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Compatibility Gemini and Libra: in love, in marriage, in sex

The tandems of Gemini and Libra are very problematic. The contradiction of the unions is connected with the fact that, despite the low compatibility, the representatives of these signs, if they decide to stay together, then make each other happy. Both Gemini and Libra are able to exchange enormous amounts of energy.

The paradox is that the absolute dissimilarity of characters can be a strong unifying factor. The dual and changeable Gemini feels very comfortable with balanced Libra.

The convergence of partners occurs infrequently, because these signs refer to the elements of the air, which, as you know, is constantly in motion.

Compatibility Gemini and Libra: in love, in marriage, in sex

Sincere partners of these signs may have a sincere love relationship. They can be linked by common interests, which will become a prerequisite for strong friendship.

But besides this, the representatives of these zodiac signs do not tolerate loneliness. Therefore, under certain life circumstances, a love relationship may arise between them.

Compatibility of male Gemini and female Libra in love relationships is low, couples are always not easy, although from the outside, it seems that peace and harmony reign in such a union. Both partners love to be in society, lead an active life and enjoy communicating with friends.

But at the same time a woman in such a tandem has to always keep herself up to par. After all, her partner is frivolous and keen nature.

If he is not interested in a relationship, the union is unlikely to last long.

The Libra girl never accepts rude ways to sort out relationships, so there are never scandals between partners, although disagreements arise on many issues. Love between the representatives of this zodiac sign will persist for a long time, while his companion will retain some mysteriousness.

And only the young lady Libra can behave like a soft purring cat, which sometimes releases claws. She will never beg for gifts from her beloved, and be offended if there is not enough attention on his part.

Just skillfully manipulating the elect, she will receive all this. And the male Gemini will consider that everything in their life together occurs on his initiative.

Compatibility of male twins and women Libra in bed is very good. In addition to sensual passions, both partners love to talk to each other during sex. They are brilliant in their eloquence, they like to shower each other with compliments.

Very often, sexual compatibility is the main connecting factor in marriage.

Representatives of these zodiac signs are unsurpassed masters of flirting, they both love to experiment in bed. Man and woman get even more pleasure from foreplay and own eloquence than from sex itself.

Gemini and Libra always meet each other’s wishes. They are alien to stereotypes, conservatism, prejudice and monotony.

They play various role-playing games and sexual entertainments in bed, therefore their intimate life is always filled with positive emotions, unforgettable impressions and diversity.

Compatibility Gemini and Libra are average in marriage, satellite associations create only if they are confident in the sincerity of their own feelings. And, nevertheless, divorces after many years of marriage together occur very often.

The main problem in a married couple is that a Libra woman wants a strong and strong-willed man next to her. But after the love is dulled over time, she realizes that she isn’t with such a person.

Her husband in family life is very unorganized and often sprayed on various trifles.

Such behavior frustrates the woman, and there is a risk that she will begin to teach the spouse and begin to command them. But any encroachment on the worldview of a Gemini man is not permissible.

On this basis, there are serious disagreements that lead to the discord of family relations.

As a rule, the well-being in the family of representatives of these zodiac signs, depends on the wife. Even if she understands that you need to lead in a couple, then you need to do it very gently, sparing the self-esteem of her husband.

Friendship between a woman Libra and a man Gemini develop very well. These signs of the zodiac relate to one element, and this contributes to a very good mutual understanding. Friends perfectly understand each other and find interesting topics for conversation.

It is noteworthy that between them there are never secrets, they completely trust each other.

In the emotional sphere, a man and a woman are on the same level, therefore they are equally perceived by all the events around them in the surrounding world. Friendship in a pair of Gemini and Libra develop original. Even sex is possible between them.

But at the same time they will treat him as a friendly manifestation of feelings and destroy a family because of this, none of the friends will not. Therefore, in the eyes of all others, the partners will look like just friends, taking care only that the secret is not revealed.

Against the backdrop of strong friendships between representatives of these zodiac signs, a successful business partnership is possible. Both satellites have a flexible mind, so they can correctly and quickly respond to changing situations.

They are initiative and always with pleasure carry out the tasks set for them.

Compatibility Gemini and Libra: in love, in marriage, in sex

Tandem Libra and Gemini are almost always prosperous. Despite the difference in natural characters, sexual affinity of lovers in such a union has a positive effect.

The changeability and inconstancy of a woman is successfully leveled by the stability and balance of a man’s natural character. The result is a harmonious union of two intelligent people who are constantly improving themselves and have a similar worldview.

Compatibility men Libra and women Gemini in a love relationship is good. In this tandem, partners can easily cope with any life turmoil.

They enjoy communicating with each other and never dramatize the circumstances that arise in the world around them.

Love relationships are filled with joy and joint hobbies. Both partners know how to enjoy life, they prefer to spend their free time in the company of friends or at noisy parties.

Also, representatives of these zodiac signs are often sent on joint trips. They like to explore the world and experience new sensations.

Compatibility Libra and Gemini in love eradicates boredom. The pair also lacks any vital fuss. Their main goal is to get pleasure from life.

Partners can earn money, but they are never engaged in the accumulation of material goods. Their interests always concern only the intellectual sphere.

Partners help each other develop. So:

  • A girl in such a union becomes more balanced, she seeks to learn from her partner to single out the most important things in life.
  • The guy receives from his companion a charge of positive energy and becomes more liberated.

Compatibility Gemini and Libra in bed is almost perfect. Both partners seek to fill intimate life with their eloquence.

They can discuss everything in bed, the forbidden topics for them simply do not exist. With pleasure, they affect various sexual problems that may arise between them, although very rarely.

Experimenting in bed, partners come closer on a spiritual level and harmonize life as a whole, which allows them to strengthen their union. Very often the partner takes the initiative in sex. A variety of experiments in bed saturate partners with positive emotions.

Representatives of these signs of the zodiac seek to get maximum pleasure from intimate intimacy, so they try to fully liberate themselves. This makes the sexual relationship unique, unforgettable and vibrant.

Compatibility men Libra and women Gemini married high. If the partners manage to save love, then we can confidently say that together they will live all their lives.

But even if love goes away, then the representatives of these two signs of the zodiac will not be in a hurry to break off the relationship.

But at the same time the relationship will be far from ideal. A man and a woman will treat each other with care, forgive mistakes and misdeeds. But at the same time their lives will go in parallel, without intersecting.

All that will unite them is a common roof and the habit is next to each other.

To save love and build harmonious relationships, partners need to study each other very deeply. A woman needs to understand that her husband is more attached to family relationships than she is. Therefore, all the problems that lead to disorder, come, in most cases, from herself.

If she understands this and tries to change, then, most likely, she will be able to restore the relationship.

Man Libra and girlfriend Gemini create strong friendships. Moreover, if the partners are free, love between them may well arise, moreover, even marriage.

The friendship between the representatives of these signs of the zodiac is very easy, the partners understand each other in all matters. They are non-conflict and friendly, so all differences are resolved peacefully after discussion.

Friends often spend time in companies and prefer intellectual rest.

Friend Libra appreciates the logical perception of the life of the young Gemini ladies. She is completely self-sufficient and very freedom-loving personality, women’s whims are not inherent in friendship.

This allows you to create a favorable atmosphere in friendly relations. On the other hand, Libra’s chosen one never uses his girlfriend to load her with her own problems.

Meetings of friends are always filled with positive, they cheer up and make partners more resistant to any external negative. Friendly relations become a good base for the formation of a business tandem.

In a relaxed environment that does not contain any risks, partners can achieve great success and move up the career ladder.

Compatibility Gemini and Libra: in love, in marriage, in sex

The Libra man can very quickly fall in love with the young lady Gemini. Her originality and intelligence can not be overlooked. Of course, for him, the appearance of the chosen one has a definite meaning.

Therefore, a woman needs to think over her image, but this is still not the main thing.

It is necessary for the Libra man to make it clear that next to him is a companion who will complement him in life. But this should be done unobtrusively and very tactfully.

By nature, Libra man does not perceive even the slightest tactlessness and obsession.

It should be remembered that the preference of Libra man gives balanced women with good erudition. In addition, the Gemini, trying to win the heart of the chosen one, must remember that he will definitely feel any falsehood.

As a result, you can not replay, but rather just to be yourself.

After the Libra man draws attention to the Gemini woman, she needs to take care that the relationship develops harmoniously. Given that the elect prefers to build relationships on trust, in no case can not make him jealous.

The Libra man is more likely to break the relationship than to fight for his darling.

Twins girl always looks mysterious and behaves unpredictably. That is why at first glance it seems that to win her heart is very difficult.

But in fact, you need to understand that the representative of this sign always needs support and support. By focusing on this attention, the Libra man can attract the attention of his chosen one.

It is very important to take care of the woman Twins. If there is a possibility, then you need to ask what interests her in life.

On these topics and should start talking. It is noteworthy that the young lady will almost immediately be able to understand how suited her suitor is.

When the chosen Gemini falls in love it is immediately noticeable. It opens like a flower. It is this moment you need to take advantage of the Libra man to bind the chosen one to yourself.

It is necessary to diversify meetings, attend various social events and spend time with friends. The main thing is for a woman to understand that she and her chosen one will not be bored.

Only ease and ease of conduct Libra man will be able to keep near a beautiful Gemini. His success will be for her the main factor in continuing the relationship.

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