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Compatibility of male and female Gemini in friendship, love and bed

Compatibility of men and women Gemini in love, marriage, friendship, work and business relationships

The union of men and women of Gemini can be described with the phrase “I and my reflection”: both partners are restless, curious, energetic, are great intellectuals and have a passion for travel and new events. Their acquaintance is reminiscent of the meeting of a brother and sister separated in childhood: they cannot talk day and night, understand each other perfectly, feel an incredible spiritual kinship and unity.

However, with long-term communication, all of the above advantages turn into disadvantages: by reading their partner as an open book and anticipating his steps in advance, Gemini loses interest in relationships. Due to the same characters, it is difficult for them to complement each other, and the indefatigable ardor of each of them does not allow achieving stability.

Only painstaking work on oneself and tolerance for a partner can save an uneasy union.

The air element leaves its mark on the representatives of this sign: they are mobile, easy-going, changeable in thoughts and judgments. The inconstancy of character is reinforced by the ruling planet Mercury, which endows them with a lively mind, speed of reaction, sociability.

Both men and women Gemini have one distinguishing characteristic: the duality of nature. Even when communicating with the closest people, they will always leave room for personal secrets, so no one will succeed in knowing them completely. It is noteworthy that the Twins themselves suffer from their changeable nature and often do not know what they expect from life and in which direction they are going.

This feature is due to their frequent change of activities, friends, place of residence. Through trial and error, they seek harmony and peace of mind and peace.

Compatibility of male and female Gemini in friendship, love and bed

The twin guy is energetic, sociable, non-picky, well-versed in people. She likes to flirt with the opposite sex, regardless of marital status and age, quickly takes a great interest in the girl she likes and just as quickly cools.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that a week ago the Gemini swore to the beloved in eternal love, made plans for the future together, called for marriage, then disappeared for a few days and today appeared angry, annoyed, completely forgetting all the promises.

Partner Gemini appreciates the spiritual qualities that must necessarily be emphasized by female beauty. Having met a spectacular woman demanded in society, the man of this zodiacal constellation will make every effort to win it, and then will proudly display the “trophy” to friends and relatives.

Since the Gemini guy is a fond nature, he can immediately take a companion to the registry office and so quickly divorce if a more interesting party appears.

In order for a Gemini woman to win a Gemini man, she needs to work on her image and think through a few dozen new images a month in advance. It is not difficult to fall in love with him for a representative of the same constellation, since she can show off her erudition, support any topic of conversation and tell an exciting life story.

Such a woman is the ideal of a male Gemini. To keep the chosen one, the girl will need to constantly improve and surprise the Gemini with something new, otherwise there is a risk that he will switch to another.

Compatibility of male and female Gemini in friendship, love and bed

A Gemini woman seeks material and spiritual well-being, loves luxury, often changes her image. In her youth, she refers to love as a game, but with age she begins to better understand what she needs from marriage and what kind of partner she is looking for. She needs stability, confidence in the future, a man who will be able to pacify her insatiable passion and thirst for adventure.

To her husband, in which she will be sure, the Gemini girl will give all her love, care and affection, never betray or change.

In the face of his twin wife, a husband gets a harem: a passionate lover, a talented cook, an industrious housekeeper, a caring mother. Such a woman is often a mother of many children.

In her offspring, she fosters independence, practicality, gives a lot of freedom, does not limit her choice of partner or profession, and allows her to learn from her mistakes.

To keep a Gemini woman, a Gemini man needs to become an ideal for her: at the same time an interesting friend, interlocutor, ardent lover, reliable husband and earner. Romance in relationships is permissible only at the beginning of the novel: in the future, a potential candidate for a hand and heart needs to display masculine qualities, show his maturity, consistency and readiness to take responsibility for the chosen one and family.

Compatibility of male and female Gemini in friendship, love and bed

The relationship between men and women Gemini is bright, laid-back and rather unusual from the point of view of others. Today they are best friends, tomorrow — the worst enemies. “One step from love to hate” is precisely said about the union of representatives of this element.

In love, friendship, family and business relationships, Gemini resembles two funny children, who then have fun until they fall, then they are angry with each other so that the whole world knows about it. This is the color of such an unusual and slightly infantile tandem.

Pros and cons of the union:

  • unity and commonality of views;
  • understanding the feelings, thoughts, and emotions of the partner on the mental level;
  • interesting communication on various topics;
  • ease of understanding;
  • lack of commitment to a partner;
  • free and relaxed relationship.
  • struggle for leadership;
  • competition;
  • distrust and excessive suspicion of the partner;
  • jealousy of the successes and achievements of the other; lack of stability in the relationship;
  • unwillingness of each partner to take responsibility;
  • inability to hear each other; unwillingness to compromise.

Gemini love relationships are similar to the Brazilian series: loud showdowns, quarrels and scandals with smashing dishes and stormy passionate truce. This is a completely normal situation for lovers of the air element, who need regular emotional outbursts to maintain mental harmony.

Adrenaline from love experiences captures partners, so they often arrange provocations to each other out of the blue and in quarrels are laid out in full, then to experience a feeling of deep emotional satisfaction.

After scandals there comes a time of calm and complete idyll: gentle words come to mind, Gemini surround each other with attention and affection, sex life becomes more diverse, but it does not last long. Partners such boring relationships quickly get bored, they lose interest to each other and go to look for adventure on the side.

This continues until one of the Gemini is not jealous and he does not begin to make claims against the elect. Then events develop according to the same scenario: quarrels and passionate truces.

Surprisingly, Gemini may be in the status of lovers for years and not treat each other as partners for marriage, since mutual responsibilities will kill all romance. Both are satisfied with easy relaxed relationships, when no one controls anyone, everyone can appear and disappear at any time.

Both men and women Gemini hold conservative views on life and rarely cheat on their partners, despite constant flirting with individuals of the opposite sex.

The chances for the future of such a pair are great in the case when each of the partners managed to walk up and gain experience. Civil or guest marriage can last a lifetime, if it suits both parties.

However, practice shows that in love, Gemini is inclined to choose a reliable and stable companion for itself, and not as windy as himself, especially for Gemini women. For this reason, a romantic relationship often ends in the marriage of one of the partners, who has found a more profitable party.

In bed, both representatives of the zodiacal constellation love to experiment, sexually liberated, restless in search of new sensations, so they are great for each other. Gemini’s ways of expressing their love are physically as diverse and changeable as emotions, so their intimate life is rich and varied.

They can indulge in love joys in the most unexpected places: on the plane, under water, on the roof or in the stairwell, in the toilet stall in a restaurant, etc. Adrenaline excites them, and passion adds to the relationship.

High sexual compatibility is explained by the fact that for Gemini of both sexes, sex is a combination of intellectual, spiritual and physical intimacy, and each of them fully meets the criteria and ideals of the other. However, after some time, passion is replaced by a sharp cooling and a fall in mutual interest.

Partners who are fed up with each other, yearn for novelty, and the matter is fickle.

They are desired for each other for a long time only if mutual obligations do not arise between them. For this reason, passion and relationships persist for a long time when the Twins are in the status of lovers, and fade away when they become lawful spouses.

Gemini marriage is the marriage of two children who explore the world together. In the first place they have friendship and partnership.

They are cheerful, sociable, do not like to demonstrate their feelings in public, do not close on each other, therefore they are welcome guests in any company. Often they are connected by one hobby that brings them moral satisfaction or material wealth: joint business, working on one project, traveling with the whole family, etc.

A twin woman is interested in her husband, who does not force her to give up her hobbies, friends, become a housewife and limit herself to raising children and cleaning. In turn, the twin husband appreciates his wife for the fact that she does not require his constant presence at home, does not infringe on his personal interests, does not scold him for spending time with friends or going on a fishing trip.

The advantages of Gemini marriage include:

  • full understanding in the family;
  • making your partner what he is;
  • the presence of personal space and freedom of each spouse;
  • the possibility of self-development for him and her;
  • similar life orientations.

However, in such a marriage there are quite a few pitfalls that manifest themselves some time after living together:



A twin wife is jealous of her husband, who, even in the status of a family man, continues to flirt with other women and longs to communicate with the opposite sex. Knowing his easy and addicting character, the spouse is afraid to let the Gemini man out of sight, trying to limit his freedom or trying to control his movements and new contacts.

This leads to quarrels and disagreements in the family. Sometimes a reverse situation is possible when a husband is jealous of a more active and successful wife.

When a child appears in the family, the Twin woman is temporarily immersed in household chores. For the husband, who still attends all sorts of events, goes to meet with friends, this situation becomes boring, the wife — uninteresting, so the relationship is cracked.

Reciprocal reproaches, accusations, omissions begin. Finding no outlet for themselves, the Twins go in search of entertainment: they make new strange acquaintances, fleeting novels. As a result, the marriage breaks down due to the fact that each of the partners went his own way

A twin wife needs a husband-getter who can financially provide for her family, you cannot take her for a long time with romance. She is not a spender, can rationally use the family budget, but strives for prosperity and demands it from a man.

Since the hard work of her quickly tiring and plunges into a dejected state, the woman prefers to do household chores and create family comfort or working in low-paid formal positions. The twin husband, though not a parasite, but does not like to plunge into active labor activity: he needs time for a hobby, self-development.

Office work from bell to bell or physical labor at the plant is not for him: he does not tolerate the limitations that restrain his freedom-loving creative nature. He is indifferent to money: if there is one, he will spend it with pleasure, if not, he will live on a dime. Of course, this approach does not suit the wife, especially if there are children in the family.

The way out of the situation most often depends on the decision of the spouse: some Gemini wives arrange for several jobs at once, and some immediately file for divorce and go in search of a more reliable and stable partner.

In order to save a marriage, Gemini spouses need to remember the peculiarities of their character and try to cope with emotions. Together it is not so easy to cope with this, but it is necessary to change roles for a while: while the wife is sitting with the children, the vector should be the husband. If a man has temporary difficulties with work, the wife should take the reins in their hands.

The key to a successful marriage is a trusting partnership where the husband and wife have equal rights and duties.

It’s good if someone close to another zodiac sign is aware of Gemini family affairs: mother-in-law, mother-in-law, family friend, godfathers, etc. A sober look from the outside will allow you to objectively assess the situation and understand the mistakes of each spouse. Thanks to the help of a person from outside, the couple will be able to get practical advice, understand the causes of disagreements and take the relationship to a new level, having overcome the crisis line.

The wife and husband of Gemini should heed the advice of astrologers and adhere to the following rules in order to save the marriage:

  • constantly work on yourself;
  • Diversify your family life with your hobbies, travel, travel, etc .;
  • be more tolerant to the partner;
  • eradicate the habit of omissions and imitation of feelings;
  • avoid frivolousness in connections;
  • talk more and talk with your spouse;
  • to have separate hobbies to prevent possible competition and to ensure that each partner has the opportunity for self-realization.

The twin wife should remember that the main role in maintaining the relationship belongs to her, since she is easier to tolerate the restrictions on Mercury (in astrology, he is responsible for movement, interests, contacts and communication) and adapts more quickly to new conditions. Her husband of the same constellation is more difficult to survive the crisis moments, so he can look for an outlet on the side (playing in casinos, gambling and computer games, etc.), which will negatively affect family life.

Only the wisdom of the spouse and the understanding of the weaknesses of the partner will save the marriage.

Compatibility between men and women Gemini in friendship is much better than in a love relationship. Often they converge on the basis of the same hobby, and in the person of a partner they find a brother or sister in spirit. Friends who are not bound by mutual obligations have fun together, share impressions with each other, have similar views on life.

They feel each other with their mind and heart so well that they can give valuable and practical advice, to support in difficult times as even the closest relative cannot.

None of the partners encroaches on the privacy of the other and does not require attention: after having fed up with the company of a friend of a friend, friends can disperse for a month or a year, and then happily phone and meet, feeling the need for communication. The twins understand each other completely, they do not oppress their partner with a bad mood, complaints about life and other tediousness, which makes their relationship easy, relaxed and at the same time trusting.

The Twin Woman likes the fact that she is not required to show her femininity, and the male friend does not prove her male superiority. In this tandem, gender does not matter: only the spiritual aspect is important, and sexual attraction is small.

If each or one of the Gemini friends has a chosen one, he will never commit adultery and start a love affair with his friend.

The horoscope of compatibility of Gemini in business relations depends on the positions held by a man and a woman:

  1. one. Male chief and female subordinate — the most successful union. Democratic boss appreciates employees for their initiative and effective work, does not abuse his official position and does not put pressure on his subordinates. In such conditions it is comfortable to work for a Gemini woman who does not show any special ambitions and does not enter into competition with the boss. Both are satisfied with this state of affairs, so harmony and mutual understanding reigns in tandem.
  2. 2 Female boss and male subordinate work smoothly only under the condition that the girl is intelligent and erudite. If a Gemini woman uses her leadership position, but directs all her energy to gossip and empty gossip, her workers will not be happy, and the first person to fall under the distribution of a wayward and aggressive boss is a Twin worker. Constant conflicts and squabbles in the workplace will make the atmosphere in the team unbearable, so the results of such cooperation will be reduced to zero and can lead to the failure of the project.

A pair of Gemini works well in areas where their talents are needed (intellectual activity, trade, media, etc.). Active and energetic employees will work for four and in the shortest possible time will be able to demonstrate the grandiose results of joint work.

If the chosen work turns out to be tedious, monotonous, they will significantly worsen the indicators. Where difficult obstacles have to be overcome, Gemini is helpless: they often succumb to difficulties and prefer to change their occupation.

At a certain stage, Gemini colleagues often encounter competition and struggle for leadership: they are jealous of each other’s successes, and all this results in quarrels and conflicts. That is why the key to successful cooperation of representatives of the air element is the presence of an assistant to another zodiacal constellation, who will act as an intermediary and will be able to regulate their relationship.

Since the Twins, despite the ingenuity and high level of intelligence, often lack the perseverance and ability to bring the job to the end, it is the third person from outside who controls the work and motivates them to complete the project, not allowing everything to go to chance.

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