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Compatibility of Gemini and Scorpio: in love, in marriage, in sex

Gemini and Scorpio — the compatibility of men and women

The overall compatibility in various spheres of life of a pair of Gemini and Scorpio is bad. Representatives of these signs are very different in their natural character. But under certain circumstances, strong alliances may arise between the partners.

Scorpios are hardened proprietors. If Gemini understands and accepts this, then a fairly harmonious relationship can develop in a tandem. On the other hand, Scorpio should be aware of the natural love of gemini.

Only with strong love can representatives take steps to come closer to each other.

Compatibility of Gemini and Scorpio: in love, in marriage, in sex

Male Twins and Scorpio Woman — Compatibility

The union between a Gemini man, who is independent and impermanent in nature, with a jealous woman Scorpio resembles an explosive mixture. In a relationship in this tandem, a lot of different emotions: passion and romance combined with violent conflicts.

Both partners are very strong personalities, so it’s very difficult for them to yield to each other.

Compatibility between Gemini men and Scorpio women in love relationships is average. Despite the fact that from the tandem looks strange, the union between the representatives of these signs of the zodiac under circumstances can be strong.

In order to build strong and harmonious relationships, partners need to seriously work on themselves. But this is only possible if they have sincere feelings for each other.

Woman Scorpio really like the gallant and courteousness of the chosen one. She appreciates his sense of humor. The partner is also satisfied with the fact that the Gemini man never strives for leadership, but prefers to discuss all the issues.

Moreover, in some situations, he very quickly agrees with his beloved and submits to her. But it should be remembered that it is impossible to go too far in terms of your requirements for a partner.

A Gemini man may agree with many things, but this should not limit his freedom.

For his part, the partner learns a lot from his chosen one. So, he becomes more organized and responsible.

In addition, the partner teaches his restraint in making decisions. That is, with mutual love, the representatives of these zodiac signs perfectly complement each other.

Partners are never boring. The main merit of this man is the Gemini, who knows how to diversify life.

The Scorpio girl next to her companion gets rid of her natural depression and depression.

Compatibility of male twins and female scorpion in bed is approximately average. For a partner, good sex is unthinkable without seduction, which is associated with wordplay and pleasant compliments.

During sex, a man puts a lot of energy into his eloquence, and a woman in bed tends to get more feelings and emotions.

Diverging partners in intimate life and in other moments. So, a woman seeks to dominate in bed and sets a goal to get maximum pleasure from sex.

For his part, the male Gemini is a supporter of light, diverse sex, he is always willing to experiment.

In order to improve sex life and harmonize it, a partner needs to try to liberate the girl. If this succeeds, then in sex Gemini and Scorpio will receive maximum pleasure.

The family relationship between the Twins guy and the Scorpio girl is always difficult. The cause of the problems are two main factors:

  • Due to their natural, frivolous nature, Gemini husbands often cannot draw the line between the real and the fictional world. It is difficult for a chosen one of realists to understand.
  • Scorpio’s wife is very jealous. With such behavior, it limits the freedom of action of the freedom-loving partner and this repels him.

Strengthening the family union and increasing the compatibility of Gemini and Scorpio in marriage will help the common cause. That is why prosperous are families in which spouses have their own business.

In this case, due to the vital necessity, the man will have to perform certain actions, which makes him more organized.

The wife of Scorpio is a very strong person by nature, so she can easily cope with all household chores, including the upbringing of children. This suits the partner very much, because he can fully devote himself to work, which is of greater interest to him.

The main thing is that the spouse be sure of his honesty, otherwise her jealousy will significantly worsen family relations.

Between a woman Scorpio and a man Gemini rarely develop strong friendships. But the friendship between the satellites is often supported.

That is, they can communicate periodically, but they will not share their innermost thoughts and aspirations with each other. As a rule, communication is that a man shares the latest news with a woman, and she listens to him carefully, without even commenting on what he has heard.

Sometimes friendships cannot start due to the fact that the partners at the meeting feel sexual attraction to each other. Therefore, they decide in this case whether they should come closer, or because of some circumstances it is better to disperse.

Definitely, these people should not be friends if they are not already free.

In the business sphere, Gemini and Scorpio get along superbly, regardless of whether they are friends or not. A woman appreciates the flexibility of the mind of a man, because he can find a way out of any situation.

And she can always bring all the cases started to its logical conclusion. As a rule, in a working tandem with a Twins guy, the girl Scorpio sees for himself beneficial advantages in terms of building a career.

Compatibility of Gemini and Scorpio: in love, in marriage, in sex

Scorpio man and Gemini woman — compatibility

The elect Scorpio is by its nature secretive and mysterious. Therefore, his relationship with an open, easy and unpredictable girl. Twins are always difficult to form.

Only if external circumstances are formed in a certain way, then the representatives of these two signs can find a common language.

The compatibility of Scorpio men and Gemini women in love relationships depends on many factors. Most often, sincere love arises between the representatives of these zodiac signs when a man is older. Life experience allows a partner to treat the changeability of the character of her chosen one more condescendingly.

For its part, the partner will respect the man, appreciating his wisdom. She unconditionally recognizes the leadership of a partner in a tandem, and this makes it relatively easy to resolve various contradictions.

The chosen one fills the love relationship with a positive, she knows how to diversify the drab everyday life, and her partner really likes it. Improves compatibility Scorpio and Gemini in love is that they always find interesting activities and never get bored together.

The partner is a very interesting interlocutor, she is constantly improving herself and has a variety of vital interests. If Scorpio accepts his partner’s love of freedom and does not become jealous of her, then the relationship between them will be very easy and unconstrained. In addition, he needs to try to use the ideas of his beloved and implement them.

This will contribute to its success.

Compatibility Gemini and Scorpio are not high in bed, lovers do not always find a common language. The fact is that the partner likes to talk a lot during sex. She needs compliments from her partner, from her eloquence she is charged with positive energy.

But in practice it is useless to demand it from Scorpio.

In the intimate life of a young lady loves to flirt, also do not mind and experiment, turning sex into a love game. At first, such an attitude towards sex may be like a partner, but soon he will get tired of useless, in his opinion, conversations.

He will lack passion and sensuality in sexual relationships.

For a man, sexual relations occupy an important place in life. He does not refer to sex, as just a pleasant pastime.

If he loves a woman, he is not capable of treason and demands it from his partner. Against this background, he is ready to fully reveal himself sensually.

If he succeeds in bringing this information to Gemini, then the probability of a harmonious intimate life increases.

By its natural character, Scorpio man is a categorical owner. On this basis, he develops jealousy, which often has no basis. Such an attitude in the family can not take the freedom-loving darling Gemini.

Because of this, strong family unions are extremely rare.

The young lady the Twin can get married not only for love, but also owing to own benefit. If she understands that the spouse cares about family welfare, she can limit herself in her freedoms.

But this will not make her happy. After all, she is not tuned to the fact that she will devote her whole life to the arrangement of the family nest.

The compatibility of Scorpio men and Gemini women in a marriage is lower than average, often the union lasts, if not strange, on the partner’s sense of humor. This allows you to make some ease in family relationships.

In other words, to relieve tensions and stop the conflict, translating any beginning of an argument into a joke.

Long-lasting friendships between the Twins lady and another Scorpio are almost impossible. A stable and discreet Scorpio cannot communicate for a long time with the inconstant and windy Gemini girl.

But even if friendship arises, the partner in such a tandem will suffer greatly from the friendly jealousy of her friend.

But, nevertheless, even short-term friendships have a very positive effect on the representatives of these zodiac signs:

  • A friend Scorpio gets an attentive listener.
  • Girlfriend Gemini gets reliable support.

While partners communicate, a friend always seeks to consult with his girlfriend. He appreciates her advice. Also useful to him may be the ideas of a woman.

A man shares his plans with a girlfriend, because only she is able to fully appreciate his natural abilities.

The novel against the background of friendly relations between Scorpio and Gemini friends rarely occurs. But this is the merit of a mostly honest partner, since a friend differs in her ease of morals and can calmly change her second half, if only feelings do not affect her heart.

Compatibility of Gemini and Scorpio: in love, in marriage, in sex

Although a Scorpio man can rarely interest a Gemini girl, but if it does happen, she may well win the heart of a chosen one. Scorpio loves women who are bright and interesting in their behavior.

And such is the representative of the sign Gemini.

She will attract his attention to her optimism and the ability to have fun. In addition, a woman must demonstrate to the chosen one that you know how to listen to the interlocutors. After some time after meeting you need to find a moment and show that you really liked the personality of a man, you fully appreciated his life achievements and abilities.

But it should be remembered that he must first share this information with you.

The Scorpio guy will love the wit and the sense of humor of the young Gemini ladies. Such its natural qualities will smooth out the most difficult life situation and brighten up the environment.

Attractiveness of character will be the friendliness and sociability of women. It is very important that next to the Gemini woman her chosen one can completely relax.

This will be the evidence of the successful conquest of his heart.

Gemini woman does not perceive a boring life. She is sociable and friendly, always striving for self-improvement. Next to her, she dreams of seeing a reliable companion who will understand her and become a real support for her.

But at the same time she never sees herself in the role of housewife and homemaker. It is all this that must be taken into account by the man Scorpio, who set the goal to win the heart of the beautiful Gemini.

Like a girl needs to surround the attention and care. Courting must be not only beautiful, but also original.

When taking any action, a Scorpio man should remember that his chosen one is a very freedom-loving person. She should not see in the owner of Scorpio a person who will restrict her freedom.

In a relationship during the candy bouquet period there should be no boredom. This will immediately repel the partner without any chance of building harmonious relationships in the future.

It is important to demonstrate the beauty of its stability and success in life. A Scorpio man, who is very different in character, can attract the Twins by convincing her that he is her destiny.

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