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Compatibility of Gemini and Pisces: in love, in marriage, in sex

Representatives of Gemini and Cancer are completely different from each other. Twins are extroverts, they strive for a social, rich life, they have an open character. Cancers are usually reserved individuals who prefer to lead a recluse lifestyle.

But despite this, alliances between Gemini and Cancers are created quite often. But at the same time within such tandems there are many contradictions and difficulties.

If partners make efforts to understand each other, and seek to overcome the differences that arise, alliances can persist for a long time.

Compatibility of Gemini and Pisces: in love, in marriage, in sex

Boyfriend’s union Gemini and Cancer girls can hold either on big love or on benefit. In the first case, the partners manage to create their own original world in which understanding and respect will reign.

At the same time, they learn to provide freedom of action to each other in the outside world, and will only intersect in everyday life.

The compatibility of the Twins men and Cancer women in love relationships is quite high, despite the fact that the characters of the partners are completely different. The initiator of the relationship is usually a man. He is attracted by the calm and mystery of the chosen one, which is the exact opposite to him.

Lady Raku usually really like the fact that next to her is an active and strong man. The attitude of the chosen one flatters the Gemini and his creative potential increases, and, consequently, he becomes a more successful person.

The crack in the relationship may appear on the background of the offenses of a Cancer woman, which she is wont to save. This leads to alienation between partners.

Love relationships will be sustainable only if the man learns to understand the mood changes of the companion. For her part, a woman, if she wants to preserve love relationships, should try not to accumulate offenses, but to express them as they arise.

This will allow for timely discussion of problems and finding solutions to them.

Compatibility of male twins and women Cancer in bed is very good. In sexual relations, despite disagreements in everyday life, there is always complete harmony.

In private, partners are always very comfortable.

It is good compatibility in sex against the background of sincere respect for each other contributes to the fact that marriages between the representatives of these zodiac signs are very strong.

Male Gemini perceives sex as a mandatory attribute of family life. But despite this, he is able to give his partner affection, which she really needs.

In an intimate life, satellites not only get pleasure, but also fully relax.

Lady Cancer assigns a more significant role to sex. In moments of intimacy with a partner, she feels completely protected from the problems of the outside world.

It fills her with strength and makes her more confident.

The main component of sexual relations between partners is sensuality. Both people, with a different approach to sex, love to dream.

The chosen one more often responds to the partner’s proposals than she offers. She easily adapts to his wishes and always gets pleasure from it.

The compatibility of Gemini and Cancer in marriage is not high, such a family union is not always safe. This is due to the fact that partners, whether they want it or not, will have to distribute responsibilities.

And if they react responsibly to all domestic issues, the marriage will be successful.

Wife more successfully cope with family responsibilities. She with pleasure creates a cosiness in the house, cooks tasty food and surrounds her beloved husband with care.

She is trying to create her own closed world in which her family will feel very comfortable.

The husband always appreciates such a female initiative, although he himself strives to get away from all the household troubles. But on the other hand, he is striving to earn money in order to allow his wife to arrange the family world.

The partner often spoils the spouse with gifts.

But, despite this, the man Gemini never fixates on the house. He tends to spend a lot of time with friends, which does not always suit the spouse.

This can cause disagreement. But if there is no suspicion about treason, the spouse will remain the keeper of the hearth.

Compatibility in friendship between the guy Gemini and the girl Cancer is not very high. But, nevertheless, friendly tandems are always very strong.

This is due to the fact that friendship, as a rule, arises against the background of difficult events that occur in the life of one of the partners.

Despite his inconstancy, his friend Gemini is very decent, he always protects his girlfriend and is a patron for her. He likes the fact that such a guardianship is always a woman with cancer.

He gives her friend practical advice, as he is more knowledgeable in life. Her friend Cancer really likes to share her dreams and aspirations with her friend.

Special mutual understanding in friendly relations between representatives of these signs of the zodiac does not exist. But friendship can very successfully be held in mutual respect.

In addition, a friend always seeks to take care of her friend and it gives a man great pleasure.

In the business sphere in a pair of Gemini and Cancer, there is no point of contact. Therefore, the common cause can not be a unifying factor.

Compatibility of Gemini and Pisces: in love, in marriage, in sex

Between a man and a woman Cancer Gemini rarely have a stable relationship. Their natural characters are completely different, and this does not contribute to the creation of strong alliances. Therefore, when such a tandem arises, we can say that a miracle happened.

Incompatibility in such a pair is always visible from the side. After all, a closed guy and a very open, sociable girl look rather strange.

Compatibility between men Cancer and Gemini women in love relationships are low, alliances are rarely due to the fact that there are few unifying factors between partners. But sometimes, when between representatives of these signs of the zodiac a spark of love jumps, they find points of contact and successfully complement each other.

The young lady Gemini with its natural unpredictability does not suit a stable and closed guy. But at the same time, the partner really likes the fact that her chosen one, like no one else, can surround her with care and affection.

If he adapts to the unusual nature of her character, then their love relationship will develop quite well.

Despite the fact that in everyday life a man prefers to lead a secluded life, he loves to travel. He is especially attracted by trips to the sea or any other peaceful pastime by the water.

Love relationships with a happy scenario can be filled with interesting communication and useful acquaintances, and not high compatibility. Cancer and Gemini in love will not be an obstacle.

Representatives of these two signs of the zodiac, being together, are constantly improving themselves. A partner needs to remember that the richer the life of his chosen one is, the less likely there will be differences and conflicts between them.

Due to the fact that lovers have a completely different attitude to life, the compatibility of Cancer and Gemini in bed is bad. If there is a love affair between the representatives of these zodiac signs, then the partners will have to learn a lot in intimate life.

And above all, both men and women will need to show great patience. Chosen Gemini will have to gradually get rid of the ease to which she relates to sex.

For her lover, the purity of sexual relations is very important.

For his part, the chosen one Raku needs not only to show affection and care for his partner in bed, but also learns how to experiment. This will allow to diversify sex, as a result of this, sexual relations will not be filled with routine.

Compatibility Men Cancer and women Gemini in marriage is very low. Representatives of these signs of the zodiac very rarely create prosperous family unions.

Taking care of family welfare in such tandems is usually a man. He pays a lot of attention to the house, being, unlike his wife, the keeper of the home.

And the overall atmosphere in the house depends on his mood. That is, well-being in such a family can be only if a man loves his chosen one very much.

And although the spouse does not understand the drops in emotions in her second half, she always seeks to help him. Sometimes her help is very helpful, as her flexible mind and curiosity leads to a significant reduction in the burden on her husband due to domestic problems.

She can do anything, but only if she is interested in them. The wife quickly assesses the situation and finds the optimal solution to the problem.

The spouse, responding to those or other requests from her husband, first collects the necessary information, which he subsequently applies to the family. All affairs for which the woman undertakes, become quickly, but thus it is necessary to understand that she will never alter them.

A spouse is not distinguished by composure and organization, so she often goes wrong, which the spouse does not like at all. On this basis, frequent quarrels occur.

Friendship between a woman Gemini and a man Cancer occurs very rarely. Representatives of these zodiac signs have different interests in life.

If in a love relationship, to some extent, the difference in natural characters can be mitigated by sex, then in friendship more often between partners there is hostility towards each other.

Cancer and Gemini are so different that they can only condescendingly treat each other. A bright and unpredictable beauty always sees Cancer as a loser, for her part, the man considers the representative of the sign of the zodiac Gemini to be a useless woman.

Business relationships are also failing, as these people have a completely different approach to solving problems.

Friendly relations arise only between people of different generations. In this case, the originality of a young girlfriend will look attractive.

And for its part, the partner will appreciate the experience of an older friend and his ability to feel much in life at an intuitive level. Friendship is also possible if a woman is older.

She will try to stir up a young friend and introduce him into society.

Compatibility of Gemini and Pisces: in love, in marriage, in sex

The desire to conquer the heart of Cancer liked the young lady Gemini does not occur often. In most cases, this person is simply not interested in her.

After all, in order to like him you need to be a good housewife, and this feature is not typical for the ladies of Gemini.

But if it so happened that a love for the guy Raku arose in the soul, then you need to remember that in order for the chosen one to pay attention you need:

  • Constantly admire the positive qualities of the chosen one.
  • Watch out for your appearance in any circumstances, in any case should not allow untidy in clothes or in cosmetics.
  • It is important to show intelligence and restraint in conversations.

In addition, you must remember that Cancers are very attached to their mothers. Therefore, if she succeeds, then we can assume that relations with the chosen one will improve in a short time.

In a Twins and Cancer couple relationship, sex can be a connecting factor. But for this you will need to be patient and adapt to all the requirements of a partner in bed.

In a relationship with a companion, you should always be serious. He does not naturally have a sense of humor.

Therefore, the most harmless jokes will be perceived by him as ridicule. If the guy is offended, it will be very difficult to keep him near him.

The twin girl has a changeable character. Representatives of this sign are very capricious and sometimes unbearable, therefore it is very difficult to find an approach to them.

If a man Raku liked the young lady Gemini, then in order to attract her attention to yourself you must constantly surprise her with something. His darling does not like monotony.

The difficulty lies in the fact that because of her variability it is difficult to understand what she wants. At some points, she tends to flirt, meaningless, and sometimes she demands passion.

It is important to behave with your chosen one very correctly, always to be at your best and show your intellectual natural abilities. In any situation, she will not tolerate any tactlessness and rudeness.

In no case can not behave with her primitive. It is very important from the very first minute of dating to make your darling understand that you are not trying to restrict her freedom.

A man must demonstrate that he is ready to become for his beloved reliable support and support. It is important to listen to, support her initiatives and gradually teach her that calm and balanced relationships have their own value.

It should be prepared that the guy to conquer the beautiful Gemini will need to give everything completely.

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