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Compatibility of male and female scorpions in love, relationships and bed

Compatibility of male and female Scorpions: the advantages of union and difficulties in relationships

Two Scorpio — a strong test for relationships. The similarity of characters and temperaments plays against them.

Despite the fact that they understand each other perfectly, their strong character does not find compromises, everyone wants to subjugate his partner to himself.

The compatibility of a man and a female Scorpion has weak chances for the future and for a light, harmonious relationship. To be together, they need to step over their principles and accept the wishes of a loved one as their own.

They can improve their qualities in such a partnership, looking to a loved one, like in a mirror.

Scorpio is the sexiest sign of the zodiac. His representatives have strong endurance and character.

Pluto (patron planet) endowed them with a thirst for power and money. They consider material values ​​as a way of pressure and manipulation. They strive for financial stability with all their might, not seeing any obstacles.

Scorpios always bring to the end and are able to turn obstacles in their favor.

These representatives of the water element have such character traits as:

  1. 1. Stealth.
  2. 2. Depth of feelings.
  3. 3. Jealousy.
  4. 4. Sexuality.
  5. 5. Vengefulness.
  6. 6. Strong thirst for life.
  7. 7. Honesty.

Scorpios possess natural magnetism and always seek the necessary actions from man. They easily convince and lead.

This is also helped by the planet-patron, which affects the masses of people and the whole society.

Life often puts them before the test, so the fate of the Scorpions can not be called easy and enjoyable. But after another disaster, they, like a phoenix, are reborn from the ashes, becoming even stronger and stronger.

Proverb: "What does not kill us makes you stronger" — invented the Scorpions. They cannot be broken even in the face of death, since Pluto is its natural ruler.

Compatibility of male and female scorpions in love, relationships and bed

In a love relationship, the representatives of this watermark are very passionate, powerful and jealous. They want to know everything about their loved one and control his actions. It is not everyone will survive, but an equal partner of the same sign and even more so.

Scorpions are deep and full of experiences. But their natural secrecy allows not to show it.

One gets the impression that they are cold and indifferent people, and only those close to them know how painful they are and that they, too, have a hard time.

Compatibility of men and women Scorpions in love is quite high, and in marriage — low. When young people see each other a lot in common, they attract each other.

At first glance, this is an ideal couple, but only loved ones know how difficult it is for two powerful people not to go too far and not to break their partner. The union of two Scorpion lovers is:

  • struggle for leadership;
  • scenes of jealousy;
  • physical struggle (for people with low levels of development);
  • tears;
  • violent reconciliation in bed.

Scorpios match each other only if they treat their loved one as if they were themselves. Then the mirroring of the partner serves as an example of how not to act in order not to injure the partner. They can also be tied up with passion in bed, where they have excellent compatibility:

  1. 1. Both know that they cannot be denied intimacy.
  2. 2. Do not need long foreplay.
  3. 3. Get the necessary deep emotions.
  4. 4. Freely realize their erotic fantasies.

For this sign, love and sex are one concept, but sometimes they change physically, often not considering it a betrayal of a loved one.

Compatibility of male and female scorpions in love, relationships and bed

This zodiac sign loves to dominate everything, including sex.. He wants to subordinate not only the soul of a loved one, but also the body, which is for him a source of great pleasures.

Intimate pleasures are as important to him as sleep and food. But this sign is better than others knows how to transform sexual energy into a creative stream, giving it all its strength.

Sex for Scorpios is an indicator of love and the relationship itself. These are two inseparable concepts with the help of which lovers consolidate their union.

The girl of this sign with the help of intima achieves everything she wants. For a guy, this is a way to subdue and conquer a woman’s soul.

Compatibility of male and female scorpions in love, relationships and bed

In marriage, Scorpios love to impose their behavior and restrict the freedom of the household. Among the pairs consisting of two Scorpions, there are a lot of such that converge, then diverge. They are difficult together and bad separately.

Reconnecting, the spouses suffer from jealousy, figuring out the details of separate life. Unable to reconcile with a free life and being overwhelmed with insults, they again live separately.

Husband and wife are hard going through the break, but they often get tired of quarreling and sorting out relationships. Children and spouses themselves suffer. Wanting to remain an example for them, they sacrifice their freedom for the sake of their education.

Being a married couple, parents bring up children in strictness, in many ways restricting them and accustoming them to independence. They do not indulge their offspring, encouraging them for good obedience. "sweet gingerbread".

The compatibility of male and female Scorpions in friendship is low, since there is a physical attraction between them. At the subconscious level, they understand that they will break the rules of friendship by entering into an intimate relationship, and lose a comrade.

Another thing, if friends of the same sex. It will take time to make friends. This is a secretive sign; these people are not used to opening their souls to anyone.

If this happens, they will become good friends and will always come to the aid of their comrade.

In astrology, Scorpios are considered good friends, the main thing is not to undermine their trust so that a friend does not become an enemy.

In business, the horoscope of compatibility of two Scorpions is the same as in friendship: if trust arises, there will be a partner union. This watermark has a great intuition, combining it, they will achieve high goals and results. In case of conflict, problems will affect the whole team.

They will work under the motto: "In war, all means are good" and put at risk all the work. This is not surprising, given the craving for self-destruction.

TOWhen it is necessary to take revenge, the Scorpions are ready to harm themselves, so long as the offender suffers.

Each couple needs to work on relationships, develop together and maintain the fire of passion. Scorpios need it most. But for them it is natural to overcome the challenges and try to survive.

Realizing the pros and cons of relationships, they will be able to correct mistakes by working through the weak points.

The benefits from the interaction of Scorpions are presented in the table:

Improving internal qualitiesRivalry reveals hidden strengths and new opportunities.
Double intuitionThe joint life of the Scorpions is doubly full of difficulties and trials. Having a double intuition, spouses better choose the right decision and the right side.
Life with a similar partnerBeing a mirror image of each other, partners see shortcomings and work on them, improving themselves as an individual.
Augmenting life energyDifficulties in relationships give experience and power to overcome new family difficulties.

Problems that Scorpios can face:

Fight for dominationPower is an inherent trait of character. But to push each other with the same force and to keep the relationship will not work for anyone. It is necessary to divide the leading roles so that in a pair there is no rivalry
StealthTo save a relationship or marriage, you must learn to give in and frankly talk. Talking liking can save a relationship. So grievances will not accumulate, all claims will be made
Bursts of violent rageNo one, except Scorpio, will deduce him so much from himself. When approaching rage should be removed and be alone, in order to avoid irreparable mistakes. Having committed an unworthy act and crossed the line, it will be difficult to restore peace in a family where grievances are not forgotten and not forgiven. Only Scorpios know that it’s very difficult and sometimes impossible to work out their shortcomings.
Inflated claimsLower the bar and put yourself in the place of a partner. Create a first friendly relationship, and then a love union. Become a flexible person and understand that all people are different, like their desires and aspirations.

Having worked out their problems, the couple raises the chances of a joint future and a stable union.

Among the representatives of this sign there are no known pairs of Scorpions, there is only in combination with any other signs, but not with similar ones. Even for creative individuals such heat is a bust.

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