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Cancer and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships, family life

Cancer and Pisces: compatibility in love relationships, marriage, friendship, work

Cancer and Pisces are the 4th and 12th signs of the horoscopic circle, their parity coincides. Since Water is a native element for both constellations, their representatives are guaranteed excellent mutual understanding. The emotional side of water signs is dominant, people are sensitive and have a special perception of reality.

They live in their mysterious world, the entrance to which is accessible only to the elect. Having met partners immediately feel the energetic connection that arises at the level of intuition.

They are happy to discover that many things bind them. Cancers and Pisces have the same temperaments, life rhythms and priorities. Their philosophy is fundamentally different from the views of representatives of other elements, so it is difficult for “outsiders” to understand the mysterious soul of these signs.

In a pair of Cancer and Pisces this will not happen, because they can communicate even without words.

Cancer and Pisces are a harmonious couple, the compatibility of which is 73 percent. These are nice, intelligent and educated people who can control their emotions and respect their other half. They always understand each other, because they know the price of human indifference.

Representatives of other signs often consider the Water Wards to be somewhat eccentric, “not of this world.” They find it difficult to understand the romantic, receptive nature of the water constellations.

In the relationship between the Cancer woman and the Pisces man, this will not happen.

It may seem to a girl that she needs a stronger and more responsible partner. She always wanted to feel like a stone wall and not think about pressing problems.

But with each day of communication (especially if she already had experience in building relationships with other signs), she will increasingly understand the benefits of this partnership.

There is no one who can understand Cancer as well as Pisces man.

It may also seem to a guy that a stronger and more independent woman could be more attractive to him. But rather quickly, he becomes convinced that his partner is better than the Cancer woman, he cannot be found.

Cancer and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships, family life

To win the heart of a male Pisces to a Raku woman will be easy. Perhaps he already had experience in dealing with representatives of other signs of the zodiac and did not find in them an understanding of his mysterious soul. In this case, the guy decides to seek a material benefit from personal relationships.

After seeing the Cancer girl, who is distinguished by his modesty, intelligence, stylish manner and refined manners, the man immediately changes his plans. After talking with her for a few minutes, he will understand that he is dealing with a romantic, sensitive and sentimental lady.

This will lead the guy in complete delight.

Conquer the heart of a woman of Cancer such a man will be able to effortlessly. The guy has an excellent taste and refined manners, he always has a neat and stylish look.

This will immediately attract a girl who pays special attention to the ability of the young man to present herself in society.

Cancer does not like rudeness and vulgarity, trying to stay away from the active and energetic guys. In the case of Pisces, the girl does not have to feel uncomfortable.

Guy-Pisces is gentle and affectionate, moderately modest and sociable. A woman will immediately feel with him as close to the most dear and congenial person.

Advantages and disadvantages of the union:



  • The partners have the same temperaments;
  • life priorities coincide;
  • many common hobbies, the coincidence of tastes;
  • a man becomes stronger and more responsible;
  • a woman will be more sociable and open;
  • union is based on love, not on calculation;
  • high sexual compatibility;
  • excellent mutual understanding;
  • joint creativity;
  • the same tastes regarding leisure activities;
  • partner’s attention and support in all life difficulties;
  • instant mutual help;
  • intuitive communication that helps to communicate even at a distance;
  • successful implementation of joint plans;
  • long-term harmonious relationship
  • Lack of practicality (especially from the man);
  • secrecy and closeness of women;
  • frequent mood swings of both partners;
  • immersion in the world of illusions, escape from reality;
  • low stress tolerance;
  • disagreements in financial matters;
  • reflection of both partners;
  • lack of stability;
  • excessive emotionality

The Cancer woman and the Pisces man are at the peak of happiness and satisfaction at the beginning, but then hard times come when they plunge into melancholy. This stable periodicity is a disaster for other signs, but in this pair such a life is considered the norm.

The range of emotional vibrations of men and women does not pose a danger to relationships.

Cancer and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships, family life

In the love relationship of this couple full harmony reigns. Their roles are distributed quite successfully and satisfy both partners. Man Pisces is more sociable than his soulmate.

He is moderately active and aggressive, his internal reserves are much stronger than it might seem. A woman rarely shows discontent, she is restrained and calm.

These qualities of lovers allow you to create the perfect couple, in which man and woman fully perform the functions assigned to them by nature: the boyfriend is the protector, and the girl is a meek creature.

Each of them enjoys his role and thanks the partner for their care. People constantly confess love to each other, say tender words, do not forget about gentle touches.

Sometimes they communicate without words, give their partner lovers and meaningful views.

This union is based solely on love, people bathe in it and enjoy it. There is no place for burning passion that passes quickly.

Material calculation is also completely absent. People just feel good together, because they feel each other with every cell in their bodies.

Aspects of the union:

  • Leisure. In relation to leisure activities, lovers have no problems. Sometimes they just love to walk together in nature. Particularly pleasant are the lunar evenings near the reservoir, during which Cancer and Pisces can dream and dream up to the fullest extent. Partners also like creativity in all its manifestations. People are able to spend hours engaged in their favorite hobbies (compose musical compositions, paint pictures, do handicrafts). Frequent for this couple are trips to the theaters, to the opening days, etc.
  • Intimate life. Sex life partners is almost perfect. People have the same temperaments, their preferences in bed completely coincide. Cancer and Pisces are romantic, sensual, tender and gentle. Each of them can not be shy and offer original experiments, since it can be sure of an adequate reaction of its second half. Water signs, it is important that sex is based on an emotional basis, and with the spiritual unity of lovers, everything is in order.

Cancer and Pisces: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships, family life

The family of the Cancer woman and the Pisces man is no-conflict. People never allow themselves to sort out relations with outsiders, and there are very few reasons for this.

A man becomes more responsible, fully takes care of solving family problems. The guy likes to feel like a protector, to protect and support his gentle wife.

He is more sociable and knows how to make the necessary contacts. This makes it possible to get protection in the professional sphere and provide the family financially.

A woman in a perfect couple feels more confident. It ceases to be infantile and is actively involved in the work on the improvement of the family.

The ability of a girl to rationally use resources allows you to achieve wealth. She knows how to work well, her professional potential is quite high. If a girl is a housewife, she does it perfectly.

A clean house and superbly cooked food will be permanent attributes of this family.

Children feel especially comfortable in this union. Their parents do everything to ensure that the son or daughter does not feel any material difficulties or spiritual torments.

In astrology, each element has its own characteristics. Waters clients at a certain time can suddenly fall into melancholy and even depression.

What matters is whether they do it together or separately.

There is a powerful energy connection between lovers, so a wave of negativity will surely cover both people. If this happens at the same time, the partners will survive this period much easier.

Because they do not have enough strength to help each other, Cancer and Pisces prefer to spend some time alone. Each of them will be able to find the most acceptable way to throw out negative emotions (cry, listen to music, sleep, etc.).

If such a condition is overcome by the partners in turn, their family may remain depressed for a long time. People like "stoked" each other and see no way out of this situation.

In this case, everyone needs to understand that it is almost impossible to master the problem together. You need to contact experienced specialists or simply find a third person of another sign who can defuse the situation.

Another tip for Cancer women and Pisces men is to control their behavior. Do not be tempted to feel sorry for yourself, because depression can be delayed for a long time.

Other problems and solutions:


Recommendations for women

Tips for men

Fully isolating will only aggravate depression, so you need more contact with people.

It is necessary to attract a wife to your community (to meet friends and relatives, to have a rest in a big company)

It is urgent to get rid of her, because her husband will not allow himself too much

Do not once again provoke a wife. Wife can not worry: Cancer does not change his soulmate

Attaching a husband to housework is gradually, then he will love her

It must be remembered that the man is the owner of the house, and his function has not been canceled.

You should not engage in ruthless savings and hoarding, you need to be able to spend money on fun

Excessive waste will lead to total bankruptcy

About the raised tones, notes and criticism you need to forget. In dealing with Pisces, only requests are relevant.

Need to engage in self-discipline

Fish can not be kept, they will always find an opportunity to swim away (maybe forever)

Marriage is a restriction of freedom; a man should remember this.

There is always a strong and reliable bond between a Cancer woman and a Pisces man, and friendship is no exception. The girl is wary of outsiders.

She rarely trusts unfamiliar people, and especially the stronger sex. With her friend, who is the representative of the sign of Pisces, the woman feels completely safe.

He can always understand her, cheer her, diversify life. The guy has many friends with whom he is ready to introduce his girlfriend.

Man-Fish will be delighted with such a sensitive and understanding girlfriend. It is not easy for him to find a like-minded person who can understand his complex nature.

In the company of a girl Cancer, he can completely relax, tell her about his fantasies, complain about the cruel world around him.

The other two friends should be more careful. Cancer and Pisces are so emotionally close that they are ready to sacrifice the strongest bonds for the sake of communicating with each other.

The girl-Cancer and the guy-Pisces have similarities not only in interpersonal relations, but also in the business sphere — the same rhythms of work, similar methods and principles of approach to work. Colleagues are happy to complement each other with those qualities that they lack. A woman can take on more responsible work for which diligence and patience are necessary.

A man gushing with original ideas, and also has the ability to make a decent advertising products.


  • Cancer Woman — Head. This is a successful tandem in which the most daring ideas can be realized. The girl is an excellent leader who understands and respects her subordinate. She can tactfully organize a guy, make him more responsible and assiduous. A man will appreciate the attitude of the boss and try to help her as much as possible.
  • The Pisces man is the boss. Pisces guys make peculiar leaders. It is difficult for people to understand them, because the approach to work and the criteria for evaluating subordinates are known only to themselves. Cancer girl is one of the few workers who understand their boss. She does her job well and tries not to go beyond her duties.

Compatibility of female fish and male cancer is 78 percent. The most important criterion for creating harmonious relationships is that both partners belong to the element of Water.

They are similar, there are few differences in their character traits.

People instantly feel mutual attraction and live a happy family life for a long time. According to statistics, among the pairs of Pisces and Cancer there is the least amount of divorces.

There are some difficulties, since each of the partners is a strong personality. But these negative points are short-lived and quickly reparable. People are peaceful, tactful and well-mannered.

They find in each other a soul mate, a reliable friend and a tender lover.

To conquer the heart of a male Cancer to a Pisces woman will be easy. The guy is looking for a gentle, feminine, understanding and caring companion.

The representative of the mark is just that. She is always well-groomed, has excellent taste and sophisticated manners. The girl is absolutely conflict-free, knows how to listen, sincerely perceives any information.

Her humility and gentleness will surely conquer the demanding guy.

In choosing a partner, a Cancer man is always selective and leisurely, but he will immediately feel the attraction to Pisces, at the level of intuition.

The Cancer guy will immediately enjoy the Pisces girl. He is neat, looks elegant, prefers casual suits to casual wear.

A woman loves such images, she is impressed by the external attractiveness of the satellite. Having communicated a little, the girl will understand that she has dreamed of such a man all her life.

The guy is looking for a serious relationship, fully aware of his actions (Raku needs to understand that in order to live with such a woman he must have a sufficient material base). The Pisces girl will immediately feel that she can hide behind her man’s back and fully rely on him.

Advantages and disadvantages in the relationship of Pisces and Cancer:



  • Communication at the intuitive level;
  • similarity of temperaments;
  • coincidence of life priorities;
  • joint hobbies;
  • high sexual compatibility;
  • the possibility of fruitful cooperation;
  • low risk of divorce;
  • lack of quarrels and conflicts;
  • respectful attitude of partners;
  • discipline and order in the family
  • the stability that a woman gets;
  • sociability and kindness that man acquires
  • Excessive emotionality;
  • isolation;
  • silence insults;
  • impracticality of women;
  • demanding men;
  • disagreements over finance;
  • departure from reality;
  • the possibility of bad habits;
  • reflection of both partners

Both partners tend to dream a lot and dream. Often among the representatives of the signs of Pisces and Cancer there are talented, gifted personalities.

Lovers need to strive to disclose their abilities. Courage and perseverance will certainly bear fruit in the form of a successful business.

The love of the Pisces woman and the Cancer man is the main whale on which the relationship holds. When these two people meet, there is no question of any commercialism and calculation. They are so close emotionally and intuitively that they enjoy every jointly spent minute.

The guy is more practical, he takes care of all the basic tasks of improving the family. The girl is romantic and kind, ready to give her care to everyone who needs it.

Lovers enjoy their roles in this tandem.

A man dreamed of just such a woman who will be meek and compassionate, will be able to understand and accept him in any mood. Woman Pisces, according to statistics, is the most good wife, and Cancer feels like he was lucky.

He even refuses to change the characteristic of the representative of this sign.

The girl is also pleased to be with a man who understands her vulnerable soul. Even in the company of friends, this couple behaves as if nobody is around.

People try to stick together and constantly send each other verbal and non-verbal signs to confirm their love.

Aspects of love:

  • Leisure. Lovers prefer the privacy of noisy company. They always find pleasant activities in the form of co-creation, reading, watching movies. They love to relax in nature, especially near water. Since they are representatives of water signs, water and the moon are especially appealing to them. Partners love art, so they can be found in theaters, concert halls, exhibitions and creative evenings. People follow the novelties of music, admire the classic masterpieces of painting.
  • Intimate life. The sexual life of the partners is almost perfect. The temperament peculiar to both of them does not imply passion and passion, and lovers get even more pleasure from it. They prefer subtle erotica, romance, sensuality and tenderness. A man is ready to demonstrate high-quality sex, and a woman will complement his fantasies and experiments. People can completely relax and plunge into their feelings. They are fully confident that the partner shares their tastes and feels the same pleasure.

In the family life of the Pisces woman and the Cancer man, complete idyll reigns supreme. The guy is practical, never makes hasty decisions and does not make quick conclusions. He carefully plans his life and thinks through every nuance.

Married to Pisces, the man feels held. He earns good money and cares about the welfare of his family. My soul mate glorifies and cherishes, giving expensive gifts and delighting surprises.

As a woman meets all his requirements, he becomes a faithful husband.

The Pisces girl has been dreaming all her life that a real man will take care of her. For the sake of this happiness, she is ready to sacrifice even her freedom. Having chosen Cancer as his companion, she will completely satisfy her desires.

In this marriage, she may not work, but simply do housework and raise children. After a long day of work, the family gets together and has a good time.

These evenings bring not only emotional relaxation to partners, but also contribute to the diversified development of the younger generation.

The main problem of this pair is silencing the senses. Both partners are susceptible and vulnerable, they sharply react to every word in their address.

Since Pisces and Cancer are educated and conflict-free people, they try not to voice their claims. The girl prefers to soar in the clouds and live in the world of her illusions. It is not typical for a woman to sort things out, therefore, if there is an insult, she will slowly move away.

It is possible that for this reason she may leave her husband.

If grievances are inflicted on Cancer, he can never forget them. The situation is complicated by the fact that misunderstandings can be meaningless and based on misunderstanding. Cancer can accumulate resentment, and then it can take revenge.

The secret offenses of the guy and the spiritual removal of the girl are increasing every day. If the problem is exposed, everyone starts to state their claims too emotionally, and the partners break up.

To prevent this from happening, people need to pronounce every dubious word. If something is not clear, you need to immediately clarify the situation.

In this case, misunderstandings will disappear without a trace.

Other problems and solutions:


Tips for women

Recommendations for men

It should be affection and requests to often withdraw Cancer from his comfort zone

Isolation from the outside world will lead to depression. Spending time alone is dangerous for both spouses.

Do not provoke a husband, paying a lot of attention to your dreams or fantasies

It is useless to jealous woman to her thoughts — you need to distract her. A sensible solution will be new experiences.

Fishes should be more demanding of themselves, distract from the world of illusions and look at life realistically.

Do not give Pisces ultimatums: the spouse will still do what she wants

Savings and thrift are always relevant, your home budget needs to be controlled

Avoid stinginess and excessive savings. Money is needed to enjoy life.

Cancer can only appreciate the economic wife, so it is worth learning the wisdom of home economics

It is necessary to arrange more holidays for the soul, everyday problems should not come to the fore

Having an understanding husband, it is necessary to attach him to his public life.

Pisces cannot be restricted in freedom: they will find an opportunity to slip away, perhaps forever

According to the horoscope, the friendship between the female Pisces and the male Cancer is very problematic. The guy perceives women only as potential wives or mistresses. Only the representatives of the stronger sex, the wife and the mother will be friends for Cancer.

The girl also values ​​Cancer as a partner for a serious relationship. That is why friendship in its purest form is possible for people only if they are relatives.

In this case, it will be mutually beneficial and durable.

The second half of friends who are not related, should be worried. There is a high probability that this relationship will rapidly grow into love.

In this case, even the strongest family ties will not be able to prevent the connection of Cancer and Pisces.

This tandem will be successful if colleagues work together and in the same mode. They respect each other, do not tolerate conflicts and are always ready to come to the aid of their employee.

Emotions will certainly be present in this trade union, since both representatives of the marks cannot mark the boundary between personal and business relations. But this will not hinder their work, but will make it more saturated.

The problem may arise from the fact that Cancer is able to intercept the initiative and drag the blanket over himself. It is quite closed, so no one will know about its future plans.

This situation can be resolved by a third party (boss), who himself will distribute duties between colleagues. It will be better if Cancer becomes the relative leader.

In this case, labor productivity will be more efficient.


  • Woman Pisces is the boss. This is an ambiguous union. A woman is able to convey his idea to a man, and he can realize it qualitatively. On the other hand, Cancer is more ambitious and is not always ready to obey its boss. He will weave intrigue behind her, try to spoil her reputation in the eyes of colleagues. The situation completely depends on the relationship between the boss and the subordinate. If they are good, then the result of their work will be successful.
  • Male Cancer — Head. In this case, everything depends entirely on the relationship between colleagues. If people are located to each other, the results will be at the height. Fish can work efficiently and responsibly. If there is mutual antipathy between the boss and the subordinate, they cannot work together.

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I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

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