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Compatibility Gemini and Gemini: in love, in marriage, in sex

Gemini and Gemini — the compatibility of men and women

Representatives of the zodiac sign Gemini are fervent and resilient personalities. They easily understand each other, but their compatibility in various spheres of life is on the average level.

And this, first of all, is connected with the fact that freedom is always in the first place for both men and women. They do not like commitment and rarely fulfill promises. The twins are easy to get acquainted, but also easily separated.

The relationship between them is always enchanting and filled with unforgettable events. Unions Gemini and Gemini are always based on common interests and friendly relations.

Without joint hobbies and activities, the tandem simply will not take place.

Compatibility Gemini and Gemini: in love, in marriage, in sex

Male Twins and Female Twins — Compatibility

In a pair of Gemini and Gemini, partners always value friendship the most. They do not focus on each other in their relationships.

If they are linked by a common hobby, then they can build a strong alliance that will last for a long time.

Compatibility of male twins and female twins in a love relationship is not high. The love union is always unpredictable, it lacks rationality.

From the side it seems that in a pair of partners are absolutely free and do not adhere to any traditional generally accepted rules.

Quite often, fate has such a love relationship for strength. Not always, they are saved. But the reason for this is not quarrels and scandals, but the appearance in the tandem of routine, boredom and lack of positive emotions.

Despite the fact that the relationship between lovers is rather complicated, such a pair is always the soul of the company. And this factor is uniting for partners.

Compatibility Gemini and Gemini in love eliminates jealousy, there is no possessive instinct in the nature of partners. The love union is based on absolute trust, and lovers simply close their eyes to many things concerning honesty. Sometimes discord between partners may be their unpredictability.

This may lead to the fact that they will be in a polar mood for a long time, and this will contribute to distance from each other. Usually, satellites do not try to save feelings, and if they feel discomfort next to each other, they immediately diverge.

Compatibility of male twins and female twins in bed is average. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac do not differ in particular passion.

Very emotional sex tires them, so they easily adapt to each other in the sexual sphere.

Impermanence is one of the main features of Gemini’s character. It is more pronounced in men.

It so happens that for a partner it is very important from the point of view of self-affirmation to have several partners. If the beloved woman, who is also a Gemini, does not guess about it, then it will in no way affect their sexual relations.

Compatibility Gemini and Gemini in bed is reduced by a negative trait of a man — the desire to suppress his partner during sex, absolutely not considering her wishes. The girl, for her part, is considered to be the ideal lover, as she can adapt to the behavior of her partner.

But against this background, she is very demanding for sex. Very often, the chosen one has a desire to experiment in bed, but, unfortunately, her partner is often not ready for this.

Compatibility of male Gemini and female Gemini in marriage is low. The family union resembles a parody of the Italian family. Spouses are very emotional in their natural nature, so they are never restrained in the expression of emotions and feelings.

It often happens that just recently they quarreled, and after a while they are ready to hug, forgetting all the insults.

Those who may see the tandem of the two Gemini at the wrong time can be shocked. Hot showdowns that can be accompanied by frequent smashing of dishes, as well as hours-long verbal showdowns are quite frequent techniques that are used between spouses to prove their case.

The main role in the harmonization of family relations belongs to the wife. It is easier to adapt to the restrictions that family life imposes.

It is her patience that allows, in most cases, to save the family. It is necessary for the spouse to learn how to manage the household, to involve the husband in the household chores gradually and unobtrusively.

To increase compatibility Gemini and Gemini in marriage will help joint hobbies. It is very important that there are always topics for conversation.

Closely spouses can also joint parenting.

Compatibility in friendship with two Gemini is very high. Sometimes even a love relationship is more like a friendship.

A pair of Gemini and Gemini — these are the very people who can easily dispel the myth that there can be no friendship between a man and a woman.

On friendly terms, they appreciate the fact that they have found a person who is similar to himself, with whom there are common interests and hobbies. Such friendships can persist for a long time.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are optimists and always perceive life positively in all life situations. Therefore, friendships are never marred by any complaints and bad mood.

A friend is always able to tell her friend how to properly behave in matters of the heart. In this case, from her side there will never be a love attraction to a man.

As, however, and her friend will never show specific signs of attention to her and will not demand from her the manifestation of femininity.

Relations with Gemini and Gemini friends in business are very good. Especially great success they can achieve, if the cause in which they are engaged, gives them pleasure.

Compatibility Gemini and Gemini: in love, in marriage, in sex

As a rule, in a friendly sphere, a man and a woman are attracted on a subconscious level. But in order to win the heart of the guy you like, you need to make an effort.

First of all, you need to show him your femininity and attractiveness.

It is necessary to think over your image to the smallest detail, so that the chosen one sees her representative in the sign of the zodiac who can brighten his life. A man will be attracted by a woman’s ability every time she meets someone to surprise him.

Therefore, not only it is necessary to change outwardly, but also learn how to keep in mind a huge number of different topics for interesting conversations. The curiosity of Gemini is a natural quality, so it is possible that a man wants to have a deeper relationship with a girl who knows a lot.

It is important to show the chosen one a relationship in which he will not be bored. You can do this in many different ways.

And at the same time, the young lady needs to preserve some mystery, but to do this, due to the unpredictability of the natural character, is quite simple. And yet, it is important to remember that the satellite very much appreciates its own freedom, so in no case should you put pressure on your chosen one.

Since the Gemini men are always interesting and erudite people, they very easily win beauties with the unpredictable character of the same zodiac sign. But in order to keep your darling next to you, you need to be more persistent.

It is very important to take care of the emergence of any fascinating activity that would become a unifying factor.

For a Gemini girl, the appearance of a man plays no part in building relationships with him, but she will definitely pay attention to the intellect of the chosen one and his sociability. It is very important to prepare for the variability of her mood. She can almost instantly turn with a soft and pliable woman into an angry fury.

Unfortunately, not every man can show steel restraint, as he himself has an unpredictable character.

To please the girl, the Gemini should be very nice to take care of her and, as often as possible, spend time together. She must understand that her chosen one can become not only her friend, but also a reliable companion of life. In addition, it is necessary to respect her beliefs and freedom.

It is important to remember that you can only negotiate with the young lady, it can not be managed.

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