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Compatibility of female and male cancer in love, relationships and bed

Compatibility of female and male Rakov in love, family, friendship and working relationships

Representatives of the constellation of Cancer understand each other perfectly, they have a high degree of psychological compatibility, so together they feel very comfortable. These men and women have good chances for a future together, but it’s not to say that they all stack smoothly and smoothly.

To achieve harmony, both of them have to carry out thorough work on themselves, but these partners are doing a good job with this task.

Two Cancers can make a promising pair of employees in a common affair, they at an intuitive level feel that together they will succeed. Often, the representatives of this constellation are successful business together, and if they enter into a marriage, they will certainly organize some kind of joint business.

Like all representatives of the water element, Cancers live by emotions and intuition. They rarely face trouble, because they foresee the outcome of any business.

However, heightened emotionality often plays against them.

Cancers have weak nerves, so they can cry in public or suddenly go to a scream in an argument. Representatives of the constellation do not know how to control these manifestations, but over the years they develop the habit of keeping silent if something does not suit them.

Their emotions are easy to read by expression, so for those around them Cancer is an open book.

Compatibility of female and male cancer in love, relationships and bed

Crayfish are quite disturbing and are wary of everything. If they have doubts about the positive result of any activity, then they will not even try to start something. Among them it is hardly possible to find gambling and risky people.

All in their life Cancers are carefully analyzed and laid out on the shelves. They are very kind to money, and therefore often make significant capitals.

Representatives of this sign do not participate in financial pyramids and other adventures, but if they find themselves there, it is only among the leaders and the instigators.

Thanks to the developed intuition, Raki at the last moment hand over the plane, which crashes, and then with horror makes sure that they did right. However, if several similar situations happen in their lives, they can turn into paranoids who listen to their inner feelings every second and see a catch in everything.

But suspicion and insight invariably allow them to succeed.

These are surprisingly prudent and economical people who are able to correctly distribute any amount. In their house there is always everything you need, and a bank account is regularly replenished, even if the income is small.

Cancer is very responsible for finance, so it can hardly be found in the lists of malicious defaulters. Debts for this sign are unacceptable, he tries to live on his own funds, as he is afraid of debt obligations and would rather prefer to refuse a tempting purchase than he allows himself to arrange a loan.

Compatibility of female and male cancer in love, relationships and bed

Despite the visible openness and interpersonal skills, the Cancers are quite closed. The representative of this constellation carefully monitors what and to whom he says, to extract from him secret information is unlikely to succeed.

Because of this, the people around him have distrust of him, but Cancer doesn’t care much, he himself is extremely incredulous. He adheres to a very narrow circle of contacts, occasionally admitting new people there.

Limited by the environment, this sign sometimes suffers from loneliness, when relatives do not have enough time to communicate with him.

Cancer is shy and somewhat clamped, so it rarely takes the initiative to make new acquaintances and to make connections. For him, going to an interview seems to be a living hell, since he is not sure about his own capabilities, he is too self-critical, and he is afraid of third-party comments.

Unexpected questions can drive him to a dead end, because Cancer is used to thinking through all possible ways of conversation beforehand, and when something is missed, he is lost. Very often, the fear of condemnation forces Cancers to go it alone, so they go longer to their cherished goals.

Compatibility of female and male cancer in love, relationships and bed

Astrology clearly traces the influence of the lunar phases on the state of a Cancer man. His behavior and mood are directly dependent on the position of the moon.

New moons for him are accompanied by ups and a positive attitude, and at the end of the cycle this representative of the constellation becomes gloomy and gloomy. In moments of pessimism, the following sensations are characteristic of Cancer:

Close people get used to the changes in his moods and try to avoid communicating with him during bad periods, especially since they pass quite quickly. A typical Cancer guy is a wit and a joker who sees everything in a positive way, but don’t make fun of him or try to criticize him, otherwise he will instantly find a stinging, derogatory word to the abuser.

For this man, the first opinion of a man is paramount, if someone did not impress him immediately, then this man is unlikely to give a second chance. His world is divided into black and white; Cancer strictly distributes everything according to this principle.

For him, there is no normal boss or neighbor, he will definitely be bad or good.

He considers the family to be the most important value in his life, the man of this constellation, more than any other sign of the zodiac, is tied to his mother. He elevates this woman to the rank of saints, and he certainly compares the elects with her.

If the lady does not match his favorite parameters, then Cancer points out to her flaws and gives “correct” examples. Few women withstand such a comparative approach, so men often disappear from the horizon after the first dates.

But with the beloved, who in all things suits him, this man is affectionate and gentle. He is an extraordinarily selfless and devoted gentleman, so he should be lured. Cancer is a good father and husband who is ready for much for his family.

He takes an enviable care of loved ones, and also tries to provide them with material wealth. However, he will not tolerate the wasteful woman next to him, because the money he gets with great difficulty, and he very much appreciates his efforts and demands the same from others.

The Cancer girl is sweet and good-natured, people are drawn to her, she is pretty much to many, but the real nature of this lady is hidden behind a pleasant mask. In fact, this woman is quite cool and calculating.

She will not communicate with the person if she has no personal interest or any benefit.

This woman never shows her true intentions in the open, she gets to her goals surreptitiously. This is especially pronounced in relationships with the opposite sex.

From her childhood, the lady of the water element wants to get married and sit on the neck of her spouse. She is ready to take care of him and give him love and affection, but only in exchange for feelings and material support.

This woman will never fall in love with a person just like that, her good attitude towards her relatives always arises for something. Only for her own children, she feels selfless love, the rest should earn her favor.

The characteristic features of the Ladies of Cancer are:

This aggregate sometimes results in deep spiritual wounds that a woman can carry throughout her life. She does not know how to forgive and forget, even if the lady of this sign has resigned to some offense, at any convenient opportunity she cannot restrain herself not to reproach the partner who had caused the pain.

This woman often has a feeling of hatred towards close people in her heart, because she carefully puts all the insults in one box, and during her life periodically agitates it and analyzes what has happened.

However, all this is happening inside her, so the surrounding people do not even suspect what is happening in her secret world. Until the Cancer girl gets married, her chosen one sees her as an ideal life partner.

This lady is able to play different roles, she quickly adapts to any circumstances, so she captures the wishes of her lover on the fly and behaves as he needs. In family life, the spouse can be very surprised by the new facets of her nature.

Having won a man, the woman of this constellation removes the mask.

The beginning of the relationship of the Rakov pair is very romantic. They have excellent chances for a happy future, but the outcome of this relationship depends not only on their mutual desire, but also on external factors.

If the partners have nowhere to live and there is not enough material basis for independent living, they are unlikely to make a happy couple.

Both are extremely fond of comfort and stability, so they try to get out of equally comfortable conditions out of parental care. Cancers are rather indecisive to come to a decision on marriage sometimes they need several years. Harmony in their union does not allow to part, but the astrologers recommend to the older generation to push these representatives of the zodiac into an independent life as soon as possible.

Two Cancer is a powerful force, they can easily cope with all the tasks of a young family, if no one intervenes and helps them.

The astrological horoscope identifies many advantages in the union of this pair, and the insignificant disadvantages are indicated only to warn partners against mistakes that Cancers themselves try to avoid:

UnderstandingInability to put up after quarrels
Mutual supportBoring pastime
InspirationDouble anxiety
Caring for each otherIndecision
Common goalsMendacity and resourcefulness
The pursuit of spiritual developmentCowardice

The combination of two Cancers is very harmonious, if they initially distribute the role and will stick to them constantly. Compatibility of women and male Rakovs is high, but some of them must learn to give in and agree, otherwise partners will often quarrel.

These partners can be together and get along perfectly, but one cannot say that the woman and the man-Cancer live on the same wavelength. Astrologers note that the lady of this sign is more sluggish than the representative of the opposite sex.

In this union, the man is more often than others annoyed because of the long charges of the chosen one. If the partners go somewhere together, then the preparation of the girl to leave the house can take several hours, and the Cancer guy is very easy-going, so he needs only a few minutes to pack. This man does not like to wait, and he shows his impatience with stubbornness and injections.

His causticity negatively affects the relationship in the pair, because the chosen one is more tactful, therefore he is silent in response, but harbors resentment.

This couple lives happily ever after, if a woman shows wisdom, she needs to recognize that her man is stronger and that he should be the main one. It is useless to fight in this alliance, the fact is that both Cancers do not claim leadership, and their clashes are only a manifestation of their own creativity, but for love relationships this is not necessary, a man and a woman can simply dissolve in each other and live a full life in their inherent compatibility.

Often, representatives of this constellation repeatedly enter into relations with partners of their sign. However, there are sad stories of unsuccessful relations between the two Cancers.

A prime example is the famous marriages of Sylvestre Stallone, who was twice married to Cancer women. With the first wife, Sasha Zak, the marriage lasted 10 years, but the actor showed his despotism, not allowing the spouse to develop, at the same time changing her, therefore the marriage broke up. The second wife, Bridget Nielsen, appeared after a long relationship with a woman who did not lead to the creation of a family.

Despite the obvious compatibility of the two Cancers, the second marriage of the actor also did not work out, the couple separated after two years of marriage.

To look at each other, Cancers need time and a calm atmosphere. Love at first sight is not about them. Both partners are looking for a reliable platform for building a strong family.

They are not amenable to passionate impulses that sparkle between them, but sensitively feel mutual attraction.

The Cancer girl is usually the first to take a step towards a man, she does not offer him a pair, but subtly throws hints that she is ready to retire with him. Such attention is flattering to the guy, succumbing to her charms, he expects a quick sexual victory, but he has to wait with this lady.

In male Cancer, a woman sees a future husband. It is fully consistent with her ideas about the ideal life partner.

The lady lures the chosen one with promises and small concessions, but keeps him at a distance until she is convinced of the seriousness of his intentions. Cancer woman is quite cunning, she prudently disposes of her innocence, luring her suitor, only liberties with her are unlikely to lead to success.

She keeps her trump card before the wedding, sincerely believing that her beloved will appreciate her purity and inviolability. She does not hide her motives, so the Cancer man immediately becomes imbued with respect and genuine interest.

The grooming of a guy is always gallant and elegant, Cancer is stingy, but in the candy and bouquet period he allows himself luxury. However, the lady of this constellation does not support waste, so the gentleman finds in it another plus for himself. Their romance develops according to the canons of the genre:

  • she shows shyness and modesty;
  • the guy writes poetry in her honor;
  • meetings are full of romance and sentimentality;
  • both have hopes for eternal love and cloudless happiness.

Datura dreaminess dissipates after the decision to create a family. Both partners are quite practical and prudent, so the first misunderstandings begin with questions about personal contributions to the marriage union.

The illusion of trust does not allow the Cancers to declare directly that both would like to draw up a marriage contract in case of divorce, but each of them actively discusses this topic with family and friends, therefore the mutual desire comes out. In drawing up the contract, both pretend that this is a common formality, but they clearly outline their position.

Family life Rakov develops quite well. The main tasks of a young family are:

  • mutual desire to find compromises;
  • establishing clear rules of behavior in marriage;
  • identification of primary goals.

The last point is especially important for the harmonious development of the relations of spouses. A man and a woman should immediately decide on what they will save money, otherwise if they accumulate a large amount, they can have an insoluble conflict.

However, astrologers note that these partners, even before the stamps in the passport, stipulate most of the joint tasks and their solutions, so surprises rarely occur. Both adhere to the established agreements, as an enterprising woman writes down everything in detail and asks her lover to leave a monogram on the notes so that in the future no questions or disputes arise.

Crayfish live by their rules and are quite happy with each other.

Most of the time husband and wife-Raki spend together, they are not interested in noisy companies and social events. They prefer to spend evenings watching movies at home. They are difficult to pull out somewhere, but for guests their house is always open.

A Cancer woman loves to create comfort and beauty, and her husband’s admiration alone is not enough for her to evaluate her efforts, so she often invites her friends to tea.

With tea and with treats in this house is a misfortune: stingy husband and wife are unlikely to open the cellar opening and lay a chic table. On a visit to them you need to go with your products, if the party promises to drag on.

Cancers are very kind to the family budget, so do not expect that this married couple will become generous to regale guests.

Spouses may seem greedy, but this is not the case; Rakis simply calculate their expenses in advance for several years to come. This is exactly the couple where the husband and wife are ready to wear one set of clothes for 5-7 years until they pay the mortgage.

Mutual hatred of debts compels them to constantly adhere to an economical regime. Due to this, spouses manage to accumulate huge sums and spend their old age in luxurious conditions.

The household sphere does not bring disharmony to this union, each of the partners responsibly performs their household duties, therefore the husband and wife are satisfied with each other. They very seldom quarrel, as there are practically no reasons for disagreements.

However, with the advent of children they have a tiff.

The Cancer man loves babies very much, so he pampers them at every opportunity, but does not engage in responsible education, considering it a woman’s duty. The lady is not less than the spouse is fascinated by childish tricks, but the conniving attitude to the kids leads to bad consequences.

Children in this family grow overly spoiled and selfish, and as they grow up, they actively use their parents’ love to their advantage. Husband and wife Crayfish quickly realize that they made a mistake in their upbringing, but each blames it on the other.

These spouses achieve the greatest compatibility in adulthood, when children leave the parental home and cease to be the cause of conflict. In private, the Cancers feel comfortable, it is very easy and pleasant for them to be alone, without strangers.

If these partners live together to old age, then both confidently declare that their meeting was fateful, and their life together was happy.

In sex, Cancers are perfect for each other. With none of the other signs of the zodiac they fail to achieve such harmony as in this union.

Their intimate life is built on emotions, it is in bed that they reveal all their tenderness.

Both are concerned about the satisfaction of the partner, so they prefer protracted acts. Preludes from them can be traced in everyday relations, a Cancer man cannot pass by the chosen one without caressing her.

The woman is very responsive to caress, so at any moment ready to go for rapprochement.

They do not need words and tips in actions, these lovers feel mutual desires and intuitively guess each other’s preferences. Astrologers say that in Cancers sex love aesthetics, so in the closet of a woman there is always an arsenal of lace shirts that act excitingly on the partner.

A man also tries to bring piquancy to their bed, and therefore often organizes romantic dinners by candlelight.

At a young age, a girl and a boy-Raki can make a real pair of true friends. They get along well and have many common interests.

It is in this tandem that these partners can directly and openly express their thoughts without fearing that they will be ridiculed because of excessive reverie, naivety, or sheer stupidity.

Friends-Cancers are very keenly experiencing separation when one of the couple finds a constant companion of life that interferes with their regular communication. Often in times of separation, these partners are aware that friendship was love, which both carefully concealed from each other.

However, they both believe in fate, so they do not attempt to invade privacy, but retain tender feelings in their souls.

Very often, when the family unions of these friends do not add up, they begin to build love relationships as early as adulthood, initially disguising them with friendly support. In this case, they have perfect marriages based on mutual respect and reverent attitude to each other.

In the business field, Crayfish make up an excellent tandem if you are in business. They have everything counted, so they achieve considerable success. However, in case of hired labor, these partners are unlikely to show zeal in one pair.

Only large fees and prospects motivate them for their exploits, but if they work for someone, they fulfill their duties strictly according to the instructions.

Representatives of this constellation consider themselves smarter than many, very often they have conflicts with managers, whose management seems to them wrong. If a woman and a man-crayfish come together in a collective on the basis of the revolutionary movement, then they show complete unanimity and an equal desire for a change of power.

However, they rarely manage to defend their rights, so they leave the couple, and this becomes a turning point in their lives. Having become friends at work, Cancers support communication outside of it very actively.

Often this couple moves from one organization to another, until both of them realize that they need to organize their own business and develop independently.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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