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Compatibility of Aries and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Aries and Aquarius are representatives of various elements that can create very prosperous alliances. What unites the representatives of these zodiac signs is that they both have a light disposition and optimistic character. These people are very sociable and they like to shine in society.

In this tandem, Aries is always a stronger person and, in most cases, takes the lead. Aquarius has a more flexible character, which contributes to the fact that this person adapts more easily to various life circumstances.

The alliances between these partners are very harmonious.

Compatibility of Aries and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Aries is attracted to Aries by a young lady, but despite this, they do not always manage to get along. Very often the girl opposes the fact that the chosen one suppresses her with her energy and activity.

Representatives of the sign Aquarius have a developed intuition, so they often determine the course of life events at a subconscious level.

Compatibility Aries men and Aquarius women in a love relationship are below average. This is due to the fact that the representatives of these zodiac signs communicate perfectly, not in a hurry to take the first step in order to establish a romantic relationship.

The male Aries is a conqueror by nature, but in this case the mystery of the chosen one keeps him. Even when there is a love relationship between partners, the girl Aquarius is never fully revealed.

This fact fixes the low compatibility of the couple in love.

Love relationships can develop safely only if the partners remain independent and free. But this will not prevent their feelings from being tender and passionate.

In the moments of solitude, lovers forget about everything and completely devote themselves to their half. They like to chat and discuss topics that are interesting for both.

If a man Aries will put pressure on his darling, then the relationship will soon end. It is important to maintain softness and tact, respecting the opinion of the young lady of Aquarius.

Partner should also be aware of the fact that you can not cause jealousy with your chosen one. Love relationships should be built on complete trust and confidence in the satellite.

Compatibility of men Aries and women of Aquarius in bed is almost perfect. This is due to the coincidence of the natural temperaments of the partners. The woman is absolutely liberated sexually, she has no complexes and with pleasure responds to all offers of the partner.

This suits the man of Aries, as he always seeks to get maximum pleasure from intimate pleasures.

The compatibility of these signs in bed is associated with great mutual sympathy. They remain a mystery to each other in real life, but they are completely open in sex.

Aries should understand that sex for a girl of Aquarius derives from spiritual intimacy, without this relationship is simply impossible. In her own bed, she will let only the person whom she fully trusts.

For men, Aries sex plays a very important role. And if a woman takes this into account, then in the sexual sphere the relationship will develop very favorably.

Moreover, sexual energy will feed the partners and help them to progress successfully along the path of life.

Despite the fact that the representatives of these zodiac signs are very similar, the compatibility of satellites in marriage is very low. This is due to the fact that at a young age the partners greatly value their independence and rarely agree to enter into an official marriage.

Spouses, even creating a family, seek to preserve their freedom. They often have fun in big companies.

Such leisure time suits them, so there are no quarrels and conflicts.

The first problems arise, as a rule, after the birth of a child. It is at this point that you will need to distribute household chores, but, unfortunately, emotional partners do not always succeed.

The girl Aquarius believes that the main burden of responsibilities should be borne by her husband. But at the same time, in his wife’s opinion, he is obliged to provide for his family.

If the spouses manage to agree, they will get along and build a strong family. Partners are very good parents and know how to raise children.

Compatibility in friendly relations between representatives of the Aries and Aquarius signs is very high. These people are interesting to each other and sincere sympathy almost always arises between them.

Very often, friendship begins in childhood and lasts for life. And love on her background can not arise.

Friends enjoy spending time together, participating in various events. In the life of Aries and Aquarius pass, like a brother and sister, trusting the most intimate to a friend.

Each of the partners is distinguished by high moral principles; therefore, their relationships are based on deep trust. Honesty and dedication — the main principle of their friendship, which can not be destroyed.

Compatibility of Aries and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Between the guy Aries and the girl Aquarius, relationships are always formed on the basis of mutual respect. Alliances between these signs of the zodiac are always unpredictable, due to the pronounced individuality of the partners.

They value their freedom most of all, therefore they rarely form stable alliances, but they always maintain friendly relations.

The compatibility of Aquarius men and Aries women in love relationships is very low. This is hindered by the natural freedom of the partners.

If it happens that a spark of love jumps between the partners, the love relationship develops safely.

The life of representatives of these signs of the zodiac will always be filled with positive, fun and good impressions. Lightness in relationships always brings Aquarius, with its progressive views.

He will try to make the relationship non-standard and by this he will definitely keep his partner near him.

Low compatibility Aquarius and Aries in love testifies to the instability of the love affair. The pair lacks the warmth of the soul.

She is not emotionally filled. This is due to the fact that each of the partners does not open completely, but leaves for itself a piece of life.

In addition, they, even feeling mutual affection, are not always interested in the affairs of their half.

In addition, the stubbornness of partners can spoil the relationship, when everyone wants to prove his leadership. If the partners understand that they are genuinely in love, then they need, first of all, to learn to yield.

Compatibility of the couple in bed according to statistics is very high, but the sexual relationships are unpredictable. Aries girl needs sex, she is completely liberated in bed and ready for any experiments.

And this approach to intimate life, of course, really like a guy. It is important to a sense of novelty and unusual.

Sex between partners is filled with tenderness, they both strive for subtle caresses. This is their point of contact, which allows for complete satisfaction.

This is evidenced by the very high compatibility of Aquarius and Aries in bed.

Sexual relations for both partners is a way of knowing a loved one. The guy to the darling of Aries is so strong that he postpones all things to be left alone.

At such moments, lovers converge and can even make decisions about their future.

Compatibility men Aquarius and Aries women in marriage is very low. These people are in no hurry to legitimize the relationship, even if they have everything very well formed in the sexual sphere. In marriage, partners rarely manage to build harmonious relationships.

This is possible only if the chosen ones sincerely love and show patience and endurance.

The low compatibility of a couple in a marriage indicates that there are very big risks for a divorce. The first thing you need to do in order to save a family is to refuse to rework your loved ones.

Each partner must maintain its individuality. Spouses must learn to perceive each other as they are in nature with all the advantages and disadvantages.

If this can be done, then it is safe to say that the union will continue for many years and will be filled with sincere feelings. The habit of a pair of Aquarius and Aries can not occur, each of the spouses will seek to prove their love.

In addition, they have a great desire to support each other in life, so they often become successful, feeling reliable rear.

Compatibility in friendly relations with the guy Aquarius and the girl Aries is very high. These are very sociable people who love to be in secular society and spend time in a cheerful company of friends.

Guy Aquarius can be friends. The best option is a friendship with a woman Aries, who leads an active lifestyle and is filled with energy. These people form strong, friendly alliances based on trust.

Aries and Aquarius support each other in all endeavors and help overcome the obstacles of life.

Since the main principle of friendly relations is trust, then between the guy Aquarius and the girl Aries there are no secrets. It is very good if they are linked by a common cause or a common business.

Very often in such cases there is friendship with families.

Since the friendship of the elect necessarily leave a friend freedom of action, their relationship lasts for many years.

Compatibility of Aries and Aquarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Chosen Aries is not very difficult to win the heart of her lover. She will attract the attention of a partner with her personality and brightness. He will especially appreciate the features of the young Aries lady:

The elect is always open to new acquaintances and companionship, so you need to pay attention to yourself at one of the social events. Feel free to be the first to take the initiative. It is very important to find common topics for conversation and find out if you have any common hobbies.

That is what will be a factor contributing to the development of a joint future.

Aries is capable of subduing a man of Aquarius who has a developed mind and can present herself in an original way. It is important to demonstrate their elegance and ability to speak beautifully. To make the chosen one interested in herself, a woman should not only talk about herself, but also ask about his hobbies and hobbies.

It is important to sincerely be interested in his life, and care should be taken to ensure that questions do not sound formal. Men Aquarius can respond only if they feel that next to him will be a like-minded woman who will support him.

Guy Aquarius has a naturally diplomatic character, so he can easily attract the young lady Aries. His chosen one simply cannot resist the attention with which he will surround her.

His compliments and expensive gifts will make her feel like a real lady.

It is very important to remember that Aries woman always feels false, therefore courtship should be sincere. In addition, she likes determined and impulsive men.

Therefore, it is necessary, caring for the chosen one, to manifest itself extraordinary.

It should also be remembered that women Aries like intelligent men. Therefore, the chosen one should demonstrate that he can easily support conversations on any topic. In addition, you should listen to the chosen one and support her in undertakings.

If necessary, she needs to give advice, but in no case should she be forced to follow these recommendations.

It is very important not to try to tame the woman of Aries and not to show her your ambitions. It will be absolutely useless.

Change its natural character is impossible. The chosen one must feel the strength of the man, against the background of which she will certainly have a desire to submit.

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