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Compatibility of Gemini women and Libra men in love, in family life according to the horoscope

Gemini woman and Libra man: horoscope compatibility

Libra and Gemini have a lot in common. Both signs are dominated by the air element, so they quickly find a common language.

Partners act on the same wavelength, look at the world in the same way. Guy-Libra and Gemini-girl strive for an easy and carefree life.

The windiness of these partners is exacerbated by the duality of the signs. Both are subject to frequent mood swings.

They instantly go from fun to deep sadness, from good nature to irritability.

Impermanence and disorganization prevent them from building long-lasting and strong alliances. They are great for each other, but they rarely develop a serious relationship.

The unions of Libra men and Gemini women are based on fascinating communication. Representatives of these signs are extremely sociable and affable, they are pleased to communicate with each other, there is no interruption in their conversations, as both are ready to talk endlessly. The twins are erudite and witty, they are able to keep up the conversation on any topic.

The Libra Man is less talkative than the girl in this pair, but he is a good listener. This guy is genuinely interested in someone else’s opinion, therefore, is reputed to be an excellent conversationalist.

These partners are able to make friends for life, as both take seriously the friendship between a man and a woman. However, their friendship is often interspersed with casual sex.

They treat the intimate side of life calmly. Waking up in the same bed after the party, Gemini and Libra continue to make friends, as if nothing had happened.

They start loving relationships only when mutual feelings arise.

Representatives of these constellations easily go through life, they avoid responsibility, and the difficulties that arise are trying to avoid it.

The Gemini woman is quite insightful, so she immediately notices all the faults of a man. She needs a strong and decisive partner, and in Libra she only sees a funny gentleman who cannot be relied on.

A man admires her charming, but also does not consider this girl seriously.

Together, they feel free and comfortable, but both are constantly looking around, looking for someone more suitable for «serious relationship.» These partners should be aware that the ease and ardor of their love can last a lifetime, only more often they do not believe in such a prospect.

Everyone in this couple is confident that a stable and strong relationship must be difficult. And since everything is too easy and simple for them, they do not consider their connection to be serious.

The psychological compatibility of these zodiac signs is very high. If both are tuned to long-term relationships, then nothing prevents them from coming to happiness.

These partners need only to choose the right course at the very beginning.

Compatibility of Gemini women and Libra men in love, in family life according to the horoscope

The meeting of the girl-twins and the guy-Libra can take place anywhere. Both love to have fun, so most often they find each other in noisy groups of friends. The initiator of the relationship usually becomes a lady.

The Libra Man is too indecisive, it is difficult for him to take the first step.

Mutual attraction arises from the first minutes of their acquaintance. The guy is fascinated by an attractive and cheerful girl, and at first she sees in him only an interesting interlocutor. If passion flashes between them, they immediately rush headlong into the maelstrom of feelings.

However, very soon the fervor fades away, and Gemini cannot meet with someone when there is no fire in their souls.

At this stage, much depends on the man, if he manages to carry the darling away with something out of bed, the relationship continues. Otherwise, the girl gradually moves away from him, and then completely disappears from his field of vision.

Compatibility of Gemini women and Libra men in love, in family life according to the horoscope

In this alliance, you should not delay the candy-bouquet period. A female Gemini may remain in doubt all her life about her feelings for her chosen one.

But if she gets married, all doubts disappear. She is responsible for the marriage, so the man-Libra should show perseverance and quickly lure her to the registrar.

If the guy misses the right moment, the relationship gradually comes to a standstill.

Astrologers recommend that these partners immediately move to living together, only in this case their union has good chances for the future, because common concerns and problems unite them. But long romantic meetings without mutual obligations are pushing both to search for new sensations with other partners.

Compatibility of Gemini women and Libra men in love, in family life according to the horoscope

The relationship of this couple is not burdened by mutual jealousy and suspicion. Libra and Gemini are fairly easy to treason, in this union, one can hardly count on mutual loyalty. However, both partners try to adhere to social norms, so they carefully hide their campaigns on the side of each other.

If the betrayal becomes well-known, they quarrel and reproach each other for lack of respect, but they don’t even think about parting.

A big problem with them may be a financial issue. Representatives of these constellations do not know how to earn and spend money properly.

Both are quite wasteful, so they often find themselves without means of subsistence.

To eliminate intrigues, Libra and Gemini need to learn how to restrict each other’s freedom. Mutual trust is unjustified here, both signs are subject to momentary impulses.

But if they exercise more vigilance and organize control, they will completely manage without side trips.

To solve material problems, they should keep strict records of the family budget. Usually these partners separately dispose of personal funds, but in this pair they should not do that.

Here the common money should be in the custody of one of the partners, so that he counts the expenses more reasonably.

To a Gemini girl, the elect may seem reasonable and practical, but she should know that Libra’s external thoroughness is deceptive. A man of this zodiac sign takes a long time to make decisions, but not from the fact that he thinks everything through carefully, he simply does not know how to make a choice.

In this union, the lady will have to take everything into her own hands, otherwise even minor problems will accumulate due to the fact that the guy can not decide on further actions.

The Libra man here should pay attention to changes in the mood of the chosen one. Twins do not know how to live in peace.

If the lover does not give her new emotions and sensations, the lady briefly sad. The madness of her fantasy constantly throws up extravagant ideas that a guy needs to stop in time.

In the zodiacal circle, the signs are arranged in order, and each has its own number:

  • Gemini is the 3rd zodiac sign;
  • Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac.

Each figure has its own characteristic, and by their combination it is possible to determine the peculiarities of partner relations. Experts note that family values ​​are important for the troika. Twins never renounce relatives, close ties are sacred to them.

These people support relatives in any circumstances.

Seven — the number of happiness. Scales never lose heart, they are lucky everywhere, but the influence of this figure often causes a person to lose vigilance.

Sevens are naive and simple, that is why they are often deceived.

Relationships of the third and seventh signs add up well only with a mutual desire to create a strong pair. If one of the partners does not show serious intentions, the union falls apart.

Usually Libra and Gemini take several minutes to feel the mutual attraction. Their sympathy for each other arises spontaneously, they immediately realize that together they will be fine.

However, the construction of relationships is influenced by extraneous factors. The boy and girl of these signs are unlikely to get close, if both are not free.

They are able to deceive themselves by the fact that mutual interest is caused only by a friendly conversation, but if you leave them alone, then flirting with sexual overtones will reveal true desires.

As a percentage, the compatibility of these partners reaches 90%. The horoscope indicates a good combination of these signs, but Gemini and Libra do not always have time to feel the ideality of their union.

Often they miss a good opportunity to find their happiness together.

In a love relationship with a girl-twins, the boy-Libra is liberated. The woman of this sign has people in trust, you can discuss with her even the most intimate topics. There is always a mutual interest, but the lady usually expects something more from her chosen one.

At the beginning of the novel, the Libra man behaves not too actively, so the girl has to constantly push him. If the guy does not show a special initiative, then Gemini gets bored.

In the love of these signs, everything is based on joint pastime, partners can not leave for a few days, otherwise they risk simply forgetting about each other. The Gemini girl does not like to be alone, so she always finds a company.

In order for the novel to develop and systematically come to marriage, a man needs to accompany his beloved everywhere.

In marriage, both feel at ease and freely. Twin Wives and Husbands-Libra do not claim a dominant role in the relationship, they alternately solve the problems that arise, adjusting to the situation. At first, the woman wants to see the leader in the wife, but very soon she realizes that the chosen one will not pull such a burden.

But the man copes with the housework, relieving his beloved from household chores.

These spouses live the same day, but both enjoy it. They do not build joint plans for the future, their family boat goes with the flow.

However, when a child is born in a family, the woman completely switches her attention to him. The husband becomes more responsible and reasonable. The appearance of children dramatically changes the lifestyle of this couple.

In social terms, this marriage becomes more positive, but the spouses are not happy with these changes. Both perceive obligations as fetters.

The carelessness of the relationship is lost in the constant care of the baby. Spouses begin to drift apart.

When children grow up, partners usually part, because by this time they already feel like strangers. Astrologers do not recommend young couples of these signs to acquire offspring early. This marriage should first get stronger, and for this both should grow up and live for themselves.

If a woman-Gemini and a man-Libra find each other in adulthood, their family life is very successful. Wisdom and experience help them to maintain harmony and make new relationships, therefore the late marriages of these partners are durable and unbreakable.

The similarity of the temperaments of Libra and Gemini allows them to lead an intimate life in a single rhythm. Both love sexual games and experiments, there is always romance in this couple’s bed, but they have no violent passions. The Gemini woman prefers a measured, unhurried sex, and the Libra man ideally adapts to his partner, as bodily contact is important to him.

In sex, these partners do not strive for results, if both are tired, they are completely satisfied with intimate caresses without intercourse.

Household relationships they are closely related to intimate life. In bed, they express feelings and tenderness to each other, Libra and Gemini will never have sex if they are in a quarrel.

In the work collective, the Gemini girl is the soul of the company. She is always aware of all the gossip, most of her workday is spent in idle chatter.

Guy-Libra is also not averse to distracting from work concerns, therefore, in conjunction with Gemini, he forgets about urgent matters. Together they are fun and interesting, but the work is worth it.

These colleagues do not need to trust joint projects, as they will not pass them on time.

The business relationship of these signs develop successfully in the creative field. It is this tandem that is able to give birth to great ideas, but a third person will have to implement their plans.

The common business of the Gemini lady and the Libra man should not be started if nobody else participates in it besides them. These partners always shift the routine work to others, and together they will not be able to do it.

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