create a family can end up looking for another party on the side for both signs.
Pig (Boar)PerfectIn this union, both signs are able to achieve harmony. They will be able to meet the needs of each other. But everything that will happen in this marriage will remain a secret. Together they are comfortable, they are quite happy

The ideal pair for the Goat is the Horse, the Pig and the Rabbit. It is not recommended to start a relationship with a dog, a monkey, a rat and a bull.

In love and marriage, such couples are extremely rarely happy.

Relationship with Rabbit (Cat) will be great in friendship. He will be enthusiastic about the artistic taste of the Sheep. The friendship between them will be reliable and strong.

These signs will be able to create a wonderful and productive alliance in business. They are linked by ambition and common interests.

Good in friendship Goat and Horse. In work, they will also be able to achieve success.

But the Sheep will have to be alert because the Horse is cunning and clever. An agile Monkey will be a great business partner for Sheep.

The friendship with the Monkey is bored, therefore it is possible.

Good friends and business partners for representatives of the sign will be able to become people born in the year of the Pig (Boar). The compatibility of these signs is the most promising and successful.

In a relationship with Snake, friendship is possible, and partnerships in business are very dubious. Goat can be a good friend for Tiger. Tiger, passionate about the ideas of the Sheep, is able to implement them in business.

Representatives of the sign can be friends with the Dragon and create a joint business. Friendship is possible in relations with one’s own sign, and in business there is a high risk of failure.

With whom you should not be friends and try to create joint projects in the work: Rat, Bull, Rooster, Dog.

The best signs in all spheres of life for Sheep are: Horse and Pig (Boar). They can make good friends with representatives of their own sign, as they have a lot in common.

They are able to create happy family unions. But their disadvantages will not allow to achieve joint success in work.

Relationships with the Rat, the Rooster and the Dog are unfavorable. A quiet calm Goat will suffer from constant tension in such a relationship, which will adversely affect not only well-being, but also health.

Particular care should be exercised in relations with the Rooster, who will try to use the gullible Goat to satisfy their own vested interests. Relations with the Bull will be a bit calmer, but they are boring and hopeless.

With other signs Sheep will be able to build relationships on certain conditions (benefit).

The goat is very clever, does not tolerate lies. It is difficult for her to get along with the sly Monkey and the mercenary Rooster.

Although the love relationship between them is possible, but they are unpromising.

Patience should be shown for stronger signs of Kose, and obedience for others (for the Horse). Relationships in marriage will depend on how the representatives of this sign will position themselves.

An attempt to become a leader in an alliance for Koz would have unintended consequences, unless it is a union with his own sign.

Goat appreciates peace and comfort, and in the absence of pressure from other people it can become a good friend for most signs.

In Chinese astrology, not only the year of the calendar is important, but also the sign of the zodiac. To create a harmonious compatibility, it is necessary to take into account the influence of the heavenly bodies in human destiny.

Influence of the sign of the Goat (Sheep) on people of different zodiac constellations:

  • Aries — a sense of justice is developed in relation to itself and other people, for which it is ready to fight blindly.
  • Taurus — charming lovers of idle and carefree life.
  • Twins are changeable people capable of the most unexpected things.
  • Cancer — the meek and good-natured person.
  • Leo — proud people, often not finding understanding of others.
  • Virgo — calm, ready to help. But they will have to ask for help.
  • Libra is a narcissist Goat. It should beware of its horns.
  • Scorpio — dangerous people who are ready to defend themselves with sharpened horns. Unusually passionate and in love.
  • Sagittarius — strong-willed and determined people. May become leaders.
  • Capricorn is one of the best representatives of the sign. Thinking and calm.
  • Aquarius — capricious personality, passionate about mysticism.
  • Fish can sometimes be unbearable, but they are successful.

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