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Compatibility of male and female Sagittarius in friendship, love and bed

Compatibility of men and women-Sagittarius in love, intimate, friendly and business relationships

Cheerful and friendly Sagittarius in any society attract the attention of others. They are loved for cheerful disposition and interpersonal skills. This sign is extremely responsive and active, at any time he is ready to go to help his friend.

The energy of these representatives of the constellation is amazing, they grab dozens of cases and try to be everywhere in the center of events.

Perpetual motion does not pass without a trace, sometimes Streletsov is attacked by incredible fatigue, which is outwardly expressed in irritability and explosiveness. Representatives of this constellation are often repelled by surrounding reckless remarks.

But precisely because of this, only the most devoted and understanding people remain close to Sagittarius.

General characteristics of the mark:

Dates of birthNovember 23 — December 21
Elementthe fire
A rockSapphire
TreeLemon Tree
Day of the weekWednesday

Those born under the constellation Sagittarius are vivid representatives of the fire element. They are very hot-tempered and impulsive.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are quickly addicted to new ideas, but their fervor fades away instantly. Sagittarius can still promote the idea of ​​gender equality in the morning, and by the evening declare that only matriarchy or patriarchy will save the world. In moments of voicing their thoughts, these people sincerely believe in the spoken words, so it is useless to accuse them of lying.

To any reproaches, Sagittarius will calmly answer that he simply changed his mind.

They are open and friendly, so they deservedly occupy pride of place favorites in many companies. Representatives of this constellation love to flirt and bestow others with compliments, capturing the hearts of the opposite sex. Sagittarius always has a retinue of admirers and admirers, but he rarely succeeds in getting really close to someone.

He is too freedom-loving and independent, these qualities do not allow him to establish a serious relationship.

For those who wish to gain a foothold in the close environment of Sagittarius, astrologers advise:

  • avoid pressure on him;
  • gently remind yourself;
  • respect the distance he maintains.

Any attempt on his freedom, he perceives in hostility. He is straightforward, therefore he will immediately declare the inviolability of his personal space, but his tactlessness offends untrained people.

Sagittarius does not choose a word, so often his rebuke sounds rather rude.

This is a bright fighter for justice, he always stands up for the weak, but this often accumulates a lot of problems. The representative of this sign can not silently stand aside when someone is unjustly offended. Any conflict situation is his joy, if at the same time he feels that he is right.

Although Sagittarius does not like to quarrel, it is not worth provoking him. If he enters the war, he will fight to the last breath.

However, this concerns only the interests of others, but he defended his own reluctantly.

Sagittarius is changeable, they easily change course when they come across obstacles. They are rather irresponsible, so you cannot rely on them in important matters.

The resourcefulness of this sign always allows him to convincingly explain his unpleasant acts, but astrologers point out that people close to him do not trust Strelets.

Compatibility of male and female Sagittarius in friendship, love and bed

Men and women-Sagittarius are the true optimists. They confidently go through life, not paying attention to minor troubles.

If something prevents them from achieving the goal, the Archers do not lose heart, they believe in the best. Representatives of this sign are extremely lucky, with their positive attitude they often attract success to themselves. These people are:

  • pull out the only learned ticket on the exam;
  • win the lottery;
  • remain alive and unharmed after major accidents.

Representatives of this constellation will never abandon a person in trouble, but they help from a pure heart, without demanding anything in return. Sagittarius are kind and noble, but it is unlikely that they will be used for personal gain, because they are very insightful.

Compatibility of male and female Sagittarius in friendship, love and bed

Sagittarius incontinence often brings him many troubles. This person is very irritable, any little thing can ruffle him. Spilling out emotions, Sagittarius does not think that it hurts others with his statements.

However, he is easily appeased, so he sincerely wonders why relatives cannot immediately forgive him for tactlessness. It is not difficult for him to apologize, but people who are not always offended by him easily go to reconciliation.

The main disadvantage of the Sagittarius is its superficial attitude to everything. He is unable to perform tedious and hard work, but if circumstances force him to do it, then the representative of the air element is extremely negligent in the execution.

This person is doing everything in a hurry, trying to get rid of his duties as soon as possible. He cannot be called lazy, but he is always in a hurry, so he misses important details.

Sagittarius inattention also manifests itself in personal relationships, he forgets important dates, is late for dates, because he remembers them at the last moment. He grabs a lot of things, but does not know how to organize his own time, so he is always in a hurry somewhere and does not have time everywhere.

Compatibility of male and female Sagittarius in friendship, love and bed

The Sagittarius guy has a cheerful disposition and always seeks to attract attention. He is very talkative, likes to joke and entertain others.

The humor of this man is not acute, but rather it can be called bland, but the enthusiasm and liveliness with which Sagittarius presents his phrases ignite the public.

He easily finds a common language with everyone, spontaneity and a certain immaturity allow him not to focus on the shortcomings of people. The representative of this constellation perceives all as they are. This man is not inclined to idealize someone, so he is rarely disappointed in others.

He shows angelic patience towards his relatives, but he also demands the same attitude towards himself. Sagittarius does not tolerate criticism, and those who are trying to teach him are hostile.

A gloomy pessimist is unlikely to get along with him; this sign bypasses such representatives of humanity and in every possible way avoids their society. If circumstances force Sagittarius to be in the company of gloomy people, he will try to defuse the situation, organize a spontaneous conversation or pretend that he does not notice negative moods.

But at the first opportunity this man will leave the company forever.

He is not accustomed to solving problems, more often he simply runs away from difficulties. Because of this, Sagittarius often changes one job to another, he is always looking for something light and exciting.

This guy rarely achieves career success thanks to hard work, good positions he gets by chance.

In the personal life of Sagittarius shows the same inconstancy, his love affair are promiscuous and frivolous. Often he turns on two or three novels at the same time, but he does not feel strong affection for anyone. Usually his lady’s life partner becomes more tolerant than others.

Devotion and loyalty on the part of the chosen one Sagittarius very highly appreciates, therefore, makes a marriage proposal to a woman who sincerely loves him, if she does not depart from the intended path.

The warmth and comfort of the family hearth is important for him, but if the lady also gives her beloved freedom, he will never leave her.

Sagittarius girl is very friendly. When meeting her, she makes a good impression on others, but when she speaks closely, her obvious shortcomings immediately strike her eyes:

Excessive self-confidence of this lady sometimes borders on manhood. A representative of this constellation is not distinguished by femininity, from a young age she prefers male companies to female ones. She loves to flirt, but from the side it looks gone.

The Sagittarius girl behaves defiantly and defiantly, so the gallant cavaliers avoid her, and only arrogant and boorish types remain nearby.

She does not make high demands on the chosen one and is fully capable of supporting herself on her own, therefore the material condition of her beloved does not interest her. She is attracted by strong and powerful men who earn her respect.

A weak-willed and agreeable guy is unlikely to attract her attention. In the soul of this woman a fire of passion burns, therefore she chooses a life partner in accordance with the brightness of her temperament.

No matter how harsh the nature of the representative of this constellation, the feminine nature in it clearly gives out kindness. Even in early childhood, she drags homeless animals home, nurses and feeds them on the street.

She will never pass by someone else’s misfortune, she will definitely try to help, and this woman empathizes with the misfortunes of loved ones.

She has few friends, because by her tactlessness she repels others, but with her relatives this lady maintains strong and unbreakable ties. It is women-Sagittarius who regularly organize family gatherings to strengthen the cohesion of the clan.

The family of the future husband is very important for her, if the relatives of the chosen one do not accept the girl, then she will give up thoughts about marriage with him.

Pros and cons of the relationship between a man and a woman-Sagittarius:

Undying passionExtreme wastefulness
Common interests and goalsIrresponsibility
Rich leisure timeFrequent quarrels
Ease of communicationLack of plans
Mutual respectInfidelity

The love union of two Sagittarius develops successfully against the background of mutual unpretentiousness. Partners give each other complete freedom of action, so at first they feel at ease in this tandem.

Everyone likes to act independently, knowing that the chosen one will not show discontent about it. However, if they do not manage to spend time in common companies, then both are jealous, because here they are well aware that trust and loyalty are out of the question.

Sagittarius on an intuitive level feel the impulses of each other, so the signs of treason are seen immediately. Often, these partners come to an agreement that they will frankly talk about their feelings and desires towards other members of the opposite sex.

With this arrangement, they live until the first scandal, after which they usually part.

Harmony and peace in the family of Streltsov are possible only in adulthood, when both partners are no longer looking for adventure on the side.

If they manage to hide their intrigues, the relationship in the pair is close to ideal. Their life together does not allow to get bored. Both are pretty exciting and active, love to take risks and experiment.

They often travel, they always find fascinating activities for themselves, they love to host friends and visit.

In love relationships, Sagittarius adhere to double standards, each believes that he is free to do whatever he pleases, and the freedom of the other over time begins to annoy. They do not forgive the infidelity of the chosen one, and their own adventures are considered the norm.

Their alliances break up mainly due to mutual treason.

Often, one of the couple shows a desire for leadership, but the second will never allow one to take over. In this alliance, the thirst for power will have to be extinguished, otherwise there will be no escape from major scandals. Sagittarius do not recognize the authorities, so even a significant difference in the age of partners has no effect on the equality in this pair.

Only mutual respect and a mutual desire for a peaceful settlement of disputes will help strengthen the alliance, otherwise they should not start a life together.

These are rather economical people, they treat household issues equally superficially, therefore chaos and chaos reign in their house. Astrologers recommend these couples to create guest marriages, in which everyone bears independent responsibility for their home.

When Sagittarius has no one to shift the burden of domestic problems, they are more collected and responsible, but together these partners relax and sincerely expect the other to voluntarily take care of themselves.

Astrology does not give a definite answer about the combination of two Streltsov. The horoscope of compatibility of this pair is rather contradictory, representatives of this constellation can make up as an ideal pair of lovers or spouses, and an unbearable union of warring personalities. The result of their relationship depends only on the desire of partners.

The zodiacal compatibility of men and women-Sagittarius on an emotional and spiritual level is very high, but if they do not learn to restrain their selfish impulses, then nothing good will come of it.

An important aspect in this union is the mutual power of love and mutual attraction. If the Sagittarius equally value each other, then most of the problems they manage to avoid, but when one of the couple is less interested in the other, creating a strong tandem is impossible.

Kind of relationshipCharacteristic
LoveIn any company Sagittarius instantly notice each other. Mutual interest among them often arises against the background of friendly relations. The girl of this constellation does not seek to marry, so men are usually considered as friends. A Sagittarius male, on the contrary, sees in every lady a potential lover or life partner, so he immediately starts wooing. This guy knows how to fascinate ladies, he showered her darling with compliments, flowers and presents. He is not stingy, but large sums are rarely found in his pockets, so he shows ingenuity to make his gifts look as romantic as possible. It is he who lays out petals of roses under the windows of his beloved word of confessions, is on dates with hundreds of balloons, prepares breakfast for his beloved, putting foods on the plates in the form of hearts. Since the Sagittarius girl is non-mercantile, such courtship suits her perfectly. In financial matters, these partners are straightforward, the man does not hide his financial situation from his beloved, and she does not demand from him what he cannot give her. In private, they behave as relaxed as possible, such openness and honesty appeals to both. There are often rude and offensive jokes, but the Sagittarius likes this way of communication, they do not condemn each other for their sharpness and do not take offense at mutual witticisms. Both in this couple fun and comfortable as long as the relationship does not become serious. Joint plans for the future scare Streltsov. They do not want to take responsibility, so they delay a very long time the decision to create a family. Most often, these partners simply come together and do not register the relationship officially. If life suits them together, then they enter into marriage only for the sake of the children. However, often living together becomes a mistake. In one territory, they immediately realize that free and easy relations cannot continue. Attempts of mutual control lead a couple to conflicts and partings
MarriageFamily obligations spouses-Sagittarius in the burden. After the wedding, they do not change the usual behavior, so they are rarely at home. Everyone shirries from solving everyday problems. Both hope that over time they will sort out the household chores, but the only way out is a clear division of responsibilities. If Strelets Troops fail to agree at this stage, then discontent with each other is constantly present in their house. The crisis moment of marriage is the appearance of a child in the family. Sagittarius wife does not want to take care of the baby alone, and her husband does not take a special initiative. During this period, partners often quarrel, but if grandparents come to the aid of the newlyweds, the situation does not heat up until the relationship is broken. Marriage of this couple is able to withstand many tipping points, if the spouses love each other very much, otherwise they gradually begin to move away and start intrigues on the side. Sagittarius men often live in two families, but if the official wife becomes aware of a rival, the marriage breaks up. Astrologers note that the ideal relationship in this marriage develops only after long years of marriage, or when partners form a union in adulthood. The young couples of Sagittarius are too impulsive and infantile, they do not have enough patience to restrain their impulses, therefore, more often than not, they part because of some silly quarrel. In order to achieve peace and harmony, both must work continuously on themselves and relationships. These couples are very helpful to strengthen the older generation, so they should start living together in a parental home.
SexIn bed, Streltsov reigns complete agreement. Both partners are extremely temperamental, their intimate life is very bright and intense. They treat sex as the most important component of happy relationships, therefore their bed often becomes a place of reconciliation. There are no forbidden poses and desires for this couple, they like to experiment, and each intimacy is turned into a long and sensual game. The maximum relaxedness and openness of both allows the Strelets to reach the highest heights of pleasure. They rarely manage to come to this with other partners, so they value their sexual relationship very much. Often, Sagittarius remains lovers, even after a divorce and maintain intimate relationships for many years
friendshipFriendship of two Streltsov is possible, but it is unlikely to grow into a strong friendship. Representatives of this constellation are more suited to each other in love, so their friendly relationship is usually tied to mutual attraction. If one partner has a constant life partner, then he can long portray for another Sagittarius friend, but in the end they will still be in bed. Excellent understanding allows them to become friends under certain conditions, when they are related by kinship or their acquaintance takes place against the background of the friendship of their spouses. However, astrologers warn that to leave Streltsov alone is not worth it, they instantly come closer and go beyond the limits of what is permitted.
JobJoint business at Streltsov does not add up, both are clear leaders, so their rivalry is inevitable. A man and a woman of this sign clearly share work and personal relationships; if they find themselves in a working tandem, then they most often become hostile, even if they feel sympathy for each other in ordinary life. Joint projects, these partners are unlikely to complete, they will be distracted to clarify the relationship, but in the end they will not have time to do anything. If one is the leader of the other, then the subordinate begins to organize strikes and demand a change of power, since from the lowest position he sees his own shortcomings in the chief, loses respect for him and refuses to carry out orders.

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