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Compatibility Cancer and Cancer: in love, in marriage, in sex

Between the two Cancers are not always formed successful and harmonious relationship. By their nature, the representatives of this zodiac sign are leaders, so it’s not very easy to get along in tandem.

Common habits and preferences do not bind them, and often divorced in different directions. But at the same time, friendly relations in a pair of Cancer and Cancer can be quite strong and persist for many years.

As a rule, they understand each other on a subconscious level and they know how to help in a particular situation. Cancers, despite their determination, always feel the need for support.

Compatibility Cancer and Cancer: in love, in marriage, in sex

When a Cancer man and Cancer woman meet, they see their own reflection in each other. And this, if not strange, is a repulsive, not unifying factor. The representatives of this zodiac sign are ruled by the moon and this is the cause of the variability and unpredictability of the natural character.

The partners understand this, therefore, before starting a relationship, look at each other for a long time, weighing the pros and cons.

Compatibility men Cancer and women Cancer in a love relationship is good. For the nature of representatives of the sign of the zodiac Cancer forethought is peculiar. They will think for a long time about how profitable the union will be, but after they make a positive decision about its creation, the love relationship between them will add up very successfully.

This is due to the fact that lovers of Cancer and Cancer are equally related to the manifestation of any feelings and emotions.

For love relationships to be strong, partners must be tied to financial welfare. This guarantees life safety, which is the basis for the development of true love.

In a harmonious love union, partners always find:

Partners are happy to deal with common affairs, which mainly relate to home improvement. They also have common hobbies.

Lovers spend a lot of time talking in conversation about various topics.

Compatibility Cancer and Cancer in love is high. There is never any serious disagreement between the loving representatives of this zodiac sign. They are always ready to forgive minor blunders and condescendingly refers to the whims.

But at the same time, each of the partners feels a lie on an intuitive level and will never forgive her. Lack of flexibility in this regard often leads to breaks.

It is very important for both partners not to save offenses, but to immediately express them. But it is imperative that you control your emotions and avoid undeserved accusations.

In a quiet confidential conversation, an understanding of the problem will come very quickly and the relationship will be restored. Partners should not lock themselves only on themselves, be sure to strive to visit, as often as possible, among friends.

The more diversity there is in their lives, the stronger the love union will be.

Sexual life between the guy Cancer and the girl Cancer will develop successfully only if the partners are genuinely in love. This explains the rather low compatibility of Cancer men and women Cancer in bed.

Intimate life in such a pair is not stable. It is saturated with ups and downs, which are associated with changes in the mood of partners.

Especially unstable and emotional is a woman. But this is what makes a variety of sex, because the partner can act in bed in various ways. In any case, in bed, representatives of the sign of the zodiac Cancer do not get bored.

Each of the partners is trying to predict the wishes of the other. But sometimes it leads to problems in terms of leadership.

In order for sex life to develop successfully, partners need to increase the compatibility of Cancer and Cancer in bed, observing some rules, namely:

  • You can not share with your soul mate past relationships. Cancers are very vulnerable, so they will be very painful.
  • You should not demonstrate their own experience in sexual matters. This may scare the partner.
  • It is necessary to eliminate the monotony in the relationship. Sex should be filled with experiments and deep sensuality.
  • It is not recommended to be silent in bed. It is especially important to give a talk to the woman. In order to enjoy the relationship she needs to throw out her own emotions.

It is not strange that a woman’s sexual affection can disturb the harmony of relations in general. She pays a huge role to intimacy and this limits the freedom of her partner in real life, starting to be jealous of him.

Compatibility of men Cancer and women Cancer in marriage is not very high. Because of the similarity of characters, partners are very difficult to get along under one roof, and only love can work wonders. Against the background of sincere feelings, the following will be a big plus:

  • The same attitude to family values.
  • The desire to comfortably equip the family hearth.

Having created comfort in a home, Cancer and Cancer will always strive there with pleasure, because only there they can fully relax and fully relax body and soul.

A man always cares about the welfare of the family. He does not allow households to squander money, so the house all the time turns into a full bowl.

And the husband of her husband fully supports this issue. The family of spouses Cancer and Cancer is always self-sufficient not only spiritually, but also independent in the financial sphere. Scandals in the family, despite increased emotionality, never occur.

Very often, spouses spend time in solitude, enjoying socializing.

Compatibility Cancer and Cancer in marriage allows you to raise children in a safe atmosphere. Parents love them very much and always provide everything they need.

And the most important thing is that they always strive to give them a good education, thus opening the way to a prosperous future.

A strong family union is possible only if the partners treat each other very carefully. Any careless word or deed can discord the relationship.

It is important to remember that excessive emotionality does not always allow partners to adequately assess the situation.

Partners should never rush each other in making decisions. It is very important to create a calm and polite atmosphere in the family.

In a successful tandem, quick and rash decisions are never made. Spouses should not forget to thank each other for any action performed.

In addition, success in work cannot go unnoticed.

Cancer man and woman Cancer is always good friends. As a rule, friendships begin in youth and persist for life, while they practically never turn into love. Partners appreciate friendship and do not allow thoughts of rapprochement.

Even in cases where difficulties arise in a friendly alliance, the partners will never speak badly about each other. Moreover, they will strive, as soon as possible, to settle misunderstandings and restore friendship.

In a friendly tandem, the representatives of these two characters are very strong. They understand each other on a subconscious level. Together, they are never bored, as friends always find topics for discussion.

Partners need mutual advice and support. Therefore, when they create families, they strive to be friends with families, but everything will depend on how their “halves” relate to this.

Friendship between relatives is very strong. There are no secrets in such a friendly tandem.

In this case, friends are always confident that in any difficult life situation there will be a reliable person nearby who will provide support.

Friendship does not affect the business relations of representatives of the zodiac signs Cancer. Both men and women always take their work responsibly and are able to solve the tasks assigned to them on their own.

They use friendly support at the household level when it is necessary to restore the emotional background.

Compatibility Cancer and Cancer: in love, in marriage, in sex

Cancer man is a very mysterious person, so it’s not easy to conquer. Even a woman of Cancer, who understands and feels her chosen one, is not easy to push him to a more serious relationship.

At the first meeting you need to think through every detail. It should be remembered that the man Cancer always pays attention to the extent to which his chosen one will be suitable for family life.

Therefore, it is important for a woman of Cancer in all ways to focus on her natural softness and romance.

First of all, this can be done with the help of properly selected clothing. It should be in a romantic style, with flowing folds.

Such an unusual image will surely attract the attention of the chosen one. But he will be able to appreciate you only at home.

Therefore, you need to gently invite him to visit for a cup of tea.

The atmosphere during the meeting should be very comfortable, without any excesses. It is important to keep up the conversation skillfully, but you should never be too categorical to express your opinion. A man Raku needs to feel that he is interested in you, and you like his life approach.

With each new meeting, the man should increase the feeling that you really need him.

If a Cancer man set a goal to win the heart of a Cancer woman, then he should be aware of her fragility and vulnerability. You can not in any case push her away from yourself by some careless word or deed.

It is important during the candy and bouquet period to show care and affection for their chosen one.

It will be very good if you manage to meet her from work or school. If she catches a cold, she should be helped and interested in her health.

That is, it is necessary to do everything so that she understands that you can become her reliable support and support in life.

Cancer girl is a very emotional person, so you need to be patient and listen carefully to her opinions about various life circumstances. Even if your views do not coincide, then you should not quarrel and conflict on this basis.

Despite the increased emotionality, the chosen one does not tolerate conflicts. Also, do not make your darling jealous.

In order to permanently bind a woman to her Cancer you must treat her with respect. It should be remembered that grievances accumulate in her soul and, when there are a lot of them, she will simply break off the relationship, without considering it necessary to explain anything.

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