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Compatibility of male and female monkeys with each other in love, relationships, marriage, work

Monkey and Monkey compatibility in love, friendship, sex, work

The girl and the man, born in the year of the Monkey, have very good prospects regarding marriage, family life, as well as friendship and work. The couple has common goals, opinions, vision of the world.

Together they will be easy, interesting, fun.

To build a trusting, strong and happy relationship, people should pay attention to some character traits in each other. Knowing the weaknesses of your partner or partner, you can avoid quarrels, conflicts, disagreements and disputes.

The main thing in the union of two Monkeys — to learn to put up with shortcomings, not trying to remake his young man or girl.

Men and women born in the year of the Monkey have a strong-willed character. They always set specific goals for themselves and do their best to achieve them.

Monkeys like to be the center of attention. They always have a lot of acquaintances, friends, buddies.

These people easily find a common language, even with strangers.

Other people are very drawn to the charismatic, fun, interesting Monkeys. Men and women born in the year of this animal have a wonderful sense of humor, always ready to support any conversation, open and liberated in communication.

Also Monkeys have the following positive traits:

  • The ability to negotiate, to find a common language, to build relationships. Even after a strong quarrel, the boy or girl will be able to ask for forgiveness correctly.
  • Energetic, hard work. Monkeys never sit still, it is important for them to realize themselves in some area. It may not necessarily be work. Perhaps a man or a girl will decide to develop in a business that does not bring them material income.
  • Optimism. With a man born in the year of the Monkey, it is never boring, sad, depressing. A man or woman will always find the words to cheer up the interlocutor, to instill in him hope for anything, to make him move forward, no matter what.

Men and women born in the year of this animal have negative qualities. Here are some of them:

  • Selfishness. Very often, a person born in the year of the Monkey according to the eastern calendar thinks only of himself, forgetting about the position of the people around him, even those close to him.
  • Narcissism. Men and women always care about their comfort. It is important for them to get the best of everything, no matter what the price.
  • Demanding Monkeys are very demanding of those people who surround them. Even if they will not speak directly about their dissatisfaction, they will unwittingly try to remake, impose their point of view.

Purposefulness, so characteristic of Monkeys, can be attributed to both positive and negative qualities.

Compatibility of male and female monkeys with each other in love, relationships, marriage, work

In the eastern horoscope, there are five basic elements that also affect a person’s character:

Element MonkeysYears of birthDescription
Wooden1884, 1944, 2004Smart, caring, but very fickle. There is hard work in these people, but they lose interest, they get tired or tired very quickly
Metallic1860, 1920, 1980Restless and indecisive, although they possess willpower. Men or women have a very strong character, amaze loved ones with their wisdom and prudence. Often they are selfish, they think only of their well-being.
Fiery1896, 1956, 2016The Fire Monkey cannot be called indifferent: it is always curious and strives for the truth. Full of vitality, ready to work to achieve goals, patient and prudent
Water1872, 1932, 1992These people can be called understanding and sociable. They seek a warm, trusting relationship with people. Unlike other Monkeys, Water can be called the most disciplined.
Earthy1908, 1968, 2028Girls and men born in these years are very balanced, interesting and adventurous people. They strive for rationalism, do not tolerate slyness and deception

Compatibility of male and female monkeys with each other in love, relationships, marriage, work

Compatibility of Monkey and Monkey is very high — about 90%. If a man and a woman are born in the year of the earthen Monkey — more than 95%.

Earth Monkeys are very predisposed to each other. They have common views, goals, interests, opinions.

Such people can make a strong marriage or friendship.

Also the compatibility of the Monkeys is influenced by the zodiac signs of the two partners. Good compatibility with Taurus and Capricorn, Lviv and Pisces, Rakov and Strelets.

An example of poor compatibility can be a couple, where both the guy and the girl are Gemini on a zodiac sign.

The people who were born in the year of this animal according to the eastern horoscope are predisposed to each other. They understand what they want to achieve in life, and strongly support the aspirations of their spouse.

The same applies to any other relationships — working, friendly.

Compatibility of male and female monkeys with each other in love, relationships, marriage, work

As for the romantic relationship, men and girls treat this very simply. Marriage of convenience is not uncommon for them.

Monkeys appreciate comfort, care, attention from the opposite sex. It is important for them to get love from their partner.

People born in the year of this animal will never be able to meet with women or guys, if those stingy with emotions are not kind with them.

If the girl or the boy fell in love with her chosen one or the chosen one for real, then they will do the most for this person.

For the beloved spouse or spouse Monkeys do not feel sorry for anything. The couple will treat each other with love, admiration, understanding, trust.

The union of two monkeys also has the following advantages:

  • Emotional compatibility. These people may think differently, but they feel the same way. Therefore, the partner and partner will not have disagreements on the basis of jealousy, relationships with friends, talking to anyone else.
  • Undying interest, common hobbies. The couple will always find something to talk about, what to do in each other’s company. They will not be bored together even after many years of marriage.
  • Ease of communication, sincerity. The trust in this relationship is maximum. The guy and the girl are always open, honest with his soulmate.

Marital problems may arise for the following reasons:

  • Financial questions. And guys and girls born in the year of this animal, it is difficult to save money. They love to spend money, without denying themselves anything.
  • Household habits. Habits regarding the economy of the couple are also different, because of which conflicts, quarrels, abuse are possible.

Separation of duties will help to find a solution to marriage problems. Husband and wife will stop quarreling over trifles, as each of them will be responsible for something different.

An example is the separation of domestic and financial responsibilities. A man can keep the general budget of the family, and the girl — housekeeping.

Or you can switch roles: monkey women cope with financial issues much better than young people.

In the sex life of Monkeys, too, everything is fine. Partners completely trust each other, do not hesitate to express their erotic desires, to experiment in bed.

Both the girl and the man are passionate, relaxed, sensual, trying both to deliver physical pleasure and to receive it.

Difficulties are possible in the working relationship, as the young man and the woman see the working process in completely different ways. Unite them will be able to the overall result.

If the vision of the final goal is the same, and the couple does not begin to criticize each other in anything on the way to achieving it, then the result of their cooperation and partnership will be successful.

Friendship between the two Monkeys will be trusting, strong. These people will communicate for years, knowing each other the most intimate.

They will always support in difficult times, help out, will provide moral support.

Quarrels and disagreements may arise from jealousy and selfishness. A man and woman will become so attached to their boyfriend or girlfriend that it will be difficult for them to share them with someone else.

To avoid quarrels, scandals, conflicts and disagreements, the couple should pay attention to the following nuances in the relationship:

What should pay attentionHow to behave, what to avoid
RivalryIn a pair of two Monkeys there is always rivalry. A woman and a man are always trying to prove to each other something, to assert themselves, although they do it unconsciously. It is important to understand that the spouse is not a competitor, and set common goals
Reproaches, criticismQuibbles and unfounded criticism can hurt the feelings of the self-assured Monkey. Trying to put pressure on something, point out the wrong person should not, especially if it concerns only himself. Constructive criticism is welcome, but giving unsolicited advice also needs to be carefully
The desire to prove something, to impose their opinionsMonkeys can be intrusive in dealing with their family and close friends. You should not try to prove a man something if he insists on his. This will help maintain peace and harmony in the family.

It is important to pay attention not only to the compatibility horoscope, but also to the individual qualities of your chosen one or chosen one.

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