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Compatibility of Leo and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

According to statistics, the unions of representatives of the zodiac signs Leo and Aquarius, in most cases, are unsuccessful. And this is despite the fact that the partners are very similar in their natural characters. They are optimistic about all the events of the world and are looking with confidence to the future, believing that they can easily overcome all difficulties.

In addition, the elects belonging to these zodiac signs are sociable, there are always many friends around them, they like to spend time in noisy companies. But, despite all the above, there are always many contradictions in the union.

They are the cause of the gap. At the same time, gender of partners is of great importance.

Compatibility of Leo and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

In a pair of men, a lion and a woman Aquarius are always the leading positions occupied by a partner. The companion always takes it easily.

But, despite this agreement, there is always a lot of disagreement in a couple.

Compatibility of men Leo and women of Aquarius in love relationships is very low. At the same time, love between representatives of these zodiac signs always arises unexpectedly.

This is mainly due to the loving character of the partner. For a bright and self-confident Leo, the unpredictability of the chosen one turns out to be attractive, he is delighted with the mystery of his companion.

At the initial stage, love relationships are always saturated with positive emotions. They are filled with passion and interesting communication.

A man Leo is very pleased that his chosen one does not dramatize life events and treats everything happening in the world around easily. He does not notice that the companion is not adapted to housekeeping.

Problems occur immediately after the darling of the senses cools. Unfortunately, inconsistency is inherent in the representatives of this sign of the zodiac, they very often change partners in order to receive diversity from life. In addition, the woman Aquarius is very fond of freedom, and the authoritarianism, stubbornness, proprietary feelings of the chosen one often strain her.

Sometimes, despite the flexibility of the companion, there is a rivalry between the partners.

The compatibility of the male lion and the female Aquarius is high in bed, although there are many problems in intimate life. Intimate relationships are always very beautiful. They are filled with romance, a lot of positive emotions.

The partner likes to flirt, flirt, she likes to talk about love. A partner is always happy to join in love games, trying to diversify sex with various innovations.

The main problem will arise if the partner begins to show their desire to lead. Such sex is absolutely not suitable freedom-loving beauty.

In this regard, the partner should remember that his chosen one will never agree to obey, she will accept only equal relations. In addition, the cause of the gap may be rivalry, which often occurs between partners.

Compatibility Leo and Aquarius in marriage are very low. Representatives of these signs of the zodiac very rarely form happy families. Spouses in such tandems are not able to join forces to build a harmonious tandem.

Each of them prefers to live in their own world, spouses are only interested in their own interests.

To save the family, partners should work on themselves:

  • The spouse should temper their egocentricity and pride. He must learn to listen to the opinion of his wife. In addition, even if it takes its leadership position, then equality should be learned.
  • The spouse must accept, with full responsibility, a change in his status and learn to respect family traditions. It is impossible to give empty promises to her husband, which she is not going to fulfill.

If a man loves his darling, then he will strive with all his might to save his family, and his wife must help him with this. The spouse will assume all the duties of material support, in return he will need the moral support of the second half.

In view of the foregoing, representatives of these zodiac signs prefer to live in civil marriage. Only after they realize that they are able to build harmonious relations they go to a registry office.

Friendship in a pair of Leo and Aquarius is almost impossible. But the average compatibility in this sphere of life shows that prosperous friendly tandems can be created by relatives or people belonging to different generations.

For family people, such friendship can be dangerous, so their “second half” has something to worry about.

Fruitful friendships can arise if friends are united by any social activity. Each of the friends will be able to realize themselves better in their profession.

In addition, a uniting factor for friendship are the conditions for hanging out, for example, it can be sports.

Unfortunately, successful collaboration in other areas of work can hardly take place. This is due to the fact that satellites have a different approach to work. A friend Aquarius never seeks to make a career, so does not show much zeal in the work.

A friend can not arrange it, because the Lions are aimed at becoming successful in life. They need to be next to someone who can support his ideas.

Compatibility of Leo and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Representatives of these signs of the zodiac can build harmonious relationships, if they are not burdened by any problems or obligations. In any case, people will need to make concessions in order to achieve harmony in the created tandems.

The compatibility of the Aquarian man and the female Leo in love relationships is low. Sympathy between people is rare.

It, as a rule, arises on the basis of opposing characters, by virtue of which love unions are more often short-lived.

Initially, the woman Leo likes the extraordinary character of the satellite, she is impressed by his free views on relationships. He is optimistic about life and easily overcomes any difficulties.

The man Aquarius also likes a bright companion. She with her active lifestyle perfectly combines with an inquisitive partner. Despite the low compatibility of Aquarius and Leo in love, the created alliances are held for a long time if the leading position is held by a woman.

She has a good support for your loved one. Thanks to her, the partner begins to skillfully apply his knowledge, he becomes more practical and successful.

For his part, he teaches his companion to perceive the world more widely.

The duration of the existence of a prosperous and harmonious union depends entirely on how long people will have deep feelings for each other. The first, as a rule, cools the man, and the main reason is the proprietary views of the companion.

The compatibility of Aquarius and Leo in bed is quite good, but this only shows that the representatives of these zodiac signs have a greater chance of well-being in the intimate sphere. A mutual attraction arises between lovers on a subconscious level.

Mutual interest can hold partners for a long time together in the sexual sphere.

The guy is very impressed by the passion of the chosen one and the lack of her complexes. He offers various innovations and experiments to which the partner responds with pleasure.

A distinctive feature of sexual relationships is that they always differ in originality. In bed, companions show special attentiveness and tenderness to each other.

Quite often, sexual compatibility prevents a maturing break in relationships. Break the harmony can desire girls completely subordinate partner in bed.

If she does not allow him to embody her sexual fantasies, he will start looking for another partner.

The compatibility of the Aquarian man and the female Leo in marriage is average. As a rule, the decision to create a family is made by the representatives of these zodiac signs in a short time on the basis of passionate love.

This means that satellites do not have clear plans for a joint future. Spontaneously created families often do not stand the test, so unions break up.

At the beginning of family life, everything is going pretty well. A pair of Aquarius and Leo loves to have fun, the couple spend a lot of time in the company of friends.

They do not deny themselves anything.

Compatibility of Leo and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

The first domestic difficulties sober the spouses, and they come to understand that family life can not be a continuous holiday. Usually, the first blow is assumed by a spouse who is not used to being lost in difficult situations.

She solves all the problems, but if the spouse does not join the family in speed, then she will be disappointed in her husband.

Most likely, a sincere woman will try to raise this issue in one of the conversations with her husband. If he responds and draws the right conclusions, the family will continue.

In addition, this moment will be the starting point for stabilizing relations.

The friendship between representatives of these signs can be very strong only if its roots go back to childhood. Having made friends, Aquarius and Leo sneak sincere relationships throughout their lives.

Friends have time to study each other so well that they turn into a brother and sister, so love relationships between them are impossible.

Friendship is filled with interesting communication on a variety of topics. Friends love to participate in all exciting events, so their life is connected with unforgettable impressions.

They value friendships and strive to support each other in all endeavors.

In other situations, friendship between people is rare. This is due to the fact that a friend has an authoritarian character and seeks to dominate the friendly tandem. The freedom-loving partner cannot allow her this, on this ground the differences begin.

There is no successful cooperation in the case when people become colleagues.

On the other hand, the natural inconstancy of Aquarius becomes an annoying factor for a friend. He is able to quickly change his views depending on the circumstances of life.

To win the heart of a man of Aquarius, a bright and confident woman is absolutely not difficult. You just need to demonstrate their natural features. In this case, one should not forget about the love of freedom of the chosen one.

This means that a woman born under the sign of the zodiac Leo should not focus on her desire to lead.

The elect of Aquarius has a mass of incredible qualities. Very often, these are creative individuals who perceive the world in all its versatility.

That is why a woman Leo should be interested in the chosen one with her versatility. She must demonstrate her ability to easily keep up conversations on any subject.

You can arouse your interest by supporting his fantasies and participating in all his endeavors, no matter how chaotic they may seem. Moreover, in practice, a man of Aquarius quite often succeeds in making dreams come true.

Men in their lives are always looking for the ideal in all spheres. Therefore, the young lady Leo must demonstrate from this point of view.

In addition, it should be remembered that it is much easier to draw the attention of a gallant, handsome man with a refined taste to himself than to keep him.

To win a man Aquarius woman Leo is easy. He has the necessary eloquence and knows how to look very nice.

The gallantry of a man is always an attractive factor for a bright and confident woman.

In order to enjoy a bright and strong woman born under the sign of the zodiac Leo, you must be able to maintain conversations on various topics. A beautiful woman can be close to her companion, who will be able to organize her interesting leisure time and conquer her with her unusual behavior. It is also necessary to admire the natural abilities of a beautiful woman, more often to praise her.

But this must be done sincerely, she should not suspect flattery, otherwise the relationship will be broken immediately.

It is necessary to be interested in the hobbies of the girl, to try to understand her worldview, to get acquainted with the views on various events taking place in the surrounding world. This will accelerate the formation of relationships. In addition, be sure to make it clear that, if necessary, she will be given all the necessary support.

Representatives of the zodiac sign Leo give their hearts only to a strong and successful man. The guy Aquarius is very resourceful, and in some areas and talented, so he will surely arouse the interest of the young lady Leo.

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