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Compatibility Dev and Sagittarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

The unpredictability of the unions of representatives of the signs of the zodiac Virgo and Sagittarius is associated with the complex behavior of natural elements — Earth and Fire. Sagittarius is characterized by increased emotionality, which is a strong irritant for Virgo.

The complete opposite of the characters does not exclude the possibility of building prosperous tandems in various spheres of life. Given that people rotate in different areas, they rarely overlap in common companies.

But it is not strange meeting representatives of these signs of the zodiac occur quite often. This allows us to conclude that opposites attract.

Compatibility Dev and Sagittarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

Earthly, and very practical guy Virgo, it is very difficult to find a common language with the unpredictable representative of the fire element. A partner is always hard to get used to the heightened emotionality of a companion.

Difficulties in building prosperous tandems are also associated with the natural stubbornness of partners, they both do not want to change.

Compatibility between male Virgo and female Sagittarius in love relationships is low. In order for a love union to arise, it is necessary that a spark of strong deep feeling rush into the heart of a man.

As a rule, due to different pastime, partners find it difficult to meet in this world. Interest may arise when a chance meeting only on the basis of external attractiveness.

But after the elects begin to communicate closely, they quickly realize that they are at different poles, and they have no common interests.

The desire to preserve love feelings occurs in older people. They already have the necessary life experience to be able to tolerate each other’s shortcomings. It is very important for representatives of these zodiac signs not to try to engage in the alteration of natural characters one and the same.

In addition, it is desirable to avoid conflicts, because after them the understanding of how much they do not fit each other increases.

This is a difficult alliance, however, it can give partners a lot of good. First of all, he will teach them tolerance, which is a valuable life quality.

Virgo girl learns a realistic perception of the world, and a man greatly expands his horizons.

Sexual compatibility between men and women Sagittarius in the bed is ambiguous. The fact is that the partner does not put sex on the main place in the relationship, but sometimes she has a passion in the most unexpected moments.

And due to heightened natural emotionality, she strives to immediately resolve this issue. The partner cannot respond to it in the same way, because he is more reasonable, and he does not like extreme sports.

The expressed restraint and coldness in bed of the partner, is the irritating factor for the woman. She, of course, is pleased with the individual moments when she manages to liberate him.

But, if for this you have to put a lot of effort, then she would prefer to receive intimate pleasures on the side.

The process of sex also causes controversy. The partner prefers the romantic relations filled with caresses and beautiful words.

The chosen one of the landlord refers to sex, and he is quite satisfied with the traditional approach.

Compatibility Virgo and Sagittarius in marriage is very low, so people in family tandems get along with great difficulty. The surprise for a man will be that he will need not only to support his family, but also to deal with all domestic issues.

Support from the spouse in terms of ensuring a reliable rear will not.

At the same time, the female Sagittarius is distinguished by hard work, she strives to earn money, and she is doing quite well. But the family for her always fades into the background, which the spouse cannot arrange.

There are serious disagreements in financial matters. Spouse strive to plan expenses and always save money for unforeseen situations. His companion lives for today, so he spends the money he earned at his own discretion, without consulting his other half.

All rational acquisitions of her husband she considers boring.

Spouses in order to keep the family tandem, you need to relax from each other. That is why people prefer to spend their free time apart. Moreover, the light character of the spouse can sometimes provoke jealousy in the second half.

This may cause a divorce. In order to keep the family, spouses should be patient and understanding.

Friendship between the chosen one of Virgo and the young lady Sagittarius occurs very rarely. Friends are not interesting to each other, therefore they repel at the subconscious level.

The reason for this is the openness of the partner in emotions and feelings. Her behavior is natural, and sometimes, from the outside, she looks naive and totally unsuitable for life.

Such characteristics are incomprehensible to a reserved friend born under the sign of Virgo. His emotions are always under control, he makes all decisions only after logical reasoning. Such global differences cannot contribute to the development of trust and frankness.

Without this, sincere friendship becomes impossible.

Very rarely, friendships arise when Virgo and Sagittarius work on the same task. Mutual support allows friends to successfully move towards their goals. But, even with close cooperation, they do not share inner thoughts with each other.

In friendly tandems a man always occupies a dominant place. And if he does not criticize the girlfriend, then she can grately listen to his advice.

Compatibility Dev and Sagittarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

It is noteworthy that a pair of Sagittarius and Virgo, even being the same age, looks as if the partner is older. This is due to the natural prudence of a woman, and her skill is practical in relation to life. Conservatism of the partner is hardly perceived by an emotional man.

This significantly worsens the relationship. Rationalism companion makes it in the eyes of men predictable and uninteresting. But at the same time, after a long conversation, he has an understanding that the earthly beauty can become a reliable rear and support.

She is able to give practical advice, and support in difficult times.

Compatibility of male Sagittarius and Virgo women in love relationships is not very high. Even if you want to save love, partners acutely feel the difference in their natural characters. Save a love tandem is possible only by reviewing their behavior, and getting rid of individual habits.

Only incredible efforts will allow partners to get used to each other.

The reason for the disagreement is the critic darling. To endure her freedom-loving man can not, therefore, responds in the same way.

But at the same time it behaves rather rudely, and not restrained. This provokes resentment, but the natural patience of the Virgo woman makes her again and again make attempts to re-love her loved one.

They all turn out to be useless, so very often frustration comes, and an understanding of the wrong choice of the satellite comes.

Compatibility Sagittarius and Virgo in love focuses on the fact that only after overcoming the crisis in relations, partners can count on building a successful love union. The lovers begin to cherish each other, realizing the full benefits of the tandem.

The longer people will be together, the stronger the relationship will become.

Sexual relations in a couple is always ambiguous. The fact that there is an attraction on a subconscious level cannot be denied. But difficulties arise against the background of natural restraint partner.

An emotional man cannot explain the absence of deep feelings, and this, of course, is his mistake.

Compatibility Sagittarius and Virgo in bed is not high, so to achieve understanding in the intimate sphere will need to go a long way, and show great patience. A man should try to wake femininity with a partner, and make her relax.

All his efforts will be paid for with unique positive emotions.

The low compatibility of Sagittarius men and Virgo women in marriage indicates that each spouse lives in his own world. Of course, people strive to strengthen the family tandem, but they do it without coordination.

Each of the companions is always more trying for themselves, seeking to get the maximum benefit from the family.

Virgo woman pays great attention to order in the house. But in this she can not rely on the help of her spouse, because he is completely indifferent to all domestic issues.

Spouse always pulls fun in friendly companies, family life he perceives as a routine.

To exclude jealousy in the relationship, the wife has to constantly accompany her husband. For a lover of home pastime, it is very difficult from a psychological point of view.

She in the cheerful companies does not have a rest, and gets tired. A different approach to this issue causes serious disagreements.

My husband simply does not understand that all his spouse needs for a holiday is a quiet and peaceful evening at home next to a loved one.

In addition, difficulties arise in the fact that the wife prefers to plan for life, but when living together with Sagittarius, this becomes impossible. To understand, you need to strive as often as possible to discuss problems that arise, and explain your position.

Maiden Virgo and Sagittarius boy differ in different temperaments and natural characters, therefore there are very few chances for the emergence of friendly relations between them. The most important obstacle to friendship is the lack of common interests and hobbies.

Satellites are not interested together, the feeling of boredom arises literally from the first minutes of communication.

Chosen Sagittarius always seeks to lead an active lifestyle, he feels very comfortable in the turbulent friendly companies. He always travels with pleasure, and for this he does not require much comfort.

It is suitable for both hiking trips in harsh natural conditions, and the conditions of cheap hotels. Unlike the practical woman born under the sign of the zodiac Virgo, he never plans a future life, trying to live one day.

In view of the foregoing, the desire to be friends with partners Sagittarius and Virgo is extremely rare. But if it happens that they have to communicate in a working team, then the relationship can be stable.

But it will more remind of friendship, in which there will be no place for revelations. Very often, such a friendship is based on the fact that a friend understands the value of practical partner advice.

For her part, a friend is charged with positive energy from an emotional man.

Compatibility Dev and Sagittarius: in love, in marriage, in sex

The task of winning the heart of the chosen one of Sagittarius, a woman, Virgo sets itself very rarely. But if this happens, she will be able to attract the chosen one with her earthly character traits.

The guy will quickly understand that it is this woman who is able to organize a reliable rear, and give him complete freedom of action.

It is very important to demonstrate your analytical skills to the chosen one. A man will understand that he will be able, if necessary, to receive valuable vital advice from his companion that will allow him to avoid mistakes. Of course, an attractive feature will be the woman’s housekeeping.

This will allow the man to withdraw from all domestic problems. To attract the attention of the chosen very easily, working together.

Very often, the beginning of a relationship becomes work on one task in a work team.

Winning the heart of a Sagittarius guy you need to remember that he is not a homebody. Therefore, it is necessary, as often as possible, to go out with him into the light, and to give up the desire to spend the evening in a comfortable home environment.

How relationships will develop is entirely dependent on the girl. It is important, as soon as possible to adapt to the non-standard behavior of the elect, and try to criticize him as little as possible.

It is very difficult to win a woman to a male male Sagittarius. But, in fairness, it should be noted that such a desire for an emotional person, distinguished by unpredictable behavior, occurs extremely rarely.

But if love is awakened in the heart and it is impossible to cope with it, even understanding all the differences between natural characters and the chosen one, you will need to work very hard on yourself to attract the attention of a practical and rational girl.

Great care should be exercised in communication. It is important to exercise restraint and not to demonstrate the emotional nature of the character.

It should be remembered about the care of a Virgo woman who is able to notice all the nuances. You should strictly monitor your own behavior and show your desire to build a prosperous family tandem based on trust and mutual understanding.

An attractive feature of the guy Sagittarius for the young lady of the Virgin will be his ability to reflect. Analytical skills of the chosen one are very valuable for her, since in her opinion they help them to make the right life choice in any difficult situations.

In addition, the darling of the earth should not have suspicions about the irresponsibility of men, so this feature should be hidden as much as possible at the stage of dating.

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