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Compatibility of Aries and Sagittarius: the horoscope of relationships for men, women in love, family life

Compatibility of Aries and Sagittarius in love and family life

Aries and Sagittarius on the horoscope belong to the fire element. That is why they have a lot in common: they are bright, energetic and active, confident people.

Having set a clear goal, they go to it, not noticing obstacles and inspiring each other for feats and new achievements. From the first minute of dating between Aries and Sagittarius runs a spark, which gives rise to a strong relationship. There is a lot of passion in this alliance, but there is no place for calmness: partners feel either hatred towards each other, or burning love, or a bizarre combination of these feelings.

Stormy quarrels can end no less stormy reconciliation. Despite the numerous tests that this union undergoes, it can still be called almost perfect due to the similarity of the temperaments of these zodiac signs.

The union of male Aries and female Sagittarius is beneficial to both of them. Aries is the unofficial leader in this pair. Usually he is focused on himself and, even with many talents, does not know where to apply them.

A female Sagittarius helps him expand horizons. She often cannot achieve success because of her own indecisiveness, succumbing to circumstances, but together with Aries she does not allow herself such weakness and thanks to him bravely conquers the goals.

For those around him, Aries man and Sagittarius woman seem to be a very bright and enterprising couple, infecting everyone around with their mood. They love outdoor activities, are constantly in the activities and never lazy.

Often they not only live together, but also work: they open a joint business, because only in each other they see the necessary initiative and efficiency.

Compatibility of Aries and Sagittarius: the horoscope of relationships for men, women in love, family life

This guy and the girl will immediately notice each other, on an intuitive level, feeling mutual sympathy. Their first date will come soon enough, since they are both straightforward and do not like to wait.

During the development of relations it will be difficult for them to part even for a short time. The girl will feel in the man the conqueror, will be fascinated by his assertiveness, breadth of interests, wit and independent views.

He, in turn, will be delighted with her intelligence, sincerity and ability to listen.

This love will not be quiet and tender. The Sagittarius woman, like Aries himself, is very freedom-loving, does not tolerate attacks on his independence and will not adapt to his partner, while he seeks to conquer her to the end.

But such a struggle is interesting to both of them and adds a couple of thrills.

Difficulties in love relationships are added by the fact that the Sagittarius woman is jealous, and the energetic Aries, in pursuit of travel and new impressions, periodically disappears from her sight. Because of this, she may assume that he is cheating on her, although in reality both partners are too honest to commit adultery.

They need to learn to trust each other so that mutual insults do not arise.

Compatibility of Aries and Sagittarius: the horoscope of relationships for men, women in love, family life

The views of representatives of these zodiac signs on family life are very similar in many respects, so they will feel comfortable in marriage. Thanks to her activity, the Sagittarius woman will be able to organize her life and become an ideal hostess.

But it is important for her not to dwell only on the household, but to take care of herself, lead a social life, have some kind of hobby. Otherwise, she will feel that she is missing something, and will fall to her husband.

In Aries, attitudes toward everyday life are often based on ideas obtained in childhood. For example, if his parents instilled in him a love of cleanliness and order, from the spouse he will also demand that.

He needs to learn the understanding and patience on which family life is built, otherwise conflicts cannot be avoided.

Children in such a union are often born late. In the first years of marriage, the Sagittarius woman is not ready to devote herself to motherhood, and the Aries man still feels to be the center of the family, whereas after the birth of the child, all attention goes to the baby.

Compatibility of Aries and Sagittarius: the horoscope of relationships for men, women in love, family life

Sex between these signs will be frequent, bright and passionate. Often it is the proximity that helps them reconcile after a strong quarrel, and they can constantly quarrel and sort things out.

These representatives of the element of Fire do not tolerate restrictions and have a similar sexual temperament, therefore in bed they are not alien to experiments.

To take the initiative will be Aries. He likes to be the center of attention, and he likes it if his partner admires him.

She values ​​feelings and love more, and sex is not so important for her. She is less loving, but knows how to adapt to her husband and to make their relationship perfect.

Aries man and Sagittarius woman quickly become good friends for many years. The energy and activity of Aries connects with the fearlessness of Sagittarius, so that together they can literally move mountains.

They are constantly in motion. Being easy to lift, they can go hiking, play sports, lead an active life, go to parks, theaters and cinema.

Joint hobbies make their friendship even tighter.

These friends are known in trouble: they quickly come to the aid of each other, helping with advice or deed. But sometimes they need to tame their impulsivity and not bother each other.

Having had a rest from communication, they will meet again with new forces.

The male Sagittarius and the female Aries have excellent compatibility. They are full-fledged independent individuals who respect the interests and opinions of each other. They are brought together by a love of adventure, travel, risk, active lifestyle.

The main thing is that they do not become bored in each other’s society, because then quarrels, conflicts and even separation can not be ruled out.

The Sagittarius man is the dream of every woman: he is charming, energetic and unpredictable. If he wants to win the heart of the chosen one, he does not regret his efforts and means and is ready to perform real feats.

The fire, raging in it, often becomes the cause of spontaneous decisions, the heat of passions and the explosion of emotions, but the Aries woman has enough tact and is able to listen, thereby restraining the impulses of a partner.

Often, love relationships originate in this union thanks to friendship. Having started to be friends in childhood or adolescence, the boy and the girl eventually begin to feel sympathy for each other, because a full-fledged friendship between them is hardly possible. They are bright and passionate natures with too similar temperament to calmly relate to each other.

A Sagittarius man knows how to charm his chosen one with generosity, and for his sake he does not spare money. The woman, in turn, plunges into this relationship with her head and devotes them all to herself.

It must be remembered that a man-Sagittarius needs freedom in a relationship, whereas an Aries woman is able to strangle him with his love. She needs to learn to be tolerant and not be jealous of his work, hobbies or friends.

A man should show her that he really needs her, so that there is no feeling of lack of emotions and feelings.

Such spouses are always optimistic, impulsive, open, active and friendly. However, a Sagittarius male is in no hurry to tie himself to the knot of marriage: freedom is important to him, and he is resolved to marry only if he loves very much. Also, the cult of the family is alien to the male-Sagittarius: comfort is not too important to him, and sometimes he is prone to frequent relocation, because the atmosphere that he sees day after day, he gets bored.

Aries woman also does not like the state of stagnation, so it can easily come to terms with the indefatigable thirst for the activity of Sagittarius.

Marriage will be even stronger if a woman constantly amazes her partner, showing him new facets of character, mind and soul. It is constantly necessary to kindle interest and not to disappoint him, because Sagittarius does not accept lies and falsehoods.

Representatives of these signs of the zodiac love children and often from childhood accustom them to an active lifestyle: they play sports with them, travel, take long walks and morning jogs.

Being signs of Fire, in bed, the Sagittarius man and the Aries woman are always passionate, relaxed and sensual. After a quarrel, they may experience an emotional shake-up, and rapid reconciliation will refresh marital relationships, especially long ones.

Both signs have a tendency to spontaneity, so their closeness always becomes unexpected and unplanned.

Usually Aries woman takes the initiative in this relationship. The only problem may be that at first Sagittarius does not want to obey her, but sometimes this leads to a struggle of characters, which will be interesting for both partners.

Sagittarius man and Aries woman will always find something to talk about — they are brought together by common themes, views on life and love for an active lifestyle. But sometimes the woman-Aries is incomprehensible recklessness Sagittarius: she is more inclined to thoughtful, consistent action.

These friends are ready to provide mutual support in any endeavor. Sometimes they may disappear for a while from each other’s sight, leaving or for a long time carried away by something.

This will not destroy their friendship: when they meet, they will communicate as if there was no break.

The problem may be that sooner or later, the boy and the girl will feel sympathy for each other, which is why such friendship is rapidly turning into love, be it a short love affair or a long relationship.

The main advantage of the union of Aries and Sagittarius is the similarity of temperaments. They are bright, strong and straightforward personalities who can work together to turn any dream into reality.

Their compatibility is also manifested in the similarity of lifestyle and habits. Both of them are in a hurry to live and are afraid that they will miss something important in life, so they try to keep up always and everywhere.

In addition, they are both equally stubborn, can often argue with each other, but these disputes will be for both interesting entertainment.

The disadvantages of the union include:

  • Jealousy on the part of Aries. Regardless of whether he is a man or a woman, Aries requires enough attention to himself and will be jealous of Sagittarius for a friendly company or hobbies.
  • Minor quarrels. Large conflicts in such a pair are rare, but the impulsiveness and emotionality of fire signs make them periodically find out the relationship.
  • The pursuit of bright emotions. If the marriage will miss the new impressions, the spouses can get a divorce, tired of the ordinary.

To save the marriage, Aries is not recommended to restrict the freedom of the chosen one. If Sagittarius chose this person for the relationship, sooner or later he will return to him, so you just have to wait patiently.

There is another difficulty: Sagittarius begins to gradually move away: in this case, the partner needs to make him a little jealous, thereby showing that he can be lost.

Domestic conflicts in this pair often occur due to the fault of Aries. Before you build a relationship with him, the chosen one is recommended to look at his parents.

The idea of ​​life develops in Aries thanks to his family and upbringing, so before entering into marriage you need to know in advance what he expects from family life.

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