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Compatibility of Gemini and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Gemini and Aquarius — the compatibility of men and women

Relations between satellites Gemini and Aquarius, in most cases, develop successfully. Representatives of these two signs are very freedom-loving and never limit each other’s freedom.

They are sociable and prefer to lead an active lifestyle. The similarity of their natural characters contributes to the fact that between them rarely arise disagreements.

They equally appreciate the events taking place in the surrounding world, and have a similar worldview. Together, Gemini and Aquarius never get bored, as they find interesting activities and fascinating topics for conversation.

Each of them strives to improve, so partners are happy to share their knowledge.

Compatibility of Gemini and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

The high compatibility between the guy Gemini and the girl Aquarius allows you to create strong alliances. They present a full understanding. Such a couple is self-sufficient, but despite this, lovers never close themselves.

They often participate in a wide variety of social events and are popular with their friends and colleagues.

The compatibility of the Gemini man and the woman Aquarius in love relationships is very high. This is due to the fact that the characters of the representatives of these two characters are very similar. The unifying factors are the following:

  • Sociability and ease.
  • The pursuit of an active lifestyle.
  • Enterprise and ingenuity in solving all problems and issues.
  • The desire to deeply know the world in all its manifestations.
  • The desire to cultivate.
  • Indulgence and ability to forgive mistakes.

The feelings of the representatives of these signs of the zodiac are built on sincerity and trust. Due to the striking similarity of natural mores, the partners feel very comfortable together.

Such relationships can surely be called harmonious. Between them full understanding reigns. Very often they are useful, like this:

  • Twins girl easily makes new acquaintances, which allows her to receive a huge amount of various information.
  • The Aquarius guy in such an informational avalanche can find something unusual and apply it in life.

Collaborative relationships are always filled with interesting communication on a variety of topics. These people never dramatize the events that take place, but always seek to find a reasonable way out of any life situations.

In the intimate life of a relationship between the elect Gemini and the young lady Aquarius always develop successfully. But at the same time the partner shows less passion in bed than his chosen one. In any case, he seeks to please the girl and responds to all her wishes.

It often happens that satellites use sex as a method of reconciliation.

Over time, when the partners become fully accustomed to each other, the compatibility of the Gemini man and the Virgo woman in bed will become perfect. Satellites are united by what they both like during sex to talk about love. Both partners are behaving in bed relaxed and at ease.

They are very pleasant flirt, they often experiment. In sexual intimacy, they have no monotony, and originality is always present.

This allows for many years to preserve the freshness of intimate comfort.

The love between a man and Gemini woman Aquarius often arises at a glance. Moreover, representatives of these zodiac signs often enter into marriage without any preliminary deliberation.

And in most cases they always have strong families.

There are always interesting ideas in the marriage union, the partners have many joint plans that they embody in real life. Gemini and Aquarius are very friendly, their family motto is: “Identical rights in everything”. From the outside, it seems that spouses are made for each other.

Both partners love freedom and independence of thought. They are happy to raise children, paying great attention to their intellectual development.

Good compatibility Gemini and Aquarius in marriage will not save from family problems that may arise due to the weakness of the material sphere. Spouses do not always make money to ensure a decent life.

But despite this, they manage to save the family, as they believe that difficult times will end sooner or later. Usually it happens, and one of the spouses manages to find a highly paid job.

As in other spheres of life, the relationship between the woman Aquarius and the Gemini guy in friendship is superb. Low compatibility is only due to the fact that between the representatives of these signs of the zodiac quickly there is love.

Often friendships arise between people of different generations. In any case, Gemini and Aquarius greatly value the friendships that have arisen.

Even if friends are overly busy, they manage to find time to chat together.

The basis of friendship are common interests and hobbies. Together, friends are never bored; they can spend hours discussing topics of interest to them, and also share painful issues.

Especially cherishes such a friendship girlfriend Aquarius.

Sincere friendship between a girl Aquarius and a friend Twins never grows into love, if the partners are not free. Therefore, their halves can not worry about treason.

Friendship between the representatives of these signs can not be the basis for successful business relationships. This is due to the fact that friends find more interesting activities than solving work issues.

Compatibility of Gemini and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

The elect of Aquarius and the young lady Gemini have very similar natural characters. Therefore, they easily find a common language with each other.

A repulsive factor may be their natural egoism. But with mutual interest, they know how to deal with it. The good compatibility of the partners is due to the fact that they belong to the same natural element — air.

This contributes to the fact that their life proceeds in the same rhythm.

The high compatibility of men Aquarius and Gemini women in love relationships attract them to each other on a subconscious level, and in a short time they create prosperous love unions. They are united by boundless tenderness and confidence in each other.

Together, partners feel infinitely happy.

Compatibility Aquarius and Gemini in love contribute to the spiritual development of satellites. And this is very necessary for them, without it, life is filled with routine and becomes uninteresting. Lovers complement each other, they generate new ideas that allow them to improve themselves.

Together they achieve significant success.

Sometimes there are quarrels between partners. But it does not harm the relationship, and only help lovers better understand themselves. Personal qualities of each partner are improved in tandem.

In such a union, everything is transparent, the satellites do not hide anything from each other. Their cheerful disposition and optimism make it easy to fill relationships.

This is a pair in which harmonious relationships exist, due to the fact that the partners accept each other as they are by nature.

Compatibility Aquarius and Gemini in bed is good, satellites do not put sexual intimacy in the main place in common relations. But despite this, the intimate life of the representatives of these signs of the zodiac is always going well.

In bed, these partners always reigns liberation, which is the main principle of sexual relations. Sex between them is more like an indomitable fun than an unbridled passion.

In intimate life, the main thing is always a man. He comes up with very interesting ideas for experiments that his partner likes.

She picks up and embodies them in reality. By virtue of this mutual understanding, partners fill sexual intimacy with unforgettable emotions.

Over time, the sensuality of partners only increases. They do not “become boring” to each other, but all the time they discover one in one new talents and opportunities.

Such a full sex life completely excludes adultery.

Marriages between lovers are strong, but on the part of the relationship of partners may seem too free. In fact, it is not, just relationships are built on full confidence.

Spouses never make rash decisions, all problems that arise are solved after joint discussions.

Partners do not focus on domestic problems, therefore, they never make any claims to a friend regarding home organization. But at the same time the mess in their house is quite a frequent occurrence.

The high compatibility of men Aquarius and women Gemini in marriage due to the fact that the partners are able to speak on any topic. They are able to calmly and without unnecessary emotions discuss all problems and differences.

This allows you to find compromises and strengthen the family union.

In marriage, the relationship develops dynamically. Spouses prefer to lead an active lifestyle. He value the company of other people, so they have a lot of friends.

In order to fill family life with positive impressions, partners tend to travel a lot and participate in a variety of thematic trainings. This allows them to cultivate and develop creatively.

Sometimes problems can arise in a family due to the irrepressible nature of the spouse, who always wants to be in the center of attention of men. Such behavior husband can tolerate for the time being.

But, as a rule, after a stormy showdown, the peace in the family is quickly restored.

Low compatibility in friendship between a man Aquarius and a woman Gemini is explained by the fact that partners are more likely to create love and family unions. But if the friendship is still between the representatives of these signs of the zodiac arose, then it will persist for many years.

And friendships can be strong between people of different ages.

Partners have many interests that unite them. Friends enjoy spending time together. They can attend various social events, go to museums and travel.

In addition, they always have topics to discuss. Also, friends love to sort out various life problems, and share their secrets.

There is no quarrel in a friendly alliance, because partners by nature have the same worldview, therefore they look at many life events in the same way. Friends are so passionate about each other that such friendships can harm work.

Therefore, business tandems between the representatives of these zodiac signs are not successful.

Compatibility of Gemini and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

To conquer the guy of Aquarius, the beauty Twin does not have to put a lot of time and effort. As a rule, attraction between representatives of this sign arises at the first meeting.

A man of Aquarius on the merits will appreciate her ease of communication and a sense of humor of bright intellectual beauty. It is through the mind, the girl Gemini most easy to find a way to the chosen one.

You should not awaken jealousy in the soul of a guy, because he can start a relationship only on the basis of absolute confidence.

It is important that the chosen one of Aquarius is not bored with his companion. This is the main factor for the continuation of the relationship.

With Twins, he will never be bored, moreover, she is always a generator of very interesting ideas. Inspiration, singularity of views and optimism will impress him in the nature of his companion.

It is imperative that you use your bright appearance to conquer a man of Aquarius, although this is not the main thing. It is much more important to successfully present their natural mystery, which is caused by the changeable character of the Gemini girl. Impresses partner and love of darling.

He understands that in this case she will not restrict his freedom.

Guy Aquarius practically nothing special needs to be done in order to win the heart of a Gemini woman. Already by its natural character, a man has everything to attract the attention of a chosen one.

Gemini girl belongs to the category of the beautiful half of humanity who love the ears. This means that you need to take care of it beautifully and constantly shower it with compliments.

But at the same time, eloquence should sound natural, any hypocrisy will be immediately noticed.

The woman will love it if a man who cares for her makes her life interesting and will fill her with positive. To do this, Aquarius should strive, as often as possible to be with her beloved in a society where she can shine. In no case can not give darling bored.

Routine relationship forever alienate her from the gentleman who is trying to win her heart.

Love the young ladies Twins also receive gifts from loved ones. But at the same time you first need to understand her preferences and explore tastes.

It is very important when choosing a gift to be guided not by your own desire, but by the taste preferences of the chosen one. Glad they will be fashionable gadgets and high-quality cosmetics.

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