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Compatibility of Libra and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Chosen Libra and Aquarius are very suitable for each other. Because of this, they always create very prosperous and harmonious tandems. At the first meeting, the elects at the subconscious level feel a mutual attraction.

They manage to very quickly find a common language and there is never disagreement between them. Some insignificant threat to the relationship is the natural love of both partners.

Tandems by the representatives of these signs of the zodiac form very rapidly, and satellites never doubt the correctness of the decisions made. This is facilitated by the fact that partners are controlled by one element — air.

Compatibility of Libra and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Alliances between the representatives of these zodiac signs are very strong. A characteristic feature is that the decision to create them is made very quickly. Partners are interesting to each other, they are sociable, they are united by similar life positions, they can have common goals.

Harmony in tandems is achieved by the fact that there is no leader in it, but absolutely equal relations are present.

Compatibility men Libra and women of Aquarius in a love relationship is very high. And this indicator is confirmed in practice without any conditions and reservations.

Relationships in tandems are filled with deep feelings, they always develop very rapidly. The unifying factor is the desire for diversity.

Lovers are never bored together, because free time is full of romantic events and interesting communication.

It is noteworthy that the partners manage to maintain novelty in the relationship for a long time. This is primarily due to the fact that they never seek to restrict each other’s freedom. Satellites retain a certain external and internal freedom.

They respect the interests of their halves and the desire to have their friends. Also, a deep understanding allows you to count on support and eliminates any differences.

On the other hand, partners are happy to spend time in the company of mutual friends. Libra and Aquarius are distinguished by goodwill and ease of communication.

Partners do not seek to share their problems, preferring to solve them only together.

Compatibility of the woman Libra and the Aquarius men in bed is not bad, but it depends largely on the mood of the partners. By their nature, the representatives of these zodiac signs are liberated, they have no natural complexes.

As a result, partners are happy to have sex, but this intimate sphere is not a connecting factor. Sexual relationships are always filled with positive emotions.

Partners lead a beautiful love game, they like to create a romantic mood. They allow themselves to communicate during sex on a variety of topics, in particular, to talk about love.

With pleasure partners experiment, with the aim of delivering maximum pleasure to each other. In addition, well-being in bed is facilitated by the fact that partners are able to intuitively feel one and the same.

The high compatibility of Libra and Aquarius in marriage indicates that the representatives of these zodiac signs very often make the decision to create family unions. Moreover, marriage is not spontaneous, the lovers think about the future life together in detail.

Marriage is only when both a man and a woman will be confident in the correctness of the choice of a life partner.

In most cases, the relationship develops very well. The family reigns calm and benevolent atmosphere, filled with absolute confidence. Any domestic issues in the family are discussed, and a definite solution is worked out for them.

Since both spouses do not like to do household chores, all economic matters are carried out together and as quickly as possible. But there is no specific distribution.

Some threat to family life is the natural irresponsibility of the spouse. But, as a rule, a loving wife manages to unobtrusively influence a loved one and bring him up without any pressure.

This will avoid a crisis in the relationship in difficult times. Over time, the spouses become one, they are not afraid of any obstacles in the path of life.

If a love spark did not slip between the representatives of these signs, then they have all the prerequisites for the emergence of a strong friendship. These are common interests and similarity of natural characters.

Usually, friends do not want to spend all their free time together, they don’t need it, because people feel each other at a distance and are confident that they will be able to provide necessary assistance at a distance.

A strong friendship lasts for many years, there are no conflicts between partners, and there are absolutely no complaints. The strength of friendships is explained by the fact that Libra and Aquarius do not attempt to remake each other. Friendship is dominated by new impressions, but friends do not climb into the soul of each other.

That is why friendship is devoid of sincerity and emotionality.

Friends can create a very strong business union. They have the same approach to work, so others can get the impression that one person works.

An important advantage of a working friendly tandem is that colleagues in it show increased activity. And friends are absolutely not afraid of surprises and force majeure.

Working shoulder to shoulder, they always find the best way out of this situation.

Compatibility of Libra and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Representatives of these signs of the zodiac usually create very strong tandems filled with love and trust. Romantic and airy man Aquarius and Libra woman strive to create a harmonious world around him.

Cheerful, with an active lifestyle, people are able to really look at the world around them, despite the emotionality of natural characters.

As a rule, the initiator of the relationship is a woman Libra. But the high compatibility of the man of Aquarius and the woman Libra in a love relationship indicates that the chosen one quickly reciprocates.

Love unions are strong and reliable, despite the fact that lovers do not seek to control each other and spend a lot of time together. Understanding that freedom is very important for the man of Aquarius, the partner gives it to him.

The woman in this tandem is positive, tactful and diplomatic.

There are practically no serious problems in the love unions of partners of these zodiac signs, and this is confirmed by the good compatibility of Aquarius and Libra in love. The desire of Aquarius to bring something unusual and non-standard into life can slightly disrupt harmony. His unpredictable actions often violate the sense of harmony in the soul of a girl.

But by virtue of natural diplomacy and gentleness, the beauty manages to normalize life. In addition, due to the fact that Libra is an enthusiastic person, they are happy to participate in all the original undertakings of a loved one.

In the intimate sphere, the representatives of these zodiac signs are completely satisfied with each other. Sex almost always becomes the end of a long romantic pastime.

And this fact emphasizes the compatibility of Aquarius and Libra in bed.

In sexual relations, each partner gets what he needs. Sometimes at the initial stage, difficulties arise because the Libra woman is not fully aware of the sincerity and deep feelings of her partner.

Libra woman seeks to fill intimate life with harmony. She does not accept simplified relationships. She needs beautiful words and sensual caresses.

When a partner begins to understand this, he is able to give the most positive emotions. Most importantly, the partners understand each other and, if necessary, get rid of misunderstanding.

Representatives of these zodiac signs, despite the fact that they create ideal love unions, do not seek to quickly legalize relationships. This somewhat reduces the compatibility of the Aquarian man and the Libra woman in marriage.

But since people create a family after careful deliberation, marriages are strong and exist for a long time. Spouses in such tandems are like-minded and loyal, reliable friends. The family has an atmosphere of complete trust.

Spouses are very sensitive to each other, therefore refrain from criticism, even in those cases where it is relevant. Quarrels and conflicts in the family are rare, as people perceive each other as they are by their natural character.

On some domestic issues in the family disputes may arise. But in this case, in a calm tone, the spouses simply give their own arguments, after which they find compromises.

The stability of family relationships gives the fact that spouses always have the same hobbies. The main problem is financial issues.

A man of Aquarius must necessarily become a reliable earner, otherwise the spouse will be dissatisfied, because she is not used to denying herself something.

Compatibility in friendly relations between representatives of these signs of the zodiac is on an average level. This is due to the fact that people greatly value their own independence, so they do not seek to burden themselves with any kind of relationship.

But when fate drives them on the basis of common hobbies, interests, or activities, the partners create strong, friendly tandems. The connecting factor is the desire of both partners to constantly develop, in order to satisfy their intellectual hunger.

Unselfish relations are established between friends, in which flirtation and coquetry are absent. It is noteworthy that when communicating, people have the feeling that they have known each other since childhood.

Both partners value friendship very much and do nothing to test its strength.

Friends can be very good business partners. At the same time they achieve maximum success when their activities are related to the intellectual sphere.

Aquarius and Libra are equally capable of solving the most complex tasks, there is no disagreement between them.

Compatibility of Libra and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

To conquer a man of Aquarius Libra woman will not be difficult. The chosen one likes sociable women without complexes.

Libra girl can offer easy communication on any topic. This is exactly what Aquarius needs.

This man has no particularly strict requirements for the choice of companion. The main thing is that he was interested in her.

Therefore, it is very important to first take an interest in the hobbies and hobbies of your chosen one. As a rule, Libra men are versatile individuals who are absolutely not difficult to please.

The chosen one will appreciate the high intellectual abilities of a beautiful woman and her desire to self-develop. As a rule, deeper relationships may arise against the background of a strong friendship that is tied between a Libra girl and Aquarius man.

It should be remembered that a strong passion is alien to a man, sex for him in life does not occupy dominant positions. Therefore, you should not try to improve relations through the bed.

Men who were born under the sign of Aquarius are more interested in the inner world of the chosen one than her appearance.

And most importantly, in order to keep the chosen one near you, you cannot restrict his freedom. But, as a rule, the diplomatic representative of the zodiac sign Libra is not even going to do this.

To conquer the woman Libra, the man of Aquarius needs to demonstrate his high level of natural intelligence. It should be remembered that she will pay attention to a person who knows how to behave properly in society and naturally keep conversations on various topics.

A man of Aquarius who is educated and successful will attract her attention. It is important, coming on dates, takes care of your image.

No need to be careless in clothes, because a woman of Libra always appreciates the elegant look of her chosen one.

It is important to give your beloved beautiful gifts, it should be remembered that the bouquet presented should be exquisite. In addition, it is important to win the approval of her family and friends.

For a woman of Libra, public opinion is always very important.

It is important to understand that the beauty always evaluates her chosen one from the point of view of a potential husband. Therefore, the requirements for it can be very strict and strict.

Communicating with a woman during the Candy-Bouquet period should be on different topics, this will allow you to demonstrate your versatility. But it is absolutely not worth sharing your life problems with the chosen one.

This will immediately alienate her, as she considers the man she likes a weak and weak-willed person.

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