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Cancer Dragon: characteristic, compatibility, horoscope for men and women

Cancer Dragon: characteristic of men and women, compatibility

According to the horoscope, a person born in the year of the Dragon under the sign of the zodiac Cancer is a refined and sensitive person. Such people are friendly and open, with a very kind soul.

The active temperament that they got from the Dragon is smoothed out by the romance and gentleness of character that is characteristic of Cancers. Such a person is distinguished by sociability and with understanding refers to the shortcomings of other people.

At the same time he is determined and confident.

The person who was born in the Year of the Fire Dragon (1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024) under the zodiac sign Cancer (June 22-July 22) is by nature incredibly charming and able to charm anyone. The combination of such signs makes it sociable and hospitable.

He always welcomes guests and entertains them with pleasure.

Cancer Dragon is able to worry about other people and sympathize with them. He does not like to quarrel and conflict, and seeks to resolve any disputed points peacefully.

Despite the fact that he is a very patient and good-natured person, his character should not be tested for strength, as he is terrible in anger. A dragon should not restrain its rage or, conversely, throw it out, as this leads to problems.

Cancer Dragon in the manifestation of his emotions must find a «middle ground», otherwise he will always be alone.

Hot temper prevents such a person from building a personal life. Although in a relationship he is sensual and quivering, his sudden outbursts of anger often lead to a break. Therefore, his chosen one or chosen one must be patient.

Cancer Dragon is a good family man, attentive and caring.

Cancer Dragon: characteristic, compatibility, horoscope for men and women

Woman Cancer Dragon is distinguished by perseverance and willpower. She easily achieves everything she aspires to.

However, her impatience and incontinence can prevent this. Therefore, quite often the rapid rise is replaced by the same rapid fall.

Being depressed does not give her innate optimism, which makes her move forward.

The girl of Cancer the Dragon has a complex character. She never compromises, but she overcomes all the difficulties herself.

A woman rarely submits to anyone and almost never changes her mind. Solving problems helps her thinking outside the box.

Due to this, she can be born interesting ideas, which subsequently bring a high income.

The Cancer dragon woman achieves a lot in her career thanks to her inexhaustible energy, solid character and hard work. Her sense of purpose helps her to climb high on the career ladder.

If the work is loved, the girl will give her all her strength. A woman is able to excel in any field.

However, due to her stubborn nature, she may not find a common language with superiors, which often leads to a change of place of work.

In love, this woman is guided solely by emotions. She immediately falls in love, but the feelings pass as quickly.

A girl can constantly blame her chosen one for trifles and be indignant if he starts to cross her. This attitude can not stand every man.

If he can adapt to the nature of a woman, he will see how kind and caring she is.

Cancer Dragon: characteristic, compatibility, horoscope for men and women

According to the characteristics in astrology, these are extraordinary personalities whose energy and power are amazing. They never dream, such people prefer to act.

Men have a strong character and do not weave intrigue behind the backs of their loved ones and friends.

In a career, they achieve great heights, always achieving their goals due to non-standard thinking. Crayfish-dragons in their work are laid out completely, and it quickly notices the authorities, appreciating such people for their true worth.

They become most successful in the following professions:

In friendship and love, these men are extremely selective. Since they are not very sociable, they only start conversations or relationships with people they like. Crayfish Dragons are able to support a conversation on any topic, and they are often asked for advice.

But guys have such negative traits as stubbornness and selfishness.

In family life, such a man is distinguished by reliability and patience and values ​​his wife very much. She treats his wife with tenderness, but she will have to come to terms with such quality as selfishness.

However, unlimited love for his wife and children makes a person soft and accommodating.

Cancer Dragon: characteristic, compatibility, horoscope for men and women

The horoscope of compatibility of the Cancer-Dragon in friendship and love with other signs on the Eastern calendar:

High compatibilityLow compatibility
Zodiac signUnion characteristicZodiac signUnion characteristic
SnakeIt is a strong alliance. Wise Snake gradually pacifies his hot-tempered partnerDogSigns are completely incompatible. Both partners try to play a leading role in the relationship and are not inferior to each other.
RatThe rat is the ideal partner for the Dragon, the signs have full compatibility. The marriage will be successful, provided that the Dragon dominates the relationshipBullBoth partners strive to prove their superiority.
TigerTwo strong partners complement each other perfectlyRabbitThe dragon is too picky about this sign, which leads to a rupture
The DragonIf two Dragons do not annoy each other with their identical habits, then the marriage can last a very long time.HorseDevelop complex relationships. Both partners are not willing to give in to each other because of hot-tempered characters.
A monkeyThe sign builds a strong relationship with the Dragon. Both partners complement each other perfectly.SheepThis is a very bad union. Sheep does not seek to surround the care of his chosen one, which annoys him
CockLasting union will be in the event that both signs will be able to pacify their self-esteem.
BoarPig is very economic, that like a little lazy in everyday life Dragon

Horoscope compatibility zodiac sign:

High compatibilityLow compatibility
Zodiac signUnion characteristicZodiac signUnion characteristic
LibraCancers like Libra’s charm and sociability. Marriage is accompanied by quarrels, but partners will strive to prevent themVirgoVirgo is looking for flaws in Cancers that get tired of it and go away
CrayfishA successful union is based on the kinship of souls and mutual attraction.TwinsGemini is very impulsive, and it is difficult for Cancers to keep up with them.
CapricornSuch relationships are based on trust.AriesThe imperious Aries subjugates Cancer, and he tolerates such an attitude for a long time, but after a while
TaurusRelationships can last very long without quarrels and scandals.a lionThe difference in the characters complicates the relationship
ScorpioDespite the fact that completely different people come into contact, they are able to adapt to each other. In an intimate relationship, everything is perfect.SagittariusSigns are completely incompatible. Emotional Sagittarius is bored by the slow pace of Rakov
AquariusUnion is based on mutual respect
FishThis is the perfect match. Partners understand each other perfectly. They are loyal friends and ideal lovers

Even with high compatibility of characters, it is important that the chosen one or the chosen one respectfully treats the Cancer-dragon.

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