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Capricorn and Aquarius: what is the compatibility of a man and a woman in love relationships and marriage

Capricorn and Aquarius: compatibility in love relationships, family, friendship, work

Capricorn and Aquarius are under the auspices of the elements of Earth and Air, which are not well combined. Such incompatibilities suggest that representatives of these zodiac signs will not be able to find a common language. But practice shows that a normal union is quite possible between people.

Aquarius is an innovator, he is ahead of his time and has original views on life. Capricorn is constantly trying to become part of the progressive world, to join the society of unusual people.

He is his landiness and tries to get rid of it. The natural state of the air sign and the desire of the earth makes people interesting for each other. They find common topics for conversation, help in difficult periods of life.

Despite the low percentage of compatibility, they have many chances to live a long life together.

Compatibility this pair is 44%. Capricorn and Aquarius have different worldviews, they perceive the surrounding reality differently.

A woman is prone to melancholy and reflection, she delves into problems and strives for stability. A man looks at life superficially, it is not his nature to analyze the situation for a long time.

He prefers to live in the future, not to waste energy on memories of the past and for a long time not to concentrate on the present.

Such different people can unite in the pursuit of material well-being. Between them there is a sparkle that can ignite the fire of love.

Each of the partners will be interested in plunging into the inner world of their soulmate and to benefit from it.

Capricorn and Aquarius: what is the compatibility of a man and a woman in love relationships and marriage

To win a man-Aquarius, the girl does not have to spend a lot of energy. The representative of the air element is ready to make friends with everyone who comes in contact with him.

This guy is sociable, loves new, happy to meet people whose worldview does not coincide with his views. He loves everything unusual and original.

Capricorn girl he seems serious and reasonable. She is happy to be carried away by his stories, with interest will take the extraordinary guy.

This is precisely what is lacking in Aquarius: practicality and admiration for its talents.

A Capricorn woman will immediately become interested in a friendly intellectual who knows many interesting facts. She is tired of seeking human recognition, full-time work and the solution of everyday problems take up all her time.

Obligation, prudence and discipline do not give her the opportunity to enjoy life. The guy with a light character, who will give her for a short conversation a maximum of information, will seem to her the knight she had dreamed of.

Men need to take advantage of their sense of humor and ingenuity, then the girl will be subdued.

Pros and cons of relationships:



  • good sexual compatibility;
  • everyone’s desire for development
  • the stubbornness of both partners;
  • different attitude to money

To achieve mutual understanding, partners need to constantly work on their relationships. It should be remembered that re-education does not make any sense.

Both representatives differ in stubbornness (man to a greater extent), therefore it is recommended to perceive your soulmate as it is.

Capricorn and Aquarius: what is the compatibility of a man and a woman in love relationships and marriage

At the initial stages of a relationship, a man sets the tone for everything. The guy comes up with unusual events, organizes an unforgettable vacation.

Aquarius feels great in any conditions, even if they are deprived of comfort. This travel, hiking, fishing, work on the dacha. The girl gladly supports the initiative of her chosen one.

She genuinely shares his hobbies. After some time, family traditional holidays are the favorite pastime of the couple, in which the guy likes to take part.

In the love relationship of this couple there is a lot of unexplainable. These people live together, but everyone sees their priorities. The girl prefers a real stable life in which everything is planned and calculated.

The guy lives in a virtual world where everything is built on dreams of the future. He is interested in problems of a global order, he is not inclined to stop and look back.

Capricorn is concerned with local issues that are associated with everyday tasks. So each of them perceives love in its own way.

People experience mutual attraction and complete cooling for an indefinite time. The master of keeping distance is Aquarius. The guy just continues to live his life, not paying attention to the girl.

More often than not, it is she who first breaks the silence, after which the lovers do not recall the quarrel. Their truce ends in a bed in which they have even more pleasure than before the scandal.

Capricorn and Aquarius: what is the compatibility of a man and a woman in love relationships and marriage

Some representatives of the signs are characterized by a certain coldness in sexual terms. This has a positive effect on relationships, because people do not take offense and do not blame each other for some inconsistencies. The girl prefers a conservative, traditional and high-quality approach.

The guy likes to experiment, being a supporter of the destruction of stereotypes.

If the partners manage to combine their preferences and are able to agree, an unforgettable experience awaits them. Sex will bring them real pleasure, increasing with each year to old age.

Good luck in the family life of this couple depends on the ability to pronounce their desires, the ability to perceive the spouse and the correct distribution of responsibilities. A Capricorn woman needs a reliable man on whom she can rely. Married to Aquarius, she will feel forever a young girl who, under any circumstances, will be able to count on the help of her spouse.

Her periodic mood swings and self-doubt can lead to melancholy and depressions. But in this union, the girl will be reliably insured from such manifestations.

Aquarius is always calm and cheer darling. He sees a clear advantage of this marriage, since men do not need to fear the future.

A characteristic feature of an air sign representative is the tendency to leave unfinished business started (if they do not bring pleasure) and not to think about everyday problems. Capricorn will provide the family with excellent conditions, will do all the work on the improvement, a reasonable approach to spending the budget.

Being together, representatives of the signs of the zodiac rise to a fairly high level in all aspects.

People gain wealth through the innovative ideas of men and their practical incarnations on the part of women. They have excellent relations with relatives on both sides (this is also the merit of the Capricorn woman), there are loyal friends of the family (merit of the Aquarius man), children grow up in a democracy mode.

There will always be a warm good relationship between friends. A Capricorn woman needs relaxation, pleasant communication and the ease that a Aquarius man can provide.

He will come to the rescue at any time of the day or night, will not require anything in return, since participation itself is a pleasure. Capricorn will help his friend with practical advice, he will be able to defend his interests, and if necessary he teaches the guy or his relatives.

The reason for separation can serve as the marriage of a girl or the marriage of a guy (the girl considers further communication a violation of generally accepted standards of behavior). The second half buddies do not worry.

Aquarius will never change friendship for love, and Capricorn will not allow itself anything extra.

This tandem is to become successful only if they have been working together for a long time. Colleagues have completely different specific approaches to the workflow.

Capricorn prefers normalized, proven and qualitative methods. Aquarius is willing to constantly experiment, he is not afraid to make a mistake.

Even the rhythms and speed of information perception among employees is different: a man catches everything on the fly, a woman needs some time to think.

  • Chief — Capricorn Woman. A very unfortunate distribution of roles, when each of their employees has a certain discomfort. The subordinate does not agree with this status, since the boss-Capricorn is not his authority. The woman is not satisfied with the work of his ward, because he does not want to obey her. The girl is accustomed to give instructions and control everything to the smallest detail, the guy does not want to follow the rules. The work will be constructive if the boss allows the slave to work in a free mode.
  • Leader — Aquarius Man. This is a great alliance, where the head-innovator voices the subordinate the most original ideas, and she performs them qualitatively. But such an understanding will take a long time. Employees will have to overcome a lot of obstacles. Earth girl can not quickly understand and perceive the information that the boss is trying to convey to her.

The difference in attitudes and temperaments clearly leads to quarrels and scandals. Everything is complicated by stubbornness on the part of both partners and unwillingness to sort things out. A woman will try to call a man to be frank, but in the situation with Aquarius it will be problematic.

He rarely fully reveals the soul even to the closest people.

As a non-conflict man, the guy prefers to keep his opinion with him. A woman cannot consistently state her claim.

In some cases, there is a manifestation of authoritarianism on her part. Grievances accumulate and lead to irreparable consequences.

The most common problems are:


Recommendations for women

Recommendations for men

You should not defend their leadership, stubborn Aquarius will not agree with such a distribution of roles

Despite the resistance of his wife, it is necessary to take the initiative

The more control a husband has, the more he will try to break free from him.

In some cases, it is worth giving in to your wife

Communication with others

The more communication, the more fun life will be

It is necessary to allow the wife sometimes to relax alone

Do not painfully perceive the words of the spouse, he did not want to offend anyone

Do not argue and provoke a wife, it underestimates her self-esteem

It is necessary to provide a certain amount for the personal use of the husband without control.

If you are wasteful of money, there is a risk of staying aground.

Aquarius cannot be restricted in freedom, he will immediately go to a more comfortable place.

Living in the family, you can not do only what you want

Compatibility of this pair is 37%. The only aspect that can put them in one position is the material sphere.

In other matters, people will constantly face problems. Their horoscopes are radically different from each other, so mutual understanding will be extremely problematic.

It is not easy for a serious pragmatic Capricorn to understand the aquatic Aquarius woman, since she seems to be an unpredictable and frivolous guy.

The girl is not satisfied with the detailed daily routine that Capricorn imposes on her. Her love of freedom knows no bounds.

This is the only thing she does not agree to donate without her personal desire. But such different people still have a chance for a happy life.

This will take a long time and mutual desire. If the partners overcome misunderstanding and hear each other, their joint stay will be of mutual benefit.

Winning Capricorn’s heart is not easy, but the Aquarian girl has every chance of success. She is gentle and attractive, she always has a sense of style.

This is very appealing to a man who knows how to appreciate female beauty. Capricorn is attracted by educated and intelligent women, Aquarius fully meets these criteria. The girl is non-mercantile, kind and disinterested.

The guy is not inclined to quickly make decisions about his personal life, so you have to wait. But a pragmatic young man will not be able to deny himself the pleasure of talking with such a sweet young lady.

Winning the heart of Aquarius is not easy, because the girl always has fans and friends among the stronger sex. Impressive, tastefully dressed, calm and confident Capricorn will not remain without attention of the woman.

She dreams of a reliable man’s shoulder, which she can rely on at any time. The representative of the earth sign is fully consistent with the requirements of the ladies, because it contains the necessary reliability and stability.

During the conversation, she will be able to fully verify this.

Pros and cons of relationships:



  • partners loyalty to each other;
  • strong marriage relationships
  • temperament difference

Aquarius and Capricorn are very useful for each other, because they can give their second half what it is missing. If the partners manage to overcome the difficult period of «lapping», they will understand the advantages of this relationship.

Partners have a choice: either to leave at once, or not to leave never.

This couple has a very difficult relationship in love. People are incredibly attractive to each other, but stubbornness and integrity sometimes prevent them from fully enjoying their feelings.

If you discard all stereotypes, you can achieve harmony in relationships. But Capricorn is difficult to cope with its principles, and Aquarius does not want to obey what is imposed on him.

Partners need to agree to leave all prejudices and try to enjoy today’s feelings. The girl should not think about what will happen tomorrow, and the guy remember what happened yesterday.

Sociable girl will insist on actively spending time among friends and acquaintances. The guy is more impressed by the joint leisure or traditional activities with the participation of relatives. He feels uncomfortable in a big company, he prefers family values.

Man does not suffer from monotony and loneliness, but for a girl they are unbearable. They need to find a middle ground when they are satisfied with the interests of each.

This can be a visit to cultural institutions or travel.

Sexual relations are also not without problems, since there are conflicts of temperaments. A woman prefers to physical intimacy romance and tenderness.

The guy also needs quality sex. Partners need to hear the wishes of another person, since concentrating on their feelings will be detrimental to their relationship.

It is recommended to combine the two styles, this sensation will gain brightness.

Very many Aquarius and Capricorns win after marriage. A girl from childhood dreams of a knight who will come and save her from all problems. This guy is capable of becoming just Capricorn.

A woman will feel confident in the future, she will not have to take care of their daily bread. If a girl falls in love, she will sacrifice her professional career, learn how to manage a household and will be engaged in raising children.

You should never expect adultery from her, because a representative of an air sign is very decent in a relationship.

She appreciates the comfort that Capricorn has given her, a girl without conflict and kindness. The guy gets from his wife what you can’t buy for money: emotional pleasure. A woman always knows how to cheer up, support in any situations.

The girl is not mercantile, knows how to live within its means and will never reproach her husband for insolvency. If a man wants to make a career or increase his intellectual level, Aquarius will be the first to help him.

She will give him all her knowledge, give the last family money for his studies.

In an ideal family of Aquarius and Capricorn, a healthy atmosphere reigns that improves day by day. Soon the couple would have no reason to quarrel, because each of them got what he had dreamed of.

These relationships can be called friendly, but you can’t call them friendship in the classic concept of this concept. They can last for years, with periodic meetings or phone conversations.

This mainly happens when friends are united by a mutually beneficial business or family relationship (as well as former classmates or colleagues).

Capricorn will not resist sarcastic remarks about her air friend, which will cause her indignation. The guy will not like constant visits or noisy companies, in which the girl will constantly invite him.

Attitudes toward money and leisure activities with friends are different. They have little connection, so the second half can sleep peacefully.

Friends have no sexual desire, the novel is not a priori possible.

This tandem depends on the intellectual and cultural level of colleagues. If they are highly moral people, their joint work will be successful.

Aquarius will be able to provide many interesting ideas that Capricorn will be able to translate into production. If this is just the joint work of two mediocre employees, its productivity will be questionable. For a girl, the pace and approach of a guy seem slow and irrelevant.

A man does not trust the professionalism of a colleague, considering it frivolous and impractical.

  • Chief — Woman Aquarius. This is not a very good alliance in which colleagues feel uncomfortable. A woman appreciates a subordinate for his professional qualities, but does not feel his kind disposition. Even if she tries to find a common language, the guy will never become her soul mate. He does not respect his boss and seeks to quickly take her place. Their cooperation will be short-lived, since the man will find a way to retrain as a boss, even if in a different place.
  • Head — Capricorn Man. This is a complex tandem that will be successful only under certain circumstances. The girl must be an inventor, to engage in advertising or information (any business involving a free visit). If she has to work directly in the office, her boss will seem to be a real dictator who slows down the production process. Slave is also not satisfied with the man, because he considers her irresponsible and frivolous.

The main problem in the relationship is a different perception of the world and moral principles. The road to harmony will be long, the work — painstaking.

Understanding of a serious Capricorn is beyond the control of the behavior of the chosen one. He is accustomed to living according to stereotypes, does not tolerate deviations from the rules, tries to calculate events and their consequences in advance.

He is completely given to work, does not like superfluous words (especially it concerns declarations of love), he approaches everything from a practical point of view.

Aquarius is very original, she does not want to live in the fresh world of discipline and restrictions. She is impressed by the freedom of thoughts and actions, the girl prefers to do what she wants and do what she likes.

For this reason, lovers can not immediately understand each other. Each of them is satisfied with the life in which he lives, and the partners perceive the remarks of the second half as a personal insult. People need to deviate from their principles, try to accept a different point of view.

Over time, they get used to it, everything will fall into place.

The most common problems encountered in the relationship of Aquarius and Capricorn are:


Recommendations for women

Recommendations for men

For the sake of his man, he must be more restrained so that he can be proud of his wife.

It should first of all live for yourself and your chosen one, and then think about the opinions of others

Demanding and control by the husband

The husband’s comments should be approached with the humor inherent in Aquarius.

If a woman constantly feels pressure, she will surely terminate the relationship

Tired after work husband need to entertain and cheer

Stinginess on kind words and compliments will lead to parting

To Capricorn stay close, you need to become a good housewife.

You should not judge your wife strictly, she will definitely learn everything, you just need to help her

The wise Aquarius girl knows that Capricorn does not like to waste

Do not skimp on entertainment and gifts for your spouse, she is waiting for this

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