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Compatibility of Aries and Cancer: in love, in marriage, in sex

Despite their dissimilarity, alliances between Aries and Cancer are quite common. The main difference between them is that Aries loves to experiment in his life, and Cancer always moves according to a previously drawn up plan. Relations between partners are always difficult, but after a certain time, they adapt to each other and they manage to build harmonious relationships.

Such a union can be explained by the fact that opposites attract. Emotional Aries is always helpful is the support of Cancer, who knows how to properly prioritize and smooth out conflict situations.

Compatibility of Aries and Cancer: in love, in marriage, in sex

Aries man often finds common language with a woman Cancer. Their interests intersect in various life spheres.

But at the same time to prevent beautiful relationships can be different natural characters. The strong internal energy of the guy Aries can push the girl Cancer.

Compatibility between Aries men and Cancer women in love relationships is average. But the thing is that these people are very difficult to meet, because the man is a public person, and the woman prefers home pastime.

But if the couple meet the will of fate, the opposite of the characters will push them to each other. Very often, a girl of Cancer falls in love instantly, and the guy Aries is no exception.

In this case, the probability of love at first sight.

Not very high compatibility of a couple in love indicates that at the initial stage love relationships will not be easy. Cancer girl will love a partner so selflessly that it will tire him.

Jealousy, which is almost always present between Aries and Cancer, at the initial stage of the relationship, will aggravate the situation.

If partners truly love, they will manage to overcome all difficulties. Not so much time will pass, and they will learn to value their chosen ones, and with respect will come an understanding that will allow us to build trusting, warm relations.

Aries begins to realize that his beloved only at first glance seems defenseless, but at the same time has a strong inner character.

Compatibility of men Aries and women of Cancer in bed is very high. This is facilitated by the fact that a man allows his partner to fully reveal their natural sexual potential.

The girl really likes the sexuality and passion of her partner, which allows her to feel truly loved. She is attracted by the fiery temperament of her lover, who is absolutely unwilling to hold back in bed and prefers to experiment.

But on the other hand, some rudeness and aggressiveness of sex may initially frighten the chosen one. Over time, the guy, on the background of sincere love, will learn to show more affection and attention in bed, teaching her partner to have sex full of emotions.

The attachment of a Cancer girl to a partner in the sexual sphere is very often the main factor on the basis of which further relationships are built. The good compatibility of these signs in bed remains for many years and excludes the possibility of cheating.

The high compatibility of partners in marriage suggests that representatives of these zodiac signs after the candy-bouquet period, in most cases, stay together and create a strong family.

But at the same time their family will not be perfect. First, disagreements may arise on the basis of a different attitude towards family finances.

Spouse Aries easily earns money, but is also able to spend them quickly. His wife used to count everything and material well-being means a lot to her.

In order to avoid conflicts, family responsibilities in the financial sphere should be immediately distributed: the husband earns, and the wife disposes of financial receipts.

The high compatibility of Aries and Cancer in marriage is not always indicative of moral welfare. Just the spouse of Cancer will try to keep the family as hard as she can, even if she doesn’t have anything to do with her partner. Very often, after long years of living together, the partner begins to tire of her husband’s assertiveness and his emotionality.

On the other hand, Aries begins to get annoyed by the helplessness of the spouse and her insecurity. In times of crisis, a temporary separation can save the family.

For example, one of the spouses can go on a long trip or a trip.

The low compatibility of Aries men and women of Cancer in friendship is explained by the fact that love arises faster than they manage to make friends. In order for people to be friends they must differ in the similarity of characters, for a pair of Aries and Cancer — this is not inherent.

As a friend, Cancer will seek to patronize Aries, to patronize him. But this attitude does not like Aries. As an option, friendship is possible only if people belong to different generations.

Also, often Aries guy starts to be friends with a girl when he has difficult times in his life. After the situation has stabilized, friendly relations will continue, but there will be no sincerity anymore.

Rather, such friends would be better considered pals.

There can be no friendship between the representatives of these signs of the zodiac, even if people work together. Moreover, if they work on the same task, they can simply interfere with each other.

Aries man is always in a hurry and Cancer’s girlfriend’s sluggishness will annoy him greatly. Very often, straightforwardness, which is inherent in the characters of both signs, prevents to establish relations.

Compatibility of Aries and Cancer: in love, in marriage, in sex

Pair compatibility is far from ideal. The natural activity of the young lady is always an attractive factor for a guy.

But at the same time, very often his chosen one does not reciprocate to him, since a naturally practical man does not attract her.

Compatibility of the man of Cancer and the woman of Aries in love relationships is average. This is due to the fact that the partner shows assertiveness and often seeks the location of the chosen one, even if she will not pay attention to him for a long time.

In a love union for a man, Cancer has many advantages. First of all, the relationship will be filled with activity and energy, which will allow him to overcome natural uncertainty.

Favorite will always push the chosen one to new challenges, support in a positive mood and fill him with optimism.

Aries woman is also able to fully enjoy the love that gives her a gentle and caring partner. He is always ready to listen, his restraint calms her down and allows you to more calmly relate to events occurring in the surrounding world.

Considering that the compatibility of Cancer and Aries in love is average, in order to strengthen the love that has arisen, partners need to learn a lot from each other, so their relationship is unlikely to be called simple. Great efforts will need to put a woman.

The partner should remember about the impressionability and vulnerability of her chosen one. To save love, you must always take into account the desires of the partner.

The compatibility of these marks in bed is closer to the average. In this area, partners have conflicting relationships. The chosen one prefers sex, filled with affection and attention, but for a woman excessive tenderness in bed is not a prerequisite.

This can lead to some dissatisfaction, after sexual contact.

But on the other hand the guy likes the ardor and passion of the chosen one in bed. He is impressed by the fact that the partner has no complexes, and she offers to experiment in sex.

Although the compatibility of the pair Cancer and Aries in bed is not high, if the partners truly love, they will quickly adapt to each other. Sex based on contrasts will be attractive to both of them. The only thing that Cancer does not tolerate is the leadership of a woman in bed.

Therefore, the partner must learn to relax and completely trust her chosen one, who will do everything to make her feel satisfied.

The compatibility of the man of Cancer and the woman of Aries in marriage is very high. This is due to the fact that people of these zodiac signs usually marry only after they finally realize that they are a single whole.

The pair always looks very beautiful: he is an elegant, gallant gentleman, she is a bright and extraordinary lady. Their family life is always filled with well-being and harmony.

They are both very sociable and they are pleased to invite to visit.

As a rule, spouses from the very first moments of living together distribute family responsibilities. This eliminates quarrels and conflicts on domestic grounds, and therefore, guarantees a high compatibility of the couple in marriage.

It is noteworthy that a woman in such a pair becomes the main breadwinner, and for a man the main duties are connected with keeping the house in order.

It is very important to remember that harmonious relations in the family of the Cancer and Aries couple are largely dependent on how spouses will be patient and understanding each other. Any conflict situations severely hurt the man, and he begins to blame himself for everything that happens, which can lead to completely unpredictable consequences.

Friendship between the woman Aries and the man Cancer occurs very rarely. Their vital interests do not coincide, and they rarely have the same hobbies.

It is also difficult to find common topics for them to talk and discuss.

The chosen one needs a friend to whom he would be able to speak frankly about his troubles and misfortunes. Friendship in his understanding provides exceptional trust. That is why Cancer is always looking for friends among those whom he has known since childhood or relatives.

Aries girl can become a true friend only if she falls into these categories.

Friendship between representatives of these signs of the zodiac and on the basis of common work cannot arise. Moreover, in order not to suffer a case it is important to clearly delineate the responsibilities of these people.

This is due to the fact that Aries and Cancer have a completely different pace and style of work.

Compatibility of Aries and Cancer: in love, in marriage, in sex

A man can meet Cancer and a woman Aries can only by the will of fate. These people have completely different natures and temperaments from nature, therefore they go on parallel courses in life. But, if it so happens that the representatives of these zodiac signs will be in the same company, then the Aries girl will surely attract the attention of the man of Cancer.

Therefore, she will not have to apply special efforts to conquer his heart. But in order to speed up the events, the girl is recommended to find out about the hobbies of the chosen one, in order to prove that they have a lot in common.

It will be enough a few minutes of communication, so that Cancer will wake up feelings for the chosen one. After a minute random meeting, representatives of these signs almost immediately begin to meet.

The more they get to know each other, the better they understand that they fit together.

Feeling a strong internal energy of a woman, the satellite is weaker in nature, can for some time end the relationship. But after some time he will again take the first step towards his sympathy.

If the chosen one Aries has set a goal to conquer her chosen one, then she must definitely accept him, demonstrating her humility. After such a return, the partners are unlikely to part again, they are waiting for a happy future together, filled with positive emotions and interesting events.

Despite the dissimilarity of the characters, it is that the Cancer guy falls in love with the Aries girl. But in order to win her heart will have to make every effort. It is important to remember that it is necessary, first of all, to attract attention with bright extraordinary actions.

In no case can not play the role of a resigned and pliant man, such an image does not seem fiery lady attractive.

Aries woman always pays attention to the natural charisma of a person and how confident he is in his own abilities. In addition, it is important for her that her potential elect share her interests.

Therefore, in order to draw attention to itself, Aries must first make inquiries about the girl she likes, and inquire about her life interests.

You can not make a woman Aries jealous. The slightest suspicion of the insincerity of the boyfriend will push her away from him. After that, she will not allow herself to come close.

Decisiveness and activity of actions ensures that in the soul of the chosen one they will be able to arouse interest in themselves. Walking around the bush without any suggestions, will cause irritation in the soul of the chosen one, and therefore, will significantly reduce the chances of success.

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