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Compatibility of men and women-dogs in love and marriage

Compatibility of men and women dogs in relationships, love and marriage

Men and women born in the Year of the Dog are very friendly and welcoming. They often establish friendly relations with each other.

The compatibility of these partners in love and marriage is quite high, but the overall picture of the relationship depends not only on the year of birth, but also on the influence of the elements and patronizing constellations.

To predict the future of the pair, astrologers recommend to take into account all the zodiac aspects, since the eastern horoscope gives only a general idea of ​​the combination of signs.

In the year of the Dogs are born fair and straightforward people. They do not tolerate lies and betrayals, so loyalty and devotion for them are the most important values ​​in life.

Dogs are decent and patient, if they are offended, they first look for the reasons for the bad attitude towards them, and only then decide whether they should give change.

Representatives of this sign are distinguished by reliability, they are good at doing business with them because they are responsible. The dog does not scatter promises, but if you give the word, it will certainly keep it.

Those born this year do not know how to be a hypocrite, they always play in the open and do not hide true motives and intentions.

If the relatives do not like something in the behavior of the Dog, you need to tell her about it directly. This person is not able to catch the veiled hints. However, he has excellent intuition, so do not deceive him.

The dog instantly recognizes the lie and loses confidence in the cheater, which will be very difficult to recover.

The world of this sign is divided into white and black, halftones and shades of a stranger to the dog. If someone does bad — he is bad, good — good.

For friends and relatives representatives of this sign are the support and support. The dog is always ready to listen to his neighbor and never refuses to help, but only if he is asked about it.

She does not climb on her own, but she does not let anyone in her own affairs either. Despite the inherent friendliness of the sign, these people are not very sociable.

They do not like noisy companies, and prefer to spend leisure time in a calm, intimate atmosphere.

Surroundings are drawn to the Dog, but it keeps a distance in communication. She knows how to listen and give useful advice, the attorneys of her secrets will never be made public, but the burden of other people’s problems is a burden to her.

Dogs love loneliness because they get tired of listening to confessions. Getting into the number of friends and loved ones is not so easy for her.

She makes excessive demands on her close ones, and she mercilessly banishes those she dislikes from her circle.

Compatibility of men and women-dogs in love and marriage

Periods and elements:

Beginning of periodEnd of periodElement
10. 02. 191029. 01. 1911Metal
28. 01. 192215. 02. 1923Water
14. 02. 193403. 02. 1935Tree
02. 02. 194621. 01. 1947the fire
18. 02. 195807. 02. 1959Land
06. 02. 197026. 01. 1971Metal
25. 01. 198212. 02. 1983Water
10. 02. 199430. 01. 1995Tree
29. 01. 200617. 02. 2007the fire
16. 02. 201804. 02. 2019Land

Compatibility of men and women-dogs in love and marriage

Dogs born a year are extremely self-critical individuals. They always strive for perfection, but never rest on their laurels. Representatives of this sign:

  • purposeful;
  • persistent;
  • persistent;
  • thorough.

Thanks to these qualities, they always achieve success. A distinctive feature of Dogs is that they never give up what they have begun. In any business, these people act in a planned manner and believe that their work will pay off.

They know how to count their strength, so they are firmly moving in a given direction.

A heightened sense of justice often forces the Dog to stand up for the weak. She firmly upholds her principles, even to the detriment of personal interests. This is due to the fact that the moral side of things is more important to dogs.

Material benefits for them are secondary. Representatives of this sign always adhere to the moral standards of the society in which they live.

Compatibility of men and women-dogs in love and marriage

The main weakness of the Dog is its self-doubt. She constantly doubts the correctness of their decisions. If the result of her activity is unsuccessful, she blames herself for everything.

Representatives of this sign do not know how to live easily, they see their way as thorny and changeable, they constantly analyze the steps they have taken when they just need to turn in the other direction and forget about the problem.

These people do not know how to lose. They view other people’s victories as personal insults.

Thirst for justice does not allow the Dog to see the obvious facts. If a representative of this sign participates in a competition, the outcome of which is predetermined by sponsorship contributions, then the founders will be waited by long lawsuits and other proceedings organized by the Dog.

Often, representatives of this sign are looking for non-existent problems. This search takes a significant amount of time and effort from them. They are trying to foresee the wrong steps, so they are fixated on trifles, losing sight of important points.

When you need to pay attention to the relationship in the team, the Dog fights hard with the leadership for a salary increase.

Dogs are surrounded by others, they see their leadership abilities, but no one notices the complexities of this sign, which its representatives carefully conceal. The pursuit of high-quality performance of tasks in Dogs is due not so much to responsibility as to the fear of defeat.

The man of this sign always tries to show himself as the best, but he does not feel confident in his own importance.

The guy of this sign is quite erudite, he can easily support any conversation. The openness and sincerity of the man-dog attracts women to him, but it is hardly possible to meet him in a noisy company.

He spends his leisure time with his relatives and close friends at home. This guy loves solitude, so he enjoys:

Acquaintance with girls is organized specially for him, he himself is too shy to take the initiative. His beloved must be braver and more insistent if she wants to marry a dog.

For this man, marriage is extremely important, but he is not in a hurry to make an offer, for this he needs to be pushed, otherwise he will weigh all the pros and cons for a very long time, critically evaluate his beloved and look for flaws in her.

Family life he has a good stack with picky ladies. Greedy women. Dog bypasses. He is a minimalist in everything, material values ​​are not important to him.

In his life partner, he chooses an economical and practical girl who shares his views on life.

Man-Dog is not stingy, but the money he spends only on the most necessary. He tries to postpone and increase most of his earnings, because he feels insecure without a reliable financial reserve.

This is a rather pessimistic sign, so he always expects the worst and prepares for unforeseen expenses. But his relatives can always count on support, and his wife and children are provided with everything necessary.

This is a faithful and faithful dog that you can always rely on.

Lady-Dog is good-natured and attractive. People around her love her and are always happy to talk with her, but this woman is in no hurry to get close to people.

She has many friends and friends, but she maintains a superficial relationship with them, the Dog has very little close friends.

She spends her youth reading books, her friends rarely manage to pull her out to parties. This girl is keen on:

Most of the time she devotes to household chores, so she becomes an excellent hostess for marriage. She chooses the chosen one from among the “nerds”, she is not attracted by the bad guys.

From a young age, this lady is sure that she was created for family life, so she prepares for her very carefully and fits the search for a future husband with great responsibility.

This is a faithful and devoted spouse who devotes her life to caring for her beloved and children, but if the chosen one behaves unworthily and does not justify her hopes, then she says goodbye to him without regrets.

Woman-Dog is notable for heightened suspiciousness. It is extremely important for her that others think about her well, therefore the lady always behaves as is customary in society.

If someone from outsiders speaks badly about the Dog, it exhausts itself with self-digging and tries to get rid of its shortcomings, but at the same time loses its own uniqueness. Often this woman is called the “dark horse” because she fears criticism and keeps herself away from the team.

The patronizing constellation is important in determining the character of the Dog. Some signs of the zodiac reinforce the positive traits of her personality, while others have a negative effect or endow a person with special qualities that are not inherent in Dogs.

Features of Dogs according to date of birth:

Zodiac sign and date of birthCharacteristic
Aries (21. 03-19. 04)This is a foolish and hot-tempered person. With such a dog is difficult to get along, she is stubborn and adamant. In any dispute, this person defends his position to the end and rarely makes concessions. Marriage is difficult to compromise
Taurus (20. 04-20. 05)Taurus Dog is hardworking and thorough. The character traits of a typical Taurus are very similar to those of Dogs, affecting the constellation only enhances the quality of the sign.
Gemini (21. 05-21. 06)In this combination, a person is changeable, he easily adapts to any environment. However, the fidelity of the Gemini sign does not affect the fidelity of the sign, the influence of the year of birth prevents the Dog from treason
Cancer (22. 06-22. 07)Dog-Cancer is extremely domovita. This is a true family man, for whom there is nothing more important than close and family ties
Leo (23. 07-22. 08)This is a proud and overbearing sign. In this combination, the Dog is not shy, it always strives for publicity and expects admiring glances.
Virgo (23. 08-22. 09)Virgo-Dog is pedantic and reasonable. This person has his own opinion on everything, which cannot be changed. Such a Dog will never get along with a frivolous and irresponsible partner.
Scales (23. 09-23. 10)Dog Resolve is melting under the influence of the Libra constellation. This man is extremely difficult to make a choice, so he needs to look for a brave and powerful partner who will not allow for long to hesitate
Scorpio (24. 10-22. 11)This is a jealous and suspicious sign. In such a combination, the Dog is a dangerous adversary. You shouldn’t stand in her way, she is shrewd and insidious, and also rather vindictive.
Sagittarius (23. 11-21. 12)Sagittarius-Dog is no different responsibility, it is a windy and changeable person. It’s fun and comfortable with him, but in family matters you can hardly rely on him.
Capricorn (22. 12-19. 01)The combination of these signs gives a person sullenness and extreme pessimism. It’s good to work with such a Dog, but it’s very hard to live with her.
Aquarius (20. 01-18. 02)The carelessness of Aquarius in combination with the thoroughness of the Dogs give a strange cocktail. You can never guess what this person will throw out in the next minute. This is an extremely impermanent and frivolous sign, which is unlikely to be able to build a serious relationship.
Fish (19. 02-20. 03)The smoothness and dreaminess of Pisces have a positive effect on the character of the realistic Dog. This man has a rich imagination, and the diligence and dedication of the Dog allows him to bring ideas to life. Relationship with him will be interesting and bright

Representatives of this sign are able to get along with each other, but they have a long time to work on relationships. According to astrology, the compatibility of dogs is quite high, only these partners do not always find the right way to build a harmonious union.

They are united by the same outlook on life, but the woman of this sign is experiencing bad criticism. The man constantly finds reasons for cavils, he makes too high demands on the chosen one, and if the lady does not reach his bar, then the beloved tries to redo her.

A woman does not always withstand the eternal notations and teachings, so the future of the union is largely dependent on the girl’s patience and the tactfulness of the gentleman.

Both partners are not inclined to short-term relations, they strive for stability, therefore from the first minutes of their acquaintance they make each other understand that they are serious.

Best of all, their relationship develops if both partners are born in the same year. Here is the influence of one element of the year of birth.

If the difference in the age of a man and a woman is 12, 24, 36 or 48 years, these elements are controlled by different elements. In this case, their compatibility is rather controversial.

Characteristics of the relationship of men and women-dogs:

Kind of relationshipCharacteristic
LoveThese partners do not believe in love at first sight. Their relationship is based on mutual sympathy and friendship. They look at each other for a long time, and get closer only after several months of communication. This union can not be called bright and passionate. Representatives of this sign do not differ in romance, therefore love relationships they resemble a family relationship. These men and women do not go to restaurants, do not attend discos, avoid noisy companies. Dates of this couple are at home or in parks and squares nearby. They are constantly looking for topics for serious conversations in which they know each other. In many ways, their opinions diverge, so partners often quarrel over trifles. However, trust and mutual attraction prevent them from parting. They are easy and comfortable together, but each maintains a distance and firmly designates his own independence. Because of some detachment, they do not dare to start a family for a very long time, but when a woman gets tired of waiting for an offer, she takes matters into her own hands. The man is usually not the arguments to refuse the wedding, so he agrees to marry
MarriageThe matrimony of this couple is long lasting. Spouses of this sign are very rarely divorced because they are able to deal with difficulties and do not retreat when problems arise. These partners are not long fighting for leadership in the family, there is always a man who wins. He becomes the head of the family, and the spouse takes the place of a faithful adviser and assistant. They share household duties equally, in the domestic plan they are ideally suited to each other. Disagreements in the union arise only because of financial issues, if the husband is dreaming about buying a car, and his wife wants to buy a cottage. Both stubbornly defend their positions, but cannot reach a common solution. Representatives of this sign should learn the art of compromise, otherwise disagreements over money will lead them to hidden hostility. Female wisdom and cunning will be appropriate here, as the man-dog is unlikely to surrender its position voluntarily.
SexThe intimate life of this couple is boring and monotonous, but it suits both partners. Experiments are excluded here, because both partners are extremely conservative. Passions do not rage in their bed, but sex of a man and a woman of this year of birth is full of tenderness and caress. They do not immediately achieve harmony, as both suffer from self-doubt. However, the more trusting and more stable their relationships in life become, the more relaxed they are in bed

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