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Compatibility of Leo and Leo: in love, in marriage, in sex

Compatibility of representatives of the sign of the zodiac Leo is on average. According to the existing folk belief, the two Lions are quite difficult to get along in one cell. It is noteworthy that surrounding people do not notice all the difficulties that exist in tandem.

A couple, being in a society, is distinguished by brightness, goodwill and sociability. Near lovers keeps the desire for success. Partners support each other in all endeavors that promote progress towards the goal.

This approach allows representatives of the fire sign of the zodiac to ignore internal contradictions.

Compatibility of Leo and Leo: in love, in marriage, in sex

People born under the sign of Leo easily find a common language and quickly fall in love with each other. But due to the low compatibility of the man of Leo and the woman of Leo in love relationships, there are hardly any prosperous unions. Interfere with the creation of harmonious tandems desire to dominate.

The partner insists that the beloved is in his shadow. But the freedom-loving beauty does not tolerate such an attitude.

Moreover, she strives to surpass her partner in everything.

Representatives of this sign are proud personalities. After quarrels, they hardly go to reconciliation.

Compromises in dealing with domestic issues are also not inherent in them. Very often, even against the background of love feelings, they do not forgive the mistakes of their halves.

The low compatibility of Leo and Leo in love is due to the fact that people are jealous. Despite the natural love of freedom, in the soul of each partner can spark a spark of bad feelings that provoke a big scandal.

Partners are owners, therefore, in order to preserve love, they need to learn to mutually trust. And if there are suspicions, then you do not need to conceal them in the shower and save grievances.

It is better to express everything at once, especially since in most cases all suspicions are in vain and their partner or partner can be quickly debunked.

If lovers are determined to preserve relationships, then thanks to their strong character they will be able to overcome any adversity and build a prosperous, harmonious love tandem. With the right approach, which includes patience and mutual respect, the participants of the union will be happy to satisfy the wishes and whims of one and the same. Thanks to this, Leo and Leo will get used to each other and learn to yield.

And the sooner a man learns to give in to his partner, the sooner the relationship stabilizes. In gratitude, he will be surrounded by great love and affection.

The fact that the compatibility of the men of Leo and the women of Leo in bed is good can only be said if there are strong deep love feelings between the partners. Only trusting and sincere relationships can lead to harmonious sex.

Representatives of the zodiac sign Leo are very passionate personalities. Against the background of complete confidence, they are able to fully open up in bed and fill intim with an unforgettable all-consuming passion.

Partners irresistibly pulls each other and, loving, they discard all the complexes and conventions. It is noteworthy that, along with this, satellites introduce romance and tenderness into sexual relations, the representatives of this fiery sign are characterized by artistry of nature.

This is a good quality in bed, as partners are able to turn sex into a real fairy tale. It is very important not to forget that the initiative sometimes needs to be intercepted in order to exclude the appearance of disagreements in the sexual sphere.

Compatibility Leo and Leo in bed is high due to the sincerity of partners who are not able to hide feelings. If the life situation is not very good, and there are certain problems in the relationship, then the partners cannot fully enjoy sex.

They begin to discuss the existing problems, which gradually leads to a cooling of feelings. If it is not possible to overcome the differences, then lovers move away from each other, and sex simply disappears from their lives.

Marriages between representatives of the zodiac sign Leo and Leo are quite often. The natural sincerity of these people contributes to the fact that they quickly decide to marry against the background of strong love and sexual attraction. But, unfortunately, families are often dysfunctional, gaps often occur.

This is evidenced by the fact that according to statistics there is an average compatibility of a man Leo and a woman Leo in marriage.

Despite the passion of the natural natures of the spouses, the sexual component is not central to them in family life. Much more people value mutual support, understanding.

Spouses are distinguished by similar natural characters; therefore, a distinctive feature of families is soul affinity. Spouses are equally related to events taking place in the outside world, so they do not need much time to explain their position.

Joint hobbies and activities strengthen the family. But at the same time, rivalry inherent to spouses is a threat.

This factor reduces the compatibility of Leo and Leo in marriage. In the family of representatives of the element of fire, there is always a public or unofficial struggle for dominance.

Against this background, there are quite violent conflicts related to the fact that none of the spouses want to give in to each other. Disagreements occur in the domestic sphere. This is due to the fact that the man Leo dreams of home comfort, but does not want to participate in his organization.

Spouse believes that all responsibilities should be divided in half.

In order to preserve a family, it is necessary to remember that none of Lions should win. If someone succeeds in suppressing a partner, then a hysterical weak personality will be close by, filling family relationships with mediocrity.

A defeated spouse will become a vindictive person and turn life into hell, which is likely to lead to divorce.

The main advice to save a happy family tandem Leo and Leo — you need to compete carefully, alternately yielding to each other palm in solving various domestic issues. As an option to mitigate conflicts should be used as often as possible intimate intimacy.

Compatibility in friendship between representatives of the sign of the zodiac Leo is also on an average level. But this is more connected with the fact that, against the background of rivalry in certain areas, conflicts may arise and people who are not able to make concessions break off friendly relations.

In fact, the friendship between the two Lions can be strong and long. This is due to the fact that friends have similar interests and hobbies, so their very fate brings them together at various public events.

And if the satellites are so intelligent that none of them will strive to lead, then the friendship will be promising. Friendly relationships will be stable and reliable. Friends will stand behind each other with a mountain if life circumstances require it.

They will be able to successfully confront the most serious opponents.

It is noteworthy that, even if they do not consider themselves to be real friends, representatives of the signs of the zodiac Leo rush to each other to help if necessary. And only after the difficult situation is resolved positively, people can again move away and go to the level of friendship.

A strong friendship is possible between relatives.

The likelihood of developing friendships is also high if a couple of Leo and Leo are connected by a common job. Under the force in this case is any difficult work.

When friends work on the result, the rivalry fades into the background, they not only easily agree on any issues between themselves, but also work successfully in a team.

Compatibility of Leo and Leo: in love, in marriage, in sex

Male Leo is a very self-confident person. He prefers to spend a lot of time in the company of friends and like-minded people. In such a place you can try to draw his attention to himself.

To make it by virtue of similar nature traits of a woman, belonging to the sign of the zodiac Leo, is simple.

It is very important, having interested the chosen one, does not want to look brighter than him. It should be remembered that it is necessary to maintain its significance by all means. But at the same time you need to demonstrate your intellect to a confident handsome man, so that he would understand that next to him is not a silly woman, but an intelligent woman who can become his true faithful companion of life.

A woman for a man of Leo is a business card.

It is necessary to remember that the chosen one is distinguished by a proprietary character. Therefore, he should not cause jealousy frivolous behavior.

Any innocent flirting with other men at the beginning of dating will alienate him, he will consider such behavior frivolous.

In communicating with Leo should be proactive. This will allow to demonstrate its versatility.

But at the same time, one should listen to the opinion of the man and, as often as possible, but very tactfully, admire his correctly expressed opinion on any issue.

Woman Leo is a very ambitious person. And it is precisely this quality of character that should be taken into account by the man who set a goal to win the heart of a bold and confident beauty.

Of course, the first thing she pays attention to the appearance of a man who shows signs of attention to her. She will reciprocate the chosen one, who has good taste and knows how to present herself in society.

After she appreciates the visual appeal, a man Leo should demonstrate his inner strength and perseverance. Candy and bouquet period should be exquisite and beautiful. It is important to give expensive gifts, carefully furnish leisure when sharing time.

Cheap trinkets and nice little gatherings for the beauty born under the sign of the zodiac Leo are not suitable.

It should be during the initial acquaintance to show increased attention to the darling, if possible, should strive to satisfy all her desires. It is necessary to remember that a beautiful and self-confident woman really likes compliments.

She should hear from her fan beautiful compliments so that she has a desire to continue the relationship. It is very important to behave naturally, sincerity of words and actions is often a decisive factor for a woman of a given zodiac sign when choosing a life partner.

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