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Compatibility of male and female Taurus in friendship, love and bed

Compatibility of men and women Taurus in love, intimate, friendly and business relationships

Taurus is considered the most calm and balanced of all signs of the zodiac. They possess incredible patience, stamina and endurance.

They appreciate home comfort and stability in everything. Home for Taurus — is a reliable fortress, in which he is the sovereign master. If a married couple of representatives of this sign lives under the same roof, they will manage together and harmoniously.

In such a union, the man always becomes the main thing, and the woman is his faithful companion and helper.

Astrological compatibility Taurus close to the ideal. These partners can build good relationships in any field of activity, but if they have differences, this can significantly undermine the idyll of the couple.

General characteristics Taurus.

Dates of birthApril 21 — May 20
A rockTurquoise
FlowerLily of the valley
Day of the weekTuesday

Psychological portrait of a typical Taurus:

  • stubborn;
  • purposeful;
  • practical, materialist;
  • responsible.

The patronage of the earth element does not allow Taurus to be distracted from the actual affairs in the direction of entertainment and dreams. These are true realists who completely reject mysticism and do not believe in fate.

Among the representatives of this sign are often found atheists. However, this does not prevent Taurus from leading a righteous lifestyle.

Those born under this constellation are not distinguished by increased activity and vigor, they distribute their forces evenly and sparingly. But astrologers explain the slowness of Taurus by its calmness, not passivity. This sign is never in a hurry, hectic aliens and turmoil are alien to him.

Everything in his life is painted on the clock, so there is no need in a hurry.

Taurus confidently walks to its goal. He is a very determined and reliable person, he never turns off the chosen path.

If Taurus conceived something, it is impossible to convince or dissuade him.

The representatives of this constellation have a fairly well developed intuition, but they prefer to base their presentiments on rational factors. Taurus will never get involved in a dubious adventure even for the sake of a big profit. He is very wary of easy victories and rewards, as he is accustomed to achieve everything with hard work.

This sign very much appreciates money and material benefits, therefore it is unlikely that they will share it with anyone.

Taurus provides support and assistance only to those closest to him, but even they do not always manage to borrow money or some thing from him.

In the life of Taurus surrounding people are divided into friends and foes. His close circle is rather narrow and closed to outsiders, this includes only relatives, family and best friend. Taurus has many friends, but he does not consider them as friends.

The best friend of this person is one who has been tested for years. The concept of friendship for a representative of the earth element equals soul affinity.

Not always Taurus manages to meet a true friend, but if he finds him, then he will never part with him.

The representative of this constellation is extremely selective in choosing the companions of life. Next to him are only the most reliable and loyal people. However, Taurus is a notorious owner, he wants to be the only one for a loved one and best friend.

This sign is very jealous of his surroundings, even if he is very attached to someone, it is easier for him to break off relations than to endure the torments of jealousy when a loved one allows himself to have connections on the side.

Loyalty takes the most important place in any Taurus relationship. He does not change himself and does not forgive treason to others.

You should not joke with him on this topic, games with provocations to jealousy can bring Taurus into a rage, but in this state he is terrible. Astrologers claim that the long-term calmness of these people is connected with their patience, but they accumulate all the negative inside themselves, and then they throw out at once on the head of the one who “got hot hands”.

Compatibility of male and female Taurus in friendship, love and bed

Taurus can manage his emotions, so he looks restrained and balanced. He soberly assesses what is happening and knows when it is necessary to show rigidity or pliability.

In the life of this person there is no place for spontaneity, everything is laid out on his shelves and planned for many years to come. Unforeseen situations and troubles Taurus meets steadfastly.

He solves problems as they arrive in order of priority.

The representative of this constellation is not inclined to seize on several cases at once. He focuses on the most important and in most cases comes to success.

A distinctive feature of Taurus is that he never panics.

In extreme cases, the representatives of this constellation are the first to assess the situation from a rational point of view and thoroughly organize and calm others around. That is why they are considered invaluable employees in the field of emergency medical care, also excellently manifest themselves as rescuers, military and in other areas of activity where quick decision-making is required.

Taurus very carefully dispose of money. They are prone to hoarding and easily put together capital, even from insignificant amounts they manage to save part and increase the accumulated.

Due to Taurus prudence, his family is always reliably protected from material problems.

Compatibility of male and female Taurus in friendship, love and bed

A huge deterrent in the development of Taurus is its conservatism. This person is not well adapted to innovations. He prefers to act in the old manner, it is difficult for him to abandon his usual actions.

Only if a person authoritative for him appears next to him and by his own example proves the need for change, does Taurus accept the innovations.

Representatives of this constellation are overly stubborn. They do not know how to give in, so it’s useless to argue with them. Convince Taurus in anything can only trick.

This sign is rather naive, it is susceptible to flattery, therefore, admiring it and showering it with compliments, close people are able to very skillfully control a stubborn person.

Despite the magnanimity of Taurus, he rarely shows condescension. A representative of this constellation is extremely picky about himself, but he also makes no less demanding demands on others.

Taurus often makes enemies for himself because he reproaches people for imperfection, and with his relatives he often quarrels for trifles that he shouldn’t pay attention to.

Compatibility of male and female Taurus in friendship, love and bed

From early childhood, Taurus manifests craving for work. The boy of this zodiac sign does not look like a peer. When most children in kindergarten are engaged in games, this child looks for a useful activity for himself:

  • helps to set the tables;
  • clean up;
  • repairs toys.

The Taurus guy is important result of his work, he does not like to waste time. Already in his youth, he is looking for work to support parents financially.

He is aware of the value of money early, and therefore strives to achieve self-sufficiency. A Taurus man does not want to be a burden for someone.

He will never agree to live at the expense of his beloved woman; among the Taurus one can hardly meet the Alphonse. However, to provide someone financially, he does not like.

In the life partner, this man chooses an independent lady who is not prone to waste and does not have selfish goals in relation to him. Lovers to live at someone else’s expense, he recognizes immediately.

Already on the first date, Taurus analyzes the behavior of the chosen one in the calculations in cafes and restaurants. This guy is willing to pay, but if the girl does not offer to contribute to the payment of the bill, he will think about the advisability of continuing the relationship with her.

The man of this constellation does not give empty promises, he is always true to his word. In any case, you can rely on him, but you should not expect that he will help disinterestedly.

Taurus appreciates his work very highly, therefore for any service something equivalent is expected in return.

For a woman, this man is very attractive in terms of creating a family. It will be boring for a young whirlwind with him, but a serious and thorough girl will find in his person a wonderful husband and family man.

If a Taurus man is interested in a lady, then he is focused on marriage. This guy does not like to be exchanged for fleeting intrigues, he pays attention only to the woman with whom he expects to create a durable and strong union.

As a husband, it is hardly possible to find a more suitable candidate. Taurus is the most faithful, loyal and reliable spouse.

Next to him, his wife will always feel confident in the future, and if the partners’ interests and life goals coincide, such a union can become not only durable, but also happy.

From an early age Taurus girl shows independence. This baby parents are not afraid to leave one at home for several hours. She is very obedient and always strictly follows the instructions of adults.

The girl loves to help her mother around the house, so she quickly masters the culinary arts and ways to take care of the house. By the age of majority, this girl is already fully prepared for family life, so in everyday life she rarely has a disagreement with her husband.

Not possessing obvious signs of femininity, this lady attracts men with her abilities. When her girlfriends cheerfully chat with cavaliers at a party, a Taurus girl prepares tasty treats in the kitchen, and then puts tidbits on a plate to the guy she likes.

This woman rarely marries her peers, she is attracted by accomplished and confident men. She seduces them with its stability and readiness to create a family nest.

The main goal in the life of the lady-Taurus — to get married successfully, therefore, every gentleman she considers as a potential husband.

She is capable of loving a man only for some qualities, the appearance of her chosen one is in last place.

The spouse of this woman should be:

If the gentleman does not match the specified qualities, he will not be able to seduce Taurus. A representative of this constellation is able to turn a blind eye to the petty flaws of her beloved, but will never live with someone who does not meet her basic requirements.

The Taurus girl dreams of a true knight who captures her heart and embraces her in a strong hug, but in her mind she forgets that a strong man may demand submission. This lady does not allow herself to control herself, and due to the fact that she chooses powerful and oppressive cavaliers as partners, her relations with them are bad.

Taurus defends its independence and strives for equality, therefore, it often quarrels with the elect.

Astrologers say that the best woman of this constellation is converging with men in adulthood, when they gain experience and wisdom. However, she is also able to reconsider her views on building relationships with members of the opposite sex in her youth.

If she manages to meet a patient and reasonable partner, which causes her respect, Taurus girl adapts to his rules of behavior in a pair.

Pros and cons of relations between Taurus:

UnderstandingGreed of both partners
Confidence in each otherInability to put up
Common goals and interestsTediousness
Mutual respectRestraint
Systematic developmentDull leisure activities
Strength and durability of the unionLack of passion

The meeting of two Taurus often leads them to a long and fruitful relationship. At first glance, they see in each other those features that are considered most important in a person.

They are united by common views of the world, and in order to understand this, they have enough of one conversation.

As business partners, Taurus fits together perfectly. They do not need to discuss organizational issues and plans for a long time, they immediately get down to business.

The same applies to love relationships. A man and a woman-Taurus immediately indicate the seriousness of their intentions, so already on the first date they can discuss the inexpediency of the cost of a wedding.

These partners approach any question in detail, they avoid empty talk, they only discuss social, political or other pressing topics. From the side of their communication looks pretty boring and tedious, but Taurus is quite satisfied with this pastime.

In Taurus relations there is no enthusiasm and passion that would push them to adventurous acts. These people light up only from an external fire, but among themselves they have nothing to light a spark.

If they bother each other, then just go for a time on their own business. However, their mutual attraction is very pronounced, Taurus quickly get used to this partnership, so they never part for good.

Tired of the turmoil of life, in their union they find a safe haven, to which they moor confidently in order to enjoy peace and comfort.

Two Taurus will never be able to organize a creative process. The patron saint constellation has not endowed them with a vivid imagination; therefore, new ideas in this pair are born extremely rarely.

Even home improvement causes great difficulties for them; without the help of specialists, this couple furnishes an apartment tastelessly. As true bulls, Taurus beckon bright colors, but they do not know how to combine them harmoniously.

The avarice inherent in this sign is often reflected in all aspects of Taurus life. Spouses born under this constellation, are able to fully switch to the accumulation of money to buy a car or giving, but they deny themselves everything.

The skillful wife will cook tasty, but harmful dishes from cheap products, and because of the slowness characteristic of Taurus, they very quickly gain weight and become quite obese.

Often, these partners quarrel over trifles, as a dull lifestyle does not allow them to throw out energy in the right direction.

The long stay together bothers them, both become irritable. If one expresses dissatisfaction, the second is offended and withdraws into himself. Taurus does not like loud scandals, so their disagreements are mainly expressed in silence.

They can keep silence for weeks, but everyone expects the first step to reconciliation from the other.

Astrologers recommend Taurus women to be more flexible and docile in this union. It is here that the total depends on the lady. "climate" relations, as the man of this sign is more stubborn than she.

The combination of two Taurus — it is always a stable and lasting union. The horoscope of compatibility of these zodiac signs shows excellent chances for the future, which will bring happiness to both partners.

If both of them try to smooth out the sharp corners, the union can become ideal, because astrology prescribes that the Taurus pairs are the strongest.

It is impossible to destroy the established tandem of these partners, they are not subject to outside influence, and they themselves do not show any attempts to part. Even if they are not all smooth, Taurus does not attend the idea of ​​breaking the relationship.

Both partners are very patient and persistent, so the crisis periods in a couple are calm.

Good compatibility between men and Taurus women is due to the fact that both have the most important quality of life: they know how to appreciate what they have. This position is the foundation for long-term cooperation and sustainable communication.

Characteristics of the relationship presented in the table.

Kind of relationshipCharacteristic
LoveTaurus does not believe in love at first sight, but mutual sympathy between them arises instantly. They are madly pulling each other, so they quickly approach each other. Most often, their love is born out of friendship. A man and a woman-Taurus are always friends, even if over time their feelings fade away in their pair. The friendship of these partners is sometimes delayed for a long period, but one day the guy does not stand up and takes the initiative to establish a closer relationship. For a girl, this does not come as a surprise, she herself has long understood that it’s time to move on to building love. There are no passionate confessions and romantic dates. Relations Taurus develop calmly, without too much tinsel. But both show concern for each other, show the sincerity of their feelings not in words but in deeds. It is in this pair that a man always finds a way and time to see off the chosen one to work and meet daily. Lovers devote every free minute to their relationship. They do not attend noisy parties, their leisure is rather primitive and boring, but Taurus thinks that it should be so. Candy and bouquet period is sometimes absent here, these partners manage to go straight to everyday life. However, they praise each other for thrift and agree that it is better to set aside money for the wedding. When there is a question about creating a family, Taurus think for a long time. The standard marriage proposal in this union is hardly possible, the partners gradually come to a mutual decision, so even such an important event looks good for them. Preparing for a wedding they have a lot of problems: both are looking for the cheapest options, and in the end, they often refuse to celebrate at all. Practicality and prudence does not allow them to spend money on entertaining crowds of friends and relatives. Very often, Taurus quietly register a marriage without celebration, and the accumulated money is invested in the arrangement of home comfort
MarriageFamily for Taurus is the most important life value. Here they put all their soul and strength. Both take a very serious and meticulous approach to building relationships, but they manage to achieve harmony far from immediately. There are no material problems here, because a Taurus man marries only when he is completely confident in his abilities and has a stable financial position. However, in the first year of marriage, the spouses regularly quarrel. Husband and wife can not immediately come to terms with each other’s new statuses and habits. The woman tries to take cares about the housework into her own hands, but if she is used to putting spoons in one place, and the man kept them in another, then they will argue even because of this trifle. But getting used to the new way of life, they very quickly calm down and live peacefully. The wife becomes the right hand of her husband, she supports him in any endeavors, tries to provide him with comfort so as not to distract from work. He takes all her gestures with great gratitude, and in return he gives his beloved warmth and tenderness. Eternal peace reigns in this family, so astrologers recommend Taurus to bring diversity to their lives, otherwise mutual attraction will soon lead this couple to platonic relationships. These spouses need to warm up passion with active activities, as they lack their own temperament to maintain their passion.
SexThe intimate life of Taurus is no different. These partners are quite conservative about sex, and sometimes it borders on hypocrisy. Neither one nor the other gets special pleasure from intimacy here. However, Taurus is too decent and constant, so it is unlikely that one of them will purposefully go in search of new sensations. They rarely change each other, but even these fleeting adulters happen not on their initiative. The intimate relationship of two Taurus is possible only in a serious relationship between partners, but they definitely will not be lovers
friendshipFriendship between a boy and a Taurus girl is possible, but most often this relationship holds a different interest. The man of this constellation does not need female girlfriends, therefore friendship with the lady he has is associated with attraction to her. Usually, he covertly approaches a closer connection, but this happens only if both partners are free. When they converge within the framework of married couples, they get along well with each other, excluding any hints of a closer relationship.
JobThe tandem of the two Taurus works smoothly and brings good results if the activity is not associated with the manifestation of talent and the introduction of new ideas. Representatives of this constellation are not able to create a masterpiece, but the tasks are performed on time. They are very responsible for their work, so they never allow negligence. These partners work equally well as ordinary employees and being subordinate to each other, but their joint business is going badly. Taurus does not like to risk, therefore, in the business sphere it is unlikely to reach the top.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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