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Compatibility of female and male bulls in love, marriage and bed

Compatibility in love and sex men and women born in the year of the Bull

The compatibility between a boy and a girl born in the Year of the Bull according to the Chinese horoscope is average, both in love and in sexual relations. Representatives of this sign have many common interests and similar character traits, but conflicts and scenes of jealousy often arise.

The woman does not recognize the leadership of her chosen one and demands that her opinion be considered, but the stubbornness and waywardness of the male Bull becomes the cause of a break in relations. In sex, both partners are sophisticated and very temperamental lovers.

They do not like routine and monotony in bed, giving their intimate life of great importance.

Characteristics of the love relationship between a man and a woman of these zodiac signs:

  • Lack of romance and unnecessary tenderness;
  • Trust and integrity;
  • Devotion and shared values.

These signs of the zodiac can easily fall in love with each other, but mutual interest rarely develops into a serious relationship and young people begin to look for something new.

The girl requires more attention from her boyfriend, but a man cannot be called empathetic. He is straightforward and often rude to his chosen one when something does not suit him.

A woman has male character traits and cannot make concessions to her soulmate, defending her own point of view to the last.

The table shows the pros and cons of the love relationship between the representatives of these signs.

StabilityIntolerance to your partner’s weaknesses
Same interests and preferencesUncompromising
High ambitionsMonotony

Compatibility of female and male bulls in love, marriage and bed

Between these signs, true friendship is possible, which can grow into love under certain circumstances. A man is ready to rush to the aid of his girlfriend, even at night.

He will always find time to listen and support a loved one, but will not forgive lies and betrayal on the part of a female Bull.

The girl used to solve problems on her own, but the opinion of her friend is important to her and she listens to the advice of the Bull man, because she considers him wise.

The guy and the girl are good together, they will always find many interesting topics for conversation. Both love extreme hobbies and active rest, therefore often spend time on the nature and arrange joint morning jogs.

Compatibility of female and male bulls in love, marriage and bed

If the representatives of these signs decided to marry, then such a union would be strong and happy. Spontaneous and reckless actions are unusual for the bulls, so the decision to create a family will be a deliberate and serious step.

A woman needs to learn to give in to her spouse and discuss all problems, finding a joint solution. Family leisure should be bright and varied.

It is necessary to devote more time to their appearance and arrange for the husband pleasant gifts and surprises. This may be a night at a hotel or an unplanned joint trip to another city.

A man needs to praise his spouse more often and tell her about love, not forgetting to present flowers and other presents. The husband must be prepared that the spouse will never accept the role of an ordinary housewife and will spend a lot of time at work, even if there is enough money.

Men born in the year of the Bull love children very much, so raising children does not only fall on the mother’s shoulders.

Compatibility of female and male bulls in love, marriage and bed

In sex, these signs are hot and temperamental, unrestrained and passionate. The girl loves role-playing and behaves relaxed and very confident. She knows how to seduce a man with just a glance and a wave of her eyelashes.

The Bull Woman loves outright lingerie and is not afraid to talk about his fantasies to a man.

The guy born under this sign understands his partner without further ado and is ready to satisfy all the feminine whims and whims of an intimate nature.

Sex without love, like love without sex, is impossible for these people, so they rarely change their partner and openly talk about their preferences.

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