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Cancer and Sagittarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships

Cancer and Sagittarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships, bed, marriage, friendship, work

In drawing up the compatibility horoscope of two people, it is important to consider the natural elements that govern the signs of the zodiac. Sagittarius belongs to the elements of Fire, and Cancer belongs to the elements of Water. Water and Fire are the union of opposites, the eternal conflict of two strong temperaments and characters.

Fire signs are hot-tempered and impulsive, and representatives of the Water element are vulnerable and sensitive. Sagittarius prefer to live one day, and Cancers above all in life value stability.

The union will be happy if they respect each other’s interests and learn to make mutual concessions.

Cancer woman — calm, restrained, vulnerable nature. The representative of the sign has a changeable mood, therefore not everyone can understand it.

In life, she values ​​coziness and comfort above all else.

The Sagittarius man is a sincere and good-natured man, ready to help in a difficult situation. He aspires to gain new knowledge and loves adventure.

Sagittarius values ​​his freedom and does not tolerate restrictions.

Compatibility of signs in various areas of life is discussed below.

Cancer and Sagittarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships

The Cancer girl is attracted by the stubbornness and charm of a Sagittarius male. He, in turn, falls in love with a gentle sociable nature with a kind heart. In a love relationship, a man surrounds his partner with care and warmth.

Thanks to her lover, she feels truly happy. Despite his sincere sympathy, a Sagittarius man reluctantly enters because he does not want to part with freedom and independence.

His lover will have to take the initiative and convince Sagittarius that their family life will be built on mutual concessions and trust.

Positive sides of the union:

  • Sagittarius’s optimism supports the good mood of a Cancer woman and helps her overcome difficult situations in life;
  • caring and soft Cancer girl will turn the house into a cozy harbor for the restless Sagittarius.

Negative sides of the union:

  • temperament difference;
  • excessive jealousy of both signs, provoking frequent quarrels;
  • poor sex compatibility.

Prospects for a relationship: the union between a woman-Cancer and a man-Sagittarius will be lasting if they learn to resolve all disputed issues and respect each other’s interests and needs.

Cancer and Sagittarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships

In bed, a Sagittarius man loves variety and experiments. Sex for him is an integral part of the relationship between partners.

Without him, he does not represent a full-fledged happy life. He prefers to make love with relaxed partners who demonstrate their bright temperament and are not afraid to experiment in bed.

For a Cancer woman, it’s not so much the process itself that matters, but the feelings that lovers show towards each other. A man should take care of her desires, show his tenderness and strength. The needs of signs in the intimate sphere are different, so they can not fully satisfy each other.

Sagittarius will lack passion and Raku tenderness.

Cancer and Sagittarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships

Representatives of the zodiac signs will be good partners in their professional activities. Their union will be successful if they distribute responsibilities correctly among themselves.

Sagittarius has a lively mind and a rich imagination, so in a couple he will be responsible for developing innovative ideas. Cancer will be able to successfully fake the ideas of Sagittarius into life thanks to his diligence and hard work.

Partners will also support and inspire each other.

Representatives of the signs will be great friends. They are both intelligent and sociable people who seek to satisfy their curiosity and learn as much as possible about the world around them.

Together they can travel, visit museums and theaters, go on long walks.

The friendship of a woman-Cancer and a man-Sagittarius will not be constant, since their interests do not coincide in all. Sagittarius is important to learn to respect the personal space of Rakov and their need for privacy.

The crawfish, in turn, will have to adopt the energetic and independent character of Streltsov and not make attempts to pacify him.

In a difficult situation, signs can always count on each other’s help and support. They are true to their loved ones and never leave friends in distress.

Their communication is like a fascinating journey with an unpredictable route.

Cancer is a discreet and friendly person with a good sense of humor. He is accustomed to conceal his feelings from others, therefore not everyone can win his trust.

Thanks to the analytical mindset, a young man successfully solves complex problems and overcomes obstacles in his path.

The female Sagittarius is a straightforward person with an independent and proud character. She is energetic, so she is constantly in motion and performs many tasks during the day.

Despite her independence, she dreams of meeting a person who will become her reliable protection and support in life.

The union of these signs in love is the attraction of opposites, which are strongly attracted to each other. The restraint and shyness of Cancer, which hides a bright, gifted personality, attract a Sagittarius woman.

Her fascinating mysteriousness and mystery.

The couple will be happily married, their union will be an example for others. A man will gently take care of his wife and take care of all her problems.

The woman, in turn, will become a loving wife and mother. Having children will strengthen their marriage and allow them to reveal the strengths of their characters.

The role of the leader in the family Cancer gently gives way to his beloved, as she needs the correct use of the inexhaustible flow of her energy.

Positive sides of the union:

  • similar interests;
  • mutual attraction and strong need for each other;
  • The strength and energy of a female Sagittarius that can inspire Cancer to conquer new heights.

Negative sides of the union:

  • stealth Cancers often cause quarrels in relationships;
  • Straightness Sagittarius can unwittingly offend Cancer and cause him great pain.

Relationship perspectives: the signs are almost perfect for each other, so their union will be long and happy if they can accept their partner as he is.

Sex between representatives of the signs will be bright and passionate if they learn to listen to each other’s desires. The girl loves experimenting in bed and often takes the initiative.

But not always Cancer can appreciate the efforts of the girl. The guy is very jealous, so her passion can be a sign of treason.

Therefore, lovers should frankly share with each other their preferences in sex.

In the intimate closeness of the sign unite tenderness and romance. A man likes to give pleasure to her beloved, to give her affection, and a woman appreciates the increased attention to herself and gladly accepts the care of her lover.

The energy of Sagittarius will inspire Cancer to conquer new heights and achieve success in their work, so their partnership will be very successful. The ideal distribution of roles between signs is a male Cancer under the command of a female Sagittarius. In the role of boss, she successfully manages to draw up a work plan and come up with new ideas that contribute to the achievement of professional success and increased efficiency.

Cancer acts as a responsible employee, able to realize the bold ideas of his leader.

In other arrangements, the cooperation of signs will lead to incompatibility of views on work processes and conflict situations in business.

The trust of Cancer is hard to win, but if Sagittarius succeeds in doing this, then nothing will make Cancer give up their friendship, as he is strongly attached to people.

They will become for each other a source of strength and energy and, thanks to mutual support, will achieve great success in life. Friends spend a lot of time together — they conduct intellectual conversations, discuss common friends and share useful tips.

The friendship between the representatives of the signs rests on the optimism of the woman-Sagittarius and the reluctance of the Cancer man to break the emotional connection with her.

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