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Cancer and Leo: Compatibility of Zodiac Signs in Love Relationships and Family Life

Cancer and Leo: compatibility signs of the zodiac in love, friendship, work

Both Lions and Cancers are people with uneasy characters. Strong relations between them are possible, but the couple will never be able to achieve complete mutual understanding.

Despite this, a man and a woman will be quite comfortable together. In their family there will always be a lot of laughter, jokes, heated discussions, serious conversations on various topics.

Spouses are never bored together — they will find something to do and how to spend time in each other’s company.

Crayfish — sentimental, vulnerable, sensitive natures. They are characterized by such qualities as reverie, romance, loving.

Representatives of this zodiac sign have a strong sense of empathy, which helps them to come together and find a common language with people.

From the positive features of the character of Cancer, one can single out frankness and straightforwardness, ability to listen and understand the interlocutor, a sense of humor. These people are characterized by reflection, self-criticism.

Sometimes they need solitude, which can be confusingly simple and pragmatic for Lions.

The negative characteristics of cancers include touchiness and rancor. If a girl or a man hears something unflattering about himself, even in the context of a joke, he will remember it for a long time, changing his attitude towards the offender.

Cancer and Leo: Compatibility of Zodiac Signs in Love Relationships and Family Life

Lions are just about life. The mood of Cancer is difficult for them to understand, since the perception of the world for these men and women is completely different.

They think in completely different categories, not concentrating on their inner feelings.

Simplicity, sense of humor, the ability to look optimistically at the world around in any situation helps to find a common language with other people. Representatives of this sign cannot be angry for a long time, because they always translate even large quarrels, disagreements and conflicts into a joke, quickly forgetting them.

Of the negative character traits can be identified laziness, stubbornness, capriciousness. Sometimes Lions behave like selfish children, while positioning themselves as wise, intelligent, intelligent people.

Their behavior is not always clear to Cancers, although they are quite good psychologists. Leo is able to behave illogical, irrational, unthinking.

Cancer and Leo: Compatibility of Zodiac Signs in Love Relationships and Family Life

People can build strong, trusting, long-term relationships only if they accept each other as they are. A woman and a man should not seek each other to change, redo.

In this, astrology sees a pledge of happy family relationships, as well as friendship and partnership.

A pair of Cancer and Leo average numerological compatibility — about 45-65%.

Cancer and Leo: Compatibility of Zodiac Signs in Love Relationships and Family Life

Family life, according to the horoscope, will be difficult for both partners. The representative of the fire element will be in constant confusion from the emotional instability, isolation of the watermark.

The former will not understand the latter’s need for solitude, self-digging, and understanding of something.

Lions see the world quite differently, so the reaction, actions and words of Cancer often seem to them unreasonable, incomprehensible, strange. The latter is difficult to convey to Lviv their thoughts, ideas, experiences.

This is very frustrating for them, as the representatives of the watermark always strive to be closer to the partner spiritually.

The relationship has the following disadvantages:

  1. one. Different views on life, maintaining the family budget. The husband and wife may have a lot of disagreement on domestic issues. Both will have to make compromises. Otherwise, scandals and quarrels will continue on an ongoing basis.
  2. 2 Reproaches, criticism. They will arise even without a reason: Leo requires heightened attention, and Cancer, although he is striving for this, cannot be always present side by side. Often the couple lacks emotion, passion.

Men and women treat their children differently. Lions are stricter, they consider it important to instill discipline from early childhood.

Cancers love to pamper their daughters and sons, they are allowed a lot.

In the union of two signs of the zodiac there are also positive sides:

  1. one. Common interests. As mentioned above, a husband and wife will never be bored together. They will find something to discuss, something to argue about, something to laugh or speculate about.
  2. 2 The desire to spend time together. Cancer and Leo have an attitude that spouses should spend as much time with each other as possible. They do not interrupt communication with comrades, old acquaintances, but they give them much less time than they do to their family — and this suits both of them.
  3. 3 Life values. Despite the fact that the characters of the girl and the guy are very different, in common aspirations of their views most often coincide. Both seek to create a family, a cozy and comfortable life, stability, development of their own personality.

In sex, the Lions are emotional, passionate, active. They focus on physical pleasure and do not think about emotions.

It is important for cancers to enjoy intimacy both emotionally and physically.

Often, representatives and representatives of the fire sign are demanding of tender, romantic and sensual Cancers. This creates extra barriers between them. It should directly discuss what happens in bed.

Straight talk will help partners understand each other, get closer, increase confidence.

Since the views of Cancer and Leo are very different, it will be extremely difficult for them to work together.

If a man and a woman still want to work on something together, then it is necessary to divide the responsibilities. Cancer can be engaged in creativity, the creation of something, and Leo — management, organization.

It is important that partners perform work on an equal footing — in their union there should be no leader and subordinate.

The compatibility of the zodiacal signs in friendship, as well as in love, is average.

Cancer and Leo can be good buddies, spend time together, discuss common topics, but they are unlikely to ever become close friends. Exceptions are possible if communication continues for many years — in this case, people are very attached to their comrade, seeing him as an integral part of their life.

The couple will be able to maintain a trusting and strong relationship if the signs draw attention to a number of the following recommendations:

  1. one. You should not try to persuade each other. Both Cancers and Lions is typical. You must learn to take a spouse, not trying to change his character.
  2. 2 You can not criticize everything that makes a partner. Constructive criticism is permissible, but it is not necessary to give instructions about everything in a row. This can destroy even the strongest marriage or friendship partnership.
  3. 3 Do not try to rise at the expense of your loved one. In some couples, this trend is an obstacle to the development of relations. People should talk about their problems openly, without embarrassment of their thoughts. You can not try to assert themselves, humiliating the spouse, best friend, business partner.

To maintain long-term relationships, it is recommended to pay attention to the individual characteristics of your chosen one, and not just the description of the sign of the zodiac and the advice of astrologers.

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