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Compatibility of Libra and Scorpio: in love, in marriage, in sex

The union of representatives of the zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio is unique. Satellites belonging to completely opposite elements get along in it: fire and flame. And it should be noted that the relationship, in most cases, develop very well.

But at the same time in tandems rage strong passions. A couple from the side looks just gorgeous and charming.

Undoubtedly, the leader in the alliance is always a strong Scorpio. But since Libra and Scorpio are distinguished by heightened emotionality, quarrels often occur in tandems, but reconciliation after them occurs very quickly.

Compatibility of Libra and Scorpio: in love, in marriage, in sex

Chosen Libra often keeps in such a tandem only the benefit that he sees, being next to his companion. The thing is that next to a woman Scorpio feels very confident and often becomes a successful person.

By its natural character, the representative of the sign of the zodiac Libra is very afraid of responsibility. In tandem, he may well rely on the help and support of his companion, who never loses his composure over himself in the most difficult life situations.

Compatibility between Libra men and Scorpio women in love relationships is quite high. The peculiarity of such a union is that the leader in it is always a stronger woman.

Because of this, love usually arises before partners know each other well. And the initiative always comes from a partner, and love relationships are based initially on her love.

The Libra man is very indecisive, so he can never force himself to take the first step, even if he has deep feelings.

A Scorpio woman always appreciates a relationship with a chosen one like Libra. She likes his desire to harmonize the world around him.

In addition, a positive role in the well-being of a tandem is played by a non-conflicting man. He successfully manages to smooth out the emotional outbursts of the chosen one and not allow them to develop into serious quarrels.

He also provides effective support to his partner when he is overwhelmed by pessimism.

In a love tandem, partners learn a lot from each other. A woman acquires the ability to think logically and not to give in to emotions.

A man becomes more sensitive and learns to enjoy life in all its manifestations.

Compatibility of Libra men and Scorpio women in bed is almost perfect. For partners, intimate life plays a huge role.

A woman is a great lover. She has no complexes from nature, and she seeks to get maximum pleasure from her sex life.

As in life, and in bed partner takes a leading position. But it suits the man Libra. It is enough for him that he introduces the main emotional component in sex.

Usually, it is the partner who leads the love game and enchants the partner with eloquence. She meets him with sensual caresses, and strive to look seductive.

Both partners seek to experiment and give each other maximum sensual pleasure.

To harm a successful sex can jealousy women. The slightest suspicions will enslave her and force her to give up sex.

This is due to the fact that the partner is more serious about feelings.

Despite the high compatibility of Libra and Scorpio in marriage, divorces in pairs occur very often. And from the spouse there are no complaints to the wife.

He is quite satisfied with the fact that she occupies a leading position, works a lot, keeps order in the house.

The wife accepts the husband’s passivity and realizes that it is useless to push him to an active, practical life and to the role of a breadwinner. But she will endure all this while deep feelings are present in her soul.

But as soon as the love cools, the spouse may decide to leave.

In addition, a Libra woman may behave differently in marriage. She will begin to set conditions and may even be rude to her spouse, as well as tightly controlling all his actions.

Of course, the freedom-loving husband does not like this attitude, and in this case, he may become the initiator of the divorce.

In order to save the family it is very important that the partners have common interests. Without this separation is inevitable.

In addition, the husband needs to remember that harming the family bond may be his desire to consult with friends about certain family issues.

But if the spouses show rationality, the family union will develop safely. It will be dominated by logic and moderate emotions.

Satellites will be tactful with each other, and if necessary will seek to find compromises.

Friendship between representatives of these zodiac signs is rare. Some semblance of friendships can be between older people.

At the same time, in such a friendly tandem, a Scorpio woman will take care of a man and share his life experience with him.

A young friend will appreciate the advice of an older friend. They will help him become more successful in life.

For her part, the emotional partner can learn diplomacy in such a tandem and learn to contain emotions.

In friendship with partners, it is unlikely that there may be a desire to share innermost thoughts and places with each other. Friendly relations are filled with practicality and do not commit to anything.

Friendship may occur between a boy and a girl at an early age. In this case, friendships are maintained for life.

And in this case the boy is attracted by a stronger girl. But in the process of growing up, the girlfriend draws a lot of useful information from a friendly tandem.

Compatibility of Libra and Scorpio: in love, in marriage, in sex

The chosen one of Scorpio and the Libra girl are always pleased with each other’s company. But with prolonged communication between them can slip a spark of irritation. In addition, difficulties in communication arise due to the fact that men are not given to understand the inner world of women.

Therefore, there is always a risk of mistrust, which is a threat to successful relationships. Usually tandems are held on the fact that a woman sees a benefit for herself, being next to a strong man.

Compatibility of Scorpio men and Libra women in love relationships is very high. Unions are based on mutual respect and understanding. The strength of love tandems is explained by the fact that by nature the chosen ones are skillful manipulators.

But only their impact on each other is different.

A man seeks to subordinate his partner and does not hide it, initially taking a leadership position. A woman absolutely does not resist this. After all, she understands that the desire to dominate is associated with deep feelings.

She knows how to manage a partner unobtrusively and quietly, so that he does not even notice it. This approach of both partners increases the compatibility of Scorpio and Libra in love.

The love tandem of the representatives of these zodiac signs looks somewhat bizarre. Partners are in search of inner balance while simultaneously exchanging energy.

Compatibility Scorpio and Libra in bed perfect. This is due to the fact that a man is not indifferent to sex, and a woman is always ready to respond to him in return.

About the representative born under the sign of the zodiac Libra can be said that she has an intoxicating magical sexuality.

But sometimes it happens that a woman feels a certain restraint of her partner as coldness or lack of feelings. It can cool the sexual ardor.

But, as a rule, all misunderstandings are quickly resolved by partners through peaceful negotiations, and sex is filled with new positive emotions and sensations.

Intimate life is always filled with unforgettable passions. And, the longer the relationship is maintained, the more interesting partners are to each other.

As a rule, in the intimate sphere the partner is the teacher and the leader. But at the same time a woman is ready to fulfill any wishes of her partner.

This turns every time sex into an ocean of raging passions and emotions.

Compatibility men Scorpio and women Libra in marriage is not very high. And this is despite the fact that the spouse feels very comfortable next to a strong man, and therefore becomes a real keeper of the house.

And her husband for this is very grateful.

But, nevertheless, in the family tandem are two strong people with different natural characters. That is why marriages are not easy.

Family life against the background of sincere deep feelings is always filled with disagreements on various issues.

In material terms, the family of representatives of these zodiac signs is quite safe. Scorpio man can earn money and he really likes to be a real earner. He never objects to the financial expenses of his wife.

But sometimes purchases of the wife can cause bewilderment. This is due to the fact that he is used to assess the quality, and for his wife, external aesthetics is the main thing.

Divorces are not uncommon in Scorpio and Libra marriages. The main reason for separation is a different perception of family relationships. Even a married Libra woman strives for freedom.

She appreciates the ease in the relationship. Such unconstrained behavior often causes jealousy to the spouse. On this basis, scandals may arise.

To eliminate the risks of divorce, spouses should immediately stipulate their roles in the family and make it clear to each other what to do is unacceptable.

The friendship between the representatives of these zodiac signs is always based on mutual benefit, therefore there is no trust in friendship. Usually some life circumstances bring together partners, for example, it can be a common job.

A very good combination are the circumstances in which the male Scorpio is the leader.

Relatives are quite often friends, such as brother and sister. In this case, the relationship is stronger.

A friend takes care of her friend, and she allows him to even control his actions, completely trusting his opinion. With long-term friendly communication Scorpio and Libra learn a lot from each other. In an effort to get rid of their own shortcomings, friends become better in every sense.

Over time, they complement each other, helping to strengthen relationships.

Compatibility of Libra and Scorpio: in love, in marriage, in sex

The representative of the sign of the zodiac Libra has many chances to effortlessly win the heart of her chosen one, born under the sign of the zodiac Scorpio. First of all, the girl needs to demonstrate the softness of the natural character, tenderness and refined nature.

It is important to show that you really need protection and that you want to be close to a strong person.

But at the same time, a woman who dreams of winning the heart of a man of Scorpio does not need to show that she knows how to think logically. It is much more important to demonstrate their intelligence and diplomacy, which will allow the chosen one to understand that he will be able to shine in a society with a beautiful and intelligent young lady.

It should be understood that immediately after the acquaintance, in order not to alienate the chosen one, one should not argue with him. This is due to the fact that a Scorpio man always has his own opinion on a specific issue and convince him that he is not right.

If the relationship develops safely, then against the background of confidence it will be possible to unobtrusively redirect the chosen one in the right direction. If it happens that the satellite asks for advice, then in no case can hesitate and doubt.

Scorpio men are very attracted by the representatives of the zodiac sign Libra with their natural gentleness and prudence. Therefore, he often has a question about how to attract the attention of such a beauty.

Problems with winning the heart of the chosen one in a Scorpio man, as a rule, do not arise. The thing is, he naturally possesses a strong male character, which is an attractive factor for a woman Libra.

A Scorpio man can easily attract attention with the following character traits:

  • With a keen mind that allows you to respond extraordinarily to various life situations.
  • Sociability that makes it easy to keep up a conversation on any topic.
  • Masculinity, which allows you to survive in difficult circumstances.

Trying to win the heart of a beautiful woman with a balanced natural character, a man should keep in mind that no matter how chosen one seems to be soft and compliant, she will never allow herself to be controlled like a puppet. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate any pressure on it.

When caring for a balanced and sensible girl, it should be understood that the chosen one will decide to continue the relationship, only having thought it over carefully, so you need to be patient and wait.

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