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Cancer and Aquarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

Aquarius and Cancer are two strong and self-sufficient signs. They belong to different elements, but get along well with each other: indecisive Rakov attracts to the freedom-loving and independent Aquarius.

Love between representatives of the elements of Water and Air is common, it can even develop into a strong and long-term union, provided that both partners can bypass the pitfalls that the compatibility horoscope warns about.

Cancer (June 21 — July 22) makes an impression of a benevolent and calm person, but deep down the representatives of this sign torture themselves with problems, worries and fears. The main positive features of Cancer are:

  • good sense of humour;
  • insight;
  • compassion;
  • attentiveness;
  • a responsibility.

Disadvantages of people born under this zodiac sign:

  • isolation;
  • mood swings.

Aquarius (January 21 — February 18) are often in search of new sensations and acquaintances, as are Cancers. The positive qualities of this sign include:

  • interpersonal skills;
  • intelligence;
  • fidelity;
  • responsiveness.

Negative qualities in character Aquarius:

  • self-confidence;
  • unpredictability;
  • stubbornness.

Cancer and Aquarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

Cancer man and Aquarius woman cause each other interest and sympathy, but at the same time the long-term nature of this union is a big question. Cancers are not decisive enough, and Aquarius — too freedom-loving.

Cancer and Aquarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

Depth and a favorable outcome in a love relationship will depend on their desire to build a joint future. Mutual sympathy and interest have arisen from the first meeting: the Cancer men like the lightness and pliability of the Aquarius girl, and the second is impressed by the sensuality and tenderness of the partner.

Crayfish are jealous to distraction, so it’s not worth provoking a sense of jealousy and provoking them artificially — it will end pitifully.

In the future, the fate of this relationship will depend on the patience and interest of the Aquarian woman — if she wishes, she will do everything to preserve the union.

Aquarians have a light character that draws Rakov to them.

Cancer and Aquarius: the compatibility of men and women in love relationships and family life

In marriage, these two signs often quarrel: for a man in the first place is the family and the home, but Aquarius more value career and freedom. Such a dismissive attitude upsets the homely and economic Cancer, therefore, in order to preserve the marriage bond, his chosen one will have to learn to restore comfort and order, or to shift these responsibilities onto Cancer.

Frequent contradictions between these signs will arise when deciding where to spend a vacation. or leisure. Aquarius and Cancer represent rest in different ways, which will eventually lead to quarrels and scandals.

The ideal solution: to find a compromise or to spend holidays separately from each other.

There will be no disagreement on this couple in financial matters. Male Cancers are very careful about money, but women Aquarius are not wasteful, but economical, do not accept to live in debt.

A woman will be responsible for the friendship in this tandem: it is Aquarius who will initiate meetings, conversations and friendly gatherings. Both representatives love traveling and adventures; on the basis of these common interests, they can become wonderful and loyal friends to each other.

Representatives of these signs in bed are a harmonious couple, provided that the girl will be given to her partner not only by her body, but also by her mind. Cancer should also take into account the fact that the Aquarius girl will never take the first step toward sexual intimacy, so he will have to take the initiative in his hands.

In their sexual relationship is difficult to identify the leader: they complement each other. If the partners correctly combine their best character traits, they will be able to achieve complete mutual understanding: Aquarius will be a submissive mistress and will give pleasure to the chosen one, and Cancer will conquer her heart with pressure and will pleasantly surprise with readiness for experiments.

Both representatives of these signs are very different, but they have something to learn from each other. The main pleasant moments in this union:

  • the spouse will tell and will open a lot of new things for her husband;
  • joint business or a common idea will unite their marriage;
  • a man in this pair will teach the chosen one to appreciate family traditions;
  • both partners are romantic and sensual;
  • man is not inclined to change.

The marriage between Aquarius and Cancer will be strong and successful if they make some effort and know about the pitfalls:

  • they represent family life differently;
  • woman does not tolerate routine and monotony;
  • man is very emotional, and Aquarius are stingy with emotions.

In the joint life of a male Aquarius and a female cancer, harmony and happiness will reign, and marriage promises to be perfect if both partners are set to a serious relationship. Sociable Aquarians will quickly conquer the distrustful Cancer, and in the family union they will become each other’s support and support.

The representatives of this sign life goals do not match that will become a serious obstacle to happiness. A woman seeks stability and family comfort, and Aquarius loves fun and in no hurry to tie the knot.

Their relationship is often based on mutual benefit: a man uses a woman as a servant, and the girl finds a defender in the person of a partner.

They can achieve mutual understanding if the Aquarius man restrains his desires, and the Cancer woman will be easier to look at the world.

The married life of Aquarius and Rakov may not go well because of the different understanding of family values. A woman in this couple will be looking for a quiet, measured life, but a man will be drawn to the adventures that she will not be satisfied with.

Over time, this will grow into serious contradictions: the second half will begin to set conditions and ultimatums for the spouse, which may entail separation.

Successful marriage between representatives of these signs is possible only with the maturity of both partners. Having learned to respect the interests of each other, they will make their lives more interesting and brighter.

Most often, Rakov and Aquarius unite common goals, work or struggle with something.

In financial matters, this couple is an example for many: the man brings money into the house, and the economic Cancer skillfully manages them.

Compatibility of representatives of this sign will be ideal if they learn to respect each other.

Aquarius man and Cancer woman too different to be friends. Leisure each of them spends differently, there are no common friends and interests, if friendship is observed between these representatives of signs, then, most likely, this is the beginning of love relationships.

Compatibility of representatives of this mark in sex will be excellent provided that they trust each other., since both often carry conflicts from family life to sex.

A woman will take the initiative in this area, she is more relaxed and sensual, so she can warm up and start a cold Aquarius.

Despite some difficulties in this relationship, The positive moments in their union are present:

  • the wife will provide the rear, and the man will be the protector;
  • Cancer will charm a partner with its mystery;
  • full understanding in finance;
  • Guy-Aquarius will be able to show the chosen one a lot of new things.

Negative points in this pair:

  • frequent quarrels due to different views on life;
  • frequent change of mood spouse will annoy her husband;
  • different interests.

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