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Compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

As a rule, Cancer and Sagittarius can be together, only if the range of their interests coincides. In this case, rather high compatibility allows partners to build harmonious and prosperous relations. At the same time, the natural characters and worldview of representatives of these signs of the zodiac differ significantly.

That is why relations between partners always develop very slowly. Only after people study each other will there be chances of creating a strong union.

Subsequently, the partners will complement each other, which will allow them to successfully move through life and achieve their goals.

Compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

The difference of natural characters attracts a Cancer guy and a Sagittarius girl to each other. But since at the same time differences are frightening factors, relationships always develop very slowly.

In the process, the partner realizes that he really likes the energy and optimism of the partner. On the other hand, a woman is attracted by the rationality of a partner and his ability to sense life events on an intuitive level.

Compatibility between men Cancer and women Sagittarius in love relationships is low, there are many contradictions and misunderstandings between lovers. But with a deep love feeling, the partners are no good.

For love, they will be able to overcome any problems that arise in a relationship.

The main problem in building a love relationship is that the partners express emotions differently. Woman Sagittarius always has an open character, she prefers sincere communication.

She does not tend to hide what is happening inside her. But the guy Cancer always closes his inner world.

He is afraid of being misunderstood, therefore he is always cautiously revealed to other people.

In addition, it is difficult for a partner in such a tandem to understand why her chosen one prefers to make decisions very carefully and slowly. Woman Sagittarius more like a rhythmic lifestyle, it pulls to all the unknown.

To build harmonious love relationships, the representatives of these signs of the zodiac need to learn how to find compromises. In addition, the partner should learn to pay more attention to her beloved person.

You also need to expand the range of common interests, because they are a unifying factor.

Compatibility men Cancer and women Sagittarius in bed is very good. Both partners like romance very much, so they fill an intimate life with tenderness and affection. The woman really likes the attentiveness of the partner.

Cancer and Sagittarius in such a tandem prefer long love games, while gaining complete satisfaction. But the more assertive in sex is always a partner.

She proposes to experiment and at the same time shows a very big imagination.

Partners almost at the beginning of sexual relations are fully disclosed, they both lack complexes. Strong sexual attraction between partners lasts for a long time. They take care of intimate life and do not transfer to the sphere of sensual relationships problems that exist in the real world.

It is very important that in sexual relations there is no discrepancy, in this case they can be maintained for a long time.

The family life of a man Cancer and a woman Sagittarius will never be filled with peace and quiet. First of all, the reason for this is the increased emotionality of the spouse. She can provoke in the family the whole range of possible manifestations of feelings: resentment, jealousy, mistrust.

But at the same time, partners are overwhelmed by passionate love, against the background of which they are able to forgive each other a lot in order to preserve family relationships.

Poor compatibility Cancer and Sagittarius in marriage affects the fact that the opinions of spouses on the family holiday differ greatly. Wife Sagittarius prefers active pastime. She is a lover of hiking and traveling.

Cancer husband does not support her in this. He likes to spend time in a comfortable home environment and only in this way he is able to fully relax after a hard working day.

A negative impact on family life can have the fact that in most cases a woman Sagittarius has no economic vein. She will never be the real keeper of the hearth. This will strain the spouse who is a supporter of traditional family relationships.

He will constantly remember his mother and try to compare his darling with her.

Friendship between a woman Sagittarius and a man Cancer does not occur often. For strong friendship these people have very little in common.

A friendly tandem among the representatives of these signs of the zodiac can occur only if their range of interests coincides. In addition, there is an exception, due to the fact that a female Sagittarius may resemble a man’s mum with some external features.

Much more often than a sincere friendship, between a man Cancer and a woman Sagittarius there are friendly business relations. For example, a girlfriend may turn to a man for specific help around the house.

As a rule, this happens in cases where you need to install or move furniture.

Friendship is also supported by a friend who often seeks to obtain from her friend certain useful information from various spheres of life. In addition, because of the sociability of a friend, she always has many acquaintances, so he can mix his boyfriend with the right person.

Against the background of friendship, business relationships in a pair of Cancer and Sagittarius never add up successfully. Due to the different approach to solving a problem, these people often interfere with each other’s work.

Compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Male Sagittarius and Female Cancer do not get along easily with each other. But despite this, such tandems are very common. Predicting how relations between the representatives of these signs of the zodiac will develop is very difficult.

The similarities between a man and a woman in this union are few, but this is precisely the attracting factor.

Compatibility of male Sagittarius and women Cancer in love relationships is not high, unions do not often develop harmoniously. The elements Fire and Water, which control the representatives of these signs of the zodiac, do not fit well together.

Only common interests can bring together Sagittarius and Cancer. But even in this case, love at first sight cannot arise, and this is evidenced by the low compatibility of Sagittarius and Cancer in love. Relationships develop gradually.

The partners have a different outlook, but the unifying factor is similar sensitivity and sincerity.

Male Sagittarius has tremendous vitality and energy, which attract the chosen one Cancer. The main problem may lie in the fact that the partner has a domestic character, she seeks privacy with a loved one and does not like to visit public places often.

Unfortunately, such an approach to the life of a Sagittarius man does not suit him, he becomes bored and this can provoke a break in relations.

In order to preserve the alliance of the partner, it should be understood that the wide natural nature of her chosen one requires space and freedom. It can not be limited to four walls of even the most comfortable house.

If he wants to travel, then you should let him go. He will definitely come back, and his love will only increase to the woman who understands him.

Compatibility Sagittarius and Cancer in bed is not very good. But at first, the partners have a very strong attraction to each other.

But it is rather caused by an interest in the fact that there are many differences in the pair. Over time, sexual desire decreases, and partners lose interest in each other in the intimate sphere.

If desired, and on the background of sincere love feelings, harmony in sex can persist for a long time. In this case, the partners will gradually learn to open up and have fun.

Male Sagittarius and female are intermarried. Cancer in marriage is average; such families can be prosperous if they are based on mutual benefit. As a result, commercialism, which for most families is considered not appropriate, in this pair is only good.

In an ideal married couple, absolute harmony and mutual understanding reigns, which even differences in natural character cannot darken. A spouse lovingly cares about a woman, why she just flourishes.

The energy of the partner contributes to the fact that isolation and caution disappear from the character of the spouse. The woman is surprisingly changing, becoming sociable, sweet and open.

The chosen one Cancer next to her chosen one gains confidence in the future and ceases to be afraid of events occurring in the outside world. She is well aware that in order not to happen in life, she can count on the support of her spouse.

On the other hand, a strong and confident woman Cancer can make her partner happy. He charges her with the necessary energy and becomes more successful. To maintain a harmonious relationship, the spouse must be careful about the man’s vanity.

In addition, decent living conditions should be organized. This will be the pride of the spouse.

Friendship sincere and strong occurs between a woman Cancer and a man Sagittarius is very rare. A barrier to the development of friendships is already the fact that a woman is a homebody and prefers to spend more time at home, and a man is a person who always strives for life changes.

And if he is unable to travel physically, then he does it mentally.

But at the same time, if a man is distinguished by a philosophical orientation of character, then he can find a common language with the girl Cancer. They will spend a lot of time behind conversations, discussing various topics that will become a reason to start making friends.

Constantly traveling, if not physically, then mentally, Sagittarius does not find common interests with his girlfriend. The exception may be the Crayfish-philosophers.

With them, he will find a common topic for conversation, as he, too, is not averse to philosophizing and discuss the mysteries of the universe.

The thinness and sensitive woman is repelled by the straightness and impudence of a friend. She often takes offense at him, and when a lot of resentment accumulates, the friendly tandem falls apart.

But, as a rule, a man may not even pay attention to the fact that he lost his girlfriend, because he, often, is very bored with her.

Compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Woman Cancer, to win a man Sagittarius, first of all, you need to understand the intricacies of the nature of the elect. The thing is that if you like the Sagittarius, who is a philosopher, then he needs a special approach.

In this case, the man will perceive the woman who seeks to be with him as a child. That is, it will seem to him that she needs to take care of and teach everything in life. And this is precisely his opinion that must be supported in every possible way.

It is necessary to appear before the chosen one in a defenseless and naive way. Cancer woman is very artistic in nature, so it will be easy for her to do so. It is important to remember that your chosen one has absolutely no need to guess about the inner core that is in you from nature.

After some time, the man will understand that his chosen one is not an easy person and he will really like her rich inner world.

If the goal is to win the heart of Sagittarius, who loves success and fame, it is better to first pay attention to its brightness and attractiveness. This is also not difficult to do, as the Cancer girl is distinguished by natural femininity and mystery.

Such traits will necessarily be noticed by the male Sagittarius, and this will be the starting point for the beginning of the relationship.

The Sagittarius guy rarely has a desire to conquer the beautiful Cancer. It can occur only if they have a circle of interests.

In order to conquer a woman, Cancer needs to understand that she is a very mysterious person. To achieve its location is not easy. The first thing to do is to demonstrate that it is very dear to you.

It is important to show maximum attention to her and beautifully care.

Chosen Cancer is doubting kind. That is why she needs a confident partner next to her, and the male Sagittarius is best suited for this role.

He will always be able to provide his beloved with the necessary support and will be able to charge her with life optimism.

Relations can develop very quickly and successfully if the partners have to maintain relationships for the sake of mutual benefit. For example, people can unite the common cause.

Under such circumstances, the Cancer girl will definitely pay attention to the man who is seeking her location and, most likely, will reciprocate. But at the same time, it will be important to keep the chosen one next to you in the future, and for this you should take care not to disappoint her with anything.

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