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Compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces: in love, in marriage, in sex

Despite the high natural compatibility of characters, the ideal compatibility of representatives of the signs of the zodiac Aquarius and Pisces is difficult to consider. This is due to the fact that their views on life are significantly different. They have different life priorities.

But at the same time, prosperous alliances are common. Aquarius is an intellectual person, so he can fully appreciate the extraordinary nature of the fish.

Lovers are attracted to the subconscious level, so they tend to get closer in real life. But at the same time for the people around them, such a pair always looks strange.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces: in love, in marriage, in sex

Initially, there may be many difficulties in the union of representatives of these zodiac signs. But Aquarius and Pisces, who have real, sincere love or friendly feelings for each other, easily overcome them. The partners are absolutely not in conflict, therefore they can agree on any issues.

An important role in the well-being created by tandems is played by the woman’s compliance.

The compatibility of the Aquarian man and the woman Pisces in love relationships is high. Usually, the initiative always comes from a partner who from the first meeting might like a mysterious chosen one.

The fact is that a beauty in society can behave somewhat extravagantly, and this attracts the attention of the opposite sex.

The love relationship between the representatives of this zodiac sign develops rapidly. In such tandems reigns calm and harmony.

Both partners due to high intellectual development are able to learn a lot from each other. A Pisces woman becomes liberated, she learns to clearly express her thoughts, and therefore becomes more understandable to others.

This means that it will be easier for her to contact other people. A beautiful woman with a deep inner world rarely closes in herself and becomes open, she manages to sort out her own emotions and feelings.

The elect of Aquarius becomes deep and learns to fully discover their natural abilities. His desire for self-improvement allows him to develop his intuitive skills and talents, being next to his chosen one.

Well-being in love tandems largely depends on how the satellites will respect each other. They should not limit freedom alone.

It is important to build love unions on absolute trust.

The compatibility of the man of Aquarius and the woman Fish in bed is very good. But a high figure, most likely due to the fact that the representatives of these signs of the zodiac, experiencing love for each other, are able to adapt one to the other in the sexual sphere.

Since a woman born under the zodiac sign of Pisces is very important in a romantic setting during sex, the man of Aquarius does everything to please her.

In bed, partners talk a lot about love, caress each other and take care of getting complete mutual satisfaction from sex. Representatives of the signs of the zodiac Aquarius and Pisces are able to fully liberate themselves in the intimate sphere, for them, if you have sincere feelings, there are no prohibitions.

But at the same time, the attitude to partners’ sexual relations is completely different. For a woman in such a tandem, sex is a vital necessity. She believes that a happy intimate life allows you to harmonize relationships.

But for a partner, sex is only a way to meet natural needs and he does not attach much importance to him. And this bears some danger that from time to time disagreements may arise in the sexual sphere.

The compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces in marriage is very good. Tandems between representatives of this zodiac sign are created often.

Despite the fact that the man Aquarius is freedom-loving, in union with the girl Fish, he becomes a homebody. This is due to the fact that he and his companion are interested.

Welfare in the family due to the fact that the spouse does not set a goal to understand his chosen one. He just takes it, as it is. For her part, the spouse is grateful for such tact.

She surrounds her husband with care and attention, which makes him feel comfortable.

The dwelling of the couple is rarely comfortable, because the representatives of this sign do not get hung up on life. There are no divisions of duties, but there is never a quarrel on domestic issues.

If necessary, everything is solved by joint efforts.

Children in the family appear only after a man achieves success in life. The wife agrees to give birth to the child only after her spouse reaches certain heights and is able to support the family well.

Parents are always responsible for raising children and tend to spend a lot of time with them.

Despite the high rate of compatibility in friendships, true friendship between representatives of these zodiac signs is rare. This is due to the fact that between partners often sparks love spark.

This means that there is a high probability of modifying friendly relations.

Business cooperation between representatives of these signs of the zodiac is not very well formed. A friend of Aquarius is always full of ideas that he is ready to bring to life.

But the Pisces woman does not always support him and this can slow down the work. Relationships are especially bad when a man is subordinate.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces: in love, in marriage, in sex

In the relationship of men Pisces and women Aquarius is never stability. There are many contradictions in the created tandems.

Although at the same time, the unifying factor that keeps people together for a long time is the originality of thinking and the development of intelligence.

The compatibility of Pisces men and Aquarius women in love relationships is not high, although people at a subconscious level are attracted to each other. Mutual interest is explained by the initial deceptive impression of the similarity of natural characters.

Once in a love tandem created, lovers will be able to closely communicate, most likely, an understanding will come that there is not so much in common. If the separation comes, the satellites, as a rule, quickly part.

Usually the first such decision is made by a man who is distinguished by a more developed intuition.

But at the same time, relations can develop along a different path, as evidenced by the not bad compatibility of Pisces and Aquarius in love. If a man is a creative person, which occurs often, then the chosen one with an easy and relaxed perception of life can become a real muse for him.

She can inspire a partner and push him to creative development.

On the other hand, Aquarius woman appreciates the care and support that comes from a partner. She learns to perceive the world around him more deeply and expands her emotional world, develops her natural intuitive abilities.

In a prosperous love union, calm and understanding reign, life is filled with interesting ideas and positive.

Compatibility of Pisces and Aquarius in bed is good. Partners relaxed and can discuss any topic.

The leader in the intimate sphere is always a man. The representative of the Pisces zodiac sign pays great attention to the well-being of the sexual sphere.

For him, sex is a way of deep spiritual understanding of the partner.

Despite the fact that a woman is more prosaic and does not give a meaningful place in life to the intimate sphere, she easily learns everything new. In this tandem, there is no place for traditional relationships, partners prefer novelty and constantly experiment.

Chosen Pisces is always gentle and tactful in bed. He necessarily listens to the wishes of the woman and seeks to give her maximum pleasure.

If the feelings for each other disappear, the sexual relationship is broken by itself.

Compatibility Men Fish and women Aquarius in marriage is quite good. This is due to the fact that the decision to legitimize the relationship is weighed, after thinking about all the pros and cons.

In an ideal couple, both spouses are happy, because their relationships are based on mutual understanding and absolute trust. They do not restrict each other’s freedom, but if necessary they provide the necessary support alone.

Spouse always leads a more active lifestyle. This may sometimes not like a man.

Therefore, she must find the right words to explain to her lover that this is very important to her. During periods of wifelessness, the spouse can engage in self-improvement.

The financial situation in the family is not always stable. The thing is that Pisce’s husband can’t earn money. But financial difficulties do not lead to divorce.

Over time, as things get settled and life is getting better.

In order to succeed in building a harmonious family, partners must remember that they cannot hide their grievances against each other. It is important in the event of the slightest misunderstanding to discuss the problem.

With this approach, the family union will definitely be happy. Over time, spouses in such a tandem, having overcome all difficulties, are able to become one.

Friendship between a woman Aquarius and a man of Pisces is possible, but only until a man meets his soul mate. The fact is that the representatives of this zodiac sign allow themselves to be friends with a woman, if they are free.

In the future, such a friendship a man will consider a dishonest act towards his chosen one.

Friendlyness reigns in friendly tandems. Friends are happy to communicate with each other, they have many common interests.

A friend always charges her friend with optimism, teaches a positive attitude to life events. On the other hand, a man shares his knowledge, develops intuition and inner world.

Disagreements in friendly tandems of Pisces and Aquarius rarely arise, as people are not frank with each other and prefer to solve their own problems on their own. Much more important for both of them is the ability to speak out.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces: in love, in marriage, in sex

Since the Aquarius girl has all the necessary qualities of character that Aquarius likes, it is not at all difficult to win his heart. First of all, she attracts the attention of the chosen one by her romance and kindness.

She is patient and able to support the spiritual aspirations of her chosen one, distinguished by a deep inner world.

For a dreamy chosen one born under the sign of the Pisces zodiac, a woman Aquarius can become a muse. She will inspire him to create and create new ideas.

Due to the unusual perception of the world, a woman likes that a man with an unusual inner world is with her, and she begins to take care of him and take care of him.

The beauty supports his fantasies and, if necessary, hears his dreams. A man cannot resist such an attitude.

I like the elect very much that the woman of Aquarius does not differ in mercantile spirit, she does not try to force her chosen one to live by the rules.

It is also important that representatives of the sign of the zodiac Aquarius always have an unusual appearance. Therefore, her chosen one always gets the impression that he met a woman from another world.

The natural curiosity of a woman of Aquarius will not allow her to resist the man of Pisces, who intended to conquer her heart. In no case should not immediately begin to tell her about their feelings. At the initial stage of dating a Pisces man should strive to become a friend for his chosen one.

By their nature, representatives of the sign of the zodiac Aquarius are convinced that true love is a kind of companionship.

To keep near her darling should strive to become a successful person. Professional aspirations are much more interested in the chosen one than expensive gifts or material security.

This will allow her to believe that the person who is seeking her location may eventually become her support and, if necessary, will provide her with the necessary support.

It is very important to remember that the woman Aquarius is a freedom-loving person who simply cannot be driven into the traditionally accepted framework. Her freedom can not be limited. It is important to look in the eyes of the chosen one an interesting man.

She should enjoy communicating with the companion who is next to her. It is very important to be extraordinary and to organize her unusual pastime.

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